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Stormzy ends Brit Awards with ferocious takedown of Theresa May’s handling of Grenfell


‘Devil incarnate’ Barry Bennell sentenced to 31 years

Bennell, described as the “devil incarnate” by the judge, was convicted of abusing 12 boys aged eight to 15 between 1979 and 1991.

Judge Clement Goldstone QC said Bennell, 64, was “sheer evil”.

He will serve half of a 30-year sentence in custody, with the rest on license.

He was also sentenced to an additional year on license.

Bennell shook his head as the judge sentenced him and there was clapping from the public gallery as he left court.

“To those boys you appeared as a god… in reality you were the devil incarnate,” Judge Goldstone said.

“You stole their childhoods and their innocence.”

Bennell remained impassive in the dock, staring at the floor, as victims’ statements were read.

He was ordered to attend Liverpool Crown Court for the hearing, having previously appeared via video-link throughout the five-week trial due to illness.

The judge said Bennell, who worked at Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra, was “hell bent” on abusing boys, and left a “trail of psychological devastation”.

“If the boys tried to resist you convinced them their football careers would suffer,” he said.

Steven Walters, Gary Cliffe and Chris UnsworthGary Cliffe (centre) said outside court: “We did not forget, we came after you Bennell and now you are in prison due to us.”

Outside court, victim Andy Woodward said: “No sentence is long enough for that man and right to the death he didn’t show any remorse or say sorry to anyone.

“I’m proud that I did speak out. If I hadn’t have done, we all wouldn’t be stood here now today.”

Another victim, Micky Fallon, said: “Today we looked evil in the face and smiled because, Barry Bennell, we have won.”

Barry BennellBennell worked for Crewe Alexandra and Manchester City’s youth teams

Gary Cliffe, another victim, said: “We did not forget, we came after you Bennell and now you are in prison due to us.”

He urged other victims to come forward, saying: “The hurt is not yours to carry, it is his.”

And Chris Unsworth added: “This is a testament that love will always conquer evil.”

In a statement outside court, Bennell was described as a “predatory paedophile” by Cheshire Police’s detective inspector Sarah Oliver.

“He was a predatory paedophile and to this day there is no evidence that he has any remorse or regret for the dreams he has shattered and the lives he has damaged,” she added.

She said that although “no term of imprisonment can ever return a childhood taken away”, “I hope that this sentence will serve as a beacon of light to others that have been abused.”

At the scene

By John Harrison, BBC News, at Liverpool Crown Court

Bennell shook his head as the judge at Liverpool Crown Court detailed his horrific crimes.

The ex-football coach had earlier listened to the impact statements of some of his victims.

Some spoke of feeling suicidal. Two said they felt unable to have children after suffering abuse.

Others spoke about using drink and drugs to numb the mental anguish they suffered in later years.

After reading out his statement, Gary Cliffe, one of Bennell’s numerous victims, walked towards the dock asking: “Barry, Barry, why?”

Bennell did not give him an answer.

Earlier, victim impact statements were read to the court, with one saying Bennell “took his one and only childhood”.

One statement, from a man abused when he was aged 12-13, said: “I did not want it, did not ask for it. That monster decided it was fun to use me as a sex toy.”

Bennell was previously convicted of of child abuse on three occasions. He received jail sentences in the UK and in the US in 1995, 1998 and 2015.

Mum dies of heart failure during court case

Screenshot_20180219-152745The tragic mum-of-four who collapsed in court [during] a family hearing died from heart failure it has been confirmed.

… [Hayley’s] parents noticed her eyes rolling into the back of her head before she began to fit.

… Her parents and sister watched in horror as her mum screamed: “Hayley. Oh My God. Please save her please.”

A spokesman for Hull Coroner’s Office confirmed the cause of death was hypertensive heart disease – and toxicology tests all came back negative, meaning there was no trace of any substance found.

Ms Gascoigne’s family said they believed her death was “exacerbated by stress” caused by the court hearing and the events leading up to it.

… Two court rooms were also brought to a standstill as the defendants were ordered out of the building.

After 40 minutes Hayley was put on a trolley and taken via a lift out of the building to one of three waiting ambulances.

She was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary but was pronounced dead.
Her funeral will be held on Tuesday, February 28.

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SHAME on Judge Jessica Pemberton!


“Shock Death”: Mom of 4 Drops Dead in Court after Custody Ruling

WOMEN’S COALITION NOTE: Social services had led the public to believe that Hayley had gone into the bathroom and taken a drug, and that is what caused her death. This was obviously to deflect blame from the judge and them. Now it is confirmed that was not the case. Hayley was clean and it was just the shock of the judge’s ruling taking her precious children away from her that caused the heart attack. Her Facebook page is proof of just how much she loved and was devoted to her children as there are tons of pictures and collages of them.

Hayley’s death is the tragic result of the systemic discrimination against women in family courts around the world resulting in the loss of custody of our children. Women must unite and demand a new system which gives us the power to keep and protect our children.

REVISION: The article said that Hayley died AFTER a family court hearing, which makes it sound like she did not die in court in front of the judge who just ruled to take her kids away. So “after” was replaced with “[during]”.

‘We must act before another child is killed’: Warning over abuse linked to witchcraft and possession beliefs in UK

Exclusive: Experts call for Government funding to tackle abuse being ‘hidden in plain sight’

Lizzie Dearden Home Affairs Correspondent

Thousands of children could be abused because relatives believe they are witches or possessed by evil spirits in Britain, it has been warned.

Experts fear another child will be murdered if efforts to prevent abuse linked to faith and belief are not urgently stepped up, following the horrific deaths of young victims including Kristy Bamu and Ayesha Ali.

The first ever Government statistics on the issue showed that witchcraft and possession were linked to almost 1,500 potential abuse cases across the UK in a single year but the figure is thought to be an underestimate.


“These beliefs are very real and on occasion people are going to take this to extremes where a child can be murdered,” said Inspector Allen Davis, who leads the Metropolitan Police’s response to the issue.

“There are a number of ways that an adult will try to rid the child of the evil they believe is within them.

“They might try to burn it out, cut it out, strangle it out, drowning can be involved, or starving and beating.”

Several children have been killed in the UK as a result of horrific abuse meted out by guardians who believed they were possessed or witches, including an eight-year-old girl who was tortured and 15-year-old boy who drowned during an exorcism.

Each harrowing case has sparked calls for action, but attention has quickly faded and activists are battling to raise awareness among social services, teachers, police and other authorities.

Dr Lisa Oakley, chair of the National Working Group for Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief, said: “We know these practices are occurring so we want to be acting now so we don’t have another high-profile case.

“You’ve then got a child who is severely damaged or not here anymore, and that’s a high price to pay.

“We’re saying we don’t want to get to a point where there is another high profile case.”

Dr Oakley, who is a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Chester, said the abuse stems from “genuine belief systems” where people believe they are doing the right thing for a child.

Cases have been found in all regions of the UK and across a range of different communities and religions, but a survey of more than 1,300 teachers, social workers, police officers, medics, community workers and religious figures showed that only a third could spot signs of abuse.

Research by the working group indicated that only half of respondents knew how to respond properly and a quarter had training on the issue.

Insp Davis warned that abuse related to witchcraft and demons was being “hidden in plain sight” because it is not properly understood.

“We’re not recognising the signs, we’re not sharing the information, we’re not identifying people who are vulnerable,” he said.

“The beliefs in witchcraft and spirit possession are very broad and go across a far larger swathe of the world than you would expect.

“These beliefs are common within both Christianity and Islam and we get victims from both.

“Evidence suggests that areas of Africa are affected by it but this is not a black African problem. This is far broader, these beliefs are widespread across many parts of the world and were widespread in this country not so long ago.”

A cursory internet demonstrates the demand for “exorcisms” and other religious services in Britain.

One self-declared Deliverance Ministry offers services in person or over Skype that claim to “cleanse demons and evil spirits” – for a price.

Its website blames the supernatural for everything from depression to sexual abuse, marriage breakdown, financial issues and health problems, proscribing “exorcism with inner healing”.

One Muslim practitioner claims to exorcise Jinn spirits in his East London home for £60 a time and similar Ruqyah services can be found in several British cities.

Mainstream Christian denominations also offer exorcisms, although the Church of England urges believers to contact advisers confidentially on psychic phenomena “because of the danger of adverse and sensational publicity”.

Leethen Bartholomew, who oversees work to tackle faith-linked abuse as head of the National FGM Centre, said the beliefs do not always result in physical action against a child.

He explained that parents who believes their children is a witch or possessed might first employ “safety behaviours” like protective talismans or amulets, and ask for deliverance through fasting and prayer before starting physical measures.

“All of these things are done for a purpose, they’re not random,” Mr Bartholomew said. “The idea is that the child is no longer there, the child’s body is possessed by something that’s evil.”

“The information from my research is that it’s much more prevalent,” said Mr Bartholomew, who is working towards a PhD adults accused of being possessed or called a witch.

“The prevalence of it internationally has also been increasing.”

He said there was “still a lot of learning to be done” as prevention work by Barnardo’s and other charities continues alongside projects by the Metropolitan Police and London Mayor’s office.

Research shows children are singled out for the accusations because of “difference”, which can include being a twin, albino, having mental health problems, epilepsy, bed-wetting, sleep walking, being rebellious or gifted.

“A child normalises that abusive behaviour and blames themselves, because they’re very young, they’re vulnerable, they will think of themselves as witches,” Insp Davis said.

“This is why there is the opportunity for professionals and communities to recognise that harm because if a child is talking about someone accusing them of being witch, they need to take that really seriously.”

He said police cannot “arrest our way out of” the issue, which can be linked to other concerns including honour-based violence and female genital mutilation (FGM).

“The beliefs that underpin the abuse are far, far wider than most people would think…we’re not here to criticise those beliefs but when they turn into the abuse of children, we all have to step in,” the officer added.

“Our primary concern is safeguarding children as a preventative measure where we can intervene before a crime has taken place and ultimately before a child is murdered.”

He said raising awareness had been a “challenge” and urged agencies including police, social workers, teachers and health professionals to take up training so they can spot the warnings signs.

Dr Oakley said child abuse linked to faith and belief had not had the “same Government buy-in or support” as FGM, but public awareness and intervention was desperately needed.

“We are calling on Government ministers to consider this issue and start to give us backing to tackle it,” she added.



Victoria Climbie, 11

Died: 25 February 2000, London

Victoria was born in Ivory Coast and brought to the UK by her great-aunt Marie-Therese Kouao, who moved in with her boyfriend Carl Manning in 1999.

Numerous people who came to contact with the family reported concerns to social services but no action was taken and Victoria’s abuse worsened, with her aunt initially blaming her incontinence.

A childminder heard Kouao calling the child a “wicked girl” before she told pastors that she believed Victoria was possessed by an evil spirit.

Two pastors supported her claim, with one saying he would fast on Victoria’s behalf and pray for deliverance from “witchcraft, bad luck and everything bad or evil”.

Days later, Victoria died after being starved for days while tied up in a black plastic bag with her hands and feet bound, lying in her own excrement without heating between being beaten and burned.

She was rushed to hospital suffering from a combination of malnutrition and hypothermia and was declared dead the next day, with a pathologist finding 128 separate injuries and scars in “the worst case of child abuse I’ve encountered”.

Kouao and Manning were jailed for life for murder, and the Government commissioned an inquiry into the “deeply disturbing” failures by social services, police, housing authorities and hospitals.

Two social workers from Haringey Council were dismissed for gross misconduct.

Nusayba Bharuchi, four

Died: 16 December 2010

Nusayba was disembowelled by her mother after she accused her of being possessed, with her father finding her body.

Reports said the child’s heart and other organs had been removed and placed in different rooms.

Her mother was detained under the Mental Health Act after allegedly being found by the corpse, rocking back and forth, chanting and listening to Quranic verses on an mp3 player.

Neighbours said they had been hearing “terrible screaming” in the night.

Kristy Bamu, 15

Died: 25 December 2010

Kristy and four of his siblings had come to London from Paris to stay with his sister Magalie Bamu and her partner Eric Bikubi for the festive season.

The couple, who were said to be obsessed with kindoki, the word for witchcraft in their native Democratic Republic of the Congo, accused him of putting spells on a younger child and started days of sadistic abuse.

Kristy was singled out after wetting his pants and his siblings were starved of food and water for three days and nights while praying for “deliverance”.

His sisters, aged 20 and 11, were also beaten but escaped further attacks after “confessing” to being witches, while they and their brothers aged 13 and 22 were then forced to take part in the torture.

Prosecutors said Kristy “pleaded to be allowed to die” while being beaten with a metal bar, hammer, floor tiles and bottles.

The siblings were placed in a bath for ritual cleansing on Christmas Day but Kristy was too weak and slipped under the water.

He died of a combination of drowning and the beatings, with a post-mortem finding 130 separate injuries.

Ayesha Ali, eight

Died: 29 August 2013

Ayesha’s mother, Polly Chowdhury, was brainwashed by her girlfriend into believing her daughter was possessed, “evil” and had “bad blood” after her father left their home in East London.

Kiki Muddar manipulated the mother using a bizarre cyber fantasy world, bombarding her with more than 40,000 texts, including one reading: “You have no right to ever love or like your evil daughter”.

During the court case that saw both women jailed was played a recording of a telephone call to a friend where Muddar vowed to kill Ayesha, calling her a “witch”, adding: “I’ll f***ing drown her in the bath.”

Chowdhury eventually believed a Muslim spirit guide called “Skyman” instructed them to abuse her daughter via text messages.

Neighbours heard Ayesha screaming and pleading “I don’t want to be bad”, while a handwritten note by the child described how she “hated getting punishments” but was trying to be good.

Ayesha was found dead in her bedroom at their flat in Chadwell Heath, east London, in August 2013.

A blow to the head was ruled to be the cause of death but more than 50 injuries, including bruises, carpet burns and a bite mark, told of the extent of the abuse.

When paramedics found the child dead, the court heard that Muddar told them: “Ayesha is always naughty. She was a naughty child and her mum thought she was possessed by the devil.

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Bar this troll: Human rights barrister accused of vile rants against child sex victims

Top human rights lawyer faces an investigation after ‘she branded victims of child sex abuse “lunatics”, “nutwings” and “cowardly” online’



Oxfam trustee who made ‘full and unqualified apology’ to Britain and Haiti was given £670,000 pay-off by BBC over Jimmy Savile cover-up row

  • Caroline Thomson is no stranger to being at the vortex of a major scandal
  • In previous role at the BBC, she was dragged into the Jimmy Savile controversy
  • There was widespread criticism of Ms Thomson when she left the BBC
  • She left with a £670,000 pay-off — more than twice her £330,000 salary

Beleaguered Oxfam trustee Caroline Thomson, who made a ‘full and unqualified apology’ to Britain and Haiti, is no stranger to being at the vortex of a major corporate scandal.

In a previous role at the BBC, she was dragged into the controversy over the cover-up of paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile’s activities, as well as a row over excessive pay-offs for BBC executives.

There was widespread criticism of Ms Thomson — who uses her maiden name rather than her title by marriage, Lady Liddle — when, before she became chairman of Oxfam’s trustees, she left the BBC (where she was chief operating officer) with a £670,000 pay-off — more than twice her £330,000 salary.  

In a previous role at the BBC, Oxfam trustee Caroline Thomson was dragged into the controversy over the cover-up of paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile's activities


Astonishingly, she got this eye-watering sum even though she wanted to quit.

In a previous role at the BBC, Oxfam trustee Caroline Thomson was dragged into the controversy over the cover-up of paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile’s activities

Indeed, she was one of several BBC bigwigs who left with huge pay-offs — totalling £4 million in one year — after the Savile scandal.

As a result, Margaret Hodge, then chairwoman of the Commons spending watchdog, said there was ‘gross incompetence’ in the way the BBC handled the golden handshakes. 

The MP had questioned senior BBC executives and said it was an ‘unedifying experience’ watching them ‘try to avoid responsibility’.

During questioning, former BBC director general Mark Thompson defended the severance payments, denying that the Corporation had ‘lost the plot’. 

In reference to Ms Thomson, Ms Hodge said her redundancy pay-off was effectively paid to ‘compensate’ her for missing out on the job of director-general during the fallout from Savile.

To compound matters, when one shamed BBC executive repaid part of his £300,000 settlement, Ms Thomson was asked if she would do the same. 

With haughty disdain, she replied: ‘No. I’m not.’ Insisting that the licence-fee-payers’ funded money was her contractual entitlement, she said: ‘I would have earned a lot more when I was working for ITV.’

Caroline Thomson was one of several BBC bigwigs who left with huge pay-offs — totalling £4 million in one year — after the Savile scandal. Above, Jimmy Savile
Caroline Thomson was one of several BBC bigwigs who left with huge pay-offs — totalling £4 million in one year — after the Savile scandal. Above, Jimmy Savile

This debacle followed the Jimmy Savile scandal when it was alleged that the BBC had pulled a BBC2 Newsnight investigation into allegations that the DJ had indulged in under-age sex and that Ms Thomson, along with other executives, failed to heed warnings that Savile was a serious paedophile.

‘In retrospect,’ she said after Savile died, ‘no one thought of it as a story about the BBC. I look back now and say: ‘Why didn’t I think it was a problem?’ But I didn’t.’

After quitting the BBC with her pay-off (including £14,000 for lawyers to negotiate the deal) and a £1.9 million pension pot, she became executive director of the English National Ballet. 

Asked why she didn’t take a job in commercial TV (where she’d said she’d have earned much more), she responded: ‘I felt bruised by the manner of my departure and the speed of it. I wanted to do something different.’

Caroline Agnes Morgan Thomson, 63, has strong political links. Her father was Labour MP for Dundee before defecting to the SDP, became head of the Independent Broadcasting Authority and was ennobled as Baron Thomson of Monifieth.

After studying at York University, Ms Thomson joined the BBC as a trainee journalist. There, she met her future husband Roger Liddle, an early SDP activist who was a very close friend of Peter Mandelson, with whom he co-authored The Blair Revolution, which championed an EU ‘of deeper economic integration among nation-states bound together by common rules and united by a clear social purpose’.

Margaret Hodge, then chairwoman of the Commons spending watchdog, said there was 'gross incompetence' in the way the BBC handled the golden handshakes
Margaret Hodge, then chairwoman of the Commons spending watchdog, said there was ‘gross incompetence’ in the way the BBC handled the golden handshakes

They also said: ‘The single currency is the natural complement to a single market’.

Liddle then became a policy adviser to Blair on Europe, in 1997, and joined him as an aide in No 10 for seven years.

But ‘Mandelson’s bagman’ became embroiled in a sleazy cash-for-access scandal.

Another Mandelson crony, Derek ‘Dolly’ Draper, was caught telling an undercover reporter posing as a businessman that he could provide early sight of confidential government reports and that in exchange for money he would open government doors to him — one being that of Liddle’s office.

Draper duly pressed Liddle into service and the latter was quoted telling the undercover reporter: ‘There is a circle and Derek is part of the circle . . . Whenever you are ready, tell me what you want, who you want to meet, and Derek and I will make the call for you.’

Blair rejected demands to dismiss Liddle who denied the allegations — the consensus being that he was saved solely because his reported remark was not tape-recorded.

After Downing Street, Liddle was an adviser to European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and having been ennobled for long service as a Blairite ultra is a key figure in the Lords in the battle against Brexit. 

During a debate about leaving the EU, he declared his intention to fight Brexit as long as he lived.

As for his wife, she continues to amass well-paid public jobs: chairman of Digital UK (which is responsible for digital terrestrial TV); a director of UKGI (a government quango responsible for corporate governance); as well as two in the private sector, a director of Vitec Group (which provides services for broadcasters) and on the board of CN multi-media group.

Thomson once said women in business ‘must have the self-belief to say you don’t understand some-thing in meetings . . . Men always say when they don’t get things.’

Yet by her own admission, she did not ask the right questions about Jimmy Savile. Might she now be asking similar questions of herself about Oxfam?


A former adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, David Pitt-Watson, 58 — Oxfam’s honorary treasurer since 2011 — was finance director of the Labour Party from 1997-99.

He was offered the post of Labour general secretary in 2008 but decided not to take it — to the disappointment of Brown, then PM.

The City fund manager’s influence at Oxfam — along with his links to the Labour Party — may partly explain why the charity has become highly politicised and veered dramatically to the Left.

David Pitt-Watson (pictured) — Oxfam’s honorary treasurer since 2011 — was finance director of the Labour Party from 1997-99
David Pitt-Watson (pictured) — Oxfam’s honorary treasurer since 2011 — was finance director of the Labour Party from 1997-99

In 2014, Oxfam was criticised for a faux film poster, showing a broiling sea under clouds titled: The Perfect Storm. Added were the words ‘starring zero hours contracts, high prices, benefit cuts, unemployment, childcare costs’.

A message above read: ‘Lifting the lid on austerity Britain reveals a perfect storm — and it’s forcing more and more people into poverty.’ Meanwhile, on Twitter Oxfam invited people to hear how ‘we investigate the reasons why so many people are turning to food banks in Britain 2014’.

Pitt-Watson (pictured), also an executive fellow at London Business School, was chairman of the United Nations environment programme’s finance initiative in the run-up to the Paris Climate summit.

The son of a cleric his grandfather was moderator of the Church of Scotland in the Fifties. He has written a number of books and pamphlets but denies he’s a member of an ivory-towered elite.

‘I have never understood the notion that there is a divorce between the real world and the academic world,’ he says.

‘I don’t get it. The academic world is there reflecting, explaining, understanding the real world.’

Ex-paratrooper who trained Prince William is on the run after being convicted for child rape

Ex-paratrooper, 51, who trained Prince William and served alongside Prince Harry is on the run after being convicted for child rape

  • Police hunting Wayne Domeney after he is found guilty of 13 child sex offences
  • During his army career, he took Princess Diana on a tour of Bosnian minefields
  • The 51-year-old also met Prince Charles and served with the prestigious 2 Para
  • Once described Prince William as ‘down to earth’ and Harry as ‘one of the lads’ 
  • He was convicted at Birmingham Crown Court after failing to show up for trial
  • Do you know or serve with Domeney? Email

A former paratrooper who helped train Prince William and served alongside Prince Harry is on the run after he was convicted of child rape.

Wayne Domeney, 51, is being hunted by police so he can be sentenced for a string of sex offences spanning over a four-year period.

The former soldier is believed to be in County Durham, possibly the Consett area, and an arrest warrant has been issued by the court so he can be sentenced.

During a career spanning almost 25 years, he served with the prestigious 2 Para, took Princess Diana on a tour of Bosnian minefields and also met Prince Charles.

Wayne Domeney (pictured with Prince Charles) is believed to be in County Durham and is wanted by police so he can be sentenced

Wayne Domeney (pictured with Prince Charles) is believed to be in County Durham and is wanted by police so he can be sentenced

During a career spanning almost 25 years, Domeney (pictured) served with the prestigious 2 Para and took Princess Diana on a tour of Bosnian minefields

The 51-year-old was found guilty of 13 offences at Birmingham Crown Court on February 2 after his trial went ahead without him when he failed to show up.

It is thought that he may be using his army survival techniques to hide in woodland or seeking shelter with family members in the North East of England.

Domeney, who was previously known as Wayne Rackham, was convicted of four counts of rape on a young girl and three counts of assaulting a girl by penetration.

He was also found guilt of three counts of sexual activity with a child, two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of intimidating a witness. 

Inspector Keith Wardle, of Consett Police, said: ‘I’d advise people not to approach him.

‘If anyone thinks they have seen this male they should contact police immediately.

Domeney (circled) signed up to the Army in 1985 and became a Warrant Officer Sergeant Major, touring Iraq and Afghanistan as well as serving in Northern Ireland

Domeney (circled) signed up to the Army in 1985 and became a Warrant Officer Sergeant Major, touring Iraq and Afghanistan as well as serving in Northern Ireland.

The 51-year-old (circled) was found guilty of 13 offences at Birmingham Crown Court on February 2 after his trial went ahead without him when he failed to show up

The 51-year-old (circled) was found guilty of 13 offences at Birmingham Crown Court on February 2 after his trial went ahead without him when he failed to show up

‘I am not saying he is dangerous, but he is wanted for serious offences and he will, no doubt, get a serious custodial sentence.’

Domeney signed up to the Army in 1985 and became a Warrant Officer Sergeant Major, touring Iraq and Afghanistan as well as serving in Northern Ireland.

He met Prince Charles during a Colours Parade and boasted that the royal ‘always remembered me’ when they would see each other at future events.

In September, he told The Mirror: ‘He knew I was the boxing champ. I said. “We’ve got two pints of Guinness, will you toast the regiment?” So he stayed for a few pints.

‘We were joking about his posh voice so he put on a cockney accent. He was having a good time. I met him after at events and he ­always remembered me.’

Domeney also boasted about training Prince William in the UK, describing him as ‘down to earth’, and said Prince Harry was ‘sound, one of the lads’ during their time serving together in Afghanistan.

The pervert’s royal connections also stretched to the princes’ mother Diana, whom he escorted through Bosnia as she visited minefields in 1997.


Domeney boasted about training Prince William (left), describing him as ‘down to earth’, and said Prince Harry (right) was ‘sound, one of the lads’ during their time together in Afghanistan

The pervert's royal connections also stretched to the princes' mother Diana, whom he escorted through Bosnia as she visited those affected by minefields

The pervert’s royal connections also stretched to the princes’ mother Diana, whom he escorted through Bosnia as she visited those affected by minefields

Reminiscing about the time he spent with her, Domeney said she was ‘very determined’ about her charity work and ‘wanted to know what it was really like’.  

In 2009, the year he left the British Army, the former boxing champion was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In September, he called on the Government to do more to help former soldiers with PTSD and told how he served with Prince Harry in Afghanistan.

A year after leaving the Armed Forces, he ended up working at a school in Warwickshire, covering behaviour management.

Speaking about his time at the school to the Mirror, he said: ‘Some say they were naughty kids but they just struggled. I’d tell them Army stories and they loved it.’ 

His marriage ended in 2014, after the allegations against him came to light, he left his job at the school and ended up sleeping rough in woodland using his military survival skills to stay alive. 

He is formerly of the Bulkington area of Bedworth and may also have links to Aldershot in Hampshire.

Police now believe he is in the North-East where he has family members.

In 2009, the year he left the British Army, Domeney (pictured) was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder
In 2009, the year he left the British Army, Domeney (pictured) was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder

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John Swinney ‘delusional’ over lobbying row in named person scheme

John Swinney has been accused of mounting a “delusional” defence to claims that his officials ran a lobbying campaign aimed at influencing the testimony of Holyrood witnesses.

Emails obtained by The Times show that civil servants sought to identify witnesses due to give evidence to the Scottish parliament’s education committee about the named person scheme, then rushed to set up meetings with government staff working on the policy before their appearances.

The tactic caused concern among MSPs on the committee, who suspect Mr Swinney’s staff were seeking to persuade witnesses to water down their criticism when giving their evidence.

The committee wrote to Mr Swinney asking him to explain the actions of his officials. In his reply to the committee, Mr Swinney said: “The FOI release simply sets out the detail of engagement that took place with stakeholders which had already been the subject of discussion at the committee.”

He did not attempt to explain why meetings had been set up with committee witnesses before they gave evidence. The committee is likely to take further action.

Oliver Mundell, the Conservative MSP, said: “I think this response borders on the delusional. It’s not credible that he didn’t recognise the issue, which is his officials interfering with the committee’s role of providing scrutiny.”

6th Feb 2018  Scottish Government denies ‘coercing’ Named Person witnesses

Iain Macwhirter: Time to stand up with good manners and a thick skin against the vile trolls.


I SOMETIMES think Twitter was a demonic experiment dreamed up by a misanthropic psychologist to demonstrate what happens when society breaks down. If we give people licence to say anything they want to people, at random and behind a cloak of anonymity, then we should hardly be surprised that it brings out the worst in all of us. All the insecurity, nastiness, resentment comes tumbling out as the normal social inhibitions are removed. Any left-behind no-hoper lying in his parent’s bedroom can cock a snook at plutocratic feminists such as Beyonce or loud politicians like Kezia Dugdale; or self-important newspaper columnists, come to that.

We tend to lose our humanity online because we start to see people there not as people but as cyphers for things we hate or fear: cybernats, yoons, libtards. People online become like children who, as any parent knows, can be routinely cruel because they’ve not developed empathy or a capacity for shame. I sometimes meet people who are gratuitously offensive to me online and find that they’re really rather charming and decent folk, not at all like their Twitter personas. They might even feel the same about me. But I’ve long struggled to avoid descending into the mire of foul language, reactive abuse and political sectarianism that social media encourages. As a long-term user, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to avoid abuse on Twitter is to avoid Twitter. Just say no.

Unfortunately, we can’t “uninvent” the internet any more than we can pass laws to make people nicer. It just doesn’t happen that way. Indeed, attempts to outlaw abuse are invariably a failure. Look at the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, at present being repealed by the Scottish Parliament. But the Prime Minister appears to want to outlaw abuse on Twitter, particularly against politicians. She says it is a threat to democracy and needs to be stopped.

She is wrong. Abuse of politicians may be nasty, unnecessary and counterproductive but is not a threat to democracy. Making it illegal would be. It would be like returning to the 18th century laws of seditious libel, which made it illegal to make statements which brought “hatred and contempt” against the Queen, the government or the church, or fomented “discontent” among the populace.

Cartoonists like Martin Rowson of the Guardian – whose depiction of politicians as zombies and sewer-rats even I find offensive – would clearly be in the frame. In her Manchester speech yesterday, Mrs May condemned “Momentum trolls” for driving Blairite politicians from office. But curiously she didn’t condemn headline writers abusing judges as “Enemies of the People”, or Brexiters abusing Remainers as “traitors and saboteurs”.

I’m sure Mrs May wouldn’t make it illegal to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being a “vile IRA sympathiser”, as so many Tories do. He finds that deeply offensive. Would it be illegal to call SNP supporters “blood and soil Nationalists” or anti-English racists? Would it be illegal for vegans to accuse meat eaters of being murderers, or angry white men to call feminists “feminazis”? Of course not. Invective has been an essential part of political debate since Cicero’s time.

Mrs May says that there is a particular problem with abuse of women politicians, though the evidence is not conclusive. A Demos study of two million tweets in 2014 found that male politicians and celebrities suffered more online abuse than women. A Pew Research survey last year confirmed that men are as likely to experience online abuse, though women find it more upsetting. This really isn’t to do with being male or female, Left or Right; it’s about all of us. You can’t ban sheer nastiness.

Of course, freedom of speech is not absolute and never has been. Threatening people with actual harm is a crime and if you do it on social media it is a breach of the peace. Hate crime against racial or sexual minorities is also illegal, as is making death threats, even against racists. There are also the civil laws on defamation. The former Respect MP, George Galloway, has won damages from libel actions, and is suing the leader of Momentum, Jon Lansman, for accusing him of being an anti-Semite on Twitter.

As this column has argued, much of the abuse and hate crime on social media would disappear if websites such as Facebook were to honour their responsibilities as publishers and moderate posts, just as newspaper websites are required to do. But regulation can only go so far.

Some of the most damaging abuse on social media is the routine nastiness exchanged by young people on Facebook and other platforms. It’s girls or boys being told they are a friendless, ugly, useless, stupid and a waste of space. You can’t outlaw such cruelty. Child psychologists are seriously worried about the effect it’s having on young minds, and it’s not just children. Anyone who goes on social media for any length of time will be exposed to soul-destroying abuse and negativity.

When the young Conservative, Sophie Warrener, tweeted before Christmas that she was happy to have a Labour supporter as her best friend, she was subjected to a catalogue of abuse and hateful remarks, often from women of colour condemning “white privilege”. But it rebounded on the haters when she insisted on treating them all with civility and humour. This might be called passive trolling: turning the tables on the perpetrators by showcasing their nastiness. Even the left-wing columnist, Owen Jones, was moved to apologise to Ms Warrener on behalf of trolls who had been so offensive.

But passive trolling requires immense self-confidence and a rhino skin. Perhaps we need some sort of online peace and reconciliation movement to rewrite the rules of engagement on social media: vigilantes of good manners to name and shame the trolls and show them up for what they are, cowards and creeps. That might be naive but, in the end, good behaviour can only come from setting an example. The law is useless here because, whatever Mrs May thinks, being unkind isn’t a crime.

Why are satanists SO BOTHERED by Fresh Start Foundation?


Then on twitter today… EVEN FUNNIER!! 

“Still, I am reviewing my options of what we can do about you in Scotland.”

I d’no what anyone else thinks but that sound distinctly like a threat to me 



10 *CONVICTED* cases of Satanist Ritual Abuse in UK #SRA #CSA



Smyllum care home abuse survivor tells how predatory Jimmy Savile molested him on Highlands holiday

21st Jan 2018


A VICTIM of abuse at Smyllum orphanage has revealed how Jimmy Savile later tried to rape him in the back of his Rolls Royce.

Adam Taggart, 58, was on a camping trip in the Highlands when the DJ stopped his car and lured him and another boy into the back with offers of alcohol and cigars.

Adam, then aged 12, revealed how the paedophile ordered his driver to take the other boy for sweets and ice cream at a shop so Savile could attack him.

He said: “I was only alone with Savile for a few minutes, and in the time it took for his driver to take my pal to the shop for ice scream and sweets, Savile sexually abused me.

“If we’d been alone for any longer, I believe Savile would have raped me.”

Afterwards, Savile told Adam, who was on a trip to Aviemore with children from the Dunavon children’s home, nobody would believe him if he told anyone what happened.

Later, the TV presenter, whose extensive sexual abuse of children and young people was only exposed after his death in 2011, even sent Top Of The Pops tickets to Dunavon.

Adam, who had earlier lived at Smyllum orphanage where nuns have been accused of overseeing a cruel regime marked by physical abuse, was in a party of boys taken camping to Loch Morlich when he and a pal tried hitching a lift to the campsite.

Savile with his Rolls Royce (Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

He said: “We were thumbing a lift when a white Rolls Royce stopped at the side of the road.

“When we got to the car, we recognised Savile immediately.

“My pal said, ‘You’re Jimmy Savile’ and Savile replied he wouldn’t need to introduce himself.

“He asked what we were doing. We explained we were camping. He asked where we lived and we told him a children’s home.”

Adam, who reported the abuse to police as part of the nationwide investigation into Savile after his death, believes the DJ attacked him in 1972 or 1973.

He explained: “Time had no meaning because we never celebrated birthdays at the children’s home. The summer it happened was very hot and I was about 12 or 13 years old.

“Savile told us to get into his car, so we did. It was really posh. There was a cabinet with drinks and a box of cigars. Savile told us to take them.

“When we passed other pals, we hung out the window with a cigar in one hand and a miniature of alcohol in the other, showing off.”

Inside Smyllum Park

Adam believes Savile singled him out.

He claimed: “I’d been in care at Smyllum Park from weeks old. I was abused there before going to Dunavon. Savile sensed I was the one he should pick.”

Savile asked if the boys wanted to see Cairn Gorm, and ordered his driver to take them to a tourist area with a view of the mountain.

Once parked, Savile asked if they wanted sweets, and told the driver and the other boy to go to the shop. As soon as they were alone, Adam claims Savile molested him. The dad-of-four said: “Savile grabbed me on to his knee and abused me.

“He only stopped when we could see my friend coming back to the car with the driver. He said nobody would believe me if I told.

“I was in shock. Savile acted like nothing had happened.

“I remember refusing to take an ice lolly.

“Savile was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and lots of rings on his hands. He wore gold chains and a crucifix.”

Adam said he ran from the car.

He did not expect Savile to send the Top Of The Pops tickets, but he did and five girls from Dunavon went to see the show. Adam said: “The girls talked about it for months afterwards. I kept silent, but couldn’t watch him on the television without feeling sick.”

Adam said he only ever talked about Savile’s abuse to one social worker, but was devastated when nothing happened.

He said: “I think I was about 14 or 15 when I confided what had happened to a social worker I thought I trusted. He said he would do something about it, but he never spoke about it again. I stayed silent until Savile died.”

Adam, who gave evidence of the abuse he claims he suffered at the notorious Smyllum children’s home in Lanark to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in November, reported what happened to the police.

The national inquiry into Savile’s decades of abuse, identified five other Scottish cases. The grandfather is due to return to give evidence about Savile and Dunavon children’s home, in Strathaven, to the inquiry.

He is speaking out publicly for the first time because he believes other victims may still be suffering in silence.

Adam said: “Savile behaved as if he could do what he wanted and nobody would believe someone like me, or do anything to stop him.

“I’m speaking now because I hope it gives courage to the others I suspect are still out there, suffering in silence. The only way to lift the burden of abuse is to speak out. I regret not doing so more forcibly years ago, but we lived in different times.”

Adam, who admits his life spiralled into homelessness, drink, drugs and even prison as he struggled to cope with what had happened to him while in care, said Savile’s taunts never left him.

He said: “I must take responsibility for the stupid things I bitterly regret doing in my life.

“But I now understand the abuse I suffered as a child had such an overwhelming impact, it destroyed the person I should have been.”

Lawyer Cameron Fyfe said: “It is not at all unusual for child abuse victims such as Adam often go on to develop problems in later life, such a drink, drugs, or even crime. He should be commended for turning his life around and getting the help he needs.”

Police Scotland said: “We received a report and the relevant information was passed to Operation Yewtree in January 2016.”

He targeted the vulnerable. This is absolutely typical of how Savile operated

By Professor David Wilson, Criminal Psychologist

Savile was one of the most prolific child abusers we have ever seen in this country.

He was an indiscriminate predator who abused both boys and girls, although the majority were girls.

He not only used opportunities to abuse the children who came his way, he also constructed opportunities like the one described by Adam Taggart, to give him access to victims.

Savile spent a lot of time befriending children who came from children’s homes, as well as the people who ran them.

His behaviour in this case is entirely typical of instances when he had little time. We call this opportunistic grooming.

Savile also used his celebrity to dazzle victims.

Telling them he would send them tickets to Top Of The Pops was part of his modus operandi.

He was also careful to pick children or young people who had a measure of vulnerability.

He would have picked up on something most of us would not have seen, almost like a predator’s sixth sense, and chosen someone he believed would not have “told”.

That was why he was able to continue abusing from the 1950s.

Savile hid in plain sight and was extremely adept at using his celebrity status to hide the abuse he was inflicting on children.

Many people close to him would have known what he was doing, evidence shows Savile worked in tandem with several of them. But others may have been dazzled.

However, a number of people reported that they did not “like” Savile, and his behaviour towards someone he saw as a threat would be adversarial.

The author Val McDermid, who based a character in one of her Wire In The Blood books after meeting him while she was a journalist, was a very astute judge of Savile’s character.

He could almost be described as “nasty” towards anyone he perceived to be challenging the public persona he had created for himself.

I agree with Adam when he describes feeling the sense of a burden being lifted from his shoulders once he was able to talk about what happened.

I echo his encouragement to anyone who is still suffering in silence to speak out.

Criminal psychologist Professor David Wilson is presenter of television’s hugely popular Voice Of A Serial Killer series

Shamed paedophile priest tells child abuse inquiry: It is abhorrent that I could do that…I’m totally sorry

A paedophile priest convicted of abusing four young boys in his care has told the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry he is “sorry”.

We revealed last week how Bernard Traynor, 64, had been called to give evidence to the investigation into care home abuse.

He was convicted of six charges of indecent assault in 1995 for abusing boys in the 1970s while helping out at a children’s home in Newcastle, but said he regretted his “abhorrent” crimes.

The care of the four boys had been arranged in Scotland and, on Friday, Traynor said it had been “totally wrong” that he had been allowed to be a house parent at the St Vincent’s home without training or proper supervision.

Traynor said: “It is abhorrent to me now that I could do that. I don’t in any way feel proud for what I’ve done.”

The paedophile abused a 10-year-old boy after the child was moved from Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanarkshire where he had been in the care of nuns.

Traynor said he was “ashamed”, and added: “I hate that aspect of myself and there’s nothing I can do, nothing I can say other than I’m totally, totally sorry.”

He stopped being a priest when his crimes came to light in 1995 but had not been formally defrocked until 2012.

The inquiry also heard evidence from a nun, 73, who denied she had “blacked out” an incident in which she is alleged to have brutally beaten a young boy who found her in the arms of another nun.

In September, we revealed 402 residents at Smyllum died between 1864 and when it shut its doors in 1981. They are feared to be buried in a mass unmarked grave at St Mary’s Cemetery in Lanark.

The inquiry will also examine other care institutes across Scotland with Lady Smith not expected to report her findings until 2019



Children of God cult beast caged for child sex attacks in #Scotland

10 NOV 2017



Alexander Watt abused youngsters in the 80s when he was a member of controversial religious organisation. 

A member of a religious sex cult who abused children has been warned he faces jail.

Alexander Watt, 68, belonged to the controversial Children of God organisation when he carried out sexual offences against two youngsters in Renfrewshire and on the east coast in the 80s.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard that father-of-10 Watt attacked a girl aged between four and eight and a boy aged between seven and nine.

Watt, of Dumbarton, pled guilty to four charges of assault and lewd, indecent and libidinous behaviour against the children. 


  1. George Osborne & The Children Of God Cult
  2. Meet The Family ~ Hamilton-Byrne, Assange & CIA: Children Of God
  3. Anne Hamilton-Byrne & The Great White Brotherhood aka The Family.
  4. THE FAMILY / CHILDREN OF GOD, WORLDWIDE CULT: *400* msm reports 1926-2009

via Wild Cat on youtube



#HoaxsteadHaverers make pathetic attempt to discredit Fresh Start Foundation, David Scott, Me & well, anyone else they could think of really.

So the upshot of them trolling me is that they have actually admitted they got me banned for 24hrs on Fb & they got me a strike on youtube.

Which looks distinctly like a deliberate attack.. online gang stalking some might call it…  That’s illegal. It is a crime.

Have Scot Cops not just started cracking down hard on that kinda thing?!


If you’re havering it means you’re chattering shite that nobody really wants to listen to lol!!

The hoaxstead haverers deny SRA exists.

By doing so, they are calling THOUSANDS of UK survivors all liars..

There have been at least 10 convicted cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the UK

So I would like to challenge Hoaxstead & any other SRA deniers to debunk all of the evidence I have provided in the links above. There’s no rush, take yer time, there is ahellavalot to get through!! feel free to send me your “de bunk” (which i will happily publish word for word.) You can contact me via comment section on any one of my blogs or by email me at 

My opinion of the following… They are just cementing what we already know, they are all desperate troll fucks or they are sock accounts of the desperate troll fucks.

Haaa ha ha haaa ha haa haa! Troll on!!

written by El Coyote from the Hoaxstead Haverers!!

False Start Foundation: Same shit, different day

Last April we began tracking a new organisation which was claiming to represent the interests of survivors of child sexual abuse. The “Fresh Start Foundation”—yet another “foundation” with a name which could easily be confused with a number of others, rather like the “Knight Foundation”—had a very interesting list of founding officers, many of whom were already known to us: Christine Margaret Gow, Neil James McKechnie, Andrew Christopher PeacherPenny Pullen, David Scott (UK Column’s “Albion Rover”), and Alexander Smith. Mr McKechnie is a friend of Belinda McKenzie, and Christine Gow has done her fair share of posting illegal posts about RD’s children.We note that Andy Peacher and Alexander Smith were dropped from the board of directors last month, and replaced by three new directors (Janine Danielle Rennie seems to have been listed twice in error).

And what would any dodgy non-charity “foundation” be without the blessing of Belinda McKenzie?

At the Fresh Start Foundation’s inaugural conference last year, invited speakers included Robert Green and Wilfred Wong, with video contributions from Brian Gerrish, David Icke, and Kevin Annett. Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

The Fresh Start Foundation had its own crowdfunding page (of course!), though that seems to have gone tits up after only three donations (including one from Penny Pullen).

Recent misbehaviour

To be honest, having noted the existence of the thing, we hadn’t really paid it a great deal of attention until last month, when we noticed that one of the directors, David Scott, had directed a particularly ugly UK Column video at a grassroots child sexual abuse survivors’ organisation, ShatterBoysUK.After noting that Daniel Wolstencroft of ShatterBoysUK sits on the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) in the IICSA inquiry, Mr Scott focussed on the fact that Mr Wolstencroft’s name had somehow been misspelled in the organisation’s Companies House page. Quel horreur!

Brian Gerrish: How can Daniel have a different name on Companies House and different name when he is representing CSA survivors at the Independent Inquiry?

David Scott: Well this is the question, we have asked this question, we haven’t had an answer. We’ve had answers but no justification. It was claimed to be a spelling mistake, and then it was claimed to be a spelling mistake by a lawyer, then it was claimed to be a spelling mistake by the lawyer’s typist, but there’s nothing been provided to substantiate this.

Mr Scott extrapolates from the fact that someone somewhere along the line misspelled Mr Wolstencroft’s name to…well, it’s not completely clear. He makes some rather vague allegations about ShatterBoysUK being dodgy in some unspecified way, and states that there was once a fraud case involving someone with the same name, and hey, who knows, it might have been the same Daniel Wolstencroft, but who knows? (It’s not.) The issue is left hanging, the smear complete.

This was the shot across the bow. As Outlaw Jimmy put it on his blog at the time,

These claims have now spilled over onto social media, and from what I have been observing myself, and from what a number of sources are also telling me, it now appears that a closely-linked group on social media have now picked up on this, and ganged up on Mr Wolstencroft, surrounding him like starving jackals, demanding that he explains to them personally how the spelling error occurred on the Companies House Website, and if he is in fact the person that UK Column have referred to as having been involved in a fraudulent insurance claim.

Mr Wolstencroft has I believe, ‘blocked’ those accounts now, and UK Column as I understand it are now backtracking on the claims they made in their video.

A group of Twitter users, fronted by David Scott and his wife Lesley Scott, who goes by the name “Cat Scot” (aka WildCat or CalamiTcat) online, have led the charge, in a blatant attack on Mr Wolstencroft, ShatterBoysUK, and anyone who tries to support them.

When regular HR commentator Sheva Burton attempted to stand up for Mr Wolstencroft, she too was targetted:

The question is, why would the “Fresh Start Foundation”, which bills itself as a voluntary organisation devoted to “CSA support, recovery, seeking truth & justice”, see fit to attack genuine advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse. The answer may be partially uncovered in their mission statement, found on their web page:

The Fresh Start Foundation (FSF) is an Independent Peoples Inquiry into all forms of Child Sexual Abuse in Scotland. Having witnessed the failures of existing authorities to protect the children of this nation, and having seen the loss of confidence in the official enquiry, we have concluded that ordinary Scots must stand up to this challenge. The resignations from the official enquiry, and the governmental interference cited as reasons for those resignations, were the last straw. We, the people, will investigate what has happened and what is happening. Our governments, and those institutions charged with delivering justice, have failed. We will no longer endure that failure. We have decided to act.

This investigation will not be limited only to abuse within an institutional context but will look at every form of abuse that has occurred and is occurring. Thus we are determined to address abuse within institutions, Satanist Ritual Abuse, trafficking and abuse for commercial gain in the sex industry, abuse by informal networks, multi-generational abusive families and any other form of sexual abuse reported by victims and survivors.

In acting we seek the truth. We investigate to discover the truth. The truth, it has been well said, will set you free.

In other words, they have aspirations to unseat the current Independent Inquiry and replace it with their own, and anyone who gets in their way will be targetted. Mr Wolstencroft had the utter temerity to get himself appointed to the VSCP…how very dare he!

In the broader sense, this kind of attack represents the aims of a small, fanatical group of believers in the myth of “Satanic ritual abuse”, whose goal is to undermine and destroy other narratives and replace them with their own. It’s ugly and brutal, and yet it also may serve to shine a light on the behaviour of the Hoaxtead mobsters and their friends.

40 thoughts on “False Start Foundation: Same shit, different day”

    • Thanks, Sheva.

  1. Captain Mainwaring

     January 21, 2018 at 1:59 am

    I believe there are rules in the use of ‘sensitive’ words in company (Ltd) names, for example ‘foundation’ could be used to infer charitable status.

    • Yes, I’d have thought so.

  2. Fnord

     January 21, 2018 at 2:11 am

    If they’d bothered to check records they’d know that there were seven Daniel Wolstencrofts born in the 1970’s in England. If you look at the 60’s and the 80’s there are no doubt quite a few more. Perhaps they need to determine which one was involved in the insurance incident before they start smearing people.

    So can I ask, is UK Column going to start questioning Belinda McKenzie about the accounts for her organisations and perhaps if they want to go a few years back they could ask Maggie Tuttle about her ‘Children Screaming To Be Heard’ which didn’t bother to file any accounts at all with the Charity Commission? Come on Brian, let’s be fair. You can’t point the finger at one person and not examine the others as well just because they’re your friends. Can you?

    • I fear that actual research isn’t really their forte. It might get in the way of their smearing and finger-pointing.

  3. Steved

    January 21, 2018 at 2:28 am

    All these foundations, all with the same loose group of rotating directors, they all seem to operate for a while then disappear, then come back with mostly the same people, maybe one fresh face or two.
    What I’d like to know is if they are making money, where is it going to? (I am thinking of APD and her african charity type situation is possible perhaps?) and now they are looking to legitimize themselves and in the process get access to a lot more money. Mix that in with a few disturbed individuals and who knows what you would be getting (I am thinking a few in it for the access to government grant moneys, donations both individual and corporate etc, with a few individuals with issues, any attempt to investigate or clarify things will be instantly decried by using those individuals as shields ie “How dare you suggest X would do such a thing, havent they suffered enough, what kind of monster are you to subject them to any further abuse”
    I am not positive this is happening, but having seen the behaviour of some of the people involved, I am concerned about some of these people having any involvement at all

    • If I had to guess, I’d say that in this instance the goal is to undermine the perceived legitimacy of the IICSA and draw attention to their own loony version, which they’re calling a “People’s Inquiry”. By which, of course, they mean a “Conspiranoid SRA-Believer’s Inquiry”, but that takes too long to write out.

  4. “…with a name which could easily be confused with a number others, rather like the ‘Knight Foundation’…”

    Yep. And the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ springs to mind too. A deliberate and underhand attempt to mislead and to suck unsuspecting people into their web, imo.

    • Amazing coincidences all round, don’t you think?

  5. The Fool’s Tart Foundation

     January 21, 2018 at 3:53 am

    You mean David Scot isn’t a credible source of information? Oh wait…

    • Haha, great guess. Sadly, no cigar.

  6. A Berry British Coup

     January 21, 2018 at 4:11 am

    OK, quiet everyone. Shhh. The Queen of Zogg wishes to address her subjects…

    • A Berry British Coup

       January 21, 2018 at 7:18 am

      • So…have they not been back to evict her yet? I find this surprising.

  7. Angiewatch

     January 21, 2018 at 5:02 am

    • Liza Radley

    • Steved

       January 21, 2018 at 5:17 am

      Be interesting to see what happens when he gets home, will he have learnt a lesson or not????

      • I vote “doubt it”.

    • Angie, it was your hands that freaked him out the most, wasn’t it ? 🙂

      • Haha, that’s what I was thinking too. 😀

    • Liza Radley

       January 21, 2018 at 3:10 pm

      • Jake Blake

         January 21, 2018 at 3:58 pm

        Good riddance.

      • Arthur Pint

         January 21, 2018 at 4:37 pm

        I’m not on Belinda’s friends list but i am also rejoicing about Rupert leaving our shores. I sure hope he enjoyed his stay in the UK.

  8. Steved

     January 21, 2018 at 5:15 am

    I thought I’d seen that name Danielle La Verite before, she has a brief page on quatloos..
    Danielle la Verite THE HIPPY TERRORIST

    apparently uses Danielle George as well- far from being popular, it seems that she is rapidly becoming invisible!
    Her website is gone, her twitter is closed to anyone not in the group, her instagram is set to private, her facebook seems the only one actually open, and its last post is April last year…. and nothing on Google shows her being very active past then…

    Strangely back in 2015 she had this to say
    “The darling of the Alternative Media Danielle La Verite, has slammed the authenticity of the videos showing G and A discussing serious child abuse, satanic ritual and cannibalism. (names redacted by me)

    Uploaded in her “Top tossers of the week – Valentine’s Day 2015,” youtube video, Danielle launches a tirade of abuse against the validity of the viral videos, urging her viewers to “Chill your boots a little bit.””

    she continues “Look the simple fact is right, you need to be logical about this shit. Right, either way whatever the situation with these children in these videos are, this is child-abuse pure and simple. Whether these children are telling the truth and they weren’t coached or whether they were coached, it is child-abuse, either way the authorities, someone somewhere needs to step in and deal with this.””

    Rather at odds with what our little trollish friend has to say yesterday

    • Ghost of Sam

       January 21, 2018 at 10:32 am

      She’s also a mother and her activities indicate she may not be the healthiest thing for children. They love their dramas and libels but suddenly when it all gets real they run away.

    • Fnord

       January 21, 2018 at 1:08 pm

      It’s about the only thing I’ve ever agree with Danielle about.

      • Arthur Pint

         January 21, 2018 at 4:39 pm

        It may be the only thing that Danielle said that i agree with. I certainly did not agree with her statement that Cliff Richard used the crushed bones of children to fertilise his vineyards.

  9. Ghost of Sam

     January 21, 2018 at 10:34 am

    I don’t understand why this mob start these “charities” as they never really do make money.
    But their activities are always about attacking innocent people and accusing them of vile crimes.
    If I had my way I’d lock up the bastards- every last one of them- and then figure out the legalities later. Some people are so lucky I’m not the Sheriff.

    • Farmer Giles

       January 21, 2018 at 12:13 pm

      It’s all based on a lie as usual. They are so boring.

    • Arthur Pint

       January 21, 2018 at 4:41 pm

      I totally agree GOS. All i have ever witnessed from these people is them attacking others over Twitter in the most vile manner. In fact that is all they ever seem to do.

  10. I wish these people would stop. Making up fictions, pursuing innocent people, and screwing up cases due to lack of ability, does no favours to real victims of child abuse.

    Many of the participants are supporting child abusers, they are involved in child abuse. Posting the names, images, medical reports, videos of child abuse victims without their consent all over the internet is child abuse.

  11. Weaselwatch

     January 21, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    • Fnord

       January 21, 2018 at 4:17 pm

      Most of what Wesley says is taught on A level Psychology courses. You have to put what Freud said into perspective of course. You can’t expect a man of his time to think like a modern man. He was a ground-breaker in terms of his writing on the unconscious and unconscious motivations. He got other stuff wrong. Bound to, as he was in uncharted territory.

      • Does Weaselly think that psychiatrists still use Freudian psychoanalytic theory as writ?

        As for using “any of Freud’s theories”, does that include ideas of the unconscious, which underpin the entire concept of SRA (in an erroneous way, but still, it’s essential to the primary argument of the “recovered memory” people).

        Sorry, Weasel. Can’t have it both ways.

  12. The Shampoo Liberation Front

     January 21, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    I can officially confirm that today’s post has really upset that creepy mysogynist bloke who used to abuse his own daughter and whose name escapes me for now because he’s such a non-entity. Thanks, EC – good to know you’ve touched a nerve 🙂

    • The Cunning Linguist

       January 21, 2018 at 3:21 pm

      Does anyone get what he means by ‘greeting’ in this context or is trying to understand Peadogilvy somewhat over-ambitious?

    • Shillelagh

       January 21, 2018 at 4:20 pm

      I’d like to answer his question.

      Fresh Start has nothing to do with the Hampstead kids but everything to do with BULLSHIT SRA conspiracy theories. That do ya?

      • Not to mention a cast of characters which overlaps significantly.





Smyllum Park Orphanage. The Scottish Abuse Inquiry.

20th Jan 2018  Paedophile ex-priest ‘sorry’ for abusing four boys

19 Jan 2018 



16th Jan 2018   Elderly nun, 92, denies beating and force-feeding children


Email from Wilfred Wong to Robert Green. #SRA

From: Wilfred Wong 
Sent: 19 January 2018 13:39
To: Robert Green
Subject: Campaign for Investigation into VIP CSA & SRA


Protect the Children!

Call for a Full and Transparent investigation into the numerous allegations of Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse against UK VIPs.  


Letter Writing Actions

For the sake of the children we urgently need to FLOOD the offices of the Prime Minister & the Home Secretary with numerous letters of concern.  

Write to: The Home Secretary, The Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP, at: The Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF and to: The Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP, at: 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.


I very much welcome the report of Operation Conifer and Wiltshire Police’s investigation into allegations of Child Sexual Abuse and of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) made against the former British Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath.

I highly commend the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, Michael Veale, for his outstanding courage in ensuring that an investigation was conducted into the allegations against Edward Heath despite the huge pressure placed on him to drop that investigation, instigated by certain Parliamentarians and certain journalists in the UK media.

Such attacks against Operation Conifer and Chief Constable Veale can be interpreted as an indication of the huge vested interests involved in protecting so-called VIP child abusers from being brought to justice. In practice the UK authorities have been placing the protection of such VIP abusers far above the welfare of vulnerable children in our society.

Whatever happened to the Rule of Law, where all are supposed to be equal before the Law, regardless of their status in society?

Why are VIPs in effect given a license by the UK authorities to abuse children?

And why isn’t much more being done by the UK authorities to tackle the problem of Satanist Ritual Abuse?  

In view of the disturbing revelations made about Sir Edward Heath by the Operation Conifer investigation and taking into account the coverup that enabled Heath to conceal his crimes against children for so many years, I call on you to ensure that there is a very full, thorough, transparent, public and independent Police investigation into the  allegations of Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse that have been made against so-called VIPs in the UK and that those responsible for such crimes are swiftly brought to justice regardless of their high position and status.

I also urge that the UK Government very publicly recognise and support the findings of Operation Conifer and the courageous efforts of Chief Constable Michael Veale and his team, and at the very least confer upon Chief Constable Veale a Knighthood for his devotion to doing his duty without fear or favour.

Publicly recognising Chief Constable Veale’s admirable work will also serve to encourage other Police officers to act without fear or favour to protect our nation’s children.        

I look forward to your reply.   

Yours sincerely,

CC (Name of your Constituency MP)

Sir Tom Jones Flees US As Child Rape Charge Moves Forward

British pop star Sir Tom Jones has become the first entertainment industry figure to flee the United States as a child rape case against him moves forward 

Jones put his Los Angeles mansion on the market and left for his native United Kingdom last week, as news circulated among Hollywood celebrities that the Trump administration has dedicated significant resources in the first quarter of 2018 to coming down hard on entertainment industry pedophiles and “nobody is untouchable anymore.”

The British pop star, whose career has spanned six decades and culminated in him being knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2006 for services to music, is currently being investigated by police over the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl.

The alleged victim has provided police with graphic testimony alleging Tom Jones raped her on his bed in room 629 of the old President Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, when she was a 14-year-old virgin.

After making a complaint to Britain’s Scotland Yard she was informed that as the alleged offense occurred outside their jurisdiction they were unable to investigate the case as part of Operation Yewtree, however they passed her allegations on to the South African Police Service.

Charges have now been registered against Sir Tom Jones and police have begun an investigation.

The alleged victim says the nightmare experience began on a Saturday in 1976 when she and her friends went autograph hunting at the hotel.

By chance, the teenagers arrived as the star, then in his thirties, arrived at the hotel in his limousine. He noticed them and instructed a bodyguard to give them complimentary tickets to his concert that night at the Three Arts in Plumstead, Cape Town.

Speaking to The Sun, the alleged victim said that Jones’s bodyguard plucked her and her friend, aged 14 and 13 at the time, from the crowd at his concert and invited them to meet the singer at his hotel the next day. The girls went along hoping to meet the star and get his autograph.

In the lobby the star’s bodyguard allegedly told the girl to leave her friends and accompany him.

She says she was led into a 6th floor hotel suite where she saw a number of people, including the star’s back up singers and a woman who introduced herself as former Miss World, Anneline Kriel.

She says the star appeared from his room wearing a white bathrobe and she was led onto the balcony when he posed alongside her for photographs.

The alleged victim explained that: “He offered me Dom Perignon Champagne. I didn’t know what it was at the time. It looked like soda.

“You just feel you have to be with the crowd so I took a sip and thought it was the most vile tasting thing I’d ever had. All I wanted to do was get it down in one gulp then get it out of the way.

“That is what I did, not realising I was now drinking alcohol for the first time.

“Then he gave me another glass and was telling me how lovely I was, and you have beautiful eyes, I really like you… and he carried on with this flirtatiousness.

“Before I knew it, it was like an immobility had set in there and then. He had me down on the bed in one fell swoop.”

Speaking about the alleged rape, she continued: “His gown was off. I was wearing a jumpsuit. He zipped it down and what had started as affectionate and safe, almost, was suddenly becoming painful and forceful, not comfortable.

“I was confused and couldn’t understand where the pain was coming from. It was just beyond me. I was very numb and found that I could not move. All I heard repetitively as he was pinning me down was: ‘Relax, relax – it won’t hurt if you relax’.

“Those words have just stuck with me over the years.

“My father was very strict with me and I just knew I had to get the hell out of this place. I came to my senses, sat up, zipped myself up and got the hell out of there.”

When she returned home she noticed that her body was covered in bruises. Too ashamed to talk about the experience to her family or friends, she says she was left traumatized for years.

Weeping, she said: “I had bruises all over my body, in my groin and on my neck. I had hand imprints on my arm and I was trying to understand what happened. I couldn’t.

“In my mind I was completely confused about how to process this. Was it a good or bad thing? What actually happened?”

JON JONES – The destitute son Tom Jones refuses to acknowledge

  • Sir Tom Jones’s 29-year-old son sleeps on a mat in a New Jersey homeless shelter
  • Jonathan Berkery, an aspiring musician, goes by the stage name Jon Jones
  • He has never met Sir Tom or received a call, Christmas present or birthday card
  • But he says he wants to see his estranged celebrity dad before it’s too late

When Sir Tom Jones announced that he had sold his £6.5 million Hollywood mansion last week, fans pored over the photographs of his lavish former home.

Filled with life-size animal sculptures, leopard-print carpets and chairs, plus his gold four-poster bed, the house also features balconies overlooking Los Angeles and the distant mountains, and perfectly manicured gardens resplendent with fountains and a swimming pool.

The legendary Welsh singer no longer felt ‘comfortable’ there after the death of his wife, Linda, from lung cancer in 2016 and said he had sold the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom property she had lovingly decorated — along with all the furniture and fittings — to return to the green, green grass of home.Jonathan Berkery, an aspiring musician, goes by the stage name Jon Jones and sleeps on a mat in a New Jersey homeless shelter in the USJonathan Berkery, an aspiring musician, goes by the stage name Jon Jones and sleeps on a mat in a New Jersey homeless shelter in the US

Jon Jones claims he has never met Sir Tom or received so much as a telephone call, a Christmas present or a birthday cardJon Jones claims he has never met Sir Tom or received so much as a telephone call, a Christmas present or a birthday card

His poignant announcement was met with bemusement by the star’s younger son, Jonathan Berkery, who sleeps on a mat in a New Jersey homeless shelter and considers himself lucky if he can grab one of the blankets thrown at the 30-plus men who bed down beside him each night.

The 29-year-old aspiring musician, who goes by the name of Jon Jones, has never met Sir Tom or received so much as a telephone call, a Christmas present or a birthday card, and yet he never gives up hope that the 77-year-old pop star might one day agree to see him.

‘I’d like to talk to him about normal stuff, like: “How’s your life been? This is mine,” ’ says Jon. ‘I want to see him before it’s too late.’

Sir Tom Jones's 29-year-old son wants to meet his estranged celebrity dad (pictured in his earlier years) before it's too lateSir Tom Jones’s 29-year-old son wants to meet his estranged celebrity dad (pictured in his earlier years) before it’s too late

As things stand, however, his yearning to meet his biological father is but a distant dream.

Sir Tom, who returned to our TV screens last week as a judge on the latest series of The Voice UK, did not even publicly admit to having a second child until 2008, despite DNA tests proving his paternity.

The former coal miner from Pontypridd in South Wales was 47 when he had a three-day fling with aspiring model Katherine Berkery, 24, after meeting her in a New York nightclub in October 1987.

The married star invited her to watch his show the next night, after which they had dinner together before heading back to his suite at Manhattan’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Three months later, after Katherine had discovered she was pregnant, she phoned his office only to be told by an aide: ‘That’s showbiz, darling. Do what you have to do.’

Baby Jonathan was born on June 27, 1988, but Sir Tom, who has admitted sleeping with up to 250 women a year at the height of his fame, denied the child was his until a judge ordered him to undergo a DNA test which proved otherwise.

Jon considers himself lucky if he can grab one of the blankets thrown at the 30-plus men who bed down beside him each night at the shelter (pictured)Jon considers himself lucky if he can grab one of the blankets thrown at the 30-plus men who bed down beside him each night at the shelter (pictured)

He was subsequently ordered to pay £1,700-a-month for Jon’s upkeep for the first 18 years of his life, a drop in the ocean given his vast wealth — he is worth around £155 million.

But despite paying up, Sir Tom made it clear that he wanted nothing else to do with his offspring.

‘It wasn’t something I had planned,’ said Sir Tom when he finally spoke about the matter in 2008.

‘If I had planned it, I would have done something more than just financially. But it wasn’t. I just fell for it. I just fell for the seduction.’

Meanwhile, Sir Tom announced that he had sold his £6.5 million Hollywood mansion (pictured) last week. Fans pored over the photographs of his lavish former home complete with multiple balconies and a huge swimming poolMeanwhile, Sir Tom announced that he had sold his £6.5 million Hollywood mansion (pictured) last week. Fans pored over the photographs of his lavish former home complete with multiple balconies and a huge swimming pool

For Jon, who was 20 at the time, those words cut like a knife. The fall-out from that bitter legal battle inevitably cast a pall across much of the young man’s life.

By the age of four, he would play his mother’s Tom Jones tapes constantly, singing along to his greatest hits, Delilah and It’s Not Unusual.

When he demanded to know why he didn’t have a daddy, Katherine showed him a magazine story about the paternity case, which made world headlines at the time, and told him that the singer was busy entertaining and couldn’t be with them.

That news left young Jon harbouring hopes that one day his father would simply walk through the door and do ‘normal’ things with him, like eat dinner and watch TV.

By the age of ten, when his mother finally made it clear that this longed for event simply wasn’t going to happen, Jon became angry.

A full-blown rebellion followed and his troubled adolescence swiftly descended into what has so far been an utterly dysfunctional adult life in which he has dabbled with drugs and struggled to hold down a job.

Sir Tom, who returned to our TV screens last week as a judge on the latest series of The Voice UK, did not publicly admit to having a second child until 2008

Despite inheriting his famous father’s million-dollar voice and brooding good looks, Jon’s singing career has never really taken off. He has been homeless, on and off, for several years now.

Afterwards, numerous TV shows called, trying to get him to appear. He ignored them all.

Three years later, Jon told me he’d reached rock bottom and had been living in his car in Miami.

He was arrested for possessing drugs, spent four nights in jail and was sent to rehab in exchange for the charges being dropped.

The former coal miner from Pontypridd in South Wales was 47 when he had a three-day fling with aspiring model Katherine Berkery, 24, after meeting her in a New York nightclub in October 1987 (pictured in the US city in 1965)The former coal miner from Pontypridd in South Wales was 47 when he had a three-day fling with aspiring model Katherine Berkery, 24, after meeting her in a New York nightclub in October 1987 (pictured in the US city in 1965)

Afterwards, he tried to turn his life around, finding work as a chef, flipping burgers in a fast-food joint, and renting an apartment in Jersey City, just across New York harbour from Manhattan while working on his own songs.

Four months ago, in a bid to deal with the enduring agony of not being acknowledged by his father, he decided to reach out to his 60-year-old half-brother, Mark, the only child of Sir Tom’s 59-year marriage to his childhood sweetheart Linda, who also acts as his dad’s manager.

‘I just thought, now that my father’s wife has passed, he might see me,’ says Jon. ‘He’s getting old and he could be ill. I want to see him before it is too late.

The married star invited Ms Berkery (pictured) to watch his show the next night, after which they had dinner together before heading back to his suite at Manhattan’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. She discovered she was pregnant three months later and Jonathan was born on June 27, 1988The married star invited Ms Berkery (pictured) to watch his show the next night, after which they had dinner together before heading back to his suite at Manhattan’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. She discovered she was pregnant three months later and Jonathan was born on June 27, 1988

‘For years I was angry and I didn’t want to see him. I was conflicted. Now I know life is too short. I need to get to know him. I just hope he feels the same.’

Unable to find a direct contact number for Mark, he sent an email via his assistant, Tom Ludgate, introducing himself and asking for help in arranging a meeting with Sir Tom.

‘I don’t want to spend my life regretting that I never made an attempt to contact you both and I would love to hear his side of everything or just have a real conversation,’ he wrote.

‘I live in New Jersey, work hard and still have a very close relationship with my mother. I also record using the name Jon Jones (sometimes Jonathan Jones) and I think you’d both enjoy my music.

‘I do not want help with my career or anything like that. I just want to meet my father before it’s too late. As we both know, life is too short to let the important things pass by, so let me know when you get a chance.’

He received no reply, but says: ‘Maybe his assistant didn’t pass it on or he didn’t see it. I’m speaking out because I want him to know.’

But in the four months that have passed since he wrote that letter, Jon’s life appears to have spiralled even further downwards.

But Sir Tom denied Jonathan was his child until a judge ordered him to undergo a DNA test which proved otherwiseBut Sir Tom denied Jonathan was his child until a judge ordered him to undergo a DNA test which proved otherwise

Fired from his restaurant job — he claims he was sacked for asking for a day off — he lost his apartment in October and slept on park benches until the weather got too cold and forced him into a homeless shelter in nearby Hoboken.

With his few possessions, including his guitar, in storage, Jon’s home now is an old church where he sleeps on the floor alongside other homeless men.

He is wearing the same red trainers he was wearing when I met him four years ago, only now they have several holes in them and look decidedly tatty.

When we meet, he is carrying a torn plastic bag containing his newly washed clothes.

Shivering in the bitter cold, he explains he has just been to the launderette and isn’t allowed back inside the shelter to deposit his clothes until later in the day.

Regardless of who is to blame for this sorry state of affairs, the contrast between Sir Tom’s career as one of Britain’s best-loved stars and the misfortunes of his younger son could not be more stark.

Jon’s relationship with his mother, who was born in Korea and adopted by a wealthy New Jersey financier and his wife, has been troubled over the years.

Despite referring to her as his best friend, they clearly don’t always get along. ‘It can be complicated,’ he admits.

They moved so many times during his childhood that Jon can’t remember how many schools he attended. He claims that when he rebelled as a teenager, she regularly threatened to leave him behind.

Sir Tom has admitted sleeping with up to 250 women a year at the height of his fameSir Tom has admitted sleeping with up to 250 women a year at the height of his fame

Yet it is clear that she has tried to help her son. When he lost his driving licence in 2013 after numerous traffic violations, he moved in with her and her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Then, when Jon decided to move to New Jersey to pursue his music career, she accompanied him, risking her marriage to make her son happy.

When she moved to Arizona, leaving Jon behind, he says she encouraged him to check into a shelter after he confessed he was sleeping on the street.

Afterwards Jon had a meltdown, posting several apparent cries for help on Twitter.

In a series of messages last May, he said he was surviving on food stamps — vouchers that can be exchanged for food. He begged for money, marijuana and strippers, at one stage writing that he feared he had jaw cancer.

Today, he appears embarrassed about the messages he wrote and tries to dismiss them as ‘just joking around’, although he complains about a painful swollen gland along his jawbone.

Even so, the tweets were picked up by fans of The Voice UK, eliciting comments on internet chat sites.

Jon appears delighted by this — he is clearly hoping they get back to Tom. Jon sometimes watches the show on YouTube.

It offers a chance to catch a glimpse of his father. But it’s also a reminder of the gulf between them.

The pop sensation has a son called Mark (pictured when he was eight years old) who he conceived with his late childhood sweetheart Melinda Trenchard. She passed away in April 2016 aged 75The pop sensation has a son called Mark (pictured when he was eight years old) who he conceived with his late childhood sweetheart Melinda Trenchard. She passed away in April 2016 aged 75

Now and then Jon fantasises about auditioning for his father on The Voice. ‘I used to imagine waiting for him to swivel around on his chair, then seeing me and I’d put up my middle finger,’ he says.

‘I even used to think about going to one of his concerts and disrupting it. But that really isn’t me.’

What the future holds for this troubled young man remains to be seen. Despite the fact he will be 30 this year, Jon has never had a serious love affair — unlike Sir Tom, who married when he was only 16.

Yet he still harbours hope that he will one day be a father himself.

‘My history tells me I am better alone,’ he says. ‘I’ve never been in love. I’d love a family one day. Am I ready for one? No. But I wouldn’t want any kid of mine to grow up with the mother and not me.’

He would like his father to hear him sing, but above all would just like a minute or two to look Sir Tom in the eye and to be acknowledged as his son.

And it is hard not to feel sympathy for someone who surely cannot be blamed for the way he was brought into this world and has clearly suffered dearly for it.

But given the stance Sir Tom has taken in the past, it is hard to imagine the star will relent now.

As a judge on The Voice UK, he often comes across as a father figure to the aspiring singers he mentors on the ITV show. How bitterly ironic it is that he has always refused to listen to the pleas of his own son.

The stupidity of trolls…. UPDATED




25446074_1789411091364998_1889248283511875185_n25591784_1789410991365008_3793340350639334677_n25498347_1789411061365001_8322227244075338945_n25551973_1789410944698346_6488240211691077092_n25442950_1789409621365145_2644343181309340669_n25443232_1789409688031805_4360870010549551247_n25552012_1789411048031669_127637822588944648_n25552307_1789412384698202_3943419239111739100_n25550519_1789409578031816_2184690262112137208_n25443103_1789411131364994_129317112321597706_n25550107_1789412358031538_3764614424241484161_n25552061_1789409598031814_6452932893034143361_n11Image may contain: text

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Yip.. @Albion_Rover is a lucky man

At the bottom of  Sheva The Deceiva’s blog   

WHITE PENDRAGONS?!  REALLY?? okay sweetheart…….


as for her PLAYLIST

The two vids done by Sheva the Deceiva about myself & Fresh Start are fucking hysterical!! the 1st one..




above is a screenshot of the very start of the vid,

“Lies, hoaxes, SRA & fake victims who bully real ones, hijack our events & groups”




And the 2nd vid is just as bad if not worse!!!

Published on 20 Dec 2017
“Hunter Trolls hijacked the live chat promoting themselves & rubbishing the young presenters on NCA Facebook page. Fresh Start Foundation & Hoax promoters were represented in comments promoting vigilantism & preventing parents from being able to ask questions. Pedohunters have been found targeting & blackmailing antiCSA campaigners, survivors & advocates Encouraging Empowering Effective Support & Training, for those working to end child abuse. Promoting better support for CSA Victims/Survivors.”

I have only one wee problem wi that..




I’ve nothing to say on the following 





    1. No need to apologise OG, and yes the address has been received and the action we discussed is being undertaken as we speak.
  2. I hope people will heed this warning.
    I am very concerned by the influence that Fresh Start Foundation are attempting as well. On Freedom Talk Radio, Andy Peacher is inviting whistleblowers and survivors to give them their testimonies.
    I doubt they will treat them with the respect or confidentiality deserved, nor are they qualified in any way to be doing this.
    I will do what I can to warn people, but they have dismal numbers anyway.
    Feel free Jimmy to use any screenshots posted by me, if they are useful and helpful.
    1. David Icke Forum Regular David Icke Forum Regular

      Fresh Start Foundation are another mob of chancers and charlatans IMO. Their pet trolls are among the worst of the worst on Twitter. The equally dodgy people they support should be the giveaway
  3. I thought Sabine had been given a 2nd last chance reprieve just before Christmas, or has she carried on ranting?
    He is still promoting the Melanie Shaw rubbish. Anyone who does is as bad as he is.
  4. Stevie Wonder could see the agenda being pushed by U.K. Column. And is isn’t child protection
    1. Gerrish has an interesting Tweet history
  5. Pretty obvious now to see what they are up to JJ
  6. Congratulations on reaching 8,000,000 views by the way. Long may the Outlaw continue;)
    1. Thank You.
  7. Phil Atterley Phil Atterley

    Sorry, off topic…
    You’ll Never Believe It:
    Carillion (motto – Making tomorrow a better place {for it’s directors}) has effectively gone bust!
    Blimey, who could have seen that one coming? What, with all those massive infrastructure £billions, already handed-over, that we’ll still be paying for in the next century…
    And, of course, whatever the ‘salvage’ deal to rescue the schools, prisons etc will cost.
    Next-up in You’ll Never Believe It – Caitlyn is a trans woman!
    Or will it be “Serco goes pop!”…
    1. The comments are rarely on topic here Phil, it’s an open platform 😉
  8. Phil Atterley Phil Atterley

    Soooo, it turns-out that Carillion are a £billion and a half in debt. Did no one at the firm notice that things were getting iffy? Like when the debt jumped from a hundred mill to 200 mill, then to 300 mill? Are we supposed to believe that it just happened, that there was no warning?
    The executives of these ‘failing’ companies are nothing more than thieving scum. They, and their ilk, are ripping the heart out of the country and doing untold damage to it’s citizens.
    It’s long past time for jailing them and seizing their assets. TPTB must act soon to stop them wrecking lives – I doubt that Joe Public will ignore it forever. Although, now I think about it…
    1. Hey Phil, just a heads up to make you aware that the congenital idiot Fabooka Da Stait, has been having a major meltdown on Facebook making all types of claims about you in his usual unhinged manner.
      And of course is still clinging to his default setting which is that you (as everybody else is) are in fact …. Me.
      1. It looks like FTS has now teamed up with ‘Cat Scot’ so it’s only a matter of time before he starts promoting the Hollie Grieg hoax and the Hampstead SRA shit too.
        He must be super desperate PMSL.
        In his own mind he thinks he is kicking your arse too JJ HAHAHA.
        1. Jeez talk about scraping the barrel
          1. Or is it a case as it so often has been that people like this crazy worried Scot are just making it look like they are mates?
            He’s angry with Jimmy, for the arrest and all the rest of it, but I think he knows who really is to blame, the ones who set him up and stitched him up to take the blame. Extremely Snaky tactics that they use, don’t you Dogman or is it Dogmange, same difference in his case.
            They know people read Bobs FB and they like to make it look like things are a certain way. She’s only just popped up on his FB page, so I suspect she’s just thinking she’s being clever, when clearly she has the brains of a newt.
            To be using the tactics she is/they are, shows she must be pretty worried about something, so worried she follows everyone all over social media making her unwanted presence felt. PANIC!
            Same thing they all have done.
            Why is Gerrish sending out his muppets? Too gutless to do his own dirty work? It’s not the 1st stooge he’s sent in the same way. Keeping his head down after his old friend/colleague and business partner in 2 companies, convicted male rapist and good friend of the royals, Charles Howesons trial maybe? He must know he’s losing his grip.
            His bosses in HM Shill HQ must be a tad miffed.
            Check all rocks in the vicinity, he’s bound to be hiding beneath one.
        2. I didn’t feel a thing, I never have done.
          He must have been wearing carpet slippers.
      2. Phil Atterley Phil Atterley

        We’ll have a look – we could do with a laugh.
        Thanks, us. We hope to hear from us again soon.
        1. Watch out Phil, I am hearing he is in with Cat Scot and the UK Columnites now, so God only knows what kind of rubbish they are going to come up with now.
          1. Jimmy you can’t reason or argue with crazy!!! ………. or stupid!!! It’s a waste of time and energy
        2. He’s a Clingon. The rumor I heard is he he was even kicked out of Spivland cos he was a liability over there —— and that’s saying something right there
    2. As it turns out Phil, I was having a quick glance at their Company Check record earlier and it seems they haven’t been too flush in the finances department since at least 2010.
      There’s been a few names on the Directors list , 1 of the last to become Directors in January 2017 being BARONESS SALLY MORGAN (Labour) Former chair of OFSTED.
      Morgan is a board member of the Education Policy Institute, a Westminster-based research institute. Which is doubly comforting, seeing as she decided to back a lemon like Carillion only last year.
      Think her huge and vast experience (4 years as a teacher) helped her become THAT important. (But more likely that she sucked up to Blair and Brown and was so successful at that,(at least), she was given her Baroness title.
      It’s ain’t what you know, but whose bum you are prepared to kiss all the way to the top.
      But don’t fret Phil, because no doubt Baroness Morgan & Co will be fine, because as always WE’LL be paying the price for total incompetence (money siphoning off exercises).
      Theresa May is in last ditch talks today apparently, for a last ditch rescue, which means either way we’ll be paying for it anyway.
      You’ll be comforted to know , (I read somewhere) that the top dogs at Carillions £400 million bonuses had been protected, prior to it deciding it was in financial dire straights all of a sudden. That’s a relief isn’t it?
      A set of bells played using a keyboard or by an automatic mechanism similar to a piano roll.
      A tune played on a carillon.
      Looks like the bells played us.
      As always.
      1. Phil Atterley Phil Atterley

        Lot’s of “Well I nevers!” there Jane.
        I wonder what the Baroness taught at school. It couldn’t have been arithmetic.
  9. White Pendragons they are linked to Fresh Start Foundation, I believe ?
    1. And who, by default are linked to UK Column Sheva.
      All these organisations/agencies can be linked together in some way.
      All people need to do is join the dots and ultimately, follow the money.
  10. Doazic has exposed Tom Crawford, Guy Taylor, Karl Lenz and other fmotl scams.
    That’s why he appeared on the Hoaxtead Exposed Satanic bla bla blog, listed as a Paedo protector…
    Along with me and other Hoaxtead Researchers, investigators and commenters. 






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