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The CIA are sick.

The people that control the CIA are sick.

People are waking up.

It is time to heal.

  • the CIA does not serve you
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  • the CIA serve themselves
  • the CIA serve the criminal cabal
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  • the CIA serve the Rockefellers
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  • the CIA serve the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bildebergers
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The Secret Life of a Paedophile  (The Peter Righton Cover-up) via I Am Incorrigible on YouTube


 NOTORIOUS PAEDOPHILE HEADED SCOTTISH CARE HOME INQUIRYPeter Righton, below, one of Britain's leading care workers while living a double life as a paedophile, led an investigation into allegations of cruelty at Larchgrove in Glasgow, left, in the 1970s

SUN 24 AUG 2014




I was gonna do all my own research into Righton, but there are so many cracking blogs already out there that I simply cannot compete with. So am no even gonna try!! Also, I saw the opportunity to be lazy & so grab it with both hands!!


March 18, 2017  via

“…if you’re not open and honest about what you are doing with your investigations and your inquiries, people will start to think that bad things are happening.”

Terry Shutt, a former detective constable, spoke to Tom Bateman on BBC Radio 4 in 2014 about his time investigating a paedophile network in the early 1990s and the shocking cover up to protect a member of the establishment as well as senior clergy.

Mr Shutt is yet another former police officer who has put his head above the parapet to make allegations of senior figures being identified during police investigations in to child abuse, but who claim those implicated were either never arrested or the police were ordered to shut down the case, as in the case of Clive Driscoll in Lambeth whose request to speak with MP Paul Boateng about what he knew about prolific paedophile, John Carroll, led to him being removed, and an ex Detective who gave a shocking interview to Brian Gerrish at UK Column

The case in question seems to be Operation Clarence, which I wrote a blog post about in September 2016.  READ IN FULL

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wp-1463220203170.jpgImage result for council suspends staff after inquiry into boys centre larchgrove











  1. Notorious paedophile headed Scottish care home inquiry
  2. Aangirfan Child Brothels

the report found that 13 out of 30 allegations were proved and was highly critical of the corporation for allowing conditions inducive to violence to occur; later reports found that John Porteus, a houseparent, had sexually abused boys at Larchgrove in the late 1960s, and others testified to sexual abuse during this time. Righton and Bennett’s report did not deal with sexual abuse, and it was possible for a convicted abuser, Robert William Henderson, to gain a position towards the end of 1973, where he formed ‘an indecent association with a 13-year-old boy’.,689534
Glasgow City Council are currently looking for any documentation connected with the case, whilst the council and Scottish government have called upon anyone who suffered abuse there to contact the police; it has been revealed that there are claims that staff of both genders were involved in the abuse of boys at the home (see ‘Notorious paedophile headed Scottish care home inquiry’, Sunday Herald, August 24th, 2014

The #UK’s child deportations ‘most catastrophic child abuse’ in memory. #CSAinquiry

9th MARCH 2017


A SCOT who was sexually abused after being forcibly transported to Australia almost 60 years ago is return to his homeland to expose the historic failures of the care system at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

Melbourne-based grandfather Hugh McGowan, 68, spent three months travelling across the world as a vulnerable 13-year old after falling into state care when his mother’s family disowned her for becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

Initially the offer of a life in Australia appealed to the young teenager, but when he later changed his mind there was no way back.

“I was told – you’re going,” he said. “I later found out they had written a letter telling my mother [that I was emigrating] but it had never reached her. So they sent me without my mother’s approval.”

Mr McGowan was one of 4,000 child migrants who was sent to Australia and other Commonwealth countries from 1947 to the 1970s.

He claims to have faced indiscriminate sexual and physical abuse throughout his life in institutions but he never breathed a word to his loved ones for 40 years.

He spent his earliest days with his mother, the youngest of nine siblings, in The Knowe in Albert Road in Glasgow, a home for unwed mothers, and when they had to leave because of his age she could not manage to look after him without the support of her family, and he began 11 years in care.

“I never got to meet my mother,” he said.

Only a blurry memory persists: he as a tearful infant and a woman waving at him whom he thinks may be his mother.

It is understood Mr McGowan’s mother died aged 52.

After arriving in Australia, the 13-year-old was posted to the infamous Dhurringile Rural Training Farm for Boys in Tatura, Victoria.

He claims he again suffered sexual and psychological abuse, and was threatened by one abuser to keep quiet or facing being imprisoned in a detention centre.

For many years he bottled up the abuse, not telling anyone, even his wife.

The retired public service worker, who has two sons and three grandchildren, said: “While I had a good job and was not out of work very often, I struggled with relationships with colleagues because I didn’t know how to react with them. They found it difficult with me some of the time.”

Many victims of abuse, he said, have been unable to overcome the impact and have been engulfed by social problems, falling into addiction or struggling with mental health difficulties.

Mr McGowan came back from the edge after being plagued by with an addiction to alcohol.

He said: “That would have been me if it wasn’t for my family. They are my absolute reason for living.”

He added: “I do have a good life, but it was tough.”

Inquiry officials are to interview Mr McGowan this month over presenting his evidence to the inquiry.

READ MORE: Collapse of £60m police IT project leaves officers ‘struggling’, says Audit Scotland report

“My intention is to attend the inquiry. The fact that they dispatched me to Australia when I didn’t want to go and that they didn’t have the approval from my mother, it’s not good at all. The British Government failed us. They (care workers) had good intentions, but they failed in their duties. I’m not particularly looking for compensation, but I do think it is appropriate. I think we need acknowledgement by the governments (UK and Australian), particularly the British Government, that what they did was completely wrong.”

Mr McGowan tells his story tonight in the BBC 2 programme Growing Up in Scotland: A Century of Childhood.


9 March 2017


Investigator Margaret Humphreys tells UK inquiry that slavery, abuse, identity theft and lies, were human rights violations

The deportation of thousands of British children to Australia, Canada and Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), created the most catastrophic child abuse legacy in living memory, the national inquiry into child sexual abuse has been told.

The author and social worker Margaret Humphreys, who exposed the scale and suffering of tens of thousands of British children taken from families under the child migrant scheme – a policy that relocated children to areas of the Commonwealth, from the 40s to the 70s – said the physical and sexual abuse, conditions of slavery and terror, removal of identities, and lies that suggested the youngsters’ parents were dead, amounted to a catalogue of crimes against the children.

The removal of the identity of each child, and the fact that the children were taken so far away from anyone they knew and told they were orphans, aided the abuse, Humphreys said.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA ), in full public hearings, is investigating the sexual abuse of children who were removed from British institutions and families between 1947 and the 70s, and taken to Australia and Canada by various charities and churches, including Barnardos, the Fairbridge Society, and the Sisters of Nazareth.

The children, once abroad, were kept in farm schools, where they suffered brutality and sexual abuse, were used as slave labour and deprived of a proper education.

Humphreys, who set up the Child Migrants Trust in 1987 has done more than any other individual to expose the way British children were taken from families and deported. In the last 25 years she has reunited more than a 1,000 individuals with their families in the UK.

Humphries said deported British children suffered the “greatest betrayal” because they were told their parents were dead when they were not. When she began helping individuals to find their families she started by looking for death certificates.

Telling the children they were orphans, she said, took away all hope that anyone would come and get them, and stopped them asking questions.

Humphreys met one mother who told how she would visit her son every week in a children’s home in Liverpool. “She told me she went to see her child regularly every Saturday in the children’s home, she used to go with sweets. But on this particular Saturday she went and no children were there … someone told her they had gone to Australia.”

She found out they had left just one and a half hours before her arrival. She managed to get to Lime Street railway station as the train carrying the children was pulling away. “She ran on to the platform and saw the children on the train … she was screaming and crying, ‘get the children off, stop the train’. Her boy put his face to the window and shouted, ‘I’ll never forget you mum.’”

When Humphreys later traced other children who had been deported with the boy, they described seeing a woman running and screaming on the platform as the train pulled away. When the boy arrived in Australia he was told his mother had died in the war. But he knew that was wrong.

It took Humphreys and the Child Migrant trust a month to find the mother after the former child migrant, as an adult, turned to her for help.

“So all of those years, when he was growing up, when he was an adult, when he was getting married, having children, she was there all the time – but missing from his life.”     The IICSA inquiry continues.  


2nd MARCH 2017


1st MARCH 2017 


CSA Inquiry





Child porn case dropped to prevent #FBI disclosure. #US #pizzagate

US prosecutors have dropped a case against a man accused of using a child porn site because the government refused to divulge how it revealed his identity.

The Playpen site was located on the Tor network which is used to anonymise web-browsing activity.

The FBI found a way around this to reveal the users’ real IP addresses and led to 200 prosecutions.

But it refused to reveal to the court how it managed the feat.

The site was located on the Tor network which many people use to browse the web anonymously. It conceals their location and identity by routing their connections through a chain of different computers and encrypting data in the process.

To get round this the FBI used what it called “network investigative techniques” and revealed people’s identities.

But it refused a request for information on its technological investigation techniques.

Federal prosecutor Annette Hayes wrote in a court filing on Friday that “because the government remains unwilling to disclose certain discovery related to the FBI’s deployment of a ‘network investigative technique'” it was “deprived of the evidence needed to establish defendant Jay Michaud’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt”.

The government’s Motion to Dismiss order is pending before the court and the judge is expected to sign a dismissal order “within the next day or two”, the assistant public defender Colin Fieman told the BBC.

Mr Michaud’s case is one of many emerging from the investigation into Playpen users.

In December, the Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said the investigation of Playpen led to more than 200 active prosecutions and the identification or rescue of at least 49 American children who were subject to sexual abuse.

In January, Michael Fluckiger was sentenced to 20 years in jail for running the Playpen site.

Once the site’s administrators had been arrested, the FBI kept the site going for 13 days to gather information about members.


Child Sexual Abuse inquiry judge urged to investigate #Dunblane boarding school #CSA #QVS


Abuse inquiry judge urged to investigate Dunblane boarding school

March 5 2017, 12:01am

The Sunday Times

 Anne Smith is chairwoman of the Scottish child abuse inquiryl

The judge at the helm of an historic child abuse review in Scotland is being urged to investigate a top private school with links to the royal family.

Glenn Harrison, a former housemaster at Dunblane’s Queen Victoria School (QVS), has raised fresh concern that pupils were sexually abused by a paedophile ring during the 1980s and 1990s. He first blew the whistle 26 years ago but has written to Lady Anne Smith, chairwoman of the Scottish child abuse inquiry, making a new case for its inclusion in her review.

The prestigious school, attended by children of Scottish servicemen and women, did not feature on a list published in January that detailed more than 60 establishments under investigation.

The omission has raised eyebrows in legal circles and among child abuse campaigners who believe that there is a prima facie case for fresh examination of Harrison’s claims.

The Sunday Times understands that discussions about the school’s inclusion arose shortly after ministers announced the inquiry in October 2015. It was argued that as the independent boarding school is funded by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), it might fall within the remit of a mirror inquiry running in England and Wales.

On Friday, a spokesman for the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said its remit was to consider institutional failure to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation in England and Wales. Although the inquiry can consider failures by English and Welsh institutions outside those two countries, it said there are “no current plans to investigate issues” relating to Queen Victoria School.

The admission has prompted fresh calls for Lady Smith to include the Dunblane school in her abuse inquiry, particularly in light of Harrison’s approach. Simon Collins, a lawyer representing the charity In Care Abuse Survivors, said: “My view is that if abuse is alleged to have taken place in Scotland, then it should be considered as part of the Scottish inquiry.”

One lawyer, who asked not to be named, said it was “disgraceful” that QVS was not among the institutions named in January, which included leading private schools such as Gordonstoun and Fettes. However, a spokeswoman for the inquiry said more establishments in Scotland could yet be investigated.

Queen Victoria School, which counts the Duke of Edinburgh as its patron, has been dogged by claims that pupils were abused by high-ranking government officials since Harrison raised concern in a letter to parents in 1991.

At the time, he was convinced that young boys were in danger and claimed that a group known as Friends of QVS would often take boys away for the weekend, with the pupils returning “distressed but flush with cash”.

It was later claimed that Thomas Hamilton, the man who carried out the Dunblane massacre in 1996, was a paedophile who had close ties to the school. Several investigations, by the police and the now-defunct Scottish Schools Inspectorate, failed to find evidence to support Harrison’s concerns.

A spokeswoman from the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, said: “We are currently undertaking over 60 investigations into individual establishments. We will announce further investigations in due course. The fact that a particular establishment was not mentioned at the preliminary hearing does not mean that it will not be investigated. We would encourage anyone with relevant evidence to come forward and share their experience.”

The MoD and QVS declined to comment.



Did We Finish Looking Into Those 1,700 Pentagon Child Porn Cases?

Matthew Phelan  07/22/14 04:21PM

Inquiries into why Britain’s Home Office mysteriously lost 100 files documenting allegations of an organized pedophile ring involving politicians seem to have stalled recently, with the panel’s chair stepping down, due to a conflict of interest. Did America drop the ball on one these high-level child abuse cases too?

Way back in January 2011, the Boston Globe discovered that Defense Department investigators had failed to finish reviewing 1,700 cases of Pentagon employees (and contractors) purchasing and downloading child pornography—finishing off a review of 5,200 cases that had been submitted to them by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), which has the unenviable task of pursuing that sort of thing. Within the week, contrite members of the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office had contacted the Globe vowing to correct this ghastly oversight:

Gordon S. Heddell, the Department of Defense’s inspector general, said in a statement to the Globe that his office is working aggressively to correct the mishandling of cases identified in a multidepartment government probe called Operation Flicker.

“I can assure those with questions that my office is conducting an aggressive pursuit of anyone implicated in Operation Flicker and that it is a key investigative priority,” Heddell said in his first public statement on the matter.

Three and half years later, perhaps it’s worth asking how that went.

Gordon S. Heddell stepped down from his post in December 2011 a few days before Christmas, but a few Pentagon cases from Operation Flicker’s investigation have been successfully prosecuted. Working with ICE, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS! Like the show!) managed to convict a 40-year old man, Carlton Williams, for possessing “over 6,000 images and 100 videos depicting children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, including prepubescent children under the age of 12.” A contractor working at the U.S. Naval Support Activity Center in Panama City Beach, Florida was also arrested and, according to legal records accessed via PACER, has plead guilty and will serve a sentence of nine years and one month:

Enter a caption

So, that’s two down.

America’s passionate community of paranoid dot-connectors are very busy tying this scandal to the UK’s elite pedophile scandal, blackmail allegations, dissident entrapment schemes, and vast ritualistic child sex abuse cults. Jittery, economically depressed, and emotionally numb, the public is dying to know: What about the remaining 1,698 accused military employees and contractors?

“Sorry, but we cannot release information about these cases at this time,” Brenda Rolin of the Department of Defense Inspector General’s Public Affairs Office told Black Bag via email. “We recommend you request information on the closed cases through the Freedom of Information Act process.”

Cool. Thanks, Brenda. Delegating all bad press to your agency’s FOIA compliance officer is very true to the spirit of the original 1966 act “to amend section 3 of the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 324, of the Act of June 11, 1946 (60 Stat. 238), to clarify and protect the right of the public to information, and for other purposes.” Your assistance in this matter is duly appreciated.

This post will be updated as these FOIA requests are sent and processed.

Update, 9/26/2014: a FOIA was filed; the Pentagon says there’s still “an open investigation.” You can read about it here.

NYNYNYjr  07/22/14 06:56PM

When you say 1,700 cases and 5,200 cases… does that reflect numbers of people in any way? Or could that number of cases represent 10 suspects… ? Or could each case represent a 10-person conspiracy, and possibly those cases represent hundreds of thousands of people? ?

Matthew Phelan 07/22/14 07:06PM

This is a good question. ICE found 5,200 Pentagon employees and military contractors that they suspected of purchasing/downloading/distributing/etc./etc. child porn.

Of the 3,500 or so that they investigated, they determined that there were around 300 legitimate cases. So, it stands to reason that there could be about 150-or-so more legit cases hiding in the 1,700 cases that were not yet examined by January 2011. There obviously could be a lot more or could be a lot less.

The redacted information on the Pentagon-related Project Flicker cases gives a pretty good impression of how varied these are. There’s truly terrible organized little pedophile rings like the “Home Collection” case and then there’s some unfortunate putz who had some legal porn featuring petite, young-looking actresses.

#CSAInquiry #Scotland: Survivors have ‘NO TRUST LEFT’ & were left feeling ‘groomed’ by @ScotGov

22nd Feb 2017

Child abuse survivors left feeling ‘groomed’ by Scottish Government

SURVIVORS of child abuse say that continued failures by the Scottish Government have left them feeling “groomed” all over again.

In an interview with Good Morning Scotland, survivors groups say they “continue to be failed” by the government after a third member of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry panel resigned.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney

Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced yesterday he would not appoint a successor

They also said survivors feel there’s “no point” in engaging with the inquiry further because they feel the process has become too “legalistic” and they have been “denied” an opportunity for redress.

The inquiry is now being led solely by Supreme Court judge Lady Anne Smith.

Glenn Houston, who was the last original member of the board, stepped down from his role yesterday with immediate effect, due to a potential “conflict of interest”.

Alan Draper of Care Abuse Survivors Group says he is “concerned” over Mr Houston’s “commitment to the whole process” and that survivors have had “no announcement” from education secretary John Swinney as to why he feels Lady Smith should act alone.

Mr Houston’s departure follows the resignation of the inquiry’s original chairwoman, Lady Susan O’Brien and fellow panel member Michael Lamb.

Mr Draper said: “Glen Houston and Professor Lamb had expertise in the whole field of child protection, that expertise will now be missing. This limits the inquiry’s capacity to focus on the key issues. Survivors themselves are at the centre of the inquiry – it’s now too legalistic for us, it looks far too narrow.”

Groups also say survivors in Scotland are not given redress, compared to other inquiries in Northern Ireland and Australia.

Andy Lavery from White Flowers Alba said that less than 200 victims are now in contact with the inquiry out of an estimated 6000 that experienced abuse, because they face “no prospect of justice”.

What’s the point of the inquiry? It doesn’t mean anything if you’ve suffered abuse

Mr Lavery said: “This is a disgrace and it’s terribly sad. I don’t know anyone who wants to testify now.

“Northern Ireland had care and redress, but there’s none of that here. What’s the point of the inquiry? It doesn’t mean anything if you’ve suffered abuse. This isn’t right or equality. It isn’t justice in our 21st Century. We deserve honesty and we deserve parity with other enquiries. All John Swinney has got to do is assist Lady Smith – get the manual from Sydney [inquiry], get staff and get this up to speed. Let’s crack on with it but that means building trust. We need action, not getting groomed again.”

Susan O'Brien claims she was forced out

Susan O’Brien claims she was forced out

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, set up to focus on allegations of abuse in formal institutional care settings, is expected to last four years.

John Swinney argued it has a “very broad” remit which does not include redress, but that it was a “significant issue” he was examining with survivors groups.

He said: “The inquiry is doing exactly what it’s commissioned to do which is to pursue justice and accountability. If there is a question of redress that is also responsibility of the state. It’s why the government is legislating in Parliament the Limitation Bill, which removes legal obstacles for victims seeking due recourse for abuse that took place in the period after September 1964.”

He added that the appointment of Lady Smith as chairwoman was a “success” after the resignation of Lady Susan O’Brien – who quit over claims she made comments that were “offensive to survivors”.

Mr Swinney added: “When the previous chair resigned survivors groups wanted the inquiry to be led by a senior judge. That’s not a limitation – the inquiry has the ability to appoint assessors who can look at particular specialisms. I want survivors and the public to have confidence in the inquiry and there’s every reason why that should be case.”


“Lady Susan O’Brien – who quit over claims she made comments that were offensive to survivors” 


PLEASE READ   Ms O’Brian’s letter of resignation

wp-1487770492882.jpgChild abuse survivors’ groups have said they have “no trust left” in Scotland’s Child Abuse Inquiry.

White Flowers Alba and In Care Abuse Survivors Group both called for urgent answers from the Scottish government on the future of the inquiry.

The probe has been plagued by problems and all three original panel members have now resigned.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said he understood the concerns but told the BBC the inquiry was gathering momentum.

Glen Houston resigned from the panel on Tuesday. He said his new appointments to the boards of two public sector organisations meant there was potentially a conflict of interest with his work on the abuse inquiry.

The other two original panel members, Susan O’Brien QC and Prof Michael Lamb, stood down within days of each other last year, complaining of government interference.

In July 2016, senior judge Lady Smith was appointed as the new chairwoman following Ms O’Brien’s resignation.

The spokesman for the survivors’ group White Flowers Alba, Andi Lavery, claimed there were fewer than 200 survivors now in contact with the inquiry and said there was “no trust left”.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and it’s so terribly sad. I don’t know anybody that’s left that wants to testify and we’re in contact with quite a number of survivors,” he told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme. At the end of the day, if you’re abused in Scotland you face no prospect of either justice, accountability or redress. But if you’re abused in Carlisle or Belfast, you face them in their inquiries. That’s not right, it’s not equality and it’s not justice.”

The inquiry was launched in October 2015 and charged with examining historical allegations of child abuse in residential accommodation in Scotland.

It is due to report in 2019.

Also speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, Alan Draper, of the In Care Abuse Survivors Group, said survivors were concerned about the resignation of Mr Houston and the Scottish government’s decision not to replace him on the panel.

“It looks too legalistic to us. All we’ve got now is a High Court judge, QCs and solicitors involved in the inquiry team and no external expertise. This looks far too narrow,” Mr Draper said.

Failed in care

The group have also demanded that Mr Swinney tell them why the inquiry will not consider redress for victims.

Mr Draper told BBC Scotland: “We’ve continued to ask John Swinney that this be part of the remit. We’ve been denied this remit. What survivors tend to feel [is that] we were failed when we were in care. We continue to be failed by the Scottish government and we continue to be failed by the inquiry – why should we engage with it?”

But Mr Swinney insisted the inquiry had a “very broad remit” and would ensure justice was delivered to abuse survivors.

He also defended the decision not to appoint a successor to Mr Houston, saying that survivors’ groups had told him “very strongly” they wanted the inquiry to be led by a senior judge.

Pursue justice

The deputy first minister told the BBC that Lady Smith also had the ability to appoint assessors to “enhance the expertise of the inquiry. I completely understand the concern of survivors and I’ve engaged with survivors on a number of occasions since I took over responsibility of the Child Abuse Inquiry and I will continue to do so,” he said. The inquiry is gathering evidence, it’s gathering momentum, it’s gathering input from individuals who were the victims of abuse. So the inquiry in that respect is doing exactly what it was commissioned to do which is to pursue justice and accountability for the survivors of abuse.  On the question of redress, I acknowledge this to be a significant issue, but it’s an issue for the government to address in consultation with the survivors. It’s not for me to pass this to the inquiry.”

Compensation hope for Scots Survivors of Institutional abuse


A scheme to compensate victims of in-care child abuse is being considered by Scottish ministers for the first time.

After decades of campaigning by victims’ organisations, John Swinney has acknowledged that financial redress “could play a part in Scotland in the future”.

In a letter to a Holyrood committee, the deputy first minister said that it would be inappropriate to wait until the Scottish child abuse inquiry had been completed before progressing with a compensation scheme. He suggested that a further three-month consultation would be required before ministers could reach a final decision on redress.

There was cautious approval for Mr Swinney’s letter but one leading campaign group said it was considering withdrawing from the inquiry because of the resignation yesterday of a third member of its panel.

Glenn Houston, an expert in health and social care, was appointed when the inquiry was founded in October 2015. He said he was quitting because he had accepted positions on the boards of two public bodies and felt that conflicts of interest could arise.

Last summer two members of the inquiry, Susan O’Brien, QC, the first chairwoman, and Michael Lamb, a psychologist, both quit.

Ms O’Brien is now suing the government for £500,000 and Professor Lamb said that the inquiry was “doomed” because of political interference. 

“Survivors are considering withdrawing from this whole process until they are satisfied that survivors are placed at the centre of the inquiry”

The present chairwoman, Lady Smith, a high court judge, is the only remaining panel member. Mr Swinney pointed out that this was normal practice in Scotland, where public inquiries usually have only one adjudicator.

Mr Houston’s decision outraged Alan Draper, spokesman for Incas (In Care Abuse Survivors), who said that the inquiry had become “a process of failure”. He deplored its reliance on legal opinion, a factor that could deter abuse victims from coming forward.

Mr Draper said: “If Mr Houston was dissatisfied he should have the courage to say so. Accepting these two jobs implies he was looking for a way out. There is concern that the inquiry is dominated by the legal profession, without any balance from other professional groups who have a detailed knowledge of child abuse and its impact for survivors and their families. Survivors are considering withdrawing from this whole process until they are satisfied that survivors are placed at the centre of the inquiry. The inquiry is about the failure of the establishment to protect them from harm. This failure is continuing.”

However, Mr Swinney’s letter to the education and skills committee offered “a glimmer of hope”. Mr Draper said: “His words seem to indicate that redress is important. Worldwide there has been a move towards compensation but Scotland has been very slow.”

In his letter Mr Swinney noted that Lady Smith had specifically raised the possibility of a redress scheme when she made her opening statement to the inquiry. “We need to be mindful of the length of time some survivors have been waiting and that some survivors are elderly and frail,” he added.

His determination to have a formal consultation on redress prompted unease. Iain Gray, Labour’s education spokesman, welcomed the acknowledgement that survivors should not wait until the abuse inquiry was completed before compensation was paid but added: “This process is still being dragged out, especially considering how long survivors have been waiting.”

Under the terms of its remit, the Scottish inquiry is scheduled to conclude in 2019.


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  9. Lady Anne Mather Smith to Head #Scotland’s #CSAinquiry. Hmm…
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*BINGO* It’s a FULL HOUSE as the third Scottish child abuse inquiry panel member resigns

21st Feb 2017


The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has been hit by another resignation, leaving it with just one panel member.

Glenn Houston said he has accepted two other public appointments and resigned from the panel to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

He is the third original panel member to resign from the inquiry.

Susan O’Brien QC quit following claims she had made comments that were ‘’offensive’’ to survivors while professor Michael Lamb stepped down after saying the review is ‘’doomed’’ due to interference by ministers.

Ms O’Brien was replaced by senior judge Lady Smith, who will now lead the inquiry on her own.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is examining historical allegations of the abuse of children in care and has been taking statements from witnesses since last spring.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said a successor to Mr Houston will not be appointed and the inquiry will “take the same format” as every other public inquiry established in Scotland under the Inquiries Act 2005.

Mr Houston said: “Due to a change in priorities in my working life, last year I applied for positions as a non-executive director to the boards of two public-sector organisations, the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and the Disclosure and Barring Service. “I have now been successful in those applications and the appointments have been made. Lady Smith and I have discussed the potential that at some future time, a perception of conflict of interest may arise between these appointments and my work as a panel member on the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. After careful consideration of both the time commitment required to fulfil these new roles and the potential, however small, for perceptions to arise of conflict of interest, I have tendered my resignation to the inquiry. I remain fully supportive of its work, which I believe is on course to complete the important tasks which have been set for it, and I wish it very well for the future.”

Staff for the inquiry are said to be working to contact people in countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand who may have suffered abuse in Scotland, or after being sent abroad as part of past care arrangements.

At a preliminary hearing last month, Lady Smith stressed the inquiry is independent of government, police, prosecutors and other organisations.

The inquiry covers the period within memory of anyone who has suffered abuse, not beyond December 2014. Public hearings will begin on May 31.

Lady Smith said: “Mr Houston has made a valuable contribution to the work of the inquiry during his time as a panel member and I am very grateful to him for his support. “I fully understand his decision and wish him well in his new ventures.”

Mr Swinney said: “I want to thank Mr Houston for his service. I know this was not an easy decision for him to reach but he can be very proud of the contribution he has made to the establishment of the Child Abuse Inquiry and to ensuring its continuing progress. Following consideration of the matter, at this stage in the inquiry’s work, I have decided not to appoint a successor. Lady Smith will continue as chair of the inquiry and as sole panel member.”

Scottish Paedophilia: THE LIST of Institutions, Care Homes & Schools



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  10. Lady Smith #ReleaseTheTape

Group of women who say they were abused by Sir Edward Heath also claim their parents ran a satanic sex cult that was involved in 16 murders


  • They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children as ritual sacrifices in church
  • The woman claim that the former prime minister was part of a paedophile ring
  • If the allegations are true it would make the cult the worst child murderers in British history

A Group of women who say they were abused by Sir Edward Heath also claim their parents ran a satanic sex cult that was involved in 16 murders  01:15, 20 Feb 2017

They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children as ritual sacrifices in church

The woman claim that the former prime minister was part of a paedophile ring

If the allegations are true it would make the cult the worst child murderers in British history

A group of women who say Sir Edward Heath abused them as children have also accused their parents of being involved in up to 16 murders.

The farce came as police probe incredible claims that the former prime minister was linked to a paedophile ring that killed as many as 16 children – which would make them the worst child murderers in British history.

The seemingly far-fetched allegations have been made by a family who allege that the politician was part of a satanic sex cult run by their own parents.

A group of women who say Sir Edward Heath abused them as children have also accused their parents of being involved in up to 16 murders

Police are probing incredible claims that the former prime minister was linked to a paedophile ring that killed as many as 16 children

They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children as ritual sacrifices in churches and forests around southern England and also participated in similar ceremonies in Africa.

They claim their mother and father – who is said to have known the former Conservative leader – were responsible for slaughtering children ranging from babies to teenagers – yet they evaded justice.

The paedophile ring – which they say Sir Edward was part of – stabbed, tortured and maimed youngsters in churches and burnt babies in satanic orgies before men, women and children gorged themselves on blood and body parts, police have been told.

 If the bizarre allegations were to be proved, the parents who allegedly led the killings would be responsible for murdering more children than Fred and Rose West.

They would also be on a par with Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 children in the 1996 Dunblane school massacre.

The women’s lurid claims were dismissed by police in 1989 when they came forward. Sir Edward’s name was never mentioned to police at the time. It was only last year that he was named for the first time after one of the claimants said she had ‘remembered’ a man called ‘Ed’ was a prime mover in a network of paedophile abusers.

But there is no suggestion that Sir Edward killed any children himself in the women’s accounts.

Wiltshire Police have spent more than a year investigating the allegations as part of an inquiry that has cost taxpayers over £883,431 and irretrievably tarnished the reputation of the unmarried politician, who died in 2005, aged 89.

Last night Sir Edward’s godson, Lincoln Seligman, said: ‘I understand that these claims from the 1980s were at the time dismissed as complete fantasy by police. It is disappointing that these wild allegations have been reheated and randomly attached to Edward Heath’s name.’

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: ‘We are not prepared to discuss this as this is an on-going investigation.’


The godson of Sir Edward Heath reacted angrily yesterday after it was claimed that a police chief is ‘120 per cent’ sure that sex abuse allegations against the former prime minister are genuine.

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale was reported to believe child abuse allegations against the late politician – which include lurid tales of satanic child slaughter – are ‘totally convincing’.

Mr Veale, whose force has been investigating the claims for 18 months, is also said to believe that Sir Edward was a paedophile whose crimes were covered up.

Police have established that, contrary to claims that Sir Edward could not have committed the crimes because he never drove a car and always had a police driver with him, he did drive and once had a car.

But the claims have infuriated Sir Edward’s godson, who dismissed it as a ‘PR hustle of some sort’ by the Wiltshire force ahead of an official report into the investigation. Lincoln Seligman, who has described the probe as a ‘witch-hunt’, has questioned how police can say the allegations are true, just on the basis that he may have driven a car.

Yesterday Mr Veale said: ‘The legal role of the police service is to, on behalf of the public, impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour, and go where the evidence takes us


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Police ‘120 per cent sure Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile’

More than 30 people have claimed the ex-Prime Minister sexually abused them, says a source

Police are “120 per cent sure” Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile, it was ­reported last night.

More than 30 people have claimed the ex-Prime Minister sexually abused them, says a source

The individuals are not knn to each other but are said to have given “strikingly similar” accounts of incidents to Wiltshire cops.

Police have established that, contrary to claims, Sir Edward did have a car and could have driven himself after being deposed as Tory leader in 1975, aged 58.

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale is also understood to support claims alleged crimes by Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89, were reported to cops years ago but covered up by the Establishment.

Some of those who said Sir Edward abused them are believed to have told police they went on to commit sexual abuse crimes themselves as a result.

A probe into Sir Edward, called Operation Conifer, was set up in 2005. 

Mr Veale, who aims to publish a report in June, was pressured to abandon the inquiry last year after separate claims of a paedo ring at Westminster involving ex Home Secretary the late Lord Brittan and ex defence chief Lord Bramall, were groundless.

Claims Sir Edward was involved in Satanic orgies have been dismissed as “fantasy” by an expert asked to review the case.

Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief: Astonishing claim is made that the former PM is guilty of vile crimes ‘covered up by the Establishment’ 

  • More than 30 people have come forward with claims about the former PM 
  • And they are said to have given ‘strikingly similar’ accounts to Wiltshire Police 
  • The county’s chief constable has said that the allegations are ‘totally convincing’
  • Pictures have emerged of Heath driving – despite it being claimed he didn’t have a car 

Edward Heath with his piano at his home Arundells in  Salisbury, Wiltshire

Edward Heath with his piano at his home Arundells in Salisbury, Wiltshire

The police chief investigating claims that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is convinced the allegations are ‘120 per cent’ genuine, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

More than 30 people have come forward with claims of sexual abuse by the former Conservative Prime Minister, according to well-placed sources. 

And they are said to have given ‘strikingly similar’ accounts of incidents to Wiltshire Police – even though the individuals are not known to each other.

The Mail on Sunday has been told that Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale regards the allegations as ‘totally convincing’, and plans to publish a report in June.

Detectives have established that, contrary to claims that Sir Edward could not have committed the crimes as he ‘never drove a car’ and ‘always’ had a police driver with him, he did drive – and did have a car.

They have photographic evidence that shows he is a driver, and have established that he had a driving licence. He also bought a Rover 2000 after being deposed as Tory leader by Margaret Thatcher in 1975, when he was 58.

Astonishingly, Mr Veale is also understood to support claims that Sir Edward’s alleged crimes were reported to police years ago but covered up by the Establishment.

Some of those who said Sir Edward abused them are believed to have told police they went on to commit sexual abuse crimes themselves as a result.

The investigation into Sir Edward, called Operation Conifer, was set up in 2015 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Mr Veale came under pressure to abandon the inquiry last year after separate claims of a paedophile ring at Westminster involving former Home Secretary, the late Lord Brittan, and former Defence chief, Lord Bramall, were found to be groundless.

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale regards the allegations as ‘totally convincing’, and plans to publish a report in June

Allegations that Sir Edward was involved in satanic orgies have been dismissed as fantasy by an expert asked to review the case.

However, The Mail on Sunday has been told that Mr Veale believes the paedophile allegations are genuine. A source said: ‘Mr Veale believes in them 120 per cent and thinks they are totally convincing.

‘There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The same names used for him, the same places and same type of incidents keep coming up.

‘What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail.

‘It contains disturbing stuff. Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned.’

Another source said: ‘The police were initially sceptical about the allegations, but now believe them. And they have come round to the view that they were covered up in the past because of who Heath was.


Sir Edward Heath seen with his car in Weymouth, despite claims he never drove

These are the photographs that appear to disprove the notion that the allegations against Sir Edward cannot be true because he ‘never drove a car’ and was always accompanied by police.

Both were taken in October 1975. In the main picture on the right, Heath is standing by the driver’s door of the Rover 2000 he bought after Margaret Thatcher ousted him as Tory leader in February that year. In the picture on the left, he is seen arriving at the Tory Party conference in Blackpool – in the driver’s seat.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that Wiltshire Police has also obtained photographic evidence of him driving.

The issue was first raised by former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong, who worked with Sir Edward in No 10. Lord Armstrong said Sir Edward – whom he described as ‘asexual’ – had a 24-hour police guard and driver from the day he became PM in 1970 to his death in 2005, and did not have his own car.

‘When he was at home he had two policemen on the gate, he had the personal protection officer from Scotland Yard in the house, he never drove a car himself, he always had an official driver,’ said Lord Armstrong. ‘It seems highly unlikely he could have escaped all that to do the kind of thing that is described.’

Sir Edward Heath again pictured driving, this time leaving leaves the conference for the sea breezes of Weymouth

Sir Edward Heath again pictured driving, this time leaving leaves the conference for the sea breezes of Weymouth

Sir Edward bought the Rover after losing the chauffeur-driven car he was entitled to as Prime Minister, then Opposition leader.

A confidant of the former PM said: ‘He definitely could and did drive, though was a notoriously bad one. When he went to music concerts in Salzburg and hired a car, he was meant to drive it because his British police guards weren’t officially allowed to.

‘But they insisted as they were frightened he was going to crash.’

‘They will not be deflected by the rich and powerful trying to do the same now. Mike Veale is doing a great job and should be congratulated for his courage.’

The disclosures come after several senior politicians dismissed the allegations against Heath as absurd and unfounded. Former Tory Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind complained Heath’s reputation was being ‘besmirched’. Heath’s sexuality has been the source of much speculation over the years. Some believed he was gay, others said he was ‘asexual.’ At one point, he was being investigated by no fewer than five police forces – the Met, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.

The claims, some of which have been proved false, include alleged links to a convicted brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling. A paedophile dossier compiled by Labour peer Baroness Castle said he offered young boys trips on his yacht, and in a separate incident one man claimed Sir Edward picked him up hitchhiking in Kent as a 12-year-old in the 1960s and lured him to his Mayfair flat.

Labour MP Tom Watson also said he had received allegations about Sir Edward. However the claims Mr Veale is investigating, which date from the 1960s to 1990s, are not linked to the discredited evidence of the man known as ‘Nick’, who alleged a high-level paedophile ring.

One of the key counter-claims made when the allegations first surfaced came from former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong, who worked with Heath when he was Prime Minister. He said Heath ‘never drove a car’ and always had at least one policeman with him from 1970 until his death in 2005.

Labour MP Tom Watson also said he had received allegations about Sir Edward

Labour MP Tom Watson also said he had received allegations about Sir Edward

The fact that Sir Edward could drive was confirmed last night by a friend, who said the former Prime Minister bought a car in 1975, although Sir Edward was later given a chauffeur-driven car and police guard after IRA death threats. 

Asked if Mr Veale believed the allegations against Sir Edward were ‘totally convincing’, a police spokesman said the Chief Constable was determined to ‘ensure the investigation is proportionate, measured and legal’ and that the job of the police was to ‘impartially investigate allegations without fear or favour and go where the evidence takes us. It is not the role of the police to judge the guilt or innocence of people in our criminal justice system.’

Further asked if Mr Veale had ‘120 per cent’ faith in the allegations, the spokesman declined to comment.

Police refuse to call off the dogs after VIP child sex ring fiasco

Launched in 2015 to investigate allegations against Sir Edward Heath, Operation Conifer has been dogged by claims that it traduces the reputation of a Prime Minister who died more than a decade ago and could not be put on trial.

The operation, which has a staff of 17 and has run up a bill approaching £1 million, did not get off to a good start when Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale had to apologise for launching it in front of cameras outside Sir Edward’s former house, Arundells, in Salisbury.

Demands to call it off grew last November when Scotland Yard was forced to abandon its Operation Midland investigation into similar claims of a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster. 

After a flurry of false accusations, Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe apologised to former Defence chief Lord Bramall, ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor, DJ Paul Gambaccini and Lady Brittan, widow of the late Lord Brittan.

A police officer stands at the gate of Arundells, the former home of  Heath when the probe was launched

Pressure on Operation Conifer mounted after this newspaper revealed how an expert, brought in by police to assess claims that Heath was linked to paedophiles who held satanic orgies, dismissed them as fantasy.

Days after The Mail on Sunday report, Mr Veale came out fighting and insisted Operation Conifer was not a ‘witch-hunt’. 

In a surprise statement released on December 2, he said he refused to ‘buckle’ to demands to abandon the inquiry, and stressed his officers had not spoken to ‘Nick’, the man at the root of Operation Midland.

The Heath investigation was not a ‘fishing trip’, he said, adding that he was ‘duty-bound’ to go ahead with it ‘without fear or favour and go where the evidence takes us’.

He accused his critics of ignorance, and rebuked them for using ‘inappropriate and unacceptable pressure’ in an attempt to halt the inquiry.

Mr Veale said a ‘significant number of individuals’ had alleged abuse, but refused to say how many or give details of the only two people to be arrested.

He even said the findings of the investigation may never be made public, stating: ‘A confidential closing report will be written… and at that time I will take advice as to what I can legally put in the public domain.’ 

Police were ‘testing, checking and challenging the evidence and ensuring our approach is proportionate and justified’, he said.

Mr Veale argues that although Sir Edward died in 2005, other offenders may still be alive and victims could require support. 

‘If the force had received allegations of non-recent child abuse against a former Prime Minister and done nothing, what would the reaction have been?’

Margaret Thatcher and Edward Heath at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool

Margaret Thatcher and Edward Heath at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool

Lincoln Seligman, Sir Edward’s godson, responded to Mr Veale’s December statement by saying: ‘If they have uncovered no evidence after 18 months they should say so. 

And if Conifer is wound up, [Sir Edward] deserves to be exonerated as publicly as he was initially smeared. Shuffling the inquiry’s findings off into the night is not acceptable.’

Other aspects of Operation Conifer have also come under fire. Wiltshire Police interviewed key figures at Private Eye because the satirical magazine joked about unmarried Sir Edward’s sexuality 40 years ago.

They wanted to know if its nickname for him, ‘Sailor Ted’, in his days as PM from 1970 to 1974, was a reference to rumours that he was gay.

Police even asked current editor Ian Hislop what he knew about Heath, despite Hislop being a teenager during the period under investigation.

Officers have also tracked down former Downing Street staff to ask them if young men were ever sneaked into No 10.

Times writer and ex-Tory MP Matthew Parris dismissed the allegations, saying: ‘If Heath was a child abuser, I’m an aardvark.’


  1. Findings of Sir Edward Heath sex abuse investigation ‘may never be made public’
  2. Mother claims a child vanished after going on Sir Edward Heath’s yacht – Daily Mail  Aug 7th 2015
  3. Eleven boys went on Edward Heath’s yacht but I counted only 10 who left
  4. A satanic injustice: Police were warned that Edward Heath ritual child abuse claims were ‘fantasy’ but are ploughing on with £700,000 probe 
  5. Daily Mail
  6. Sir Edward Heath accuser is a ‘satanic sex fantasist’: Police warned by OWN expert that ritual abuse claims are false – including how the former PM ‘went to candlelit forest for paedophile parties’


watch the original sun sea & satan here





Playboy, Child Playmates, Violence, Kinsey, Sex Ed & Gender Identity

Many thanks to @bournevexed for all their hard digging, without which, this blog would not exist!!  😻

wiki   Judith A. Reisman, PhD   Kinsey Cover Up

Playboy’s Child Centerfolds and Child Playmates by Lobuscher





Dossier de Presse: “Kinsey, la face obscure de la…

Nearly 60 Years After His Death, Alfred Kinsey’s…

Grimm vs Gloucester County School Board

Pornography as “Social Contagion”

Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles – Transcript…
Gender Identity in Public Schools
Kinsey’s Criminal Psychopathology in…



Kincora Cover-Up Complete.. FOR NOW

7th Jan 2017

So, is that it, then? There will be no more inquiries, or investigations, into the Kincora scandal following Sir Anthony Hart’s final report for the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry. Yes, the under-pressure Royal Ulster Constabulary was “inept”, according to Sir Anthony, in relation to the force investigating claims of child sexual abuse at the east Belfast care home in the 1970s. In addition, the RUC and the authorities were guilty of a “catalogue of failures” in dealing with the allegations swirling around about Kincora, the report found.

Crucially, however, the report did not find any evidence that the intelligence services, both MI5 and the Army, were aware of a paedophile ring operating at the home; or that the “spooks” were blackmailing the abusers to spy on fellow hardline Ulster loyalists in the first decade of the Troubles.

Sir Anthony said the idea that Kincora was a homosexual “brothel”, used by the security services as a “honeypot” to extract information about leading loyalists was without foundation.

In his report, the judge said: “There is no credible evidence to support any of these allegations.” He also insisted that the abuse did not extend beyond the three guilty staff members.

Finally, Sir Anthony was bitterly critical of the original Kincora whistleblowers – in particular, former Army intelligence officer Colin Wallace – for refusing to give evidence to the inquiry, held at Banbridge Courthouse.

‘Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening’

Lorry filmed going around Northern Ireland roundabout in wrong direction
The judge did not mention that Wallace and others with alleged information about Kincora refused to take part in the inquiry because they believed the inquiry’s remit was too restricted.

Moreover, in the case of Wallace, in particular, he was outraged that Kincora was not also included into the national Westminster inquiry into allegations of paedophile rings at the heart of the British Establishment.

It is worth mentioning that Wallace did provide the Banbridge-based inquiry with 265 pages of comment, including documents supporting the claims made by former residents of Kincora.

In his statement released after the report, Wallace made the point that key intelligence files relating to Kincora housemaster and child abuser William McGrath have gone missing.

Wallace has emphasised that he was authorised as far back as 1973 by Army intelligence to brief the Ulster Press corps about McGrath’s activities. The former Army intelligence officer (who doubled as a Press officer at military headquarters in Lisburn) has made the point that an MI5 officer who tried to rubbish his claims was the same operative who allegedly ordered his colleague, Captain Brian Gemmell, to stop investigating McGrath and his perverted activities.

Most disturbing of all among Wallace’s allegations contained in the HIA final report is that there were documents in the hands of the Ministry of Defence and other governments for many years. He claims that this material was kept from the inquiry and that all of the information he supplied to the ‘Clockwork Orange’ military intelligence operations in the 1970s (designed to discredit major figures within Ulster loyalism) have not been handed over, either.

He is not on his own in terms of cynicism about the report’s analysis of the Kincora scandal. Former loyalist activist and writer Roy Garland, who was a former disciple of William McGrath, later broke with him in 1971 and sided, instead, with the Ulster Volunteer Force, which had originally infiltrated the weird Tara group McGrath founded.

Garland has made the point previously that Tara and McGrath were used by British intelligence to spread black propaganda against the likes of the UVF, accusing the terror group of being crypto-communist and in league with the likes of the Marxist Official IRA in the early to mid-1970s.

Most observers of the Kincora scandal, including the journalist Chris Moore, who wrote a book on the controversial care home, agree that there was no paedophile prostitution ring there. It was not a “honeypot”, providing young victims for sexually depraved members of the British Establishment, which some more lurid accounts of Kincora have claimed.

The smear tactics, however, of McGrath and Tara were very real and the brainchild of different sections of British intelligence.

To suggest that MI5 and military intelligence operatives did not know what “assets” like McGrath were up to in the home appears incredible.

In a sense, the allegations concerning a prostitution racket emanating from Kincora is an example of how far-out conspiracy theories can eclipse the true nature at the heart of a scandal.

The central question, which is raised by, among others, the loyalist blog ‘Balaclava Street’, is: did MI5 tip off William McGrath that Roy Garland had been telling people, including the Belfast UVF leadership, about the Tara founder’s sexual habits? This question was not properly investigated during the HIA inquiry and raises the possibility of a new investigation into Kincora.

When it comes to Ulster loyalism, in particular, there are more unfounded conspiracy theories than actual real scenarios. Republicans, of late, have been good at spinning the line that loyalist violence was never autonomous, or organic; that all the major pro-Union terror groups were controlled and directed by various branches of the security forces.

Such blanket theories can be contradicted by facts, such as the high rate of convictions for loyalist activists, or the fact that, if the UVF and UDA were so centrally controlled by an all seeing, semi-omnipotent British intelligence operation, then why were there not more members of the IRA killed, compared to the actual majority of the loyalist paramilitaries’ victims – politically uninvolved Catholic civilians?

Yet none of the above is to suggest that there weren’t individual acts of collusion between police officers, or Army intelligence agents, and the loyalist terror groups. (Although collusion itself is much more complicated than first imagined).

Take, for example, the scandal over Brian Nelson, the Army’s Force Research Unit (FRU) agent inside the UDA, who steered killers to murder an old IRA veteran in Ballymurphy in order to deflect them from their original target, an active IRA member, who, unknown to the UDA, was also an important British agent.

Kincora may not have been a “meat market” for Establishment paedophiles on both sides of the Irish Sea, yet the claims of Wallace, Garland and others that MI5 and others knew about what McGrath and his cohorts were up to remains a scandal without a just end.

Kincora: it hasn’t gone away, you know.

Belfast Telegraph

Ex Arch Bishop, PII, Turkey, Interfaith, Janner, Sacks, Wallace, Royals, Soros & Paedophilia

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Fethullah Gulen, Turkey’s most controversial cleric

jh.JPGAs 2015 came to a close, the Grand Ballroom of the Conrad Hotel in Manhattan presented a diverse tableau: Around the meticulously set tables sat Muslim women wearing colorful headscarves with oriental motifs, African-American clergymen from Queens, Jewish students from a Turkish charter school and veteran New York state politicians. 

The lights dimmed. Murat Omur, president of a New York-based nonprofit called Peace Islands Institute, used two giant screens to present an overview of the past year’s highlights, which included setting up hospitals and orphanages in Haiti.

As the guests enjoyed their entrees, the institute silently auctioned a Barack Obama autograph and a pair of boxing gloves. By the end of the night, the Peace Islands Institute had raised half a million dollars, Omur said.

There were brief speeches. “I admire the vision set forth by honorable Fethullah Gulen,” said Leonard Petlakh, vice president of the American Zionist Movement. “Principles and teachings of Fethullah Gulen are the antidote of fundamentalism,” said Victor Hall, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Queens.

Gulen was nowhere in sight. He was at his Pennsylvania farmhouse, which he has seldom left since settling in the United States in 1999.

The Muslim religious scholar from Turkey preaches a moderate form of Islam — one that regards terrorism as blasphemy and a woman’s headscarf as secondary to education. In the United States, there are a handful of nonprofit organizations that list him as their honorary president.

Gulen is also a wanted man. He is accused in Turkey of leading a terrorist organization that has attempted to topple the government. A Turkish court has issued three arrest warrants for him. He is also being sued in the United States, in a civil case alleging human rights abuses. Gulen and his expansive following face an uncertain future. READ IN FULL

Peace Islands Institute  P.I.I  which is VERY similar to

P.I.E the  Paedophile Information Exchange Peace Islands Institute (PII), formerly known as  Interfaith Dialog Center (IDC), is a non-profit, tax exempt (501(c) (3)) organization founded by Turkish-Americans of North Jersey in 2003. PII endeavors to promote respect and mutual understanding among all faiths and cultures by organizing educational and cultural activities such as lectures,  seminars, conferences, discussion panels, luncheons and trips to Turkey. By this mission PII aims to contribute to improvement of diversity, pluralism  and multiculturalism in the society. PII has been inspired by the Turkish scholar Fethullah Gulen, and is a member organization of the Alliance for Shared Values.

PII started its activities with the leadership of its volunteers by organizing short educational seminars at the conference room of the Rutherford Public Library. PII rented its center at 545 Interstate Place, Carlstadt, New Jersey in the Spring of 2004. PII hired its first full-time staff in the Summer of 2004. Now, PII operates at its office in Newark at 17 Academy Street Suite 701.

As PII has aimed to reach out to all segments of the society, it has been organizing different activities to serve this end.

PII announced in August 2011 that it had a new name, Peace Islands Institute (PII), and that it would operate not only in New Jersey but also in the East Coast states like New York and Massachusetts.

They started as a Ramadan Dinner in Nov 2004. All faiths and cultures, government officials, members of law enforcement, and elected officials come together on this dinner. These dinners gathered many from all walks of life. Mr. Weysan Dun, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Newark, announced his departure from New Jersey at one of PII’s dinners on November 18, 2009.[1]

Sponsored by PII Turkey trips are very much instrumental in building bridges between and the Turkish American Community and other faith groups and individuals. What makes Turkey particularly attractive as a travel destination is that because it has always been a crossroads for civilizations and beliefs, not to mention its marvelous natural beauties, warm hospitality, and world famous cuisine. Turkey is a land of Divine love. It is a land where diverse faiths and cultures have lived in peace for millennia. It is a land of dialogue and tolerance; it is the land of Abraham – spiritual forefather of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Turkey trips are very instrumental to develop friendship, understand and respect each other better. Bishop Serratelli of Paterson Diocese, NJ, says ‘Visiting devout individuals who are inspired by Gülen made our trip through Turkey a true journey of faith’

All PII events serve to cultivate friendship and deepen inter-cultural awareness and understanding among the many diverse ethnic and civic communities in New Jersey.

Advisory Board of PIIEdit

  • Ahmet Kurucan, Ph. D.Most Rev. Arthur Serratelli, Bishop, RC Diocese of Paterson
  • Maxine Clark Beach, Ph. D,. Dean of School of Theology and Vice President, Drew University
  • Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Director, Center for Interreligious Understanding
  • Rev. Donald M. Pitches, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Carlstadt
  • Rev. Christopher M.F. Brdlik, Rector, Calvary Episcopal Church, Summit
  • Mr. Patrick Brannigan, Executive Director, NJ Catholic Conference
  • Rev. Robert Morris, Executive Director, Interweave Inc.
  • Ms. Maud Dahme, Former President, NJ State Board of Education
  • Mr. Alfred Koeppe, President and CEO, Newark Alliance
  • Mr. William Jay Roseman, Mayor, Carlstadt
  • Kemal C. Ozgur, MA.
  • Mr. John R. Smith, Director – Corporate Responsibility, PSEG
  • Ms. Joan Verplanck, President, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
  • Rev. Jacqueline Burgess, Vice President, NJ Council of Churches (representing NJCC) 




Jonathan Henry Sacks Wiki (Yaakov Zvi) 8 March 1948 (age 68) London 

Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth Member of the House of Lords

The former chief rabbi in the UK, Jonathan Sacks, got up and made a speech I found so preposterous, reproduced here in full. 

“A very dangerous language indeed” 30 Oct 2014: Column 1332

Lord Sacks: My Lords, I, too, thank the noble Lord, Lord Risby, for initiating this important debate. At the outset I declare an interest: I am a Jew. Israel is therefore for me the place where my people were born almost 4,000 years ago; the place to which Abraham and Sarah travelled; where Amos voiced his vision of social justice and Isaiah dreamt of a world at peace; where David composed the Psalms and Solomon built the Temple. This had consequences not only for Jews but also for Christians and Muslims, who claim Abraham as their ancestor in faith, and whose God they take as their own.


Templeton Prize: Former British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks wins £1.1m award 2nd Mar 2016

The United Synagogue’s Rabbi David Mason led prayers according to the Orthodox tradition at the synagogue cemetery prior to the burial. Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks led concluding prayers. Janner, who died peacefully on Saturday aged 87 after suffering dementia, was a member of Hampstead Garden United Synagogue. His latter years were marred by historic allegations of child abuse spanning three decades in his parliamentary constituency of Leicester West.



Friends of Greville Janner | The Occidental Observer


JONATHAN HENRY SACKS (Baron)  wiki  web  

(Hebrew: Yaakov Zvi, יעקב צבי; born 8 March 1948) He served as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth from 1991 to 2013. As the spiritual head of the United Synagogue, the largest synagogue body in the UK, he was the Chief Rabbi of those Orthodox synagogues, but was not recognized as the religious authority for the haredi Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations or for the progressive movements such as Masorti, Reform and Liberal Judaism.[1][2] As Chief Rabbi, Sacks formally carried the title of Av Beit Din (head) of the London Beth Din 


George Carey Archbishop of Canterbury (1991–2002) 

John Smyth QC, {Archbishop of Canterbury’s friend} admitted to parents he showered with boys


Lord Carey, previously Archbishop of Canterbury, with Greville Janner, who was alleged to be a child abuser.

In 2016 Lord Carey (George Carey) strongly criticised the Church of England for destroying the reputation of Bishop George Bell over ‘unproven’ abuse claims.

Lord Carey was reportedly part of a cover-up, which shielded serial sex-abuser Peter Ball (the former bishop of Lewes and Gloucester) from prosecution. Peter Ball was jailed in 2015 for sex offences 

 Simon Day (left) with his grandfather Archbishop George Carey

George Carey’s daughter Rachel had a son called Simon Day. Simon Day died of a suspected drug overdose. dailymail.

Reportedly, it was Margaret Thatcher who got George Carey appointed as Archbishop. 


Mustafa Cerić Wiki  TWTR @Dr_MustafaCeric


According to a report in the Pakistan Daily Mail, Bosnian Grand Mufti, Mustafa Ceric (pictured) has urged the Muslim ummah[that means all Mussies] to conquer the world through the Halal certification movement.
Mufti Ceric: “Do Not Overemphasise Catholic Child-Abuse Scandal


Jim Wallis (James E. Wallis Jr.;[1] born June 4, 1948) is a Christian writer and political activist. He is best known as the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine and as the founder of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian community of the same name. Wallis is well known for his advocacy on issues of peace and social justice. Although Wallis actively eschews political labels, he describes himself as an evangelical and is often associated with the evangelical left and the wider Christian left. He works as a spiritual advisor to President Barack Obama.[2] He is also a leader in the Red-Letter Christian movement.[3]

Wallis’ writings are regularly published as op-eds in major media outlets. He is also the convener of Call to Renewal, an interfaith  effort to end poverty.Wallis is married to Joy Carroll who was one of the first female priests in the Church of England and upon whom the title character in the BBC sitcom The Vicar of Dibley was partially based.[46] They have two sons. Wallis has coached their Little League teams.[47] 

] In February 2007 he wrote in Time about the post-Religious Right era and the resurgence of mainstream Christianity, with evangelicals “deserting the Religious Right in droves”.[13] Wallis has served on the Advisory Council to President Barack Obama‘s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.[14] He serves as a spiritual adviser to President Obama.[2]

In addition to President Obama, Wallis has developed personal friendships with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown[15] and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. In his 2010 book Rediscovering Values, Wallis writes, “I consider Rudd one of the most hopeful young political leaders in the world today, a committed Christian who seeks to apply his faith to his public service; we consider each other good friends.”[16]

Wallis has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, discussing faith and politics.


 Soros Family

Wallis Admits to Soros Funding  August 20, 2010 10:55

Jim Wallis has admitted that Sojourners has received funding in the past from liberal billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Last month, Marvin Olasky asked Wallis to admit his affiliations on the left when reported on the money from Soros in World magazine.

George Soros, one of the leading billionaire leftists—he has financed groups promoting abortion, atheism, same-sex marriage, and gargantuan government—bankrolled Sojourners with a $200,000 grant in 2004. A year later, here’s how Jim rebutted a criticism of “religious progressives” for being allied with Soros and “I know of no connections to those liberal funds and groups that are as direct as the Religious Right’s ties to right-wing funders.”

Since then Sojourners has received at least two more grants from Soros organizations. Sojourners revenues have more than tripled—from $1,601,171 in 2001-2002 to $5,283,650 in 2008-2009—as secular leftists have learned to use the religious left to elect Obama and others.

In a Patheos interview, Wallis suggested that Olasky was lying.

“It’s not hyperbole or overstatement to say that Glenn Beck lies for a living. I’m sad to see Marvin Olasky doing the same thing. No, we don’t receive money from Soros. Given the financial crisis of nonprofits, maybe Marvin should call Soros and ask him to send us money. So, no, we don’t receive money from George Soros. Our books are totally open, always have been. Our money comes from Christians who support us and who read Sojourners. That’s where it comes from. In fact, we’ve had funding blocked, this year and last, by liberal foundations who didn’t like our stance on abortion. Other liberal groups were happy to point out to them that our stance wasn’t kosher on abortion, so our funding was blocked. So tell Marvin he should check his facts, and not imitate Glenn Beck.”

Jay Richards of National Review and Olasky responded to Wallis. Here’s Olasky again:

Want to see for yourself what someone apparently did not want you to see? Click here to download the PDF, go to page 225, and you’ll see the grant to Sojourners.

You can also see the 2006 grant by downloading the 990-PF for that year and going to page 125. And by the way, look at page 114 of the 990-PF for 2007: another $100,000 grant to Sojourners “to support the Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform campaign.” Wallis released a statement through a spokesperson to Patheos

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Fasial bin Abdulrahman bin Muaammar is the Secretary General of KAICIID. [19]

Nonviolence education and training    IFOR assists groups and individuals to find ways in which they can transform conflicts into positive and growth oriented interactions that involve dialogue and lead to reconciliation. The Nonviolent Education Program[18] aims at supporting sustainable implementation of nonviolence / nonviolent education, peace education and violence prevention in compulsory kindergarten and school education and thus consequent implementation of Children’s Rights expressed in the  Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is done through various presentations and training programs, as well as through the creation of resource materials and contact with trainers and resource people.

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The successful program has been institutionalized by the end of 2012.

IFOR maintains permanent representatives at the United Nations (UN) in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Paris (UNESCO) who regularly participate in conferences and meetings of UN bodies, providing testimony and expertise from different regional perspectives, promoting non-violent alternatives in the fields of human rights, development, and disarmament. IFOR has observer and consultative status to the United Nations, United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and UNESCO organizations.


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#Haiti Police Rescue 31 Girls in #ChildTrafficking Sting #pizzagate

COTE-DES-ARCADINS ( – 31 minors, all girls aged 13-17, were rescued in an anti-child-trafficking sting operation undertaken by the Haitian National Police on Sunday. Among the arrested were 9 adults, foreigners, including missionaries among them.

How 31 children were able to pass hotel administrators and staff to be kept in one room is being investigated by police.

All 31 children were being held in a single room, number 155, at the Kaliko Bay Hotel in Côte-des-Arcadins.

The adult suspects were in Room 158 when they were arrested. How all the girls were able to pass hotel administrators and staff to be kept in one room is being investigated by police, according to Inspector Gary Desrosiers. The hotel owner, a driver of a bus that transported the children and some caregivers were held by police.

The investigation began in December and remains ongoing to uncover the true breadth of the operation that appears to include non-governmental organization and international elements. Assistance was given by fellow missionaries to police, which aided in the operation.

Investigators believe the syndicate was preparing to take the children over the Dominican Republic border to then leave the island. Police and other public officials are also investigating possible sexual exploitation being that all the minors were female.

Haiti Distorts the Truth

Non-government organizations deny they need help. Staying locked in their world of pleasing their supporters.

The Haitian government doesn’t exist. Their money has vanished.

People think they need to lie. Deception is important for survival.

Mistrust is universal. Cursing your father is ok. As long as he is not there.   

Get what you can today. There may be no tomorrow.  

Stressing what is not important is important.

WiKi Leaks exposes big lies. But for what?

Poverty is the cause. But what causes this indignity is avoided.

Packed on tap-taps like rats breathing the fumes and living the lie.

Prisons full of standing dead men. And women.

And public hospitals empty except for an abandoned baby or two. No one sick in Port?

And if you go too high, you will be pulled back down. Where you belong.

No degree of compassion or humanity by the bosses. Why?

And now Haitian child trafficking. What can be worse?

Trust no one.

Widespread deception leads to death.

John A. Carroll, MD


PROJECT SUNSHINE: Human Experimentation, Hillary Clinton & THOUSANDS OF DEAD BABIES {part 2}

PREVIOUSLY:   Radiation, CIA, Military, Human Experimentation, Hillary Clinton & THOUSANDS OF DEAD BABIES

Independent Review Group on Retention of Organs at Post-mortem: Report on Strontium-90 Research


‘Project Sunshine’ was one of a wide range of studies examined by President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments which was chaired by the ethicist, Professor Ruth Faden, of the Bioethics Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. The Final Report of the Advisory Committee published in 19957 gave a rather perfunctory summary of the Project in comparison with the fuller considerations of experiments involving living subjects. The main focus of the Advisory Committee was to review policies concerning informed consent relating to radiation experiments on patients for whom there may or may not have been some therapeutic benefit from participation in the studies, and healthy subjects who knowingly or otherwise participated in such experiments.

The Final Report summed up its view of ‘Project Sunshine’ and related studies in this way:

In sum, during the 1950s the AEC [Atomic Energy Commission] promoted human tissue sampling for studies on fallout and other research, and its efforts involved secrecy and deception. The AEC evidently considered the legal aspects of ‘body snatching’, but there is no evidence that it sought to consider any independent ethical requirements for disclosure to the families of the subjects (or the subjects themselves, where alive) whose tissue was sampled. While further rationale for keeping the data gathering secret may have existed, in surviving documents concern for public relations emerges as the dominant motivation. At the same time, the AEC recognized that secrecy hampered the conduct of research that it believed central to the public interest.8

The Advisory Committee’s report gives a useful summary of the evolution of ethical guidelines in the United States governing research involving healthy subjects and that involving patient-subjects,9 but there is no discussion of the ethical implications of tissue retention following autopsy, especially of neonates and infants. The Advisory Committee did find that:

….for the period 1944 to 1974 there is no evidence that any [US] government statement or policy on research involving human subjects contained a provision permitting a waiver of consent requirements for national security reasons. Not even the Wilson memorandum of 1953 adopting the Nuremberg Code for military research provided for any ” ‘national security’ exception.”10

The Advisory Committee noted, in the opening pages of its Final Report, that the central ethical and moral issues in reviewing programmes such as Project Sunshine revolved around ‘….the government’s attempt to serve two critical purposes: safeguarding national security and advancing medical knowledge….’11 which led to ‘difficult choices at the intersection of geopolitics, science and medicine.’12. They concluded that:

The burgeoning government-funded biomedical research, including human radiation research, required a re-examination of the traditional doctor-patient relationship. At the same time, the evolving role of medical researchers as government official and advisers also posed questions about the place of doctors, and more generally of scientists, in service to government.13

The attempts by the Advisory Committee to address some of these questions have been criticised by some, such as the journalist who provoked the initial formation of the enquiry with her revelations in the Albuquerque Trine in 1993.14 She commented that:

Eventually the group came up with an ingenious compromise that side-stepped the issue of whether individuals should be held culpable and ensured that a unanimous report would be delivered to the president. The committee declared that separate judgements could be made about the wrongness of an action and the blameworthiness of the person who committed the act. Simply put, it separated the experiments from the experimenters.15

In several instances the Advisory Committee found that there were ‘professional norms and conventions’ throughout the period requiring the solicitation of informed consent which were of a higher order for patient-subjects than for ‘healthy subjects’ and that investigators were ‘morally responsible’ in cases where they did fail to adhere to those policies, norms, conventions and practices. But the Advisory Committee also found that the human radiation experiments in the 30 year period under review ‘contributed significantly to advances in medicine and thus to the health of the public.’16

Despite the concern for secrecy, the programme of tissue sampling was reported in the New York Times of 8 February 1957. Scientific reports and articles in the medical research literature were regularly published on the studies of radionuclides in ashed human bone, and indeed continue to be published.


The involvement of Australian pathologists and other medical researchers in ‘Project Sunshine’ can be dated back to a letter from the Department of External Affairs, Canberra to the Secretary of the National Radiation Advisory Committee (NRAC) in Melbourne asking for advice ‘concerning the question of Australian participation in the Standardization Programme of the Measurements of Strontium 90, which was prepared by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.’17 The letter notes that the matter was discussed at the second meeting of the NRAC ‘and that it was resolved that Australia should participate in the programme and that the Commonwealth X-Ray and Radium Laboratory and the Australian Atomic Energy Commission should carry out the necessary work.’18

The impact of the early results of the studies of Strontium 90 in human bone was evident in a memo to the Australian Prime Minister dated 23 March 1959 (signature of sender unclear) 19 reporting a story in the Daily Mirror of the same date which in turn reported disclosures made by the US Joint Congressional Atomic Commission on the presence of Strontium 90 in a fallout band predominantly in the south-eastern portion of Australia in a line below 35 degrees latitude, stretching from Adelaide in South Australia to Jervis Bay in New South Wales.20 While the measurements of Strontium 90 in the atmosphere were lower than those in both the USA and UK they caused the head of the School of Chemistry at the NSW University of Technology, Professor D P Mellor to say (as quoted in the Daily Mirror):

This report has come as quite a shock. It is quite obvious not enough measurements have been taken here and not enough money and time and scientific effort have been put into this important research. According to this report the danger in Australia is much higher than was thought. It is even further increased by the discovery that Strontium 90 is not remaining in the stratosphere (sic) as long as was predicted.

Under a paragraph heading ‘Freak Births’, the Daily Mirror stated that:

Australian experiments by CSIRO experts have shown that effects of radiation produces freak babies and horrific abnormalities to future generations. In overseas countries – in less danger than Australia, according to the U.S. report – freak animals have been born, cattle have died mysteriously and wird (sic) plant life has appeared following radiation contamination.

The 1959 memo to the Prime Minister advises him:

If you propose to make any public comment I think the most important aspect is that Strontium 90 does not result from atom bomb tests and therefore has no relevance to the testing of weapons in Australia.21

This is in error, since Strontium 90 is a fission product from atom bombs such as were being tested in Australia at Monte Bello, Emu and Maralinga in the 1950s. (It is also a fission product of H bombs such as the UK subsequently developed at Christmas Island, since H bombs used A bombs as triggers. It is also a fission product of nuclear reactors such as the Australian installation at Lucas Heights which became operational in 1958.22)

The memo to the Prime Minister states:

Two years ago, following the Geneva Conference on this subject, we instituted a thoroughgoing sampling programme and the levels of Strontium 90 are kept under continuous review. For your own information this sampling programme extends to the bones of animals and humans including mature people, children, and unborn children.

The underlying US document 23 reports that Strontium 90 was now falling to earth from the stratosphere in two years rather than seven years. This was an important finding – resulting from the harvesting of the human material – which hastened the agreement to a partial moratorium on atmospheric nuclear weapons testing.

United Kingdom

In July 1995 (as the US Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments was finalising its report) a UK Channel 4 documentary ‘True Stories: Deadly Experiments’ reported that 91 pregnant British women had been injected with radioactive iodine in the 1960s and a further 37 women who were due to undergo medically-approved abortions had been involved in a separate series of tests to monitor the effect of radioactive iodine in the foetus.24 The experiments were conducted in Aberdeen, Hammersmith and Liverpool. The press reports also noted that ‘In a separate series of experiments, between 1957 and 1970, body parts from an estimated 6,000 corpses had been removed for tests without the permission of the next of kin and sent for examination at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, the programme claimed.’25

This report was also mentioned in an article a year later in The Australian of July 2, 1996.26 The producer of an Australian documentary was said to have ‘discovered an old file giving names of children whose body parts had been removed after death for radiation tests. The program managed to trace some parents. All knew nothing of what had happened.’

Several women came forward in the UK with memories of being fed, or injected with, radioactive substances. The Dundee Courier reported on July 8, 1995 that the research had involved 90 patients at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. The deputy chief executive of the Medical Research Council, Dr Evered, commented that, ‘[t]he assertion that any of these experiments was carried out in secret is patently absurd – the results were publicised in widely available scientific journals.’27

Dr Evered was also quoted as saying that ‘since 1953, they had obtained the consent of every volunteer taking part in experiments.’ One Aberdeen patient ‘claimed those taking part in the tests were rewarded with a place in a ward with fewer patients. She said they were also served better food and had a sitting-room with a TV. But she claimed she was not fully informed about the nature of the tests.’28

Rabbi Julia Neuberger chaired an inquiry by the Medical Research Council (which had funded most of the UK the studies). Although Rabbi Neuberger was quoted at the time of the report’s publication in May, 1998 as saying, ‘I find it mind-blowing that this could take place’, 29 the report called basically only for better record keeping for such research. Although it pointed to a ‘consistently elevated’ incidence of thyroid cancer in Grampian since the experiments were done30 no follow-up study was undertaken following the report. One patient, a former headmistress who had participated in the experiments and suffered thyroid cancer subsequently said:

We were definitely never told there was any risk involved with the injections because if we had been told that we just wouldn’t have done it. The tests were never really discussed with us at all, and the experiments had already started before I was told they involved radioactive iodine. But, of course, in those days you never thought for one minute that doctors would ever do anything that was going to harm you.31

On 4 June 2001 the UK Daily Mail reported that ‘[b]odies of stillborn British babies and infants who died at just a few months old were shipped to the US in the 1950s and 1960s to be used in nuclear experiments….. After the tests the bodies were cremated and radioactivity in the remains was measured.’

The experiments were said to be code-named Operation Sunshine and Britain was said to have become involved in 1955 when Dr Willard Libby appealed for ‘large numbers of bodies – preferably stillborn or newly born babies – for experiments on the effect of fallout from atom bomb tests.’ Libby was quoted as saying ‘If anybody knows how to do a good job of body snatching, they will really be serving his country.’

This article stated that over 15 years hospitals in Britain, America, Canada, South America, Australia and Hong Kong gave 6,000 bodies of which almost 50 came from the Central Middlesex Hospital, the Royal Cancer Hospital in London, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children and hospitals in Bristol and Glasgow. The Daily Mail implies that whole bodies were shipped to nuclear test sites and then the levels of radioactivity were measured after cremation. In fact, bones from dead infants were retrieved in countries around the world, then ashed and measured for radioactivity and the results were reported to the US researchers.

Another article in an ex-serviceman’s newspaper stated that:

…new documents released by the US government and reports now in the UK Public Records Office at Kew, Southwest London, show leading British scientists were involved in body-snatching for both nations, which (sic) indicate that the British conducted tests on babies from Hong Kong, and acquired body parts from doctors in Cambridge, Newmarket, Norwich and Chelmsford, as well as the coroner for west London 32

and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London was apparently also involved. The Sunday Herald reported on 17 June, 2001 that the thigh bones of more than 2,100 children who died during the 1960s in Scotland were ashed and analysed for radioactive contamination. Most came from Yorkhill Sick Children’s Hospital in Glasgow between 1959 and 1970. The research was said to have been initiated by the UK Atomic Energy Authority in 1955, with responsibility transferred to the Medical Research Council in 1957. The article indicated that both organisations ‘admitted parents were not asked for their consent.’ The article further states ‘[b]ut in 12 years of analysing the bones, the only permission ever requested from bereaved parents was for routine post mortem examinations.’ One of the doctors who led the research, Professor Gavin Arneil, defended the research as being ethical at the time it was conducted. ‘[i]t was vital in exposing the risks of nuclear fall-out, he said, and parents were better to remain ‘in blissful ignorance’.’

The Sydney Morning Herald of June 11, 2001 reported the Hong Kong Sunday Morning Post quoting Dr J Laurence Kulp, former head of ‘Project Sunshine’, as confirming that bone samples of cremated babies from countries such as Australia had been used between 1955 and 1963 to test nuclear fallout. Dr Kulp was quoted as saying, ‘What’s unethical about chemically analysing ash? There was a huge benefit for mankind.’ It was noted in the article that ‘Officials admitted relatives did not always give permission for the dead babies to be used.’ The same article noted that the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency ‘has admitted bodies of stillborn babies were used…’

The Adelaide Advertiser dated 27 June, 2001 reported that thousands of samples – including thyroid glands – from South Australian children had been tested in the period between 1957 and 1978 for Strontium 90 and Cesium 137.33 It stated, ‘[a]shes from the bones were initially sent to Britain and the US for analysis but were retained in Australia after testing facilities became available in the late 1960s.’

The same article reported that the Human Services Minister, Dean Brown, had stated that almost 1,000 child and adult specimens – including 284 baby hearts – were being stored in a basement room at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. Mr Dean stated that ‘while the samples were generally taken in line with legal standards at the time, by today’s standards these practices are totally inappropriate and unacceptable.’ ‘Although consent was given in some cases, in other cases it clearly was not given,’ he said. ‘ An autopsy did not require consent. And in other cases organs were taken for autopsy but the relatives did not understand [that], in fact, some of those organs are held for a longer period.’ He indicated that the Department of Human Services would ‘review state legislation, help develop national standards on organ removal and produce a standard autopsy consent form to ensure a similar situation did not arise again.’ The article further noted that, ‘[l]aws regarding the retrieval and storage of tissues and organs were changed in 1990 to make it compulsory for consent to be obtained from patients or next-of-kin.’

A subsequent article dated 30 June, 2001 in the Adelaide Advertiser 34 referred to samples from dead South Australian children being ‘routinely collected between 1957 and 1981 for testing for radioactive contamination’ and being sent to the Commonwealth Radiation Laboratory in Melbourne for analysis. The present writer located a document in the National Archives of Australia which indicated that nearly 800 samples had been analysed in Australia in 1965 alone, 174 of them from babies under a year old.35

In responding to the issues raised by the recent resurgence of public interest in the use of cadaver parts for the research into fallout of Strontium 90 Dr John Loy, chief executive officer of the Australian Safety Authority said:

I have to emphasise that this program wasn’t done secretly. It was reported on. It was reported in the scientific literature. It was reported in public reports. It wasn’t a secret but I think, in the standards of the time, I don’t think the idea of consent was even thought of.36

Peter Campbell, a former director of pathology at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne was quoted in June 2001 as saying:

We’re talking years ago when attitudes were different. I’m not saying they were right, but they were different. It’s true that foetuses were discarded or buried anonymously. Certainly some babies were disposed of. At the time there was a lot of anxiety about atomic energy. It was the height of the Cold War, you’ve got to remember. You could justify all sorts of things.37

The defence thus consists of two elements – that the exigencies of national security during the Cold War overrode the rights of the parents and the deceased children involved and that the practices of doctors during the approximately two decades of the experiments from 1955 onwards were consistent with the culture of medical paternalism that prevailed at the time.

In connection with the first position, it should be noted that President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments found that national security was never explicitly invoked to trigger the right of the experimenters to avoid the duty of securing informed consent from the parents. The concern here is that a double standard may have developed in the wake of the Nuremberg Trials and its emergent Code. This double standard rests in the notion of a ‘just war’. While the Nazi attempts to extend hegemony through war were declared to be unjust in the wake of the Allied victories, the ensuing ‘cold war’ was a struggle between the emergent victorious forces. In the event the western liberal democracies prevailed in the defence, through military means, of their political philosophy and the struggle has come to assume the status of a ‘just war’. In the process, activities such as the use of executed victims of the Nazi regime for the development of an authoritative anatomical atlas were repudiated.38

But a ‘slippery slope’ may be seen to have opened up in the use of human body parts for the studies of the accumulation of fission products in the food chain and humans during the testing of nuclear weapons during the ‘cold war’. It is, of course, one of the greatest ironies of the ‘cold war’ that more than 4,000 atomic and nuclear weapons were detonated, at great hazard to the atmosphere and the biosphere, in order to ‘keep the peace.’ It may be that revisionist historians of future generations will see the competitive testing era as itself a military interchange. And recent statements from the Presidents of both the USA and Russia suggest that it may not be over yet.39 This ‘slippery slope’ may have led to a ‘culture’ which culminated in practices such as that described by the UK Secretary of State for Health in a speech to the House of Commons on January 30, 2001 where he referred to the ‘unethical and illegal stripping of every organ from every child who had had a post-mortem’ by Professor van Velzen during his time as Chair of Foetal and Infant Pathology in the Department of Pathology at Alder Hey hospital of the Royal Liverpool Children’s NHS Trust. The Minister reported that the Redfern Inquiry 40 into Professor van Velzen’s practices considered that he ‘lied to parents. He lied to other doctors. He lied to hospital managers. He stole medical records. He falsified statistics and reports, and he encouraged other staff to do the same.’ The Report also considered that, according to the Minister, ‘the understanding of cot death – for which van Velzen was funded – was not advanced one iota by his practice of stripping organs from the bodies of dead children.’

Under Judaeo-Christian principles mirrored in the political philosophies of the western liberal democracies, the issue then became one of the legitimacy or not of the means used to achieve ends that were broadly, if implicitly in the absence of full public discussion outside of scientific circles, part of a prevailing moral and ethical consensus. This was resolved in practice in the last third of the twentieth century by the use of the notion of ‘medical paternalism’ by many contributors to the research into the impact on humans of radionuclides from atomic and nuclear weapons fallout.

The medical paternalism that was characteristic of these decades (though increasingly challenged) can be divided into two parts – those concerning duties to the dead infants and those concerning duties to their parents. Although the Declaration of Helsinki 41 refined the Nuremberg Code progressively throughout the last decades of the twentieth century it is actually silent on the duties owed by physicians to cadavers. While legislation such as the UK Human Tissue Act 1961, and various statements by professional bodies such as the Royal Society of Pathologists imply a need to ‘respect’ dead persons, this duty is not explicitly spelled out. There are several instances in which the needs of medical research are implied to override many ‘discomforts’ that might be experienced by lay people – i.e. patients and their carers – in relation to the disposition of body parts and tissues after death. These ‘discomforts’ have increased with the public’s realisation in recent years that organ retrieval usually takes place prior to actual death and that there is physiological evidence that it causes pain to the moribund patient.

The discussions of medical paternalism in this context have concentrated more on the duty owed to parents to elicit informed consent about the disposition of dead infants. The implication is that since the survivors are the sentient participants as distinct from the deceased, a greater duty of care is owed to them to prevent unnecessary distress if they subsequently become aware of the dismemberment of the deceased infants. Parents and others vary in their ‘funerary’ beliefs and practices, and the medical paternalist in this situation assumes that the burial or cremation of a partial body will satisfy these emotional needs if the survivors are unaware of the retrieval of the organs or dismemberment.

Allen Buchanan has defined medical paternalism as:

….interference with a person’s freedom of action or freedom of information, or the deliberate dissemination of misinformation, where the alleged justification of interfering or misinforming is that it is for the good of the person who is interfered with or misinformed.42

The right to practise this interference and/or misinformation is usually defended under one of three categories – the Prevention of Harm Argument, the Contractual Version of the Prevention of Harm Argument, and the Argument from the Inability to Understand. In the present problem, the central issue is whether or not the withholding of full information about the uses to which the cadavers will be put caused greater or less distress to the parents. Buchanan points out that the assumption that parents could not understand the greater good for which their deceased children might be dismembered reflects a ‘bleak estimate of the parental capacity for comprehension and rational decision’ and tends to be a “self-fulfilling prophecy.’43 Buchanan suggested as long ago as 1978 that the ‘medical paternalistic model’ ‘is a paradigm, a way of conceiving the physician-patient relationship.’44

As we have seen from comments in the press from parents who have discovered, often decades later, that their infants were dismembered and used for medical/scientific research, the greatest loser in the failure to elicit informed consent at the time of autopsy is trust in the doctor-patient relationship. Several commentators have observed that this breakdown in trust in turn imperils current and future efforts to secure human tissue for medical and scientific research. Which is to say that the practice has had precisely the effect least desired by the ‘harvesters’ themselves.

Buchanan also noted that, ‘[t]here are now signs that medical paternalism is beginning to be challenged from within the medical profession itself.’ Indeed, in a paper delivered in 1983 at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, to the Association of University Clinical Professors of Australia, the Hon Mr Justice MD Kirby, Chairman of the Law Reform Commission of Australia, warned that:

Nor is paternalistic assessment – ‘doctor knows best’ – appropriate in today’s world. However, there may be exceptional cases – they must be narrowly confined and they place a heavy burden upon the medical practitioner to justify them – where no information, no hint, no suggestion is appropriate because of the disproportionate harm it would do the patient. In such cases, at the very least, it would be wise, if not self-protective, for the doctor and the hospital involved to secure discussions with members of the family or close friends and relatives of the patient, so that no suggestion can be made that the medical practitioner has simply substituted, in a serious medical decision, his own assessment of the patient’s good for the patient’s assessment.45

Both the UK and Australian Ministers of Health have announced that they will be convening public interest and professional panels to refine the relevant Acts, indeed to make it a criminal offence in the UK to fail to specify the uses to which organs and tissues will be put and to solicit fully informed consent. As well as the issues raised here in connection with the need to address the culture of a slippery slope of progressively lax approaches to the retrieval of human tissues, these deliberations will take place in a context where the ethics of double blind clinical trials and the use of epidemiological data is also increasingly challenged. For example, Lord Scarman commented in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine in December 1986 that:

As the law stands at the moment I would have thought that any doctor who allows his patient to go into a randomized clinical trial without telling him runs a very real risk if things go wrong and the patient suffers injury or damage. That is just by-the-way, since it has not yet been tested. Once can see the value of this form of experimentation – perhaps it is the only way in which one can have a steady, slow progress in the development of medical treatment – but I am bound to say that I think there is danger for the doctor in going ahead with subjecting, if that is the correct word, his patient to a randomized clinical trial without warning him.46

These issues were not prominent in the papers published in the British Medical Journal’s issue on the randomised control trial at 50 47. A central issue will be whether an informed citizenry is more or less willing to support medical research (including that into the health hazards of nuclear weapons) by tissue donations, offering themselves for in vivo experimentation, or allowing their personal data to be disseminated and whether or not the medical researchers and their scientific colleagues of the latter half of the twentieth century were wrong to distrust the capacities for both autonomy and altruism of their fellow citizens.

In November, 2001 an Independent Review Group chaired by Professor Sheila McLean of Glasgow University issued its final report on Retention of Organs at Post-Mortem.48 The Group proposes that the legislation governing organ retention be re-written, to give parents and other relatives a clear right to authorise – or not – the retention of organs and tissues for clearly specified purposes. It remains to be seen whether this attempt to re-write autopsy consent forms will right the wrongs of the past, shifting as it does the locus of control from the doctors and pathologists to parents at a time of considerable distress.

Sue Rabbitt Roff Cookson Senior Research Fellow Centre for Medical Education Dundee University Medical School Email: The author holds copies of the archival documents mentioned in this article.

The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE), was created by President Clinton on January 15, 1994 to investigate and report on the use of human beings as subjects of federally funded research using ionizing radiation. ACHRE constructed a gopher site to provide public electronic access to information about its activities. Created by Executive Order and subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), the Advisory Committee was obligated to provide public access to its activities, processes and papers. The Advisory Committee believed, however, that the nature of the subject it investigated and the human stories that comprise it placed on it a special responsibility to disseminate as broadly as possible the results of its investigations, the implications of that history for our own time, and its best judgment concerning the rights and responsibilities of those involved.

The National Security Archive obtained the data from the ACHRE gopher when the Advisory Committee was dissolved in October of 1995. The information acquired from the original internet site includes:

Researchers should note that the data contains references to ACHRE contacts and e-mail addresses that, with the dissolution of the Advisory Committee, no longer exist. Further questions about ACHRE and documents collected by the Committee should be directed to the National Archives and Records Administration, where the documents have been deposited. This data was obtained by the National Security Archive with the generous support of the W. Alton Jones Foundation (Charlottesville, VA).

Massive Jim’ll Fix It Badge given to a Welsh town faces being destroyed


A huge Jim’ll Fix It badge awarded to a Welsh town is set to be destroyed.

The badge was presented to the town of Holyhead by paedophile broadcaster Jimmy Savile in 1990 to provide some cheer after a flu bug ruined the Christmas season in 1990.

Resident Jeff Evans, now a councillor, contacted the show and Savile – then a huge star – dispatched Hi Di Hi! actress Ruth Madoc and boxer Frank Bruno to the town an recreated Christmas for the day, with thousands of people turning out to take part in what culminated in the laptop-sized badge being awarded.

But since Savile was exposed as one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders following his death the badge has spent a long time in storage, the Daily Post reported , with ongoing discussions about what to do with the gift

Savile died in October 2011 aged 84Savile died in October 2011 aged 84 

Mayor Ann Kennedy, who at the time of filming was the general manager of the Holyhead Opportinities Trust, said it was likely the badge will be destroyed due to its “negative connotations” with the shamed celebrity.

She said: “The badge is being kept in storage and there’s been some thought as to what to do with it. It’s a difficult decision in many ways as it was such a lovely day and it’s not often that you can showcase your town to many millions of viewers. We still have the memories of course but when you consider the severity of Jimmy Savile’s crimes it’s not something we want to be associated with Holyhead. It seems the right thing to do.”

After the parade there was a dinner for 500 people on Newry Beach.

“It might have all started as a bit of a joke – ‘create Christmas for all the people who were ill last year’ – but it finished up as a massive fun weekend, with hundreds of people joining in and thoroughly enjoying the true spirit of the festivities.”

READ MORE    Jimmy Savile review finds BBC staff missed ‘numerous’ opportunities to stop him

Cilla Black in Holyhead




Mind Control: Programmers, Handlers, Abusers & Satanists. ALLEGEDLY!!

Links are in BLUE archived in ORANGE

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler

List of ‘Alleged’ Programmers


  1. AC/DC satanic Rock Band, 11 Leonminster Rd., Morden, Surrey SM4, England
  2. Ade, Henry. CIA & drug dealer & Monarch slave abuser, 1663 County Rd. 13, Waterloo, IN 46793
  3. Aga Khan IV, H.H. Prince Karim. Satanist & leader of Ismaili Muslims, Aiglemont, 60270 Gouvieux. France
  4. Alabama Country Music Band satanists and Monarch slave handlers, Box 529, Ft. Payne, AL 35967
  5. Baily, John, slave abuser, 1525 Pine St., Office 10. Redding, CA 96001
  6. Barnes, Don, slave abuser & in co. sherriff office, 7309 Grove Rd., Frederick, MD 21701 301-694-2152; 1513 Cedarcrest Ln, Frederick, MD 21702301-663-8316
  7. Benson, Ezra Taft, satanist/leader of LDS church. Church of Jesus Christ, Administration Bldg., 47 E. S. Temple. Salt Lake City, UT 84415
  8. Bowers, Wilbur D., Ipsimus in Illum. & Monarch programmer & CIA drug dealer. 1735 NE 11th, Bend, OR 97701 ph. 503-EV2-5162 (EV for ‘evergreen’)
  9. Brown, Edmund G. (Jerry). Jr., Illum. satanist & CA politician & slave abuser. 700 S. Flower St., #600, Los Angeles, CA 90017 (phns 415-928-6346, 415-928-5073)
  10. Brown, Charlie. Air Force Intell. & murderer & Monarch slave abuser, Box 8. Greenbrier, TN
  11. Bundy, McGeorge, Illum., 133 East 18th St., NY, NY 10021 Bus. 212-371-3200
  12. Byrd, Robert C.. Satanist and mind-control programmer & Sen. from W.VA, 311 Senate Hart Office Bldg., Washington. D.C. 20501
  13. Clinton, Hillary. Illuminati witch & mind-control slave handler, Rose Law Firm, 120 E. 4tn St., Little Rock. Ark. 72201
  14. Cochran, Hank CIA drug kingpin. Hendersonville. TN, 615-824-7011
  15. Cox, Wayne, Satanic High Priest & Monarch handler & dangerous serial killer, Rt. l. Box 84, Chatham, LA 71226
  16. Dante, Michael (Michael Vitti)Monarch slave abuser and porn maker, 3485 Canon Drive. Beverly Hills, CA 90212 218-858-9425; Orange, CA 92665, 714637-0590
  17. Day, Brad, slave abuser & coke pusher. 5300 Las Pablanos NW. Albuquerque, NM 87107
  18. Drake, Jim (and son), slave abuser & porn/drug dist., 11173 N. Kendall Dr. #F105, Miami, FL 33176
  19. Fonda, Peter. RR #38, Livingston, MT 59047
  20. Fonda, Jane, c/o Fonda Films, P.O. Box 1198, Santa Monica, CA 90406
  21. Gavoruhk, John, Police chief working for Illum. protects Monarch programmers/handlers. 121 Partridge Circle. Wintersprings, FL 32708 305-699-0618
  22. Grace, J. Peter, business leader & illuminati. CCAGW, 1301 Connecticut Ave., NW. #400, Washington, DC 20036
  23. Grateful Dead, satanic cult rock band and Illuminati cocaine distributors. P.O. Box 1566, Main Office St., Montclair, N.J. 07043
  24. Greene, Jack, CIA & white slavery & Monarch slave abuser & country entertainer, Box 485A Goodlettsviiie, TN 615-859-3284
  25. Haggard, Merle, slave abuser & country singer. P.O. Box 536, Palo Cedro, CA 96073
  26. Hestbeck, Vaughn. Monarch abuser & Danish cocaine distr., 515 Rhapsody Paquet Cruises. 1007 N. American Way, Miami, FL 33176
  27. Hope, Bob, slave owner and slave handler w/ intelligence agencies, 3808 Riverside Dr., Burbank, CA 91505
  28. Houston, Alex, satanist & Monarch programmer & CIA, 1155 Ridge Hill Rd., Goodlettsville, TN 37072 615-859-3543
  29. Hummell, Ed, Monarch programmer, Cattleman’s Steak & Seafood Co., 10260 S.W. Nimbus Ave. Suite M-3, Tigard, OR 97223 503-620-7824 (also Las Vegas?)
  30. Humperdink, Englebert, Castro Valley. CA 94546 510-733-6085
  31. King Juan Carlos I, King of Spain and Illuminati, Palacio de la Zarzuela, Madrid. Spain
  32. KISS, satanic rock band, 6363 Sunset Blvd., #417, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  33. Kissinger, Henry, Illuminat & P2 Freemason, 1800 K. St., NW. #400. Washington. D.C. 20006
  34. Kreskin, occultist, P.O. Box 1383, West Caldwell, NJ 07006
  35. Lang, Velton, white slavery & drug running, 264 Bluegrass Dr., Hendersonville, TN 37075 615-824-6076 (also at Twitty City 615-822-3210)
  36. Lewis, Jerry Lee, Monarch slave programmer & musician, P.O. Box 3864. Memphis, TN 37173; 3324 Lynchburg St. Memphis, TN 38134 901-388-1135
  37. MacLaine, Shirley, actress/author/New Age occultist, 8899 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles. CA 90048
  38. Madonna, satanist & monarch slave, 75 Rockefeler Plaza, New York, NY 10019
  39. Manson, Charles, satanist & monarch slave and monarch slave handler, Corcoran Prison, 1002 Diary Ave., Corcoran, CA 93212
  40. Martin, Diane, CIA drug dealer & Monarch slave abuser, 45-641 F. Apapane St., Keneoke, HA 96744
  41. McKee, Lloyd, drug dealer & Monarch slave abuser, 6501 Meoqui, Albuquerque, NM, 87107; 3000 Colonnade Ct. NW. Albuquerqe, NM 87107 505-345-4194
  42. McOuinn, Mike, slave handler & money launderer, Miami, FL 305-386-1512 & 305-251-5320
  43. Meadows, Hal, dir. of the CIA near death mind-control programming center. Swiss Villa Ampetheater, Box 27, Lampe, MO 65681
  44. Merritt, Jeff, CIA drug runner & slave abuser, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 809-744-4000
  45. Mitterrand, Francois Maurice Marie, Illuminati & close friend to Rothschilds & Pres. of France, Palais de l‘Elysée. 55-57 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 75008 Paris, France
  46. Nelson, Willie, singer & monarch slave handler. P.O. Box 33280, Austin. TX 78784
  47. Nunn, Sam. IlIuminati, 303 Senate Dirksen Office Bldg., Washington. D.C. 20510
  48. O’Brien, Earl. CIA Monarch abuser, 12614 Lakeshore, Grand Haven, Ml 49417
  49.  Overstreet, Tommy, CIA & white slaveryP.C. Box 41103, Nashville, TN 37204
  50.  Parton, Dolly, satanist. Crockett Road, Rt. #1. Brentwood, TN 37027
  51. Pope John Paul II (aka Karol Wojtyla), Illuminati & Freemason. Apostolic Palace, Vatican City
  52. Pride, Charley, slave abuser & white slavery & country singer & CIA. c/o Chardon Inc., 3198 Royal Ln., #204, Dallas, TX 75229
  53. Prophet, Ronnie, Satanist & Monarch slave runner, 1030 17th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208 615-321-0539
  54. Queen Beatrix (Wilhelmina Armgard). Illuminati & Queen, of the Netherlands, Binnen Huf 19. The Hague 2513 AA. The Netherlands
  55. Reynolds, Dr. Herbert H., Illuminati & Univ. CEO, Baylor Univ., Waco TX 76798; 336 Guittard Ave. Waco, TX 76706 817-753-4011
  56. Riley, Ken, CIA & Neo-nazi & Loretta Lynn’s handler/road manager, Rt. 3, Rosebrook Ct., Gallatin, TN 37066
  57. Rockefeller, Winthrop Illumnati kingpin & porn dealer. Winrock Farms, MorriIton, AR 72110 501-727-5481
  58. Rorick, David (a.k.a. Dave Roe), satanist & white slavery, 1211 Mallard, Franklin, TN, 37064
  59. Rose, Ivan, CIA & White slavery & Monarch abuser, RR 2, Mt. Pleasant Rd., Spartansburg, PA 16434 814-694-2496
  60. Ryan, Dr. Michael N., one of Illum.’s coverup doctor who patches up slaves, 353 New Shackle Is. Rd., Hendersonville. TN 37075, 615-824-8475, 615-824-8496
  61. Smith, Dan, car & drug dealer & slave abuser, P.O. Box 262. New Martinsville, W. VA 26155
  62. Stevens, Jim, Monarch slave abuser & drug runner, 1726 N. Magnolia, Ocala, FL 32670 904-622-1966 904-622-2139
  63. Tanis, Bob, CIA & Air Force Intell., Monarch abuser & Mafia & pornographer, 7278 N. Lakeshore, West Olive. MI 49460
  64. Train, Russell, Club of Rome, 1803 Kalorma Sq., Washington, D.C., 20008-4021 202-332-5800
  65. Trump, Donald. Illuminati, 725 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10022
  66. Vanderpool, Darcy, Monarch programmer, 2620 Regatta Dr. # – 116, Las Vegas, NV 891 702-242-4222
  67. Walker, Jimmy, Monarch save abuser/pornographer, 904 Carswell Waycroos, GA 31501 912-285-5594
  68. Warlock, Billy, actor, 9200 Sunset Blvd., #625, Los Angeles, CA 90069
  69. Westberry, Kent, songwriter, satanist & white slavery. 359 Lee Road, CottonTown, TN 37048




  1. Morse Allen
  2. Lt. Col. John Alexander
  3. Richard Dabney Anderson
  4. Michael  Aquino (program cover name Malcolm, also known to some children as Mickey, Betty Ford is his mother, Illum, bloodline, married to Lilith Sinclair)
  5. Astor
  6. Armstrong
  7. Bill Bennett
  8. Wilbur Bowers (program cover name Billy Boy, a Rothschild)
  9. Dr. William Jennings Bryan
  10. Burcham
  11. Burnell-Hightower
  12. Sen. Robert C. Byrd
  13. Dr D Ewen Cameron (program cover name Dr. White)
  14. Sue Carper
  15. Joe Circo
  16. Mark Circo
  17. Wayne Cox
  18. Dr. Bernard Diamond
  19. Michael Delaney (prog. covr name Robin Hood
  20. Russell G. Frazier
  21. Gaston
  22. Beth George (a Rothschild)
  23. Clair George
  24. Dr Sydney Gottlieb
  25. Col. Wilson Green
  26. John Gunter (program cover name Little John)
  27. Haggin
  28. Harrick in Denver, Co.
  29. Col. Height (sp.?)
  30. Lawrence Hinkle
  31. Alex Houston
  32. Ed Hummel
  33. Dr. Harris Isbell
  34. Dr. Jensen
  35. Johnson
  36. Steve Kilgore
  37. Kris Kristopherson
  38. Helga LaRouche
  39. Hank Levine
  40. Jerry Lee Lewis
  41. Dr. John Lilly
  42. Col. Manassah
  43. Irby Mandrell
  44. Hal Meadows
  45. Dr. Meiers (program cover name The Jolly Green Giant)
  46. Seward Prosser Mellon (program cover name Governor)
  47. Dr. Josef Mengele (program cover name Dr. Green)
  48. Dr. Joseph A. Meyer
  49. Ted V. Mikels
  50. Dr. James Monroe
  51. Heinrich Mueller (program cover name Dr. Blue)
  52. Theodore son of Heinrich Mueller (program cover name Teddy Bear)
  53. Nathan
  54. Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut
  55. Dr. Martin T. Orange
  56. Owens
  57. Col. Tom Parker
  58. Patterson
  59. Pete Peterson
  60. Ken Riley
  61. Rockefeller
  62. David Long Rothschild
  63. Guy de Rothschild
  64. Savor
  65. Alden Sears
  66. Dr. Star
  67. Maj. Strange
  68. Strong
  69. Suttenfuss
  70. Col. Taylor
  71. Leo Taylor
  72. Darcy Vanderpool
  73. Weir
  74. Kent Westberry
  75. Leo Wheeler (program cover name Dr. Black, a Collins)
  76. Robert Whitlow
  77. Harold Wolff




  1. Fritz Springmeier’s Newsletters Oct. 15, 1993; Dec. 1, ‘93; Feb, ‘94; Jan., 1995; March-April, 1995; 
  2. Perpetrators” (Monograph), 1993 by Cathy O’Brien,
  3. Fritz Springmeier’s own list of people from Survivors, In Search For the Manchurian Candidate

COUNTRY MUSIC INDUSTRY PERPETRATORS involved and knowledgeable of Monarch Mind Control   (Most are involved with the CIA’s drug running network.)

  1. Henry Ade
  2. Alabama band
  3. Atlanta
  4. Bandana
  5. Lynn Anderson
  6.  Jerry Barlow
  7. Boxcar Willie
  8. Ray Burdette
  9. Glen Campbell
  10. Ace Canon
  11. Dee Clark
  12. Roy Clark
  13. David Allen Coe
  14. Pat Corn
  15. Helen Cornelious
  16. Wayne Cox
  17. Dave DeBolt
  18. Penny Dehaven
  19. Charlie Dick
  20. The Drifters
  21. Roy Drusky
  22. Narvel Felts
  23. The Four Guys
  24. Randy and Rudy Gatlin
  25. Jim Glaser
  26. Vern Gosdin
  27.  Jack Greene
  28. Merle Haggard
  29. Alex Houston (and Elmer)
  30. Englebert Humperdink
  31. Waylon Jennings
  32. George Jones
  33. The Judds
  34. Merle Kilgore
  35. Buddy Killen
  36. Velton Lang
  37. Hank Levine
  38. Jerry Lee Lewis
  39. Ernest Ray Lynn
  40. Ronnie Lutric
  41. Jack MacFadden
  42. Reggie Maclaughlin
  43. Brent Magor
  44. Marty Martell
  45. George Moffet
  46.  Lorrie Morgan
  47. Bonnie Nelson
  48. Willie Nelson
  49. Oakridge Boys
  50. Merril Osmund
  51. Tommy Overstreet
  52. Jerry and Arlene Petty
  53. Ray Pillow
  54. Charlie Pride
  55. Ronnie Prophet
  56. Jeannie Pruett
  57. Giles Reeves
  58. Dave Roe (Rorick)
  59. Dave Roland (and Sugar)
  60. TG Sheppard
  61. Hank Snow
  62. Ronnie Stoneman
  63. Jimmy Sturr
  64. Jimmy Swaggart
  65. Mel Tillis
  66. Buck Trent
  67. Leroy VanDyke
  68. Jim Vest
  69. Mack Vickory
  70. Billy Walker
  71. Charlie Walker
  72. Jim Webb
  73. Dottie West
  74. Shelly West
  75. Kent Westberry
  76. Bobby Whitton


Michael McArthur, a recent convert from Satanism who helped abduct children provided first hand testimony that the following are involved in abductions of children:

  1. “Chucky” (aka ,,Mike,” aka “Peters”’) –FBI hit man in Div. 5 of FBI, involved also with Inslaw Case
  2. Nichol Harrah – FBI agent who abducts children for sacrifice
  3. Linda Krieg – Satanist working for FBI
  4. Ken Lanning – FBI agent who abducts children for sacrifice while claiming SRA doesn’t exist
  5. Nick O’Hara – FBI hit man, satanist, who has covered FBI child kidnapping by murdering witnesses
  6. Kepe Richardson – CIA agent who abducts children for sacrifice

In addition to all this, the following are a few of the CIA people who are both SLAVE HANDLERS and DRUG DEALERS, who haven’t gotten their names mentioned yet:

  1. Pat Bowlin
  2. George Bush & son
  3. Sue Carper (not known if she deals drugs). She does direct CIA operations and the
  4. Norwegian Caribbean Lines.
  5. Hank Cochran, a drug overlord
  6. Alan Dulles
  7. Diane Martin of Hawaii
  8. Irby Mandrell who controls other family members who are slaves such as Barbara, Louise, & Iriene.
  9. Jim Maynard, CIA covert ops Belize
  10. Jeff Meritt, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Is.
  11. Carl Misel
  12. Jim Mitchell
  13. Earl O’Brien
  14. Linda Scale
  15. Bob Tannis w/ Air Force Intell. in Ml



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More on Dr Cameron

How Fritz Springmeier Was Framed   Henry Makow Ph.D.

Fritz Springmeier

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Kincora a ‘TOTAL TRAVESTY’ Colin Wallace’s statement in full. 

Spies not blamed over Kincora in a ‘travesty’ of a child abuse inquiry

Children suffered decades of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in homes run by the state, charities and churches in Northern Ireland, an inquiry found last week.

Sir Anthony Hart chaired the four-year Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry. He said payouts of up to £100,000 should be made to those who suffered the worst abuse or were sent to Australia.

Hart found “systemic failings” at 20 of the 22 institutions probed over allegations from 1922 to 1995.

But he rejected claims that a paedophile ring involving British establishment figures abused boys at the Kincora home in Belfast.

There have long been suspicions that security services protected William McGrath—who ran the home and did abuse children—because of his links to Loyalist paramilitaries.

Among the first to voice concerns was former Army information officer Colin Wallace in 1975. He was swiftly moved from his post.

Colin said, “The astonishing claim by the authorities, including the Intelligence Services, that they knew nothing about the allegations surrounding McGrath’s sexual activities until 1980 is a total travesty.”

Security services refused to give evidence. It emerged in the inquiry that files about Kincora have been “lost”.

Colin Wallace’s statement in full

Although I initially offered to give evidence to the Hart Inquiry, I later decided not to mainly on the grounds that the Government repeatedly refused to give it the same legal powers as the corresponding Inquiry in London. I believe that both the perception and the reality of the Government’s decision is one of unfairness to the victims.

Despite my decision, I did, however, provide the Hart Inquiry with 265 pages of comment and supporting documents, drawing attention to false or misleading information contained in the transcripts of the public hearings. My reason for doing so was to enable the Inquiry to investigate and corroborate the accuracy of my past comments about Kincora and related matters, and to provide the Inquiry with the opportunity to correct the relevant errors in the its published transcripts.

None of the information I provided to the Inquiry is new. Although some of it has not previously been in the public domain, it has been in the possession of the Ministry of Defence and other Government agencies for many years and should have been made available by those authorities to the Inquiry. It should also have been made available by the authorities to previous Inquiries and the Government needs to explain why that did not happen.

Even more worrying, is the acknowledged fact that key Army Intelligence files relating to Tara and William McGrath appear to have gone missing after they were handed over by the Army to MI5 in 1989, prior to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s admission to Parliament (30 January 1990) that Ministers had “inadvertently misled” Parliament about my case. There also appears to be no record whatsoever of what became of all the ‘Clockwork Orange’ project files which I handed over to my superiors when I left Army Headquarters in Lisburn in February 1975. Some of those files related to William McGrath. To make matters worse, it is now clear from the Inquiry’s transcripts that a senior MI5 officer, Ian Cameron, falsely accused me of ‘leaking’ information to the press about William McGrath. His claim was that I did so without authority.

The MI5 claim is bizarre because, as my army superior at the time has confirmed in the press, I was officially instructed by my superiors in Psy Ops, at the behest of Major General Peter Leng, to brief the press about McGrath as early as 1973, in a bid to draw media attention to his activities. I have no doubts whatsoever that because General Leng wanted the press to investigate McGrath, he had very good reasons for doing so and deserves credit for what he did.

It is also significant that the MI5 officer who accused me of ‘leaking’ information about McGrath to the press later refused to be interviewed by the Terry Inquiry investigators about why he ordered Army Intelligence officer, Captain Brian Gemmell, to stop investigating William McGrath. Clearly, the Army and MI5 had very different agendas regarding McGrath and his activities.

The astonishing claim by the authorities, including the Intelligence Services, that they knew nothing about the allegations surrounding McGrath’s sexual activities until 1980 is a total travesty. As my documents clearly show, it is simply not credible that I knew more about McGrath and his activities than the combined Intelligence community did in 1973/74. One must conclude, therefore, that the Intelligence Services did not tell the Inquiry all they knew about McGrath during the 1970s. Indeed, most of the information I possessed about McGrath in 1973/74 came from within the Intelligence community and was quite substantial. Moreover, my 1973 press briefing document clearly contains more information about McGrath than the Intelligence Services have claimed to the Inquiry that they possessed at that time! Finally, to suggest that because I gave the press the exact postal address (including the street number of the property) and telephone number of the Kincora home, but did not actually include the name, ‘Kincora’, that somehow invalidates my evidence, is an unacceptable attempt to avoid facing up to what I have been saying over the years. That information also shows that the claim made by the Intelligence Services to the Inquiry that they were not aware until 1980 of where McGrath worked is demonstrably false.

Overall, I believe the Inquiry has been a wasted opportunity to establish the full facts relating to this matter and I feel the victims have been let down yet again, as they were by previous inquiries.

KINCORA: Colin Wallace Statement Jan 20th 2017




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