Javid urges “honest open debate” about child sexual exploitation after Labour’s Champion quit frontbench role

Thursday 17 August 2017


The communities secretary, Sajid Javid, has defended the Labour MP Sarah Champion, who resigned from the frontbenchafter she said in an article in the Sun that Britain had “a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”.

Champion resigned as shadow minister for women and equalities, having earlier said her words had been “stripped of nuance” by the tabloid.

But the Sun produced emails from an aide to the MP saying she was “thrilled” with the piece.

Javid, who was the first British Pakistani MP to lead a government department, criticised Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting Champion had been removed from her post by the Labour leader as a result of the controversy.

Javid tweeted: Sajid Javid (@sajidjavid) August 17, 2017



Champion has been a vocal campaigner on child sexual exploitation during her time as MP for Rotherham.

A 2014 inquiry led by Prof Alexis Jay concluded that at least 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town over a six-year period, predominantly by British Pakistani men.

“I am concerned that my continued position in the shadow cabinet would distract from the crucial issues around child protection which I have campaigned on my entire political career,” she said in her resignation statement.

In her article in the Sun, published in the aftermath of another string of child sex abuse convictions in Newcastle,

Champion wrote: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is? For too long we have ignored the race of these abusers and, worse, tried to cover it up. No more. These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage.”

Read more Sarah Champion resigns as shadow equalities minister

Controversy over the piece, published last Friday after Champion was quoted approvingly in a separate article by the Sun columnist Trevor Kavanagh, in which he said politicians had to deal with “the Muslim problem” and that Champion was one of the few politicians prepared to speak out.

Champion said she was horrified that a “repulsive and extreme Islamophobic” column had quoted her positively but Kavanagh’s piece prompted more than 100 cross-party MPs, led by the Labour’s Naz Shah, to write a letter to the Sun accusing him of using “Nazi-era language” to demonise a community.

Shah had used Javid as an example of a British Pakistani man who should not be stereotyped, in an article she wrote rebutting Champion’s piece.

“Let’s be clear about ‘Pakistani’ men – are we including the secretary of state for communities and local government, Sajid Javid, in this sweeping statement? Because he’s Pakistani,” she wrote in the Independent.

“Or how about Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London? The list goes on. There is no community where men don’t rape girls and we must face up to it.”

Amina Lone, a former Labour parliamentary candidate and community activist, also defended Champion, saying she had been made a scapegoat.

“She’s being punished for a subsequent column in the same newspaper that referenced her,”

Lone told BBC Newsnight. “She also said in her article the vast majority of convictions are against white men acting alone. But we haven’t seen an outcry from white men.

“She was very specific about a certain type of exploitation crime, from a certain community with cultural differences. I think she’s been punished and used as a scapegoat because as a politician she’s an easy target.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/aug/17/sajid-javid-says-jeremy-corbyn-wrong-to-sack-sarah-champion




READ IN FULL http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15479425.Javid_urges__quot_honest_open_debate_quot__about_child_sexual_exploitation_after_Labour__39_s_Champion_quit_frontbench_role/

We have an answer from #ScotCops…. & It is AS CLEAR AS MUD

Following on from 37 famous Scots among child abuse suspects. WHERE ARE THE ARRESTS? https://spidercatweb.blog/2016/03/29/37-famous-scots-among-child-abuse-suspects-where-are-the-arrests-sco/

The FOI response below SUPPOSEDLY explains everything..




https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/207437/response/517801/attach/html/3/14%200834%20Response.pdf.html. http://archive.is/YNSy5

Download original attachment (PDF)



UN torture committee publishes findings on Ireland

The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) has published the findings from its recent examination of Ireland.

The concluding observations published online include strong recommendations for action on immigration, healthcare, detention, violence against women, reproductive rights and historic abuse.

Minister of state David Stanton led a delegation to Geneva last month for the examination of Ireland’s compliance with the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT), which it ratified in 2002.

The UN committee also received submissions from 20 Irish NGOs, including the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

ILN will carry in-depth analysis of the UN findings on Monday.


NO JAIL for woman who embezzled £23,000 from Queen Lizzy’s nephew’s bro-in-law. #ViscountPetersham

March 7th 2017


A viscount’s former personal assistant escaped jail today after embezzling almost £23,000 from her employer.

Naomi Barrett, 53, went on a spending spree buying kitchen appliances and art works while working at Crimongate mansion in Aberdeenshire.

She also withdrew cash from Viscount Petersham’s credit card while committing the crime last year.

Barrett, of Tithe Barn, Branscome, Devon, admitted the offence after she was charged and appeared in court for sentence today.

Ruaridh McAllister said the former employee had access to the company credit card as part of her role working for his business near Fraserburgh.

He said: “In December 2015 the complainer and the accused made a verbal agreement that she would live rent free at a property owned by the complainer.”

The court heard that it was agreed that she could install a shower and two stoves.

Mr McAllister said: “In January 2016 the accused went to Aberdeenshire Fireplaces in Mintlaw and ordered the two stoves.

“She later paid for them using the company credit card.

“It wasn’t until May 2016 that the complainer had a concern about possible financial irregularity on the credit card through the purchases that had been carried out.”

The court heard that the business owner noticed a number of “unauthorised purchases” and Barrett was interviewed.

Mr McAllister said: “She admitted full responsibility and accepted that she had used the credit to purchase various items totalling up to the figure in the charge without the authorisation of the complainer.”

The court heard that hundreds of pounds of cash had been withdrawn from ATMs on various occasions.

The credit card had also been used to buy the stoves and paintings from an art gallery in Banff.

Defence lawyer Stuart Flowerdew said his client had money to fully reimburse her former employer but had not approached him because their relationship was now “somewhat strained”.

He said: “She was quite keen for the money to be paid at an early date.”

Background reports prepared for the court stated that Barrett was not fit enough to carry out unpaid work in the community as part of her punishment due to health conditions.

Mr Flowerdew said his client had been assessed as being at low risk of offending and suggested that his client would benefit from assistance such as counselling.

Sheriff Andrew Miller told her: “You have pled guilty to this serious offence of embezzlement to the tune of almost £23,000 which you improperly obtained essentially from your employment by using a credit card which had been made available to you in order to meet legitimate expenses in connection with your work.

“And this offence was committed over a substantial period of time, over a year so its undoubtedly a serious matter Miss Barrett.”

Sheriff Miller noted that Barrett, who lives with her mother, had a previous conviction from 2005 which also related to dishonesty connected to another job.

But he said he was persuaded not to impose a custodial sentence due to her “significant” health issues and the fact she was at low risk of reoffending.

Barrett was ordered to carry out a community payback order with an 18 month supervision order and a compensation requirement.

She was told to repay the embezzled cash by April 7 or face the possibility of going to jail.

Barrett refused to comment when she left court.

She previously admitted a charge of embezzling £22,973.00 while employed as the personal assistant of Viscount Petersham and CMG Events between February 2015 and April 2016.

https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/north-east/1188836/woman-embezzled-23000-north-east-aristocrat-avoids-jail/         https://archive.is/XO7op

£23,000?  It was originally £25,000  

QUOTE    “Naomi Tamzin Barrett is alleged to have gone on a £25,000 spending spree across the north-east using a credit card provided by her employer – CMG Events.  The company is run by Viscount Petersham, William Stanhope, and his ex-model wife Candida Bond.”




AUGUST 12th 2017

Nicholas Riley @Nicholasriley25



Nicholas Riley @Nicholasriley25

Retired p investigater looking for missing children connected to Grimsby police & Cllrs involved in paedophilia Fremasons also solicitors in Grimsby 07517302789.



Allegedly Humberside police grimsby, the freemen or elite of grimsby even the lowley solicitors of this god forsaken place all connected to child murders on an industrial scale, i found 3 video tapes of this. At an old police lodging house, also a man hanging in the stairwell, his finger nails buried in the hand rail of the stairs, A mumified body of a child in an old chest freezer, i learned a week later the hanging mans sister was found hanging in an empty pub, did any of this make the local paper?
NO, but a dead dog in a wheelie bin makes front page michelle lollar the GT editer got the films first but decided to protect grimsby paedophiles or at least the elite ones, as did a mp who mysteriousley appeared in grimsby with pcc keith Hunter a dubious ex-cop who runs humberside police and rents himself out to elite peados the likes of max clifford, rolf harris ext REDACTED an ex cop whose office is in mayfair london not his dodgy police station in hull captitol of paedophile culture in the council offices, 

The story is told by nicolas riley and we take no responsibilty for its accuracy at freedom talk radio but given news stories this is very similar to mass police and councill frauds and corruption nationwide..

We discuss the soham murders and ian huntly.


Dumfriesshire monster abused children for 25 years while he babysat them


One of Scotland’s most dangerous paedophiles is behind bars.

Andrew Fraser, from Annan , admitted abusing 12 young girls over a 25-year period.

The 64-year-old gained the trust of parents so he could babysit some of his victims.

Fraser then subjected them to sexual abuse and took pictures and videos of them naked.

He assaulted one child while she slept and forced another, aged under 10, to play with a sex toy.

Fraser, who was remanded in custody at Glasgow High Court, faces a lengthy prison term when he is sentenced by Judge Lord Beckett at Edinburgh next month.

Detective Inspector Robin Ferguson , of the public protection unit, said: “This is without doubt the largest sexual offences investigation involving one perpetrator that we have ever encountered in Dumfries and Galloway, possibly even Scotland.

“This investigation identified Fraser as having abused young children over decades.

“Sadly his crimes went unreported due to his style of grooming.

“He built relationships within the local community, with the parents and relatives of the victims, before proceeding to abuse them after being seen as a trustworthy person.

“He can only be described as a dangerous sexual predator and the damage he has caused is incalculable.”

Fraser’s catalogue of abuse was uncovered when police found indecent photographs of youngsters on his computer.

Detectives were able to identify a number of the victims and Fraser was identified because of distinctive tattoos.

The predator, now living in Queensberry Street, had initially faced 55 charges but admitted 17 of them against 12 girls between 1991 and 2015, when he appeared at court on Friday.

The court heard that Fraser was well known in Annan and parents trusted him to look after their children.

One of his victims was only six or seven when Fraser abused her at his then home in Eden Place.

Another, aged 13, told police she had no memory of the abuse until she later saw the photographs.

The offences came to light after the police received information that he had a collection of indecent photographs of children.

Officers seized a computer, hard drives and a quantity of CDs and discs.

Prosecutor Stephen McCloy said: “A forensic examination of this computer equipment recovered still and moving images of children.

“These showed the sexual abuse of five of Fraser’s victims. There were also images which appeared to have been downloaded from the internet.”

A further search of Fraser’s home uncovered a pen drive and a Lenovo think pad laptop which contained indecent images of children.

Fraser, who is unemployed and on benefits, has previous convictions for theft and a racially aggravated breach of the peace.

http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumfriesshire-monster-abused-children-25-10958643     https://archive.is/UpzyO     

Child abuse inquiry to probe Lanarkshire childrens homes run by nuns


THE second phase of the Scottish child abuse inquiry will further investigate controversial children’s homes run by a Catholic Order of nuns.
It is examining historical allegations of the abuse of children in care and has been taking statements from witnesses since last spring. 
Officials said the first part of the second phase starting in autumn will focus on homes run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, such as Smyllum Park in Lanark and Bellevue House in Rutherglen.
The head of the religious order which ran the controversial children’s homes has already described allegations of abuse as a “mystery”.
Sister Ellen Flynn, leader of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in Great Britain, told the inquiry her congregation could find “no evidence” of abuse taking place at Smyllum Park.
The inquiry, led by Lady Smith, heard more than 4,000 children passed through the home between 1930 and its closure in 1981.
Former residents have alleged the sisters administered severe beatings at Smyllum, where the bodies of up to 100 orphans lie in an unmarked grave.
The inquiry earlier heard how neither the sisters nor lay staff at the school had qualifications for looking after children until they began to undertake childcare courses in the late 1960s.
As well as a small group of nuns, the school employed between 30 to 35 people as childcare workers, nurses, laundry workers and handymen, all of whom could access the children unaccompanied.
The inquiry also heard that in the early part of the century it had been “common practice” to separate siblings.
While the inquiry heard that “some very good archival evidence” exists in relation to Smyllum, it was told there are no records of punishments which were handed out.
Yesterday it was revealed that Phase 2 hearings will start on November 28 and applications are being sought to give evidence into the two Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul homes.
A spokesman for the inquiry said: “The deadline for leave to appear in relation to the first case study is September 4. Applicants must show that they have a direct or substantial interest in the scope and purpose of the hearings.  
“The evidence given at the hearings will supplement written statements taken from witnesses in advance and documents recovered by the inquiry team during investigations.”
Public hearings began in Edinburgh in May and a series of religious organisations has admitted children were abused in their care and issued apologies, including the Catholic Church in Scotland. The hearings have heard a catalogue of damning testimony about the loss or destruction of vital records kept by institutions accused of presiding over abusive regimes.
Legislation lifting the time-limit on damages for child abuse cases was passed by the Scottish parliament earlier this year.The Bill removes the current three-year limitation period for personal injury actions in cases of child abuse where the person was under 18 at the time.
It will apply to all cases of child abuse after September 1964 – but campaigners are still lobbying for justice for those who were abused before then.
Religious orders are also facing demands for redress for victims. During the inquiry, the Catholic Church said it was considering cash compensation for survivors. The cost may be at least £200million.
In early 2018, the inquiry will examine homes run by Sisters of Nazareth, investigating Nazareth House sites in Aberdeen, Cardonald, Kilmarnock and Lasswade. 

http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15463546.Child_abuse_inquiry_to_probe_Lanarkshire_childrens_homes_run_by_nuns/        https://archive.is/EpJVI

More Scots seek help to stop viewing child abuse images


The number of people contacting a Scottish charity that tries to help people to stop looking at sexual images of children has doubled in a month.

Stop It Now! was launched in October 2015 with the aim of tackling the online viewing and sharing of sexual images of children.

In the first year, 1293 people sought help, with those numbers set to double in 2016-17.

After a public awareness campaign in June, the number contacting the charity jumped from 134 to 252 – an 82% increase.

One user told Stop it Now: “Since accessing the Stop it Now! website I have found it to be an invaluable source of information for anyone like me that wants to change their life around for the better. 

“To try to go it alone without a support group and resources from Stop it Now! would be disastrous.”

“There are people out there who will get help to stop but they need to know the help is there in the first place.”

Stop it Now! Scotland’s national manager Stuart Allardyce, said: “There are people out there who will get help to stop but they need to know the help is there in the first place.

“We know this because we have worked with thousands of men over the years to help them understand the harm done to children by viewing online sexual images of under 18s and to put in place measures that stop them looking at such images again. “

Martin Maclean, of Edinburgh’s Public Protection Unit, said: “It’s encouraging to see a greater awareness of the support Stop It Now! Scotland can offer.

“I urge anyone having inappropriate thoughts about children or thoughts about accessing inappropriate material online to get help. 

“This campaign is focused on prevention to help individuals avoid the serious consequences they will otherwise face if they act on these thoughts.”

https://stv.tv/news/scotland/1395355-people-seeking-help-from-child-abuse-charity-doubles/     https://archive.is/IFGnM

‘Children still at risk’ from Met Police failings, report says


Children in London are still being put at risk by Met Police investigations into child sexual abuse, six months after a watchdog raised the alarm.

In November HM Inspectorate of Constabulary found 75% of child abuse cases were dealt with “inadequately” or needed improvement.

A new audit found a string of flaws were still apparent in some inquiries.

The Met Police admitted “there is still a lot of work to be done” but said “progress had been made”.

Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Graham McNulty said Scotland Yard “fully accepted” the “tough messages” of the initial report.

“The improvements required which will take some time to fully deliver,” he added.

An internal audit team examined 170 case files following a 2016 report by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

HM Inspector of Constabulary Matt Parr said: “We have started to see some encouraging progress being made.

“We are aware that some actions will take time to become part of routine practice.”

But “these findings do not indicate that any significant improvement has occurred”, the report added.

Grey line

Examples of ‘failings’

  • Delays in officers visiting victims

  • Investigating officers not communicating effectively with each other

  • A lack of investigation to trace suspects in child sexual exploitation cases

  • Crimes not being recorded according to Home Office counting rules for underage sex

  • Delays in efforts to trace missing youngsters

Grey line

In its latest report, the inspectorate said: “At present, these findings do not indicate that any significant improvement has occurred in the quality of investigations or the nature of decision making. This is of concern.

“There are signs that improvement activity in some principal areas is not leading to better outcomes for children or improvements in practice.”

The original inspection – described as the most damning ever produced by the watchdog – found an “indefensible” lack of leadership in child protection.

The latest assessment covers the three months to the end of June.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40887756    https://archive.is/dzQMN

Eighteen found guilty over Newcastle sex grooming network after plying girls with drugs

Four trials find 17 men and one woman guilty of nearly 100 offences including rape and human trafficking of vulnerable women and girls

First row: Nashir Uddin, Taherul Alam, Mohammed Hassan Ali, Mohammed Azram, Monjur Choudhury, Saiful Islam.

Second row: Abdulhamid Minoyee, Jahanger Zaman, Mohibur Rahman, Prabhat Nelli, Nadeem Aslam, Eisa Mousavi.

Third row: Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, Carolann Gallon, Abdul Sabe, Redwan Siddquee, Yassar Hussain

Wednesday 9 August 2017 10.19 EDT

Seventeen men and one woman have been found guilty of involvement in a sex grooming network in Newcastle upon Tyne that plied vulnerable women and girls with drink and drugs before assaulting them.

In a series of four trials at Newcastle crown court, juries found the men guilty of a catalogue of nearly 100 offences – including rape, human trafficking, conspiracy to incite prostitution and drug supply – between 2011 and 2014.

The men befriended more than 20 victims and invited them to “sessions” at properties, mostly in the west end of the city.

The girls were lured by the offer of alcohol and drugs, in particular mephedrone (“Mkat”) and cannabis, and were expected to offer sexual services in return for the substances.

The victims, all females between 13 and 25, were targeted because they were vulnerable and because they were less likely to complain because of their circumstances, the prosecution argued.

The court heard accounts of young women who were drugged before waking up to find themselves undressed, having been sexually assaulted.

Police paid convicted child rapist to spy on Newcastle sex abusers

The men – some of whom were related or friends since childhood – were convicted in four interlinked trials that have run over more than two years.

The trials were the result of police investigation Operation Shelter, which fell under the umbrella of Operation Sanctuary – Northumbria police’s investigation into the sexual exploitation of children and adults with vulnerabilities.

Police identified as many as 108 potential victims in Operation Shelter and 278 victims in the wider Operation Sanctuary.

Operation Shelter has clear similarities to grooming scandals in Rotherham and Rochdale, which featured gangs of British Asian men abusing white girls.

The men in operation Shelter are from a wider range of backgrounds, including Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish.

The trials, the first of which finished in October 2015, could not be reported until all were concluded for fear that they would be prejudiced.

During the trials, the court also heard how Northumbria police paid a convicted child rapist – referred to as XY – £9,680 over 21 months to find out about the times and whereabouts of parties where girls were being plied with drugs and alcohol, to gather evidence for their investigation.

No evidence from the informant, a British-Asian man in his 30s with links to the defendants, was put before the jury.

The NSPCC condemned the use of the man, saying it raised serious questions about the force’s approach to child sexual exploitation operations.

The police argued that it would not have been possible to uncover the crimes in Operation Shelter “using conventional methods”.

Northumbria police’s outgoing chief constable, Steve Ashman, said the sexual exploitation of vulnerable people was “the challenge of our generation”. He added:

“Operation Sanctuary was the most complex investigation in the force’s history. There is a wider debate to be had as to how this is to be tackled moving forward. I am confident that we are getting this right, we will never stop pursuing those responsible, and we will throw everything we can at them and we will catch them.”

In the final trial, which concluded on Wednesday, Habibur Rahim, 34, was found guilty of rape, the trafficking of seven victims, conspiracy to incite prostitution against seven victims, as well as drugs offences.

Abdul Sabe, 40, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit sexual assault against two victims, trafficking for the purpose of sexual assault against four victims and conspiracy to incite prostitution against four victims, as well as drugs offences

Badrul Hussain, 37, was found guilty of providing premises for the supply of cocaine, mephedrone and cannabis.

Mohibur Rahman, 44, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, three counts of providing mephedrone and two counts of providing premises for the supply of mephedrone.

In the final trial, Newcastle crown court heard how girls came to trust the defendants, particularly Rahim – known as Sham – who introduced them to other men in the group.

The court heard that on April 2014, an 18-year-old victim fell asleep while intoxicated by mephedrone.

She awoke to her find herself on a bed with her trousers down, Rahim next to her and a wardrobe against the door.

She said Rahim told her: “We just done it.” He was convicted of rape.

The court heard that Rahim attempted to persuade victims to have sex with his friends, with one complainant saying she did it “out of loyalty to him”.

Rahim argued that all of the witnesses testifying against him were liars, that the police were racist and that he was a victim.

Giving evidence, an off-duty probation officer described how she was on a night out in Tynemouth, North Tyneside, when she saw Sabe ushering a group of young girls into the back of a black 4×4.

She called the police as she knew Sabe to be on the sex offenders register.

After the report, police visited Sabe and Rahim at Sabe’s flat in Walker, Newcastle.

The pair were given warnings for cannabis possession and an entry was put on the police log to say “nothing untoward” had happened.

On another occasion, 7 February 2011, police arrived to speak to Sabe while he was drinking with young women at the derelict Ship in the Hole pub in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

One girl, then 19, told the court that police attended while she and two other women were in Rahim’s car with another, unknown man.

The victim told how she and the other women had been drinking cans of lager and smoking cannabis when the police arrived.

She said everyone in the car was searched but Rahim was then allowed to drive away.

The court was told how on one occasion a father was called to collect his daughter from a house on Northcote Street, where a number of the crimes were committed, at 12.15am on 27 March 2014.

He described how he saw her coming towards him barefoot carrying a glass of orange liquid, “clothing in disarray, highly intoxicated”.

He said her condition worsened and she could not stand.

“Her head was flopping and she was unable to control her movements. She was in no fit state to look after herself or control herself.”

The jury was told that the men had no respect for their victims and that they chose them because they were “easy targets”.

The court heard that in April 2014, Badrul Hussain – who was found guilty of providing premises for drug supply – was caught traveling on public transport without a ticket.

The female ticket inspector claimed that he shouted at her:

“All white women are only good for one thing. For men like me to fuck and use like trash. That’s all women like you are worth.”

The allegations against the men in Operation Shelter came to light in December 2013 after two separate allegations made near the same time – one of a serious sexual assault made to police by a young women and the other by two teenagers aged 14 and 15 speaking to a social worker.

The first charges were brought in February 2015. After media coverage of arrests made as part of the investigation, two more complainants attended Byker police station on 17 February 2014 to report crimes.

A woman, Carolann Gallon, 23, also pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The majority of those convicted in the trials are due to be sentenced on 4 September this year.

The decision to prosecute Gallon was taken by the director of public prosecutions after it was decided that she was not a victim, but part of the gang.

She pleaded guilty to transporting children to locations where the intention was that they would be subject to sexual offences.

Although many of the defendants were charged with conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain, there is no suggestion that any of the victims were sex workers.

Like other prominent child sex grooming cases, Shelter involves the “boyfriend model” of sexual exploitation, where a vulnerable person is encouraged to believe they are in a loving relationship with their abuser.

In a parliamentary report published in November 2014 into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, MPs said they had reached “the alarming conclusion” that Rotherham was not an outlier and that there was a widespread problem of organised child sexual exploitation in England.

A spokesperson for the child exploitation charity Pace said: “Sadly we know that child sexual exploitation has been widespread throughout the country and it can affect any child or family. It is good that the perpetrators have finally been brought to justice. There has been immense trauma inflicted on those young people and their families. There will be lessons to be learned.”

A serious case review into Operation Shelter was commissioned by Newcastle safeguarding children’s board and safeguarding adult’s board in May 2015.

It will be authored by retired barrister David Spicer and is expected to report in December.

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/aug/09/newcastle-sex-grooming-network-operation-shelter   http://archive.is/CDlPq











Second phase of the Scottish #ChildAbuseInquiry announced

9th Aug 2017 


The second phase of hearings in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is to open with a case study centring on care establishments run by a Catholic order.

The independent inquiry is looking in detail at historical abuse of children in residential care in Scotland.

The inquiry has been separated into a series of phases, the first of which continues on 31 October.

Phase two starts on November 28 with a study of homes run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.

Applications to appear in relation to this case study are now open, with a particular focus on Smyllum Park in Lanark and Bellevue House in Rutherglen. The deadline for applications to appear, for people with a direct or substantial interest in the hearings, close on 4 September.

Further case studies will be announced in due course.

Scottish Abuse Inquiry ~ THE most comprehensive & INCLUSIVE list of Institutions, Care Homes, Schools etc https://spidercatweb.blog/2015/11/02/scottish-paedophilia-institutions-care-homes-schools-paedo-rings/

Inquiry scope

More than 60 institutions including several top private schools and church bodies are being investigated as part of the probe, which is chaired by Lady Smith and is due to report no sooner than October 2019.

The inquiry states its purpose as being “to investigate the nature and extent of abuse of children whilst in care in Scotland”, while considering “the extent to which institutions and bodies with legal responsibility for the care of children failed in their duty”, in particular seeking any “systemic failures”.

However, it does not cover children who were abused while living with their natural or adoptive families, while using sports and leisure clubs or attending faith based organisations on a day to day basis. The inquiry will also not examine allegations of children being abused in non-boarding schools, nursery or day-care centres.

The evidence given at hearings will supplement written statements taken from witnesses in advance, and the inquiry is continuing to take statements from survivors of abuse in private sessions.

The first phase of hearings, which began in May, heard apologies from groups who said they “deplored that physical sexual abuses could occur”.

The inquiry, which had cost more than £7.8m as of 30 June, is taking place at Rosebery House in Edinburgh.

Most comprehensive & INCLUSIVE list of Institutions, Care Homes & Schools https://spidercatweb.blog/2015/11/02/scottish-paedophilia-institutions-care-homes-schools-paedo-rings/

 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-40877226    https://archive.is/TuyyV


Here is what Scot Gov & the establishment don’t want you to know


Have I just let the WildCat out the bag?!


May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb….

THE most comprehensive & INCLUSIVE list of Institutions, Care Homes & Schools https://spidercatweb.blog/2015/11/02/scottish-paedophilia-institutions-care-homes-schools-paedo-rings/

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  11. Abuse inquiry chief quits amid counter-accusations Herald Scotland
  12. CSA Inquiry Scotland: It’s 2 down 1 to go as Chairwoman quits
  13. CSA Chairwoman’s Letter of Resignation to John Swinney
  14. CSA inquiry row ‘centred on use of public cash’, says BIG FAT LIAR Swinney
  15. Scottish child abuse inquiry witnesses ‘deserve answers’
  16. Survivors Call For Wider Remit As Some Quit Inquiry To Seek ‘Justice’
  17. Fresh controversy engulfs troubled Child Abuse Inquiry




The story of a warrior ~ BRIAN CLARE

I was born on the 23rd January 1968. In 1977 at the age of nine years old I was taken into the care of the local authority by the then, Sunderland Borough Council’s, Social Services Department.

As a child I was considered to be a ‘problem child’ and I lived with my mother who was a single parent.

During my early years my behaviour was such that my mother enlisted the support of Sunderland Social Services, and together, they decided that the care home system was the only way to control me.

I understand that the reason I was taken into care was due to the fact that I had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

On or about 25 January 1977 I was placed in a local authority assessment centre and I remained there for one a half years.

Between 18 July 1977 and 26 August 1977 I was placed in a childrens’ home in Northumberland.

I was returned to the assessment home between 26 August 1977 and 16 February 1978 before being transferred to another home in Sunderland, until September 1978, when again I was moved back to the assessment home.

On 8 January 1979 I was moved to a very notorious home and I left care completely shortly before my 16th birthday.

Stannington Grove Hospital Before I was subjected to a care order, at the age of six I was admitted to Stannington Grove Hospital.

I recall on a daily basis having been subjected to abuse. I was frequently being punched and hit by other children. The staff chose to do nothing about it.

Emsworth House Assessment Centre

When I first entered Emsworth House I was eight years old. I recall clearly, being taken to a side room with my mother. I ran away from the home shortly after admission and the only reason was simply to be with my mam. My punishment for running away was to regarded as a runaway risk and I was therefore treated like a prisoner.

The secure unit was like a cell. I remember that there were no light switches or door handles on the inside of the room and there was one plastic light fitting in the centre of the ceiling. In the door to the room there was a single square window which looked out onto the hall outside. The glass of course was reinforced. The bed was a rudimentary block with a mattress sat on it. The mattress and the pillows all had plastic covers on and there was no real bedding to speak of.  Anyway I had to be content with my surroundings as I was required to spend seventeen hours in the secure unit each day.

I have horrible memories of long nights spent in that room and it would true to say that suicide crossed my mind on many occasions.

I stole a knife from the class room, during the day, to cut my wrists. I hid it under the mattress. I never did go through with it I was allowed out of the secure unit during the day to attend a class room.

I have distinct memories of an old lady who clearly liked her job., who used to teach in the class. She regularly placed drawing pins on my chair and forced me to sit on them. She was also very fond of the ruler as a means of corporal punishment and she would often strike my knuckles with it.

Another feature of class was the dunce hat, it was a conical hat, like you see in the cartoons. We would be made to wear this hat at times when we were considered to have done something wrong or stupid. My education was not furthered because of any of my time spent in that class room.

In the secure unit I would be forced to go without clothes and had to go for periods of time, naked. Not only was this very cold but it was also degrading for an eight year old boy.

Night times were especially bad at Emsworth.

I recall one male worker who would visit my room on a night and stand outside of my room looking through the glass at me. He would then switch the light on quickly for five to twenty minutes. This used to be make me very scared. I can see no other reason why he would do this at all, other than to make me frightened.

The same member of staff also abused me sexually. He had previously been a priest. He used to fondle my genitals and he would pull my pyjama bottoms down.

At the time my hair was like Michael Jackson’s and my pyjama top had a picture of Michael Jackson on it. This man made me masturbate him. He also raped me which caused me intense pain.

To this day it is extremely traumatic to talk about the sexual abuse I was subjected to.

Witherwack House the Most Notorious

On 8 January 1979 I was transferred to Witherwack House, it was a couple of weeks before my eleventh birthday. As far as I know I was the very first resident in the home after it opened and I remained there until 1984.

This was to be the worst five years of my live.

Almost immediately after moving to Witherwack House I was subjected to constant physical and psychological abuse by members of staff and ‘care’ workers. I was constantly picked on by members of staff who dragged me around by my neck; punched me, grabbed me by the testicles, gave me black eyes and a broken nose. I was also forced into a bath of hot water and then cold water. When I was alone the staff beat me, punching me repeatedly with both fists in the stomach and my head, causing great pain.

During one such instance I screamed and cried for them to stop but they just kept on beating me. I begged them and still it went on.

I was also sexually assaulted by a male member of staff who later became involved with child protection. He informed me that he would single me out for punishment

The forms of punishment employed by the staff at Witherwack House included restraint techniques. On one occasion my arm was held up my back so badly my shoulder blade needed medical treatment. My thumb would be bent backwards. until it touched my forearm. This was done at least daily and was extremely painful.

I suffer from epilepsy and I believe this was caused by my head being hit of objects.

This was not reasonable punishment and force being used – this was eveil.

I often heard screams of other residents being abused. Indeed I witnessed a rape of a girl who was eight or nine at the time – I tried to intervene but I was beaten senseless for my trouble – it was the best kicking of my life.

I was assaulted at least five or six times a day.

On one occasion I was raped.

Children were encouraged to have sex with each other and if we didn’t we would be kicked and beaten all over again.

I was also bullied by other children at the home, by the order of the staff – I carry the scars on my head to prove it. Even now I have flashbacks and nightmares about the abuse.

My life has been spoiled as a result of the abuse I have suffered, I do not trust people and sit and study people to try and understand them because I still feel people want to hurt me.

I believe that the Director of Social Services was fully aware of the abuse that went on as was the Assistant Director of Social Services.

Today and Tomorrow………..

As a result of my experiences I have avidly campaigned against child abuse and spoken with local and national media on many occasions to spread the message and raise the awareness of child abuse amongst the public.

In a similar way to when I was in care when I felt it was my duty to absorb the abuse suffered by others, I continue to feel it is my responsibility as a survivor, to try and prevent it happening to others.

I have canvassed my local MP and the Government for 15 years; I was awarded damages, but not Justice.



Justin Bieber: Pedophiles Run The ‘Evil’ Music Industry – Your News Wire

August 3, 2017 Baxter Dmitry

Justin Bieber told the congregation at a Bible class in L.A. that the music industry is controlled by the worst kind of people – pedophiles.

Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that he has “woken up” to the “evils of the music industry” and he needs to take a break from the industry because it is “controlled by the absolute worst kind of people – pedophiles.”

Bieber has become a regular at the Bible study class held at the Montage in Beverly Hills and on Saturday 22nd July he shared what he described as a “horrific story” with the congregation and explained why he felt he had to quit his world tour.

Describing a party on tour – attended by the upper echelon of the music business, including executive VPs of development, producers, power agents and international financiers – Bieber said he was encouraged to sexually abuse a young child who had been bought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite.

“I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t. They said this kid was drugged, it was horrible,” Bieber said, explaining that it was made clear to him that he would gain entry to the “business side of the industry” if he “joined the club” by passing the initiation rites.

“I wouldn’t just be a performer, I’d be a mogul. That path would open up for me, like it did for Jay-Z.”

“It’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire.”

But Bieber told the congregation that he couldn’t do it.

“To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill this little child.”

Bieber said he had heard rumors about this type of initiation in the music industry, but he had not been confronted with it before.

“I got told they secretly film these parties. Once they’ve got you on video doing something like that, they own you.”

Bieber said his conscience is clear because he didn’t participate, but the fate of the drugged child is haunting him.

“They said this kid was raped by a few different guys. They said he was bleeding. I got out of there but I heard he died and that haunts me.”

Justin Bieber outside the Montage in Beverly Hills.

This allegation from Justin Bieber adds to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the music and entertainment industry elite.

Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the pedophilia at the heart of Hollywood. According to Elijah Wood, innocent young lives are destroyed to satisfy “people with parasitic interests” who “see you as their prey.”

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a series of bombshells about the pedophiles that run the industry, noting that “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

If you read the Washington Post or watch CNN, pedophilia is not a problem, and those who talk about it are tinfoil hat wearing kooks perpetuating ‘fake news.’

But more and more stars are coming forward with similar stories about the depraved Hollywood and music industry system.

In recent months Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan also spoke out about pedophilia in Hollywood.

Close friends of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington claim the recently deceased pair were working on exposing the pedophile ring working at the heart of the music industry – and it cost them their lives.

Justin Bieber shocked his fans by cancelling his world tour and announcing that he needed some time away from the music industry. But as more information comes to light, it appears he made the best possible decision.





Katy Perry: ‘Sick’ Pedophiles ‘Control’ the Music Industry

4th August 2017 @ 11.39am

Pop star blows the whistle on pedophilia in the entertainment world

Katy Perry has exposed the pedophiles that control the music industry

In a shocking exposé from one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Katy Perry has dealt a devastating blow to the entertainment world elite by revealing that the entire industry is “controlled” by “sick pedophiles“.

The “I Kissed a Girl” singer had left many concerned about her mental state following a series of public breakdowns earlier this year.

She made headlines when she disclosed her suicidal tendencies and exhibited signs of a split personality disorder, saying “I don’t want to be Katy Perry anymore”.

Her public unraveling reached a tipping point when footage emerged of her having some form of meltdown and collapsing on stage before she was dragged away by security guards, which experts had attributed to Monarch mind control side effects.

Now, it seems, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place as she finally opens up about the sickening reality of the music business.

Clearly troubled by the details, she told a group of close friends:

“I can’t lie this life any longer. They’re all pedophiles. What they do to these children is sick.”

She continues to elaborate, visibly traumatized by the things she’s witnessed:

“And they’re every where you go. It’s like they’re not even trying to hide it. They flaunt it like it’s a badge of honor”

“The producers, the executives, the big names… They’re all in on it”

“It’s like an exclusive club that you can only join if you do these evil things to innocent children… And it’s not just dirty old men, it’s all of them. Even the women.”

“They say to me, ‘Katy, you need to take the next step in your career’, but there’s no way I would do those things to kids.”

“I need to get out of this world. I just want to be Kathyrn Hudson again.”

According to Perry, she’s not the only major star that has been exposed to this world.

She says that a lot of child stars have been exposed to this dark underbelly of the entertainment world as “it’s the only chance they have to get a break”.

She describes the network of pedophiles as “fearless” because “they control everything”, adding:
“It’s not just in music, it everywhere: Hollywood, Washington, even the press are in on it.

“Miss Perry added that she feels a revolt may be coming though if people can open their eyes to the dark forces that actually run the world.
“I feel like someting is changing. Artists are starting to take a stand.”

“If we work together, we can change this. We can save these children.”

“Something is happening with Bieber. I think he might even go public.”

These revelations by Katy Perry may seem shocking to most people, but unfortunately, this information will come as no surprise to those that have done any amount of research on pedophilia amongst the world’s “Elite”.

Child abuse has gone hand-in-hand with politics and show business since their very conception.

Major stars like Corey Feldman came forward last year to blow the whistle on Hollywood pedophiles.

READ MORE: Celebrities Expose Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Feldman claimed that he was raped by “major Hollywood moguls” when he was a child actor.

He said that his best friend Corey Haim had also suffered the same abuse, and he attributed this trauma to his drink and drugs addiction in later life that set him on a pathway to his eventual death.

Former child star Elija Wood confirmed these claims saying he had witnessed firsthand how Hollywood is “controlled” by pedophiles.

READ MORE: Elijah Wood: ‘Hollywood is Run by a Powerful Elite Pedophile Ring’

More recently, Brad Pitt came forward and exposed the depths of pedophilia in the movie business.

He described how parents of child wannabes knowingly put their children in harm’s way, hoping their kids will be big stars if they “play the game”.

READ MORE: Brad Pitt: ‘Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America’

Mr. Pittdescribed how the pedophile rings extend outside the boundaries of the entertainment world and into politics, media, banking and major corporations.

The music world also lost two of its most cherished rock musicians this year in extremely suspicious circumstances.

Chester Bennington was found dead in an almost identical way to his best friend Chris Cornell who died just two months prior.

Cornell was rumored to have come across information that tied big name Elites at the upper echelons of politics to an international pedophile ring.

It is believed that he shared this information with Bennington and planned to go public with it shortly before his death.

READ MORE: Chester Bennington was About to Expose the Truth Behind Chris Cornell’s Death

Of course, the mainstream media slams any claims of Elite pedophilia as “fake news”, but if the claims of this “exclusive club” of pedophiles are true, then the MSM is part of it, so it makes sense that they would be keen to dismiss it.

Even search engines and social media sites are suppressing this information now as fear is mounting among the puppeteers that the people are finally starting to wake up to the sickening reality.

Power has and always will be with the people, but whilst citizens of the world remain asleep en masse, the Elite stay in control, free to rule in whatever sick way they desire.

United, and awake, the people can make a change

http://www.neonnettle.com/news/2498-katy-perry-sick-pedophiles-control-the-music-industry http://archive.is/YJZZj




46 adults watched the live-streamed rape of a six-year-old child. One of them is a primary school teacher

A British primary school teacher has been jailed for watching a six-year-old boy raped live on an internet broadcast. He joined 45 other paedophiles who watched the live-streamed abuse.

The live stream

43-year-old Wayne Brookes was a primary school teacher living in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. He had been teaching young children for 10 years prior to his arrest.

Bristol Crown Court heard that, in February of this year, a fellow paedophile gave Brookes a 10-digit password to enter an internet chatroom. Brookes used the chatroom under the name Bear, and joined 45 other paedophiles watching a six-year-old boy being raped on live stream. He also viewed the recording of a six-month-old baby being abused; and downloaded more than 200 indecent images of children. Brookes was jailed for 20 months on four charges relating to the offence.

Brookes’ conviction is the second of four British men accused of joining the live stream. 44-year-old Caerphilly youth worker Darren Williams was sentenced to 11 years in jail in July of this year. Speaking during his trial at Cardiff Crown Court, Prosecutor Charlotte Newell said:

Children were being raped and forced to perform sex acts.

During the abuse the participators contributed to a rolling group chat that was visible to all.

Williams participated in the group chat, posting:

Prove the video is live and smack him.

Two more British men – 35-year-old Philip Crabtree of Newcastle-Under-Lyme and 36-year-old Londoner Christian Johnson Lueking – await sentencing for their part in the live stream.

US authorities have jailed the rapist who broadcast the abuse for up to 30 years.

Not the first

The case forms part of a worrying trend in live-streamed sexual abuse. In February, a US teenager was jailedfor broadcasting a girl’s rape on live stream app Periscope. Marina Lonina, who was 18 years old at the time, broadcast live from her smartphone as 29-year-old Raymond Gates raped a 17-year-old girl at a house party in Columbus, Ohio. Lonina was reportedly “giggling and laughing” as the rapist attacked the victim in February 2016.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a 15-year-old girl’s rape was broadcast live on Facebook in March of this year. Police say the girl was “lured” to a house where she was raped, while around 40 people watched on Facebook live. None of them called the authorities to report it. Two boys, aged 14 and 15, were later arrested for the crime. Speaking after the arrests, Superintendent Eddie Johnson said:

We’ve seen a couple of acts in this city now in a couple of months involving social media, and it just disgusts me that people would not pick up the phone and dial 911.

It makes you wonder, where are we going – what are we doing as a society?

The trend in live-streaming sexual abuse means internationalising the abuse too. It takes the worst moment in a survivor’s life, and turns it into an event watched live around the world. From Chicago to Caerphilly, our response cannot be limited to technological, police and court action. We have to address the social attitudes that teach these young boys, and grown men, that they are entitled to abuse the bodies of others.  


Hollie Greig, Head Teachers & Child Sex Abuse #no2np

Considering the HUGE number of Scottish teachers arrested & or convicted of child sexual abuse crimes,







A couple of examples of English paedo head teachers









Fife child killings

A BBC documentary which promises to unveil new evidence about three shocking child murders in Fife broadcasts this week.

Fife’s Child Killings: The Untold Story, an investigation by BBC Scotland, concentrates on three tragic tots whose deaths shocked the nation:

Liam Fee

Mikaeel Kular and

Madison Horn

Madison Horn was killed by her mother’s boyfriend in Kelty.

All three children died in 2014 and reporter, Lisa Summers, asks whether more could have been done to protect them.

The programme hears from key witnesses who have never spoken before, as well as department insiders.

The documentary also claims to reveal serious concerns about whether people were told the whole truth.

Following a widespread search after his disappearance in Edinburgh, Mikaeel Kular’s body was discovered in a suitcase buried in a wood in Kirkcaldy in January, 2014. It later emerged the three-year-old was killed by his mother, Rosdeep Adekoya.

Just two months later in March, two-year-old Liam Fee suffered horrific injuries at the hands of his mother and her civil partner at his home near Glenrothes.

Rachel and Nyomi Fee are now serving life sentences.

A third case, just a month later in Kelty, involved the death of two-year-old Madison Horn, who was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend.

All three cases prompted significant case reviews but, despite social work’s involvement with the Kulaar and Fee families, each investigation concluded that the deaths could not have been anticipated.

Fife’s Child Killings: The Untold Story airs on BBC One Scotland on Wednesday at 9pm.