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UK Column – ROBERT GREEN & #FreshStartFoundation


UK Column 21st June 2018

UK Column 15th June 2018

UK Column 12th June 2018

The Big One :Fresh Start Aberdeen with Nobel Prize Nominee Robert Green!
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Tam Paton & The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. #NazarethHouse #Lasswade.





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EVEN MORE on the Operation Algebra paedo ring – Scotland

JAMES RENNIE, 38, from Edinburgh, chief executive of LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) Youth Scotland. The self-confessed “sex addict” was a trained teacher and youth worker. He held a senior administrative role in which he no longer had contact with teenagers at the advice centre. He had a boyfriend but trawled the internet for gay sex dates, picked up rent boys and advertised a porn collection on toilet walls. The court heard Rennie had links with paedophiles in America & Europe.  

Sentenced to 13 years  reduced  by 4 and half years

JOHN MURPHY  Had been a teacher at Claremont in East Kilbride & Special needs school in Ayrshire. sauna receptionist worked as a receptionist at a gay sauna and DJ in a gay bar as well as working part-time as a journalist. Police investigating the case found 117 paedophile images when they raided his flat.  

sentenced to a pathetic 2 years



NEIL STRACHAN, 41, from Edinburgh, service engineer with a paint firm. The convicted sex offender was jailed for three years in 1997 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for abusing a boy aged between five and seven during his time as secretary of an Edinburgh-based boys’ football club. Started affair with teenager Colin Slaven on his release 

17 years reduced by 8 years  (despite at least TWO prior conviction


ROSS WEBBER,  from North Berwick, bank teller. The counter supervisor in Gullane, East Lothian had stored 188 indecent images between August 2006 and January 2008. 

8 yrs 9 months  reduced  by 13 months 

COLIN SLAVEN, Edinburgh, IT worker. Lived with Neil Strachan in the Dalry area, after beginning on-off affair with him as a teenager. After turning up to court so drunk he could hardly stand, he was found guilty of contempt by Lord Bannatyne. His bail was revoked and he was locked up for the rest of the trial.

sentenced to 3 years

CRAIG BOATH, 24, from Dundee, insurance clerk. An insurance claims worker who wanted to be a police officer. Investigators found a shocking video of a six-year-old girl, and thousands of photographs.

Sentenced to 9 years and 9 months

NEIL CAMPBELL, Well-respected member of  Jordanhill Parish Church, Access to sunday school kids – & Jordanhill Out of School club. Despite being married, he had a gay partner. Police discovered he used his wife’s e-mail identity online to persuade boys to perform sex acts. 

Sentenced to 3 years 4 months  



JOHN MILLIGAN, 40, from Govan, Glasgow, civil servant. Milligan had no life outside his Job Centre office and every night spent hours in front of his home PC. He had hardcore child pornography among the 125,000 images found by police experts who examined the gang’s computers. The court heard of his fantasies about missing Madeleine McCann. sentenced to 

sentenced to 17 years reduced by 3 years





HE IS  THIS BASTARD HERE  & he also got a pathetic 2 year sentence  




(Rennie was qualified but to my knowledge, never worked as a teacher)

Well, it seems as if Operation Algebra was quite a fitting name!!

Ooooh, one last thing……










Nazareth House Aberdeen – “Battered” until he was “Black and blue all over my body”

APRIL 27th 2018

Nuns at Nazareth House were angry when police arrived to investigate
A man stripped and beat a boy “black and blue” in an assault at a children’s home, an inquiry has been told.

A witness at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which is investigating the abuse of children in care, said that the man “battered hell” out of him at Nazareth House in Aberdeen in the 1960s when he was 11.

He said “I thought my time was up” and added that the nuns who ran the home would have been aware of the beating but did not come to see how he was.

The hearing in Edinburgh is now into the third day of examining four children’s homes, all of which have since closed, which were run by the Catholic congregation the Sisters of Nazareth.   https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/nuns-ignored-beating-of-boy-x7m3sfzrw

A man stripped and beat a boy “black and blue” in an assault at a children’s home, an inquiry has heard.

A witness at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry said the man “battered hell” out of him at Nazareth House in Aberdeen in the 1960s when he was 11 years old.

He told the inquiry: “I thought my time was up.”

According to the witness the nuns who ran the home would have been aware of the incident but did not come to see how he was

Cops receive more than 300 complaints of alleged abuse by nuns at children’s homes 

The witness said the nuns who ran the home would have been aware of the incident but did not come to see how he was.

The hearing in Edinburgh is now into the third day of examining four children’s homes, no longer operating, which were run by the Catholic congregation the Sisters of Nazareth in Scotland.

The witness, now in his 60s, who cannot be identified, said he was attacked by the man – a regular visitor to the Aberdeen institution – after he was caught fighting or arguing with another boy.

He said: “He grabbed hold of me. He dragged me into a bathroom and battered hell out of me.”

The man had taken off the boy’s clothes, leaving him naked as he was punched, the inquiry was told.

“I was black and blue all over my body” said the witness, who could not recall how long the episode lasted.

He told senior counsel to the inquiry Colin MacAulay QC he has no idea why he was stripped, adding: “It’s not exactly a normal thing to do, is it, to a young boy? It’s a bit peculiar.”

He agreed he was shouting and screaming during the assault, which left him with bruises “all over my face, my back, my front and my legs”.

Pressed on whether the nuns would have been aware of the incident, he replied: “Yes definitely, they were aware but not one nun approached me.”

He told how he was unable to sleep that night and assumed he would not be going to school the next morning.

Former Shetland councillor found guilty of sexually abusing two girls

However, he said one nun told him: “Don’t think you’re getting away with not going to school.”

The witness told how the bus driver then referred him to the school headmaster and the police were called.

Officers later took him back to the home at Nazareth House, he told the inquiry, at which point a nun “took me into a wee side room and pulled me up for getting the police involved”. He added: “I told her it was the headmaster who called the police, not me.”

The witness said police had a word with the man but he did not believe the man was prosecuted.

“The annoying thing is he was back in the home that night, the next night after he assaulted me,” the witness added. “He was there every night for the next four years that I was there.”

The witness earlier told how the man would regularly turn up at the home at night, but he did not know what the purpose of the visits was.

“All the kids were terrified of him,” he said.

The witness also told how the nuns at the home were “quite abusive” and left him with a phobia of nuns ever since.
The inquiry, before Lady Smith, continues. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/man-stripped-beat-boy-black-12431851


APRIL 25th 2018



APRIL 24th 2018

A senior figure in the Catholic Church has been accused of orchestrating a “hostile rejection” of claims nuns were involved in the abuse of children.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is currently hearing evidence relating to alleged abuse at four former children’s homes run by the Sisters of Nazareth.

Yesterday a lawyer for the victims said Archbishop Emeritus Mario Conti had dismissed the allegations at Nazareth House in Aberdeen while bishop in the city, even allegedly referring to survivors as “the opposition”.

The inquiry also heard the congregation had previously denied there had been volunteers working in its establishments, despite the conviction earlier this year of a man who sexually abused three children at a home in Glasgow in the 1980s while working as a volunteer.

The Sisters of Nazareth ran children’s homes in Aberdeen, Cardonald in Glasgow, Lasswade near Edinburgh and Kilmarnock in Ayrshire until their closure in the 1980s.

The inquiry, led by Lady Smith, yesterday heard police have received 308 complaints about 194 people associated with the institutions over a 50-year period.

Two senior figures from the order, who are not the subject of abuse allegations, sat in the public gallery as former residents spoke of a catalogue of abuse, including beatings, force-feedings and humiliations administered for wetting the bed.

One former resident, known only as “Rose” and now in her 70s, described one of the nuns at Nazareth House in Aberdeen as a “witch” who would bang children’s heads together or off walls if she considered them to be misbehaving.

The woman, who lived at the home in the 1940s and 1950s, said the children were made to bath in Jeyes Fluid, a disinfectant.

Simon Collins, a solicitor representing In-Care Abuse Survivors (Incas), said there had been a refusal to believe survivors in the past which had led to “missed opportunities”.

He said: “The attitude of the Catholic Church will also feature (in the upcoming evidence), with some letters from the then Bishop Mario Conti of Aberdeen of particular interest.

“In one, while discussing arrangements for refreshments at some sort of demonstration in favour of the Sisters, he makes what appears to be a reference to survivors as ‘the opposition’.

“In another, he issues the challenge that ‘Those who call others to account for their actions must be prepared to defend their own when they make allegations.’ Such remarks were certainly felt by survivors as pressure and threats.”

He added: “It is hard to avoid the thought that the bishop’s apparent anger and energy might have been more productive at the time if it had been put into more serious investigation of allegations as opposed to hostile rejection. He would be an interesting witness in this chapter.”

David Anderson, representing the Bishops’ Conference, said it was clear that not taking matters seriously in the past had been the “wrong thing to do”.

Giving evidence on behalf of the Sisters of Nazareth last year, Sister Anna Maria Doolan admitted children had been abused and said the order was “very sorry”.  The inquiry continues. https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/archbishop-conti-accused-of-calling-child-abuse-victims-the-opposition-1-4729804

YOUNG girl was told “the devil was inside” he as she was beaten by a nun at a Scots children’s home.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry heard claims of beatings at the hands of nuns, force-feeding to the point of vomiting, being locked in a dark room and being made to bathe in disinfectant.

Children were also told that nobody wanted them, the inquiry heard, while one witness said she was told “the devil was inside me” as a nun hit her.

“The psychological damage I saw people suffering … it’s unbelievable,” another witness told the hearing in Edinburgh.

The inquiry heard that police in Scotland have received more than 300 complaints of alleged abuse over a 50 year period at children’s homes run by a Catholic congregation. Officers have received 308 complaints about 194 people associated with institutions run by the Sisters of Nazareth from the 1930s to 1980s. The figure emerged as witnesses recounted a number of incidents of abuse they said they suffered at the order’s home in Aberdeen around the 1940s and 1950s.

The inquiry has begun hearing evidence about homes run by the order in four locations including: Aberdeen, Cardonald in Glasgow, Lasswade near Edinburgh and Kilmarnock in Ayrshire.

In opening remarks, Laura-Anne van der Westhuizen, representing Police Scotland, told chair Lady Smith: “Since 1995, police investigations have been undertaken in relation to reported abuse dating back to the 1930s within the Sisters of Nazareth institutions. Police Scotland has recovered records of complaints received from 308 former residents against 194 persons associated with children’s residences within Nazareth House institutions between 1934 and 1984. To date, 58 files concerning Sister of Nazareth institutions have been provided to the inquiry.”

One witness said today: “We were never loved, ever, by any of them.”

The woman now in her 70s, who cannot be named, was at the Aberdeen home in the 1940s and 1950s. She said she rarely saw her siblings and did not know her surname until she was 12 years old.

The witness told how one nun would make misbehaving children get down on their knees in front of her and she would bang their heads together.

She also recounted having to dust coffins which she believed contained the bodies of nuns and smelt of “death”. “You can’t forget that smell,” she said.

Mark Lindsay, solicitor for the Sisters of Nazareth, earlier repeated an “unreserved” apology to anyone abused in the congregation’s care. The inquiry continues on Wednesday. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2551156/nuns-abuse-devil-sisters-of-nazareth-child-abuse-inquiry/

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Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry – April 2018

April 13th

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry to focus on Moray homes  https://spidercatweb.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/csa-inquiry-focus-on-moray-homes/

Inquiry’s focus now turns to ex-home  https://www.cumbernauld-news.co.uk/news/crime/inquiry-s-focus-now-turns-to-ex-home-1-4723484

April 9th

Child abuse inquiry investigating former Borders homes  https://www.thesouthernreporter.co.uk/news/child-abuse-inquiry-investigating-former-borders-homes-1-4721175

April 3rd

‘Omerta’ code hides private school abuse in Scotland, says author  https://www.scotsman.com/news/omerta-code-hides-private-school-abuse-in-scotland-says-author-1-4717332

April 2nd

Child abuse inquiry to look at old East Lothian children’s homes.  http://www.eastlothiancourier.com/news/16129067.Child_abuse_inquiry_to_look_at_former_children_s_homes_in_East_Lothian/



Robert Green’s letter to @SimonClarkeMP

Robert Green’s letter to @SimonClarkeMP


Smyllum care home abuse survivor tells how predatory Jimmy Savile molested him on Highlands holiday


21st Jan 2018


A VICTIM of abuse at Smyllum orphanage has revealed how Jimmy Savile later tried to rape him in the back of his Rolls Royce.

Adam Taggart, 58, was on a camping trip in the Highlands when the DJ stopped his car and lured him and another boy into the back with offers of alcohol and cigars.

Adam, then aged 12, revealed how the paedophile ordered his driver to take the other boy for sweets and ice cream at a shop so Savile could attack him.

He said: “I was only alone with Savile for a few minutes, and in the time it took for his driver to take my pal to the shop for ice scream and sweets, Savile sexually abused me.

“If we’d been alone for any longer, I believe Savile would have raped me.”

Afterwards, Savile told Adam, who was on a trip to Aviemore with children from the Dunavon children’s home, nobody would believe him if he told anyone what happened.

Later, the TV presenter, whose extensive sexual abuse of children and young people was only exposed after his death in 2011, even sent Top Of The Pops tickets to Dunavon.

Adam, who had earlier lived at Smyllum orphanage where nuns have been accused of overseeing a cruel regime marked by physical abuse, was in a party of boys taken camping to Loch Morlich when he and a pal tried hitching a lift to the campsite.

Savile with his Rolls Royce (Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

He said: “We were thumbing a lift when a white Rolls Royce stopped at the side of the road.

“When we got to the car, we recognised Savile immediately.

“My pal said, ‘You’re Jimmy Savile’ and Savile replied he wouldn’t need to introduce himself.

“He asked what we were doing. We explained we were camping. He asked where we lived and we told him a children’s home.”

Adam, who reported the abuse to police as part of the nationwide investigation into Savile after his death, believes the DJ attacked him in 1972 or 1973.

He explained: “Time had no meaning because we never celebrated birthdays at the children’s home. The summer it happened was very hot and I was about 12 or 13 years old.

“Savile told us to get into his car, so we did. It was really posh. There was a cabinet with drinks and a box of cigars. Savile told us to take them.

“When we passed other pals, we hung out the window with a cigar in one hand and a miniature of alcohol in the other, showing off.”

Inside Smyllum Park

Adam believes Savile singled him out.

He claimed: “I’d been in care at Smyllum Park from weeks old. I was abused there before going to Dunavon. Savile sensed I was the one he should pick.”

Savile asked if the boys wanted to see Cairn Gorm, and ordered his driver to take them to a tourist area with a view of the mountain.

Once parked, Savile asked if they wanted sweets, and told the driver and the other boy to go to the shop. As soon as they were alone, Adam claims Savile molested him. The dad-of-four said: “Savile grabbed me on to his knee and abused me.

“He only stopped when we could see my friend coming back to the car with the driver. He said nobody would believe me if I told.

“I was in shock. Savile acted like nothing had happened.

“I remember refusing to take an ice lolly.

“Savile was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and lots of rings on his hands. He wore gold chains and a crucifix.”

Adam said he ran from the car.

He did not expect Savile to send the Top Of The Pops tickets, but he did and five girls from Dunavon went to see the show. Adam said: “The girls talked about it for months afterwards. I kept silent, but couldn’t watch him on the television without feeling sick.”

Adam said he only ever talked about Savile’s abuse to one social worker, but was devastated when nothing happened.

He said: “I think I was about 14 or 15 when I confided what had happened to a social worker I thought I trusted. He said he would do something about it, but he never spoke about it again. I stayed silent until Savile died.”

Adam, who gave evidence of the abuse he claims he suffered at the notorious Smyllum children’s home in Lanark to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in November, reported what happened to the police.

The national inquiry into Savile’s decades of abuse, identified five other Scottish cases. The grandfather is due to return to give evidence about Savile and Dunavon children’s home, in Strathaven, to the inquiry.

He is speaking out publicly for the first time because he believes other victims may still be suffering in silence.

Adam said: “Savile behaved as if he could do what he wanted and nobody would believe someone like me, or do anything to stop him.

“I’m speaking now because I hope it gives courage to the others I suspect are still out there, suffering in silence. The only way to lift the burden of abuse is to speak out. I regret not doing so more forcibly years ago, but we lived in different times.”

Adam, who admits his life spiralled into homelessness, drink, drugs and even prison as he struggled to cope with what had happened to him while in care, said Savile’s taunts never left him.

He said: “I must take responsibility for the stupid things I bitterly regret doing in my life.

“But I now understand the abuse I suffered as a child had such an overwhelming impact, it destroyed the person I should have been.”

Lawyer Cameron Fyfe said: “It is not at all unusual for child abuse victims such as Adam often go on to develop problems in later life, such a drink, drugs, or even crime. He should be commended for turning his life around and getting the help he needs.”

Police Scotland said: “We received a report and the relevant information was passed to Operation Yewtree in January 2016.”

He targeted the vulnerable. This is absolutely typical of how Savile operated

By Professor David Wilson, Criminal Psychologist

Savile was one of the most prolific child abusers we have ever seen in this country.

He was an indiscriminate predator who abused both boys and girls, although the majority were girls.

He not only used opportunities to abuse the children who came his way, he also constructed opportunities like the one described by Adam Taggart, to give him access to victims.

Savile spent a lot of time befriending children who came from children’s homes, as well as the people who ran them.

His behaviour in this case is entirely typical of instances when he had little time. We call this opportunistic grooming.

Savile also used his celebrity to dazzle victims.

Telling them he would send them tickets to Top Of The Pops was part of his modus operandi.

He was also careful to pick children or young people who had a measure of vulnerability.

He would have picked up on something most of us would not have seen, almost like a predator’s sixth sense, and chosen someone he believed would not have “told”.

That was why he was able to continue abusing from the 1950s.

Savile hid in plain sight and was extremely adept at using his celebrity status to hide the abuse he was inflicting on children.

Many people close to him would have known what he was doing, evidence shows Savile worked in tandem with several of them. But others may have been dazzled.

However, a number of people reported that they did not “like” Savile, and his behaviour towards someone he saw as a threat would be adversarial.

The author Val McDermid, who based a character in one of her Wire In The Blood books after meeting him while she was a journalist, was a very astute judge of Savile’s character.

He could almost be described as “nasty” towards anyone he perceived to be challenging the public persona he had created for himself.

I agree with Adam when he describes feeling the sense of a burden being lifted from his shoulders once he was able to talk about what happened.

I echo his encouragement to anyone who is still suffering in silence to speak out.

Criminal psychologist Professor David Wilson is presenter of television’s hugely popular Voice Of A Serial Killer series

Shamed paedophile priest tells child abuse inquiry: It is abhorrent that I could do that…I’m totally sorry

A paedophile priest convicted of abusing four young boys in his care has told the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry he is “sorry”.

We revealed last week how Bernard Traynor, 64, had been called to give evidence to the investigation into care home abuse.

He was convicted of six charges of indecent assault in 1995 for abusing boys in the 1970s while helping out at a children’s home in Newcastle, but said he regretted his “abhorrent” crimes.

The care of the four boys had been arranged in Scotland and, on Friday, Traynor said it had been “totally wrong” that he had been allowed to be a house parent at the St Vincent’s home without training or proper supervision.

Traynor said: “It is abhorrent to me now that I could do that. I don’t in any way feel proud for what I’ve done.”

The paedophile abused a 10-year-old boy after the child was moved from Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanarkshire where he had been in the care of nuns.

Traynor said he was “ashamed”, and added: “I hate that aspect of myself and there’s nothing I can do, nothing I can say other than I’m totally, totally sorry.”

He stopped being a priest when his crimes came to light in 1995 but had not been formally defrocked until 2012.

The inquiry also heard evidence from a nun, 73, who denied she had “blacked out” an incident in which she is alleged to have brutally beaten a young boy who found her in the arms of another nun.

In September, we revealed 402 residents at Smyllum died between 1864 and when it shut its doors in 1981. They are feared to be buried in a mass unmarked grave at St Mary’s Cemetery in Lanark.

The inquiry will also examine other care institutes across Scotland with Lady Smith not expected to report her findings until 2019

https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/the-time-it-took-his-driver-to-buy-sweets-for-my-friend-thats-exactly-how-long-i-was-left-alone-with-savile-it-was-long-enough/  https://archive.is/RVv2P



Smyllum Park Orphanage. The Scottish Abuse Inquiry.

20th Jan 2018  Paedophile ex-priest ‘sorry’ for abusing four boys  https://www.scotsman.com/news/paedophile-ex-priest-sorry-for-abusing-four-boys-1-4666758

19 Jan 2018 



16th Jan 2018   Elderly nun, 92, denies beating and force-feeding children


Anthony Chenevix-Trench


http://www.thepeerage.com/p3678.htm https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neidpath_Castle



Fettes College


http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/corporal-punishment-where-to-send-your-children-to-school-if-you-want-them-beaten-1433029.html  http://archive.is/7wiLU

Dear Anthony Chenevix-Trench: The Old Etonian novelist addresses the man who was headmaster from 1963 to 1970, following revelations about his cane-wielding in ‘Eton Renewed’, 28 April 1994  http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/dear-anthony-chenevix-trench-the-old-etonian-novelist-addresses-the-man-who-was-headmaster-from-1963-1373138.html   http://archive.is/tYyju

Anthony Chenevix-Trench: Fettes remains arrogant shock  http://www.marcello-mega.co.uk/anthony-chenevix-trench-fettes-remains-arrogant-shock/  http://archive.is/uIufP

http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/elizabeth-chenevix-trench?sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=elizabeth%20chenevix%20trench  http://archive.is/12tdG

28 April 1994           DEAR ANTHONY CHENEVIX-TRENCH  http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/dear-anthony-chenevix-trench-the-old-etonian-novelist-addresses-the-man-who-was-headmaster-from-1963-1373138.html   https://archive.is/tYyju 

Honest insight into the public school system 

“Tony Blair, a pupil between 1966 and 1971, “was among those who dared challenge hallowed Fettesian shibboleths,” though Mark Peel does not tell us what the future Labour leader campaigned against – or if he was punished.”  http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12123159.Honest_insight_into_the_public_school_system/      https://archive.is/E4Vwn 

1 May 1994   “Where to send your children to school if you want them beaten”  https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/corporal-punishment-where-to-send-your-children-to-school-if-you-want-them-beaten-1433029.html

The Land of Lost Content: the Biography of Anthony Chenevix-Trench is a biographical book about the life of British headmaster Anthony Chenevix-Trench, written by Mark Peel. Chenevix-Trench had been a widely acclaimed teacher at Shrewsbury School, and subsequently headmaster at Bradfield CollegeEton College and Fettes College, but was later criticised for his approach to corporal punishment. Published by Pentland Press in 1996, the book received mixed reviews, with questions over its neutrality and writing style, but plaudits for its insights into British culture and education.

Chenevix-Trench was known for his substantial tenures as headmaster of Bradfield CollegeEton College and Fettes College; he had also taught at Shrewsbury School. He died in 1979. In 1994, a book by Tim Card, a former Vice-Provost of Eton, revealed for the first time that Chenevix-Trench had not left his position as headmaster of Eton of his own accord.[1] There followed some newspaper articles critical of Chenevix-Trench’s use of corporal punishment, and numerous letters to the editor in response,[2] most of which were positive about Chenevix-Trench’s legacy.[3] Peel, a teacher at Fettes College at the time, published The Land of Lost Content two years later.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Land_of_Lost_Content

EXTRACTS FROM https://spidercatweb.blog/2017/07/09/portrait-of-paedo-fettes-chenevix-trench/

NOT all schools, however, are so obliging when it comes to the removal of portraits and plaques honouring people with a shameful past. Several times in the past few decades requests have been made for the removal of a plaque which hangs in the chapel of the Edinburgh private school Fettes College, which is dedicated to the former headmaster Anthony Chenevix-Trench. Though no abuse stories have yet emerged regarding Chenevix-Trench’s time at Fettes, there are many from his previous positions at Bradfield and Shrewsbury, and it is now widely believed his approach to flogging is what lay behind him being forced to leave Eton where he was headmaster prior to coming to Fettes. Former pupils claim he masturbated while beating them.

Among those who have spoken out about him is David Blackie, who requested in 2012 the removal of the plaque dedicated to Chenevix-Trench which is housed in the school’s chapel and carries the words “His door was always open, for he loved his fellow man”. He continues to ask for it’s removal to this day. Blackie says he recalls many occasions when he was summoned to Chenevix-Trench’s room for a beating, a request that would be made via just the word “bring” written on his Latin prep

“He would talk about my Latin and sort of snuggle up to me a bit,” Blackie said, “and then he would tell me I was to be beaten. I had to take down my pants and underpants and lie on this sofa, and he would go to the door and lock it. There was no question, his door was invariably locked, he did not want to be disturbed, neither did he want me to look round. He was very clear that what he was up to was his business.” Blackie has compared Chenevix-Trench to Jimmy Savile. “He abused his power to get away with it. What is wrong with it all is that while that plaque is there, he’s still getting away with it.”

In 1996, the eminent journalist Paul Foot, who was a pupil of Chevenix-Trench at Shrewsbury, wrote of his teacher and “sensuous fingering of his pupils’ buttocks before and during the interminable beatings”. Chevenix-Trench died in 1979.

Former alumni of Fettes include ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, actress Tilda Swinton and journalist Harry Reid. https://spidercatweb.blog/2017/07/09/portrait-of-paedo-fettes-chenevix-trench/

Bullingdon Climate Fraud Fleming’s DEADF007 pedophiles

It’s all about those Bullingdon oath-taking ceremonies that Old Malvernians [notable alumni] don’t get to attend; ceremonies that would have evolved from pedophile beatings which the late Old Etonian oath taker, Ian Fleming, would have attended, and which would have preceded any oaths of loyalty to HMG.

Some historical background on birching at Eton:
A more interesting physical effect of these birchings, however, was that frequently, at the end of the flogging, the victim had an erection. Whether this was caused by sexual arousal, or merely by the physical trauma and flow of blood to the area I don’t know. Bearing in mind the shear savagery of the floggings at the school, and that a flogged boy was literally having every square inch of flesh on his buttocks and upper thighs, right up to his anal and perineal region, birched to a raw and bloody pulp, causing involuntary erection is really not surprising.

“Corporal punishment Eton used to be renowned for its use of corporal punishment, generally known as “beating”. In the 16th century, Friday was set aside as “flogging day”. Beating was phased out in the 1980s, the last recorded caning being administered by then Lower Master Jack Anderson to Sebastian Doggart, in January 1984. Until 1964, offending boys could be summoned to the Head Master or the Lower Master, as appropriate, to receive a birching on the bare posterior, in a semi-public ceremony held in the Library, where there was a special wooden birching block over which the offender was held. John Keate, Head Master from 1809 to 1834, took over at a time when discipline was poor. He restored order by vigorous and frequent use of the birch. He is supposed to have flogged 80 boys publicly on one day. Anthony Chenevix-Trench, Head Master from 1964 to 1970, abolished the birch and replaced it with caning, also applied to the bare posterior, which he administered privately in his office. Chenevix-Trench also abolished corporal punishment administered by senior boys. Previously, House Captains were permitted to cane miscreants over the seat of the trousers. This was a routine occurrence, carried out privately with the boy bending over with his head under the edge of a table. Less common but more severe were the canings administered by Pop (see Eton Society below) in the form of a “Pop-Tanning”, in which a large number of hard strokes were inflicted by the President of Pop in the presence of all Pop members. The culprit was summoned to appear in a pair of old trousers, as the caning would cut the cloth to shreds and leave the boy’s buttocks bleeding. This was the most severe form of physical punishment at Eton. Chenevix-Trench’s successor from 1970, Michael McCrum, retained private corporal punishment by masters, but ended the practice of requiring boys to take their trousers and underwear down when bending over to be caned by the Head Master.”

Eton boys when they are out on the rugby field traditionally playing with each other:

Eton had several “flogging blocks”, which were piece of furniture upon which the boys were birched. This piece of furniture consisted of a block of wood about 2ft high, in the shape of two steps, the lower one being about 10″ from the floor, and the upper one forming the top of the block. When a boy was to be birched, he had to completely remove his trousers and underpants, and mount the block. He did this by kneeling on the lower step, bending forward and resting his belly on the top of the block, and placing his hands flat on the floor on the far side of the block. Once in this position, younger boys would be strapped to hold them firmly in position, with two straps around his calves just below his knees, and another thicker strap around the small of his back, holding his belly firmly against the top of the block, to restrict movement of the boy’s bottom during flogging. The knee straps would normally be placed about 18″ apart, causing the knees to be spread apart. Older boys were expected to hold this position without being strapped.

The Wall Game – The nobility sit back and relax while the commoners do all the work! The holder of the ball is on his hands and knees with the ball between his knees in a submissive position. (The wall was erected in 1717)Extra points are awarded for knocking a boy off the wall with a wooden shoe known as a “brattling clog.”

Once in this position, the boy’s bottom was fully exposed, with the buttocks parted, fully exposing his anal cleft, perineal region and scrotum.

Then the flogging would begin. The birches used at Eton were really quite savage instruments. Five feet long (3 feet of handle and 2 feet of “bush”)The “bush” end being about12″ in diameter. They were well soaked in brine to make the twigs supple and strong before use. The strokes (of which up to five dozen could be given in a single flogging)were delivered with the master’s full strength.

Bullingdon Club Members

Old Etonian oath takers including Ian Fleming, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne, and their Bullingdon Club associates, including the late King Edwards’ VII and VIII, would have grow up as pedophile victims or predators whose childhood oaths committed them to obey ‘Dearest Warmist Leaders’ in an ‘Age of Stupid‘. [produced by Franny Armstrong; she also produced 10:10]

Check out Ian Fleming’s M.O. for ‘T-Force‘ which allegedly included inserting DEADFOOT [DEADF007] saboteurs within a target organization such as HMG or, more recently, the EU, to neutralise its response to a T-Force attack by the Stupid Warmist pedophiles.

Ian Fleming – Eton – M.O.: Inserting ‘DEADF007’ pedophile saboteurs – (he also wrote books for children) https://spidercatweb.blog/2016/02/21/bullingdon-climate-fraud-flemings-deadf007-pedophiles/





6 DEC 2017


A woman who lived in a Lanark orphanage from the age of four has told an inquiry she was given electric shock treatment.

The woman, who was giving evidence anonymously, said she was sent to Smyllum Park in 1965.

She told the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry she was abused by nuns there.

The woman told the hearing she was tied to a bed and gagged for hours at a time, smothered with a pillow and made to eat her own vomit.

She said she was beaten up almost every day during the years she spent at Smyllum and was given electric shocks through electrodes attached to her head.

She also said she was force-fed, sexually assaulted and put in a box in the ground.

The woman eventually left the home when she was seven and went to another care institution.

Years later the woman told police what happened.

Lady SmithThe inquiry is chaired by High Court judge Lady Smith

The inquiry was also read a statement from another woman who went to Smyllum Park in the 1960s.

She said when she was eight or nine-years-old, she and others were forced to kiss the body of a dead nun laid out on a bed, which she said smelled “awful”.

She said that as her head was being forced down, she spat on the body, before being dragged down the stairs by her by nuns and “thrown in a cupboard”.

The inquiry, now in its second phase, is looking into historical abuse in Scotland’s care institutions.

Smyllum Park, run by the Daughters of Charity Order, closed in 1981.

The public hearing in front of Lady Smith continues. 

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-42252551   https://archive.is/nVZ2X 



She said before the alleged attack, she and other girls were taken from their dorms at night to a nearby field where Catholic sisters from the “cult-like” home danced in a circle around a tree.

The inquiry heard they were later taken to the back of a candlelit chapel and went downstairs.

Smyllum Park survivors urged to come forward after revelations of mass grave and abuse claims at Lanark orphanage

Janie, of primary school age at the time, said: “There was a square slab and everyone sat round.

“I was given a lollipop and told that the devil was coming out.”

She said she was assaulted then taken back outside and “buried alive” in a drain all night.

After she was let out the next morning, she said she was put in a “blood bath” — believed to be filled with coloured dye — as part of a terrifying ritual.


The witness also told the Edinburgh probe a nun forced her to perform a sex act on a woman at a house near the Lanark orphanage.

She also said she was tied to her bed and beaten and warned not to speak about her ordeal.

And she claimed she was regularly gagged and had her hair cut off.

She only told police about what she had endured years later.

Ex-altar boy breaks down in tears as he tells Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry of experiences at Smyllum Park

Janie said: “It was like a cult. We deserve justice. People who abused me should be taken to court and jailed.

“Police say they are old and frail. They forget we were frail as kids and too weak to fight back.

“They’re sitting back and thinking they’ve got away with it.”

Today’s claims, dating back to the 1960s, were heard as part of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

The long-running probe before Lady Smith is expected at a later to date to examine claims that the bodies of at least 400 children were buried in an unmarked mass grave near Smyllum Park.

The orphanage, run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, closed in 1981.

https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1938839/girl-forced-into-satanic-sex-ritual-where-devil-buried-her-alive-at-smyllum/   https://archive.is/XhL50 

vvhttp://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/nun-walked-priest-abusing-lanarkshire-11645676    https://archive.is/5uAnV 

5 Dec  2017


Inquiry told girl ‘abused by priest’ at Smyllum Park had arm broken by nun  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-42252

Dec 3rd 2017

Theresa Tolmie-McGrane gives horrfying account of her life from the age of six at a Catholic orphanage in Lanark.


2nd Dec 2017


A notorious orphanage ‘covered up’ the deaths of children in its care including a boy who was savagely beaten by a nun, an inquiry heard yesterday.

One former resident of Smyllum Park in Lanark said six-year-old Sammy Carr died days after a nun launched a frenzied attack on him, repeatedly kicking him in the head.

In posthumous evidence, another ex-resident said 13-year-old Francis McColl died after a member of staff hit him on the head with a golf club.

Deaths were ‘covered up’ at the institution, run by ‘psychopathic’ nuns who meted out physical and sexual abuse – and even used crucifixes as ‘weapons’.

It emerged earlier this year that at least 400 children from Smyllum are thought to be buried in an unmarked grave at the town’s St Mary’s Cemetery.

He said: ‘It was unfortunate but at that time the sister came around the corner and said, “What’s wrong?”, and I said, “He burned my hand”, and she just grabbed him and started hitting him and punching him.

‘He was on the floor and she was kicking him on his body and his head.

‘I said, “Please sister, please don’t hurt him”. She stopped when I lay on top of him.’

He said he next saw Sammy in the sick room and the inquiry heard the boy was in hospital for around 10 days before he died.

David said he remembered walking past Sammy’s open coffin and assumed that the little boy had been ‘joking’ and pretending to be dead – only realising later that he had been present at Sammy’s funeral.

Francis McColl, playing with cars on the floor, at the nursery of Smyllum Park. The boy died after a member of staff hit him on the head with a golf club

Francis McColl, playing with cars on the floor, at the nursery of Smyllum Park. The boy died after a member of staff hit him on the head with a golf club

The nun who administered the beating later took David to Sammy’s grave.

David said: ‘She just stood here, there was this new plot, she must have said, “Sammy’s there”.’

He told the inquiry that he was filled with ‘rage’ for the rest of his life over his treatment at Smyllum.

This included being sexually abused by a nun – as she told him he was ‘going to hell’.

He told how children who wet the bed were made to stand with the wet sheets around their necks in the morning.

David said Smyllum had been filled with the screams of children, and he suffers recurring nightmares about his time at the orphanage.

But despite his ordeal he later went to college, telling the inquiry: ‘I do not want my life to be worth nothing.’

David was later abused at a home called St Vincent’s, Newcastle, run by the same order.

He said a ‘psychopathic’ nun held a bread knife to his throat – and he ‘genuinely thought he was going to die’.

A notorious orphanage ‘covered up’ the deaths of children in its care including a boy who was savagely beaten by a nun, an inquiry heard yesterday.

One former resident of Smyllum Park in Lanark said six-year-old Sammy Carr died days after a nun launched a frenzied attack on him, repeatedly kicking him in the head.

In posthumous evidence, another ex-resident said 13-year-old Francis McColl died after a member of staff hit him on the head with a golf club.

Deaths were ‘covered up’ at the institution, run by ‘psychopathic’ nuns who meted out physical and sexual abuse – and even used crucifixes as ‘weapons’.

It emerged earlier this year that at least 400 children from Smyllum are thought to be buried in an unmarked grave at the town’s St Mary’s Cemetery.

the unmarked grave where hundreds of the orphans are believed to be buried in Lanark

Smyllum Park was run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul from 1860 to 1981, looking after an estimated 4,400 children since 1930.

One of the campaigners who fought for the launch of the SCAI was a resident at Smyllum Park, and gave evidence before his death in April.

Frank Docherty, who was 74, was a founder of the charity In Care Abuse Survivors (INCAS).

In 1954, aged nine, he and his siblings were sent to the home, where he said he suffered abuse including beatings.

His posthumous testimony, read to the inquiry on yesterday, claimed that Francis had died after being hit with a golf club by a ‘psychotic’ staff member – not a nun – who cannot be named for legal reasons.

It has been reported previously that Francis passed away at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary in August in 1961 after battling a ‘left extra plural haemorrhage’ for seven days. He was 13.

Mr Docherty said there were no records of his burial and he had reported it to police before his death, but had heard nothing from them.

It is understood that there are no live investigations into the deaths of Sammy or Francis.

The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul ran the Smyllum Park orphanage, pictured, in Lanark from 1864 until it closed in 1981

The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul ran the Smyllum Park orphanage, pictured, in Lanark from 1864 until it closed in 1981

But Police Scotland said a probe had been carried out which found that Sammy’s death had not involved trauma or criminality.

The Crown Office is now reinvestigating historical child abuse cases.

A Crown Office spokesman said it had instructed Police Scotland to carry out investigations into allegations of abuse at care institutions in Scotland, adding: ‘It would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.’

Mr Docherty, who became an alcoholic because of his experience at Smyllum, said he and other Smyllum children were subjected to freezing cold baths, ridiculed for wetting their beds and beaten with a hair-brush.

There were ‘mass punishments’ twice a week when children were beaten with sticks by nuns who ‘controlled by fear’.

Commenting on the staff member who stuck Francis, Mr Docherty said: ‘There were cover-ups for deaths he caused. Children were dying of brain haemorrhages.’

Describing a beating from one sister, Mr Docherty said: ‘I got the biggest doing of my life from a holy nun… I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.’

Prosecutors have said there is no evidence that a crime has been committed at the orphanage in relation to reports of the mass grave.

More than 60 residential institutions, including several top private schools, are being investigated by the inquiry.

Another former resident, named only as Fergie, said she had been admitted to Smyllum in 1959.

The death rate among residents at the home, pictured, was at least 30 deaths per 1,000

The death rate among residents at the home, pictured, was at least 30 deaths per 1,000

She recounted sharing dirty bathwater, being force-fed porridge – and nuns using crucifixes as ‘weapons’.

Fergie said: ‘They would call you “devil’s spawn”, “immoral,”; they would say, “’you’ll be nothing in life”…’

In June, Sister Ellen Flynn, leader of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in Britain, was asked at the SCAI about alleged abuse at Smyllum.

She said: ‘We accept accusations have been made and we are appalled something like that may have been acceptable, and very sorry, but we cannot confirm there was abuse.’

In opening statements to the inquiry on yesterday, John Scott QC, senior counsel for INCAS, said the name Smyllum will be ‘forever associated with suffering’.

He said: ‘Just how could abuse of such extent and duration occur without knowledge, especially given how closely knit a community the place was?

‘Either people knew because they were involved or they knew and did nothing to stop it or nobody took time to find out what life was like in this showpiece home.

‘The Smyllum way became shorthand for wicked abuse.

‘The Smyllum way did not involve only one or two abusers, it involved many abusers and took place over decades. It seems to have been part of the institutional memory of the place.’ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5138867/Smyllum-orphanage-covered-child-deaths-inquiry-told.html#ixzz50FnoPec6 https://archive.is/aHUNm

Notorious orphanage ‘covered up’ the deaths of children in its care including a boy who was savagely beaten by a nun, inquiry is told https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/we-heard-him-being-beaten-by-the-nuns-but-when-he-didnt-show-up-the-next-day-we-all-cheered-we-thought-he-had-a-new-family/ https://archive.is/cLQDk



Young boy sexually abused in bathroom of Lanark orphanage, inquiry hears

A former resident of a Catholic-run orphanage has told an inquiry how he was sexually abused in a bathroom.

The witness, who cannot be named, was under 10 years old when the incident was said to have happened at Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark, South Lanarkshire.

Speaking at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry on Thursday, he told how he went to the bathroom where a former resident of the home was.

The witness, now in his late 60s, said: “He took his penis out and told me to play with it.

“We heard someone coming in, two boys laughing. He quickly put it away and told me ‘you tell anyone about this and I’ll get you’.”

The alleged attacker was said to have lived at the home until he was 16 before being given a job there because he had no relations outside.

After the incident, which was said to have taken place in the late 1950s, the witness told how he was too scared to go to the bathroom by himself.

In December 1959 he returned home to his parents before going back to the institution in the spring of 1960.

Having described the care home as “like a concentration camp”, the witness broke down in tears when recalling when his parents told him he would have to return to the home.


A six-year-old boy died 10 days after he was beaten by a nun at an orphanage, a child abuse inquiry has heard.

A witness, who cannot be named, told the inquiry his friend was kicked on the body and head by the Catholic sister.

He was giving evidence at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry which began the second phase of its hearings in Edinburgh on Tuesday.

It is hearing evidence about institutions run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul.

The man said he was sexually abused by a nun and another member of staff and beaten for bedwetting and not eating his food at Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark, Lanarkshire.

The witness entered the orphanage in 1959 when he was aged around two, along with three brothers and a sister.

He said that beatings at the institution were routine, and that on one occasion when he was aged around six his friend was beaten after playing with a match and accidentally burning his hand.

He said: “It was unfortunate but at that time the sister came around the corner and said what’s wrong and I said ‘he burned my hand’ and she just grabbed him and started hitting him and punching him.

“He was on the floor and she was kicking him on his body and his head.

“I said ‘please sister, please don’t hurt him’.

“She stopped when I lay on top of him.”

He said he next saw his friend in the sick room and the inquiry heard the boy was in hospital for around 10 days before he died.

A BBC and Sunday Post investigation earlier this year found that at least 400 children from Smyllum Park are thought to be buried in an unmarked grave at the town’s St Mary’s Cemetery.

The orphanage was home to more than 10,000 children between opening in 1864 and closing in 1981.

Prosecutors have said there is no evidence that a crime has been committed at the orphanage in relation to reports of the mass grave.

The witness also told how he was sexually abused by a nun who took him to her room and rubbed his penis with her thumb while talking to him about bedwetting

He also described abuse by a lay female member of staff.

The witness said: “She took me up to the bedrooms to help change the beds.

“She sat on the bed and opened her legs and she had a split in her ski pants and she told me to get my penis out, put it in there and go in and out.

“I cannot remember any penetration.

“She lay back on the bed and just said keep going in and out.”

He told how children who wet the bed were made to stand with the wet sheets round their neck in the morning, and were also hit for bedwetting.

In August 1965 when he was aged around seven the witness said he was moved to St Vincent in Newcastle, which was run by the same order of sisters, and told how he encountered abuse there too.

Colin MacAulay QC, counsel to the inquiry, said: “In your statement you go on to say it was another place run by psychopaths.”

The witness said: “We had to go to the washrooms and I must have said something out of line, she pinned me up against the wall with her forearm with a bread knife to my throat threatening to kill me and I genuinely thought I was going to die then, I was screaming.”

More than 60 residential institutions, including several top private schools, are being investigated by the inquiry, chaired by Lady Smith.


Sept 17th 2017
Smyllum nuns in £6 million land sale

16th Sept 2017 ‘I was abused by nuns for a decade’ at Smyllum Park – BBC News

15th Sept 2017 PressReader – Scottish Daily Mail: 2017-09-16 – Priest molested me

12th Sept 2017 The secrets of smyllum park. File on 4 investigates Smyllum Park in Lanark, uncovering new evidence of alleged abuse and raising serious questions about child deaths at the orphanage, before it was closed in 1981. {38mins}

WATCH http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05fhr3y/player


10th Sept 2017 No truth. No justice. Victims reveal abuse ordeal at Smyllum

15 March 2017 Another abuse survivor at Smyllum has spoken out over 1964 death of Sammy Carr.






25th NOV 2017

The natural response to the news that parents are selling their children on the streets for sex is one of sheer disbelief.

To then be told that the police and social work services know this is happening and has been happening in a sustained and persistent manner for more than a decade but are choosing to do nothing because of racial sensitivities, well, you couldn’t be blamed for raising a sceptical eyebrow.

In Govanhill, however, a proportion of residents did not react with scepticism or disbelief when media reports detailed that just such is happening in their community.

In fact, they offered anecdote by way of fact. Everyone you speak to – for there are no specific numbers, just sweeping generalisations – knows a man who has been offered a young child or teenager for sex while walking along a Govanhill Street or emerging from a Govanhill pub.

Child prostitution, it is claimed, is rife in Govanhill. If I may, there is no such thing as child prostitution – there is child sexual exploitation and child abuse.

I have had three phone calls this week – one more credible than the others – all telling me that if I want to know more I can “speak to any taxi driver”.

There is one story that does the rounds as fact, about a child so small they were seen being made to stand on a car battery during an assault. In other versions it is an upturned crate.

I have heard this story many times now and not once has anyone questioned the fact that this scene was witnessed yet not reported to the police. That’s quite extraordinary. Some say going to the police is pointless or potentially dangerous and that it is not the public’s responsibility. Every member of a community is responsible for protecting children. Of course speaking to the police can be daunting, of course it can feel hopeless, but to witness a child at risk of sexual exploitation and do nothing is unconscionable.



21st NOV 2017


Authorities are conducting a thorough and detailed investigation into allegations of child sexual exploitation in one of Scotland’s most deprived communities, the Justice Secretary has told MSPs.

Michael Matheson said members of Glasgow’s Govanhill community would be invited by Police Scotland to pass on any information around claims that Roma children are being routinely prostituted by parents and relatives.

But he stressed that officers currently have no evidence to substantiate the allegations which came to light in The Times newspaper on Friday.

“Although there is no evidence or intelligence to substantiate the allegations at the present time, these are being thoroughly investigated by Police Scotland and also by Glasgow City Council.”

Liberal Democrat MSP Liam McArthur called for reassurance for local people bringing forward fresh information.

“We’ve obviously seen atrocious abuse in areas such as Rotherham and in that instance there was evidence that concerns were dismissed or ignored,” he said.

“Will the Cabinet Secretary ensure that there are no barriers that might discourage people from coming forward with reports, particularly in the community itself.”

Authorities in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford came under fire for failing to tackle large scale child sexual exploitation predominantly by Asian men.




So ScotCops, Sturgeon & ScotGov have KNOWN ALL ABOUT IT & DONE NOTHING FOR 10 YEARS?! WHAT THE F*CK??


A child prostitution ring which is sexually exploiting immigrant Roma children as young as nine is operating in Glasgow, the Sunday Herald can reveal. Police have been running undercover surveillance operations in empty homes and unmarked cars in the Govanhill area in the southside of Glasgow for months in the hope of catching those behind the ring and the men paying to have sex with children.

Our investigation has also uncovered: l That high-grade intelligence about the ring led to the mounting of the covert operations; l An eyewitness who saw at first hand the sexual abuse of Roma children on the streets of Govanhill; l The name of the key suspect thought to be the leader of the child prostitution ring – a Roma man from eastern Slovakia now living in Govanhill.

Last night, Superintendent Mike Dean, who is leading the inquiry from Gorbals police station, confirmed that undercover detectives were hunting those behind the child prostitution ring and called on the public to help the investigation.

Jim Miller, from Govanhill, told the Sunday Herald how he stumbled upon a child being forced into prostitution on Allison Street, one of Govanhill’s main thoroughfares. Miller has already given a statement to the police.

“Roughly two months ago,” said Miller, “I was out walking my dog at about 10.15 in the morning. The dog ran into a close which was filled with rubbish, bin bags and old bedding.

“It was dark, and as I walked through the close I saw a man with his trousers around his ankles having full sex with a young Roma girl who was about nine or ten. The man had made the girl stand on a car battery in order to have sex with her.

“The guy just looked at me,” said Miller. “I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The wee lassie looked totally bewildered.”

Miller says he hurriedly left the close in order to get the police and spotted a Roma man waiting outside. At the same time the man he had seen having sex walked out of the close, as did the young girl. The Roma man, waiting outside, took the little girl by the hand and got into a nearby car, with a third man at the steering wheel, and drove away. Miller said he noticed that the girl walked with a limp.

The Sunday Herald knows the identity of the Roma man believed to have been pimping the child. Police sources confirmed that he was known to the police and a possible suspect in the child prostitution ring.

Miller quickly located two police officers, informed them of the events and passed on the car registration number. Miller says that when he returned to the scene there was a used condom and tissues at the site. “I was almost hysterical by this point,” said Miller. “I’d just seen a child being raped in broad daylight.”

Police say they have received various reports of child prostitution in the Govanhill area. The ages of the children allegedly involved ranged from nine to 14.

Police are concerned that allegations could ramp up racial tensions in an area already under inter-ethnic strain. Many locals in Govanhill from the Pakistani and white communities are openly racist about Roma people.

Miller stressed he was speaking out because a crime had been committed against children, not because he was racist. “What I have a problem with is what I saw happening to that little girl in that close. It made me feel sick.”

Another Govanhill resident, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed he saw an incident in which two boys aged between seven and nine – who appeared to be of Roma origin – were engaged in a sex act together in the backyard of his tenement building.

The man said: “I realise that this could be used as a recruiting sergeant by racists and the BNP, but I have to speak out as we are talking about child protection.” The man feared that the children may have been abused.

A senior police source said: “We’ve had directed and targeted surveillance based on intelligence about the abuse of children involved in prostitution. This intelligence specified particular areas in Govanhill and related to the Roma community. At least six separate incidents involving the alleged abuse of children have been reported to us.”

When asked if the allegations could have been exaggerated or made up by racist members of the community, the senior police source said: “In this case, I have to say that I think it’s a matter of no smoke without fire. There have been many allegations by people in the area about child prostitution.”

Undercover police officers involved in the Govanhill operations have been told that they must blow their own cover the moment it appears that a child is about to be abused. “We’re there to save kids, not wait for a child to be abused up a close before making an arrest,” the senior police source added.

There have so far been three separate periods of undercover surveillance in Govanhill – each lasting a week. The senior police source said: “Such action only takes place on the back of good intelligence, or if numerous sources of intelligence are saying the same thing.”

Superintendent Dean said: “We are aware of allegations about child prostitution in the Govanhill area. Certain police operations have taken place but have so far failed to identify the perpetrators. I would appeal to the public to come forward if they have any information about this matter. The abuse of children cannot be tolerated.

“If we find any evidence of child prostitution we will come down with the full force of Strathclyde Police.”

Dean said the allegations should not be seen as a reflection on the Roma community: “The Roma community would be up in arms itself if the people were aware of these allegations.”

He added: “If anyone is offered a child for the purposes of child prostitution I want to hear from them immediately. If they do have information but do not want to come forward I would challenge them to look at their conscience.”

Police sources say that the Roma man suspected of involvement in the ring was linked to agencies in Slovakia who brought Roma people to Scotland with the promise of jobs and housing.

The police say he makes some of his money in Glasgow as a gang boss by getting employment for Roma men in low-skilled labouring jobs or picking fruit and then taking a cut from everything they earn. He recently bought a new home in Slovakia. There is suspicion that he may also be involved in the drugs trade.

http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/12766853.The_Child_Sex_Scandal_On_The_Streets_Of_Scotland/ http://archive.is/aCyOH

AANGIRFAN http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/govanhill-sex-scandal.html?m=1


CHILDREN as young as primary school age are being sold for sex on the streets of Glasgow, an investigation has revealed.

Community groups in Govanhill, one of Scotland’s most deprived areas, say Roma children are being sold by parents and relatives – and that the practice has been going on for decades.

The community has come under fire in the past for fly tipping and slum conditions

The community has come under fire in the past for fly tipping and slum conditions





The population of Govanhill has MORE THAN DOUBLED IN UNDER A DECADE

But authorities have failed to take action for fear of being branded racist – Govanhill has the highest Roma population in Scotland after a dramatic increase in 2004.

The community has come under fire in the past for fly tipping and slum conditions.

Locals have seen girls and boys propositioning people as they walk through the streets at night, reports The Times.

Cops say child sex exploitation enquiries were carried out ten years ago but residents say the problem has re-emerged.

READ MORE Sleaze row Nat Mark McDonald suspended from SNP as he faces SECOND complaint of inappropriate behaviour

A police statement in 2007 confirmed that at least six instances of child abuse had been reported.

And two years ago councillors formally flagged the sickening problem – but residents say kids as young as primary school age are still being abused.

Olive Arens, the chief executive of Up-2-Us, a government-funded charity that works with vulnerable teenagers, was told the abuse was an “urban myth” when she flagged concerns.

She said: “The sexual exploitation of Roma children in Govanhill is a longstanding issue. You could see the activity.

“It was children and adults making deals in huddles. It is very clear what was taking place but nothing ever happened to stop it.”

In 2015 Crosshill and Govanhill community council recorded that “an issue had been raised regarding child prostitution within Govanhill” and that children were seen to be “wandering the streets at night” in its minutes.

Group leader of the time Joe Beaver said the police didn’t seem surprised by the report.

Social work also said parents were “using their own kids”.

A spokesman for the first minister said “these are deeply concerning claims” while a Glasgow City Council spokesperson added they were “fully alert to the risk of child sexual exploitation in Glasgow”.

Detective Superintendent Alwyn Bell, of Police Scotland, said: “Glasgow child protection committee and the numerous statutory and voluntary agencies represented have robust, well-established child protection procedures.

“Child sexual exploitation is a constant threat within our communities and an area all partners are alert to. As a partnership, we constantly review our procedures in an attempt to continuously improve our services and learn from good practice elsewhere.”

He said local communities should report “anything that appears suspicious or gives cause for concern”.

https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1850898/children-are-being-sold-for-sex-by-their-parents-on-streets-of-glasgow/ http://archive.is/0AyjP

Prosecutors probe multiple claims of child abuse at Dundee school. #Kingspark


Prosecutors have launched a fresh investigation into multiple claims of abuse against children at a Dundee school.

A number of complaints have been made to police in recent years about alleged attacks on children — many of whom cannot communicate verbally — at Kingspark School.

In 2014, the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) upheld a complaint that police had failed to properly investigate allegations of an assault on a child by staff.

Following that, a national probe was launched into the allegations, involving officers based in Dundee.

When that investigation was concluded this year, a report was submitted to the procurator fiscal.

However, after criticism that the report lacked detail and balance, area procurator fiscal Catriona Dalrymple became involved and demanded that further evidence — including statements from parents — be taken into consideration.

The evidence will now be looked at and decisions made about whether any criminal action should be taken against individuals.

A spokesman for the Crown Office said: “We are looking into the circumstances of these allegations and it would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.”

Beth Morrison, of Monifieth, is one of those campaigning for a series of alleged assaults against children at Kingspark to be probed further.

Beth Morrison

She told the Tele that parents had faced a long wait for answers about the allegations and felt let down by the way the investigation had been handled.

Beth — who set up a charity aimed at improving communication between carers, teachers and young people with learning disabilities after the Kingspark allegations emerged — said: “This has been going on since 2014 and the families have been left hanging all this time.

“These families have been waiting for answers for a long time. 

“There is medical evidence and photographic evidence about what happened.

“Parents have been told in the past that injuries were caused as a result of children attacking other children — but that’s not the case.”

Kingspark caters for about 175 pupils aged between five and 18 who have additional support needs or disabilities.  https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/prosecutors-probe-multiple-claims-child-abuse-dundee-school/    http://archive.is/yrULA




ROBERT GREEN – Attacks by the Mainstream Media

From: Robert Green
Sent: 07 November 2017 18:27
Subject: Attacks by the Mainstream Media


Once again, I would like to thank so many people for offering their support over recent attacks on me by sections of the mainstream media.

It is odd that for almost nine years, the press and broadcasters have largely ignored the Hollie Greig case, despite many blatantly controversial issues, not the least of which was the proven breaches of the law over the case by the Scottish government, as ruled by the Information Commissioner on 26th May 2011.

Accurate and widespread published reporting of the facts at the time may even have brought down the government then led by Alex Salmond, but only one brave editor, Steven Raeburn of The Firm, was prepared to stand up to the bullying of Mr Salmond and his powerful accomplices.

Then suddenly, a few weeks ago, following knowledge that I had relayed an expert witness dossier to Operation Conifer in its investigation of Sir Edward Heath and others, I found my name and that of Hollie thrust into the limelight, although always being attacked. Clearly, the establishment that has so ruthlessly attempted to destroy the said investigation seems to have discovered that Hollie`s case is worth mentioning after all.

Moreover, it may not be entirely coincidental that the three publications that have attacked me, The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail and Private Eye, are precisely the same ones that have had their journalists named.along with Heath, on the dossier.

Are they really so concerned about Sir Edward`s reputation, or are  they more worried about protecting their own skins ?  

With growing evidence of the widespread existence of sexual transgressions at the highest level of the establishment, it is possible that we may be somewhat nearer to the full revelation of the UK`s grimmest secret – the elite`s concealed sexual abuse of children.

Robert Green

Is There a Masonic Paedophile Ring Terrorising Scotland’s Children?

Over the past ten years or so, Britain has been fairly preoccupied with paedophiles; finding out who they are, naming and shaming them, even – in a highly embarrassing set-back for the credibility of vigilantes everywhere – beating up paediatricians because it sounds a bit like paedophile. But, in previous years, it seems like paedophiles were everywhere – running the country, inventing dance music, touring the world in successful rock bands – and no one gave two hoots. In fact, shagging 13-year-old girls was mythologised as something glamorous in itself.

However, times change (the “wandering hand” is now known as a grope) – something you probably noticed after this year’s media witch hunt. A hunt that hit its peak when Phillip Schofield assumed the role of a mum-friendly Guevara – an everyman freedom fighter who handed the Prime Minister a list of names the internet said were paedophiles on live TV, gave the camera a glimpse and ended up getting sued by a Tory peer. Adding weight to the old adage that daytime television presenters probably shouldn’t accuse people of being child molesters.

Although Schofield’s mistake and subsequent suing was high-profile enough, and the subject rich enough that his name was effectively cleared, not everyone branded a paedophile in public has had such a clear-cut opportunity to escape the allegations. Likewise, in such a difficult act to prove, not every victim receives justice.

A perfect example is Scotland’s Hollie Greig, a girl with Down’s Syndrome alleged to have been abused by a Masonic cabal at the very highest levels of Scottish society. As is usually the case with coverage of anything Masonic, you probably won’t have seen the case anywhere other than on the pages of badly formatted Blogspot accounts. Attempts to bring it to the mainstream have always failed, which – of course – strengthen campaigners’ feelings that Masons are involved in covering up the abuse.

In a desperate attempt to provide some kind of justice, Robert Green, a leading campaigner, was jailed for distributing leaflets containing the names of nearly two dozen Aberdeenshire residents Hollie accused of abusing her. Since then, Green has become a martyred Bobby Sands to Schofield’s cack-handed Guevara, drawing the support of the ‘Truth Movement‘, people who believe there weren’t any planes involved in 9/11 and that there are a bunch of shady, hooded men running the world from a cave in Cumbria.

I recently visited the home of Belinda McKenzie – a place the New Statesman called the ‘Highgate Hub’, in reference to its importance to the UK’s Truth Movement. The house is home to a rotating cast of various campaigners, who either stay in one of the five bedrooms or in the bunker buried beneath the garden. Such luminaries as David Shayler and Annie Machon have stayed there in the past, and I was lucky enough to bump into ‘Spacecowboy1954‘, who showed me a lot of photos of “orbs” he had taken the night before. He also showed me this video of a light. I was unclear of what exactly the light was, but, thankfully, the cowboy quickly explained with the certainty of a man 100 percent secure in his thoughts that it could only be one of two things: an alien entity or a spiritual presence.

Belinda has supported the Hollie Greig campaign for years and is readying for a new push (videoed by Spacecowboy1954) in light of the public’s renewed appetite for paedophiles. The case, like the campaign itself, is massively long and complicated. The campaign slogan is “Google Hollie Greig”, and if you do just that, you’ll uncover over half a million pages of claims and counter-claims that broadly fit into two main camps: those who are campaigning on behalf of Hollie, attempting to prosecute her abusers; and those who believe that Hollie is a liar and the entire story is fabricated.

Hollie’s alleged abuse was first brought to light after her parents – Anne Greig and Denis Mackie – had a row. Hollie told her mother that she was scared her father would kill the family’s dogs, and when her mother asked why, Hollie explained that Denis had molested her for the past 14 years, ensuring her silence by threatening her’s and the dogs’ safety. Although it was determined she had lost her virginity, Hollie had no physical evidence of mass abuse, which lead to Denis trying to have Anne sectioned and taking Hollie back into his care. An independent investigation found Anne sane and she fled to England with Hollie to start a new life.

In 1997 – three years prior to this – Anne’s brother Roy had died in an apparent suicide attempt in his burning car. Official records show he died of smoke inhalation, with cracked ribs and head injuries due to resuscitation efforts. Now in England, Hollie told her mother that Roy had caught Denis abusing her and he had told her uncle that he would kill him if he ever exposed the abuse, causing Anne to query if the suicide was in fact a murder and ask for official documents, but her requests were declined.

Hollie began naming more of her abusers, which ultimately totalled 22 people. These names included a Sheriff (Scottish equivalent of a High Court Judge), a forensic policeman, a lawyer and Hollie’s own social worker. Sensing that a powerful Scottish elite had been abusing her daughter, Anne made several attempts to encourage Aberdeen police to investigate. On each occasion, police found no evidence of such a paedophile ring, which only riled her fears of a cover-up.

In the meantime, Hollie’s brother and Denis both moved to Portugal to escape the allegations. When Madeleine McCann went missing, Anne feared Denis and her son could have been involved and advised police they should contact Denis. UK police didn’t act on the advice, nor did they inform Portuguese police, again adding beans to the cover-up pot.

Lacking any concrete evidence of abuse beyond Hollie’s words and considering the police refuse to recognise them as truth, it’s reasonable to question the veracity of the claims. However, the campaign are adamant that, as a sufferer of Down’s Syndrome, Hollie always speaks the truth. That seemed almost laughable to me if it wasn’t so condescending, something confirmed by a spokesman for the Down’s Syndrome Association: “It would be unwise and incorrect to make broad statements like that, and I would disagree with the idea that people with Down’s Syndrome can’t lie.”

Hollie also received a sum of around £4,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), which is seen – at best – as an admission of guilt from the government and – at worst – hush money. The problem there is that £4,000 really isn’t much when it comes to buying someone’s silence in a child abuse case, but the CICA works on very different rules of guilt to the law courts. Kind of how the FA work very differently to the courts, as John Terry found out when the law found him not guilty, but the FA gave him a match ban anyway.

It was in 2009 that Robert Green started supporting Hollie’s cause, and in 2010 he ran for a seat as an independent MP in Aberdeen in an attempt to publicise Hollie’s case. It was then that he distributed the leaflets exposing Hollie’s alleged abusers and was arrested under a breach of the peace. At his trial in early 2012, he began each day asking the prosecution if they were Freemasons, suggesting that they were also part of the cover-up. He was found guilty, sentenced to a year in jail and ultimately released three months later.

Two of the accused from the list – Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragon-Smith – have taken it upon themselves to defend their reputations, showing up at Green’s court case (where they were cast as evil incarnate by the Hollie Greig campaign, obviously) and releasing a video protesting their innocence.

The BBC looked into the case in 2009, with investigative journalist Mark Daly getting in touch with the family and uncovering Roy Greig’s official death certificate. Hollie’s campaign insist they helped journalists with their investigation into the late stages of production, before it was suddenly pulled, seemingly under duress from management. However, Mark Daly tells me they didn’t even shoot a single frame of film and that the investigation didn’t get past the first couple of weeks of research. He also spoke on the record with the Sunday Herald this summer, insisting “The truth is that the claims of the paedophile ring were based on a tissue of false assertions.”

Meeting a brick wall every time the campaign has tried to prosecute the abusers through the police, the courts, and the media has only made them more convinced they’ve uncovered some dark conspiracy. The police refuse to prosecute? They must be complicit in the abuse. The media refuse to report it? Oh, they must be complicit in the abuse, too.

The truth here will probably never emerge, which is deeply unsatisfying for everyone involved and will only continue to make the case one giant cluster of headfucks. But so long as stories surface about light entertainers molesting hundreds of girls while spending Christmas with the Prime Minister and receiving honours from royalty, the embers of the conspiracy theory bonfire will carry on burning, ready to be poked into life any time something new transpires.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisoreal

More paedophiles:







Tours of Highland orphanage made children feel like ‘monkeys in a zoo’

Sun, Nov 5, 2017


Tourists would pay to visit the Aberlour orphanage, it has been revealed
Former children’s officer Katharine Mackenzie revealed that busloads of tourists would pay to visit the Aberlour orphanage when she gave evidence to the historic abuse inquiry last week.She said: “One boy said to me, they locked us in the gym and they walked along the corridor, where there was a window into the gym, and looked at us, and they treated us like animals at the zoo, so we all pretended to be monkeys.”Abuse survivors say the tours are an example of how children were treated as “commodities” and used for financial gain, entertainment, sexual gratification or medical experimentation.Mrs Mackenzie was invited to give evidence to the inquiry after writing a letter to chairwoman Lady Smith about her experiences in the 1950s and 1960s.

Every time a tour came all the naughty boys were locked in the gym in case they upset people.  Katharine Mackenzie – Former children’s officer

Yesterday, speaking at her home in Edinburgh, the 93-year-old said: “Many of the Highland tour buses stopped at the orphanage.  They were curious about how orphanages were run, I suppose. It was pretty awful, this huge orphanage with hundreds of children in the middle of a tiny Highland village. Every time a tour came all the naughty boys were locked in the gym in case they upset people. I think the boys reacted very sensibly by pretending to be monkeys.  Of course it was wrong but I didn’t run the orphanage, although I helped to have it closed down in the end.”

Katharine Mackenzie

Former children’s officer Katharine Mackenzie gave evidence to the historic abuse inquiry

At the end of each visit, the day-trippers were expected to make a donation into a collection box held by one of the orphans before they got back on the bus. Mrs Mackenzie added: “As far as I knew, the children were all looked after except there were too many of them and they didn’t get enough individual attention in a big place like that.”The Speyside orphanage was founded in 1875 as a home for “mitherless bairns” and grew to become the second largest in Scotland, housing as many as 500 children in the postwar years.It closed in 1967 after concerns were raised by Mrs Mackenzie and others and the charity became Aberlour Child Care Trust, which is still one of the country’s biggest childcare providers.The trust has compiled an internal report highlighting 12 complaints of abuse, seven involving excessive force used in punishments and five involving sexual abuse or indecency.

Earlier this year, chief executive SallyAnn(corr) Kelly apologised at the inquiry but insisted it was not a case of “systemic failure” but rather “a failure in the behaviour of human beings”.
Helen Holland from the In Care Abuse Survivors (Incas) group described the bus tours as “utterly repugnant” and added: “It is totally wrong in every sense of the word to use any child as a commodity.  That’s what people haven’t really grasped yet, how children in care were used as commodities, whether that was for financial gain, for entertainment or for sexual gratification.”
Ms Holland, who was physically and sexually abused as a child in Nazareth House orphanage in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, said she was “absolutely sure” the Aberlour boys would’ve been punished for disrupting the tours.
She said: “We never had tours come around but we would have to entertain the nuns and visiting dignitaries by putting on plays and shows. If it wasn’t up to scratch you would be beaten afterwards for not doing things properly. I remember one Christmas I started singing the wrong version of While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks and I just froze because I knew I was going to get battered for it. I was beaten with a stick later that night because I had shown them up. It was the same with the Scottish country dancing, where you terrified in case you stood on one of the swords and were punished for it.” 
Alan Draper, the Incas parliamentary liaison officer, added:  “These children were being treated as exhibits for the benefit of the organisation. It’s appalling but it wasn’t uncommon practice back in those days and the authorities simply turned a blind eye or didn’t care.”   http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/875570/historic-abuse-inquiry-highland-aberlour-orphanage-tours  http://archive.is/dIkQE 
Orphans ‘treated like zoo animals’ as witness tells child abuse probe …  http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/orphans-treated-like-zoo-animals-11467984


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PDF National Confidential Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse – CelcisChildhood in Question: Children, Parents and the Statehttp://www.scotsman.com/giving-back/charities/the-oldest-charities-in-scotland-then-and-now-1-4019691    http://archive.is/23WwN 


To an observer, the bare facts of David Divine’s life — abandoned as a baby, raised in an orphanage, rising to the top of his profession, surviving a near-fatal car crash that left him unable to walk, read and write, years spent in rehabilitation, and finally embarking on a new chapter — seem too much to contain in one life.

Gradually he pieced together the story of his childhood. After his birth in Scotland in 1953, he learned that he had been abandoned at three months and left to be raised in an orphanage. Racism was rife at the time and his parents were ill-equipped to care for him. His mother was a poor, white single mother and his father was a black man in the United States Air Force stationed in Scotland.

Divine spent his childhood in Scotland’s Aberlour Orphanage and later with a foster family in a small Scottish mining town. Despite the challenging circumstances of his early childhood, he went on to university and completed his social sciences degree at Edinburgh University. From there he embarked on a successful career in social work. That work eventually lead him to become Dalhousie’s James Robinson Johnston chair in black Canadian studies in 2004.  EXTRACTS, READ IN FULL  http://thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/1449444-the-divine-gift-%E2%80%93-a-life-recovered     http://archive.is/G2ZpQ 



Kids as young as 10 in Dundee seeking help as victims of sexual abuse


Children as young as 10 are seeking help in coming to terms with sexual abuse in Dundee, as a local charity warns it is struggling to cope with demand.

Women’s Rape And Sexual Abuse Centre (WRASAC) Dundee and Angus has a new service, Dundee and Angus Young Survivors (DAYS).

The service offers support to all young survivors aged 11-18 who have experienced rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation or sexual bullying.

While the meetings are confidential, if a young person is thought to be at harm then action is taken with social work, child protection or Police Scotland.

Helen Hampton, senior young people’s support worker with DAYS, said: “The service is for people between 11 and 18 but there have been 10-year-olds who have come to us for help. We would never turn them away.

“Because I only work 35 hours a week and cover this huge area, it’s difficult.”

WRASAC fundraiser Ali Henderson

Helen — whose role has been funded by Comic Relief until 2019 — added: “The more we do, the more people become aware of the service and are coming forward to speak to us.

“There are no other services specifically for young survivors of sexual assault in the area.”

The service supports the victims of a range of sexual crimes, including those abused by family, exploited into prostitution and sexually bullied by peers.

Sinéad Daly, 42, manager of WRASAC, said people often aren’t aware they are victims of abuse.

She said: “Young people will suffer sexual abuse at the hands of people in a guardianship role but there are peer-on-peer concerns as well.

Manager of Dundee’s Woman’s Rape And Sexual Abuse Centre, Sinead Daly

“One of the problems is that often these young people don’t see themselves as being abused, assaulted or subjected to sexual exploitation or violence because it is the norm for them.

“For these people, the feelings of guilt, responsibility or self-blame can also stop them from coming forward. Establishing that what they have experienced is not their fault is really important.”

One 10-year-old survivor of sexual violence who was helped by WRASAC wrote a poignant poem describing their journey to rehabilitation.

The poem includes the lines: “I cannot forgive, I cannot forget, but I hope one day soon I can put this to rest.”

Sinéad said the number of young people seeking help had increased for every age group in the 10 months to October 31 this year, compared with the same period last year.

In total, 83 youngsters between 10-18 have had some form of support since January – up from 66 in 2016. This year, six users were under 13, there were 24 aged 13-15 and 53 were 16-19.

While DAYS offers help to people of all gender identities, Sinéad said service users were “overwhelmingly” female.

Laura Wylie, 24, a violence protection worker with Rape Crisis Scotland, with which WRASAC works closely, said new technology poses new challenges in reducing sexual crimes.

She said: “With ‘sexting’ you have young people pressured into sending intimate images to people which are then shown to others.

“There is often a culture where young people think this is OK but it’s not OK – it’s a form of sexual violence and against the law.

“I think there can be this idea that you are either raped or you aren’t, and that covers sexual violence, but that is not the case.”

n If you have experienced rape, sexual abuse or feel you are being or have been sexually exploited and are looking for support, contact WRASAC on 0300 365 2001, Monday and Friday from 10am-noon and Wednesday from 2pm -4pm. If you need support after 6pm, you can contact the Rape Crisis Scotland’s national helpline on 08088 01 03 02.   https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/kids-young-10-dundee-seeking-help-victims-sexual-abuse/    http://archive.is/4C3k7 

Police failed to tell congregation of paedophile inquiry

01 Nov 2017


The judge leading Scotland’s child abuse inquiry has criticised police after they failed to inform a religious order of an investigation into one of its former employees.

Brian Dailey was jailed for ten years in July after being found guilty of physical and sexual offences against children in the 1970s and 80s, including at the now-closed Ladymary residential school in Colinton, Edinburgh.

Lady Smith, who is leading the inquiry examining the abuse of children in care, expressed concern that officers investigating Dailey failed to make contact with the Good Shepherd Sisters, which previously ran the school where he was employed from 1974.

The inquiry heard from Police Scotland’s lawyer that a detective constable with 20 years’ experience had been given the task of tracing records relating to Dailey but had failed to make contact with the congregation.

Lady Smith said the police had gone down “blind alleys” attempting to trace the records when it was possible to find contact details for the congregation on the internet in a matter of seconds.

She added: “One would have thought there would be a recognition on the part of the police that the responsible organisation [the Good Shepherd Sisters] would want to know [about the inquiry].”

Earlier this year, Lady Smith expressed her surprise that the congregation continued to deny historical abuse even after Dailey’s conviction. It followed evidence given to the inquiry by Sister Rosemary Kean, leader of the congregation in Britain, who said she had no knowledge of abuse.

Yesterday, the nuns’ lawyer, David Anderson, said Sister Kean had spoken from a position of “complete ignorance”, having been unaware of Dailey’s case. He said the sisters were “appalled and dismayed” at the abuse and “strongly refuted” any suggestion they had attempted to conceal it.

The national inquiry, which has cost nearly £10 million to date, is looking into the historical abuse of children in care and is due to report in 2019.

Yesterday it also heard from Professor Angus Skinner, Scotland’s most senior social worker in the early 1990s, who said he had “greatly underestimated” the abuse of children in care.

Prof Skinner, who carried out a review of residential care for the Scottish Office in 1992, said: “I readily admit that I greatly underestimated its existence at that time. At the coal face, there were some people doing fantastic jobs with a great deal of care and attention … but they were more the exception than the rule.”

http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/police-failed-to-tell-congregation-of-paedophile-inquiry-1-4601630      http://archive.is/sFPW4 



Child abuse in care was “vastly underestimated” former government chief social work adviser Angus Skinner tells inquiry

CHILD sex abuse in Scotland’s care homes has been “drastically” underestimated, a leading social worker told an inquiry, as police were criticised for failures in investigating allegations.

Appearing at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in Edinburgh, Angus Skinner, former chief social work adviser to the Scottish Executive and Scotland’s former chief social work inspector, said too little was done about abuse because “we just didn’t believe there could be so much.”

He said he had been aware of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children in care, but in the context of dismal standards of accommodation and practise.

“The furniture was dreadful, windows were smashed and left for months. In that context I was also aware of abuse but I vastly underestimated how much there was. I absolutely hold my hands up to that,” Mr Skinner said.

“I don’t think I was alone in underestimating the extent of abuse and in particular the evil and the extent of the duplicitous cover up,” he added.

While he had attempted to do what he could, his view had been that rates of child abuse could not be addressed without addressing the overall standard of care, he told the inquiry.

He said a lack of training and a workforce which was demoralised and undervalued contributed to the problem. It was common to visit children’s homes and find workers in the staff room rather than interacting with young residents, he claimed.

Without a motivated workforce, children lacked confidence that complaints of abuse would be addressed.

He said his concerns grew from the date of his appointment in 1991. “By 1992 or 1993 I thought there was a very serious problem and we needed to take some kind of different action.”

Although changes were eventually made, Mr Skinner said, they were limited. “I did try to address the quality of care and the issue of abuse. I didn’t do as much as I should have and I need to live with that,” he said.

His evidence to the inquiry came after its chair Lady Smith had taken further statements from the Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, following the conviction of 70 year old Brian Dailey in July this year.

A few days after the conviction, Sister Rosemary Keen told the inquiry that the sisters had no knowledge of any abuse which had taken place at any of its institutions.

At the time, Lady Smith expressed astonishment, as some of the most serious abuse for which Dailey was convicted took place at Ladymary School in Colinton while it was run by the order.

However David Anderson, lawyer for the Good Shepherd Sisters yesterday insisted Sister Keen had not misled the inquiry.

For Police Scotland, Laura-Ann van der Westhuizen confirmed that while attempts had been made to contact the order, an experienced detective constable working with Edinburgh’s Public Protection Unit had been unable to do so.

Even had he done so, the allegations would not have been discussed, Ms van der Westhuizen added, claiming the officer was only seeking school records. As the allegations were 40 years old, there was no evidence of current risk, she said.

“I understand that,” Lady Smith said. “I wasn’t thinking about risk, I was thinking about gathering evidence for the prosecution.”

And the judge poured scorn on Police claims that the order could not be located because Ladymary School had closed. “Googling the name of this order, you can find contact details within about 60 seconds. The address and Sister Keen’s name are there. It is at your fingertips with the service of Google,” she said.

Lady Smith said she was “concerned” at the attitude of Police Scotland.

“I want to air a concern I have that there would have been no interest on the part of the police in at least letting the order know they were looking at what happened at the school for which the order was responsible for a number of years – quite separately from having an interest in locating any relevant witnesses,” she said.

A third witness to the inquiry said she had been concerned about the quality of accommodation run by a number of charities while working as a children’s officer in the 1950s, including one run by the Catholic order the Sisters of Nazareth in Midlothian, the Aberlour orphanage in the Highland village of the same name, and Quarriers Village in Bridge of Weir.

Working firstly in Roxburgh and then Angus, she had withdrawn local children from a number of homes, she said.

In one case a doctor had refused to discharge a girl back to Nazareth House as she was suffering from malnutrition, she said, describing the home as “awful”.

She said the Aberlour home had been on the “tourist trail” with visitors on tour buses stopping to view children as if they were zoo animals. Children deemed “naughty” were locked up in the gym for the duration of visits, she claimed. “On one occasion they pretended to be monkeys in front of the tourists.”

The charity operated a collection box for such visits, she also claimed, adding: “They made some money from it.”

She also said parents had been obliged to sign consent forms to commit children to stay with charities until they were 16 although these were not legally binding. “The idea was that if you took a child from a Glasgow slum and looked after it, you didn’t want it to return to a Glasgow slum”, she said. “It was said at the time that Glasgow would fill a van with children and take them up to the Highlands, where they would knock on doors and ask ‘how many can you take?'”.

The inquiry continues.


EVEN MORE LOST PAEDO-FILES: Barnardo’s ADMIT destroying files

CHILDREN’S charity Barnardo’s systematically destroyed records at its residential care homes where child sex abuse occurred over three decades – but claimed to victims that files had been lost in a flood.

The organisation’s solicitor made the shock admission to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. Victims of abuse say they have been left “distressed” by the revelation that the charity had a policy of disposing of files when they shut care homes where abuse happened in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Groups representing survivors have accused Barnardo’s of “covering their tracks” after the charity’s solicitor admitted to inquiry chair – the Supreme Court judge Lady Smith – that they were aware of child abuse but did not recognise the need to retain records which could have been used as evidence in criminal or civil cases.

Barnardo’s has denied there was an attempt to cover up abuse and insisted the charity was “acting in accordance with guidelines at the time”.

The inquiry is investigating the abuse of children in care at more than 60 residential institutions and will report to the Scottish Government in 2019.

The first public hearings began on Wednesday when organisations which ran homes where abuse took place were given the chance to make opening statements. Many groups used the opportunity to apologise to victims but Barnardo’s stopped short of saying sorry, only admitting they were “aware” of abuse which “was not investigated at the time”.

The charity’s solicitor, Graham Watson, said Barnardo’s had been asked by the inquiry to provide information on seven former institutions, the last of which closed in 1994. But he said they only retained “around 10 per cent” of “staff records or administrative or governance records”.

Stunned survivors have learned that “it was Barnardo’s practice during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to destroy those records as closures of homes came about” and “the need to retain records was not recognised at that time”.

Janine Rennie, chief executive of survivors’ charity Wellbeing Scotland, who is assisting people who were abused while in the care of Barnardo’s, said: “They were particularly distressed by the revelation that records had been systematically destroyed. They were led to believe they had been lost in a flood. Barnardo’s was adamant that this was the case.

“Then, on the first day of hearings, we are told that this is different. As a modern charity Barnardo’s should have known how upsetting this would be to survivors. It’s difficult to be critical of Barnardo’s because it is now a modern organisation doing good work but they should not be trying to protect themselves.”

Rennie said that as abuse was happening at the time, any fair minded person could draw the conclusion that Barnardo’s could be perceived to be “covering their tracks”.

She added that it was time for the charity to “to take responsibility and apologise.”

David Whelan of FBGA (Former Boys and Girls Abused of Quarriers Homes), a core participant in the inquiry, warned that the policy of destroying staff records could mean abusers are still working in the care system now. He said: “I’m shocked that Barnardo’s systematically destroyed staff records. I fear that staff who abused children and were asked to leave an institution were then free to move around the care system. Many will have gone on to perpetrate crimes in other places. Some could actually still be in the care system.”

Whelan said he felt that most people would see the destruction of records as “negligent at the very least”.

He added: “They have effectively corrupted the care system by not keeping records on these people.”

Another core participant in the inquiry, Helen Holland, deputy chair of Incas (In Care Abuse Survivors), also said that most fair minded people could interpret events as an apparent attempted cover-up

She said: “I find it unbelievable [that records were destroyed]. I think the destruction of records is going to be a really interesting factor in the inquiry. It’s certainly going to be interesting for the survivors to find out what records were destroyed and who gave the authority to destroy the records. There are so many questions there.”

She added that “an ordinary person might think they were trying to cover their tracks”.

“The biggest burden I carry as a representative of survivors is whether or not they’re going to get the justice they deserve. Any court system is based on evidence and people have admitted this week that evidence has been destroyed.”

Speaking to the inquiry on Wednesday, John Scott QC, senior counsel acting on behalf of INCAS, said the complications of investigating abuse are “almost as extensive as the unknown number of victims”. He added: “In part this is because of the loss, or deliberate destruction, of records or, in some cases, the failure to keep proper records in the first place.”

Abuse survivor Dave Sharp, of SAFE (Seek and Find Everyone abused in childhood) said the records could have been used as evidence to help victims get justice. He explained: “If records are destroyed we have got to rely on the state to believe us because we don’t have the evidence to say where and why, which makes it very difficult…The organisations [which disposed of records] have to realise we won’t go away, evidence or not, because our lives were destroyed. And every single person in this country has a moral responsibility and a duty to find these people who did it.”

Director of Barnardo’s Scotland, Martin Crewe, said: “While it must be frustrating for victims and survivors to hear that a number of Barnardo’s records are no longer available, the charity was acting in accordance to guidelines at the time and is in no way an attempt to ‘cover tracks’. Barnardo’s has a history spanning 150 years and there will always be things we would wish we had done differently or not at all. But we’ve learnt always to face up to our past, to be honest and work closely with survivors groups.”




MISSING, LOST, STOLEN & HIDDEN PAEDO-FILES  https://spidercatweb.blog/2015/10/09/missing-paedo-files-2/

The People’s Independent Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry


Who We Are The Fresh Start Foundation


(FSF) is an Independent Peoples Enquiry into all forms of Child Sexual Abuse in Scotland. Having witnessed the failures of existing authorities to protect the children of this nation, and having seen the loss of confidence in the official inquiry, we have concluded that ordinary Scots must stand up to this challenge. The resignations from the official inquiry, and the governmental interference cited as reasons for those resignations, were the last straw. We, the people, will investigate what has happened and what is happening. Our governments, and those institutions charged with delivering justice, have failed. We will no longer endure that failure. We have decided to act.

This investigation will not be limited only to abuse within an institutional context but will look at every form of abuse that has occurred and is occurring. Thus we are determined to address abuse within institutions, Satanist Ritual Abuse, trafficking and abuse for commercial gain in the sex industry, abuse by informal networks, multi-generational abusive families and any other form of sexual abuse reported by victims and survivors. In acting we seek the truth. We investigate to discover the truth. The truth, it has been well said, will set you free.

How We Operate

We are an all-volunteer group. We give our time freely because it is right that we do so. Where funds are required, these are raised from public donation and private voluntary contributions. We accept no money from government agencies in order that our complete independence from any party tainted with child abuse, its cover up, or its toleration may be unquestioned.

Our organisation is dedicated to bringing truth and justice to the victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse in Scotland, with the firm belief that this will do more than any other single action to heal our nation and protect future generations of children from suffering similar horrors. And we wish to be explicit about our understanding of what victims and survivors seek. In our experience, they want:

  1. The truth to come out – this releases them from a world in which they have suffered but where they, and maybe a few family and friends, are the only ones who know. Hence they suffer in secret.
  2. They want justice to have the wrongs against them made right.
  3. At present the state overwhelmingly tries to avoid exposure and justice and buy them off with compensation – they want truth and justice before the money they deserve.

Our programme

We have a step by step programme for the investigation. It is as follows:

  1. Making contact
  2. Gathering testimony
  3. Informing the nation
  4. Conducting Investigation
  5. Testing the evidence
  6. Pursuing prosecution
  7. Leaving a memorial

Each step has a fixed time-line and defined outcomes and items to be delivered. This programme is to deliver for the victims and survivors, it is not to make them promises only to disappoint once again. So many of our countrymen and countrywomen have a lifetime of betrayal by those who should protect and help them. We are determined that we shall not add to that.

Making Contact

A series of 36 road show events will be conducted across Scotland. These will be located: One in each of the 32 local authority areas One extra in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. The roadshows will be split into two batches of 18; one in 2018 and the second in 2019. They will run at fortnightly intervals from April to October each year. The Road Shows will comprise the following:

  1. Leafleting the public
  2. Meeting with victims and survivors from the area
  3. Meeting with groups and organisations dealing with victims and survivors in the area
  4. A formal presentation to the public involving:
    • An expert guest speaker. Topics will include Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Child Trafficking.
    • A report on the history of CSA and SRA in that area, as known from published sources
    • A presentation from the FSF detailing the help we require.
    • Music from volunteer artists who support our cause. The presence of music may seem surprising to some; let us explain the reason this is an integral part of our events. Any work or initiative to investigate child abuse is often a very difficult emotionally draining and dark subject. The proposal is to introduce music especially where survivors are directly involved to help lift emotions and bring in some happiness, light and companionship to those seeking justice and those working to help. There are few things that can lift the heart and bring people together more effectively than music.

The aims of the roadshows are to

  • Make contact with victims and survivors.
  • Develop a map of abuse in Scotland.
  • Establish links with all organisations and groups who will support our work.
  • Raise funds for the FSF programme.
  • Make contact with people who have the skills we need to advance the investigation.

Gathering Testimony

We will commence gathering testimony from victims and survivors in June 2018 and continue until June 2020. The information will be recorded on video and will be transcribed into a written record. This will be reviewed and developed so that it can be presented in the form of a signed affidavit.

All information will be securely stored and its use and release will be controlled by the victims and survivors decision as to the status of their evidence. Three categories of evidence are defined as follows:

  1. Testimony may be given on the basis of complete confidentiality, with no names released and data used only in anonymised form to inform the nation as to the scope of the abuse.
  2. Additionally the information may be placed before grand-juries, courts and other tribunals, used in investigations and forming part of the broader drive for justice, but without any general or public release.
  3. Finally, when so determined by the victim/survivor, the information may be made available publicly to communicate the reality of the abuse to the people of Scotland.

Informing the Nation

Based on the affidavits, we will develop an anonymised report for publication. This will be published in March 2021. The report will communicate to the people of Scotland what we have discovered about Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse in Scotland. It will reveal the scope, extent and type we have discovered, and name institutions where abuse occurred. It may name individual abusers where evidence is great and the victims are deceased. It will not detail areas where prosecution is possible

Conducting Investigation

Where affidavits provide corroborating evidence, such as when two unconnected people independently name an abuser, or where other corroborating evidence seems likely to be obtained, we shall conduct formal investigations to assemble evidence for potential prosecution. The evidence gathering will be by trained and paid professionals in the private sector. It will not use state resources. The timing of investigation work will depend to some extent on the nature of the testimony gathered, however we expect to start this work in June 2019. Investigation work will be complete by June 2021

Testing Evidence

When the affidavits of victims and survivors and the corroborating evidence is deemed robust, it shall be tested by presenting it before a Grand Jury made up of ordinary Scots. Accused persons will be invited to respond to the evidence and offer a defence.

Grand Juries are long established common law courts where the jury decides whether to bring criminal charges (an indictment) against a potential defendant. The common Law is the traditional law of Scotland, England and the former British Empire and colonies. It embodies the ancient laws of our people and developed slowly over the centuries. It is the basis of our system of law and predates statute and parliamentary acts. Grand Juries will be conducted up until October 2021

Pursuing prosecution

Where the Grand Jury considers that there is a case to answer, the matter will be passed to Police Scotland and the COPFS who shall be given an opportunity to prosecute the case. As the grand jury has already concluded it should proceed, they will not be given scope to not proceed. Should they fail to bring any cases to trial, then the Fresh Start Foundation would seek to initiate a private criminal prosecution. The decision on prosecution will be made by the Grand Jury, no other party may overrule this.

Creating a Memorial

By public subscription, we intend to create a memorial to those who have suffered. In part this will be an on-line archive of testimonies and accounts; in part it will be the public report; in part the evidence considered by Grand Juries; in part the records of the prosecutions and convictions. We aim to find a permanent home for this archive, so that it will not be forgotten, or repeated.

Our Guiding Principles

“The truth shall set you free”

“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

DOWNLOAD https://spidercatweb.blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/fresh-start-foundation-final11393.pdf



  • Welcome & Opening Address – MR STUART DINNING
  • On behalf of Fresh Start Foundation – Mr DAVID SCOTT
  • Satanist Ritual Abuse Expert – MR WILFRED WONG
  • From WellBeing Scotland – MRS JANINE RENNIE
  • Hollie Greig Campaigner – MR ROBERT GREEN
  • Q & A

Speakers Power Points

Mr David Scott

Mrs Janine Rennie



PART 1 https://youtu.be/IMedUtcNsxM
PART 2 https://youtu.be/mh67I3Xgwgg
PART 3 https://youtu.be/ys-cRkXyhI4

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The following is Mr Wilfred Wong’s research which made up part of his speech


(Note: this is not an exhaustive list)

1. On 9th November 1982, Malcolm and Susan Smith and Albert and Carole Hickman, were convicted in Telford, Shropshire for a series of sexual and physical assaults against children during the course of satanic rituals.Malcolm Smith carved an inverted cross on one child’s abdomen and branded her genitals with a red-hot altar knife.

2. On 23rd July 1987 Brian Williams was convicted at London’s Central Criminal Court for the sexual abuse of 15 girls and boys. He assaulted his victims on an altar dedicated to Satanand forced them to abuse each other.The rituals were performed with a Satanist pentagram drawn on the floor in blood.

3. On 8 August 1990 Reginald Harris was convicted at Worcester Crown Court after admitting to two specimen charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl and her younger sister. Harris told his victims he was a satanist high priest. The children were terrified into submission by Harris’s satanist rituals. He had drawn up a satanist “coven contract of marriage” to the older girl.

4.  On 3rd July 1992 a 57 year old satanist was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing his niece. He had raped his victim two or three times per week between the ages of 10 and 12. The Court also heard details of a “black magic room” where the abuser kept an altar and ritual equipment. When the child was 12 she became pregnant and was required by her uncle to give birth in that room. The victim was terrified by her uncle’s satanist rituals. He threatened to rape her younger sister and kill her pets if she ever spoke of the abuse. On one occasion he snapped the neck of one of her pets in front of her and drowned another.

Judge Dennis Clark told the man: “Your fascination with the occult or devil-worship played a part in impelling you towards this evil behaviour.”

5.  On March 11, 2011, Colin Batley, the leader of a Satanist coven, was convicted at Swansea Crown Court of more than 20 sexual offences against children including 11 rapes.

He and other satanists had ritually abused children in Kidwelly, Wales, where their coven was based. The children, some as young as 11, were subjected to “organised and systematic” abuse by Batley, his wife and two women coven members.

Jacqueline Marling, 42, was jailed for 12 years for aiding and abetting rape, causing prostitution, indecency with a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Batley’s wife Elaine, 47, was jailed for eight years on three charges of indecency with a child and sexual activity with a child. Shelly Millar, 35, was jailed for five years for indecency with a child and inciting a child to engage in sex. A fifth defendant, Vincent Barden, 70, admitted assaulting an under-age girl.

6. Two members of a Witches’ coven in St. Ives, Cornwall, were convicted at Truro Crown Court in December 2012 for their “ritualistic, sickening” sex abuse of young girls. Jailing Jack Kemp for 14 years and Peter Petrauske for 18, Judge Graham Cottle told them: “The offences range from the extremely serious to the truly horrifying.”

The judge said that the scars left on the victims were so obvious “that it would seem extremely unlikely that either of them have any real prospect of recovery.” Petrauske was convicted of rape, aiding and abetting an attempted rape, and indecent assault. Kemp was convicted of 10 sexual offences.

7. On February 9, 1989, Winchester Crown Court sentenced a sixty-year-old engineer to twelve years’ imprisonment on two charges of incest with one of his five daughters. The man, who was described in court as a practising Satanist had fathered several children by his own daughter. To one of them, to whom he was both father and grandfather, he later committed acts of gross indecency and indecent assault. He made his daughter pregnant no less than five times. She had two miscarriages, a still-birth and a normal child. Another was profoundly mentally and physically handicapped. He claimed to have been “instructed by the spirits” to have sex with his daughter. When police arrested the man at his home in Fareham near Portsmouth they found a small room in the bungalow that he described as his “magic room”. There were occult symbols on the floor and on the walls, and occult and witchcraft books. They also found a black priest’s robe and an altar. On it were phials of oil used in sex rituals. He pleaded not guilty to charges of incest with his four other daughters.

8.  On 25 July 1988, Hazel Paul, a 28 year old mother of three, was jailed for 5 years at the Old Bailey. Paul was convicted of falsely imprisoning a 15-year-old girl and inflicting on her grievous bodily harm during satanic rituals. She also hypnotised the girl and encouraged a male friend to sexually abuse her.

The jury heard a 15-year-old boy describe how Paul had ordered him to cut and carve the girl during rituals which also involved placing lighted candles on or around the victim’s vagina. Two other defendants were convicted with Paul of the assaults. The jury heard, and accepted by convicting, the explicit details of Paul’s satanic rituals.

9. In 1987, Andrew Newell was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing his best friend in what was regarded by the police as a Satanist ritual. Newell stabbed Philip Booth five times around the heart. A murder charge was later reduced to manslaughter. Books on the occult and occult symbols were found in his room, with the words Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial. Timothy Barnes QC, told the court that Newell’s record box had been used as a makeshift black magic altar. It was covered with bloody fingerprints and a smear of Philip Booth’s blood.

“When police opened the box they found a lot of material associated with the supernatural,” he said, “including candles that had been lit and a white-handled knife.”

10. Peter MacKenzie was sentenced at St. Albans Crown Court in August 1989 to 15 years in prison for 4 rapes and 17 other sexual assaults against 13 juvenile girls. His victims were as young as 6. An accomplice, John Baxter-Taylor, pleaded guilty to one charge of indecent assault and was sentenced to 15 months in prison. The court heard how MacKenzie told his victims he was ‘Asmodeus’, an historic satanic name principally associated with 19th century French Satanism, and made them recite prayers dedicated to him. MacKenzie had sexual intercourse with girls aged 6 and 7 by promising them magic powers. MacKenzie said they could become witches in his magic circle. He terrified his victims by warning them that unless they took part in the rituals and kept silent about the abuse they would die. All the children had to undergo counselling and psychiatric help, which was expected to last for several years.


The following stats I put together & they were a small part of the press packs






Left without faith in ScotGov & the corrupt Child Abuse Inquiry, The Scots take matters into own hands with THE PEOPLE’S INQUIRY


Fresh Start Foundation Roadshow Launch Press Event October 26th SYHA Edinburgh

Posted on  by Andrew Peacher via Fresh Start Foundation

Press Event on Thursday 26th October 2017 for the Scottish Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) Awareness Roadshow Starting in Spring 2018  10Am To 3pm.

Fresh Start Foundation Ltd, a not for profit company, is delighted to announce that we, together with partners, will be rolling out a programme of child sexual abuse & Satanist ritual abuse awareness road shows throughout Scotland from Spring 2018, with the message that we will not leave any Victims & Survivors behind.

The lack of engagement with the Scottish Government’s CSA Inquiry, speaks volumes that Victims & Survivors are suffering in silence in large numbers. We are inviting you to engage with us so that together we can reach out to Victims & Survivors, to empower them by giving them a voice, so that they do not have to suffer in silence any more.

Accordingly, Fresh Start Foundation would like to cordially invite you to our Press Event on Thursday 26th October 2017, at the SYHA Edinburgh Central to announce the dates for these road shows and outline why it is so important that we all work together for Victims & Survivors.

READ IN FULL http://www.freshstartfoundation.co.uk/fresh-start-foundation-roadshow-launch-press-event-october-26th-syha-edinburgh/




Stay tuned, I have a feeling BIG THINGS are coming..

I will certainly keep you posted 

PRESS LAUNCH on Thursday 26th October 2017









Robert Green: Conduct of the Daily Mail

From: Robert Green
Sent: 14 October 2017 15:40
To: **********************
Subject: Conduct of the Daily Mail


As some readers may be aware, Guy Adams of the Daily Mail has launched yet another grossly unbalanced attack on Chief Constable Mike Veale for his inspirational and courageous example of carrying out his duty without fear or favour, supported of course, by other senior police officers, with regard to the Heath case.

Yet again, I was also maliciously quoted by the Mail over Hollie`s case. The fact that the allegations were Hollie`s and not mine is not something the Mail has bothered to inform its readers. A few days ago, I had forwarded all the independent expert witness documents fully supporting Hollie`s claims to the Mail`s Editor-in-Chief, Paul Dacre, including one headed by Chief Constable Andrew Brown of Grampian Police, in a letter dated 24th September 2003 to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which resulted in the CICA granting a financial award to Hollie as a genuine victim of sexual abuse.

Bearing in mind this latest offending article, allow me to remind readers what the Chief Constable`s letter said in its penultimate paragraph.

“Officers who have dealt with Hollie have taken the view that she was a truthful witness, to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.”

It could hardly be clearer, but it seems that Mr Dacre has no regard for the truth, nor any pretence at balanced journalism. A relentless effort by the Daily Mail in support of the Establishment`s obsession in attacking Chief Constable Veale seems to be its chief motivation. The Mail is even prepared to be so unscrupulous as to smear a brave disabled victim of multiple sexual abuse, Hollie Greig, in the process.

I should say that I asked Mr Dacre to confirm that he had personally read all the supporting evidence for Hollie, including that from Dr Frances Kelly, of Grampian Police, Dr Eva Harding, Dr Jack Boyle and Dr Paul Carter. Disappointingly, Mr Dacre has not had the decency to even reply, unless the authorising of this disgraceful article today may be considered to be his response.

I would add that based on Hollie`s allegations and the expert witness supporting evidence, all I asked the police to do was to conduct an adequate investigation into her complaints. That this was never done was confirmed by DC Lisa Jane Evans on oath in court in 2012, admitting that not one of those identified as alleged abusers by a witness, so described by the police themselves as truthful and an entirely innocent victim, was even questioned by the police.

Of course, the police had no right to buckle under political pressure, but the recent discovery from my former MP, David Mowat of Scottish government documents, establishes that the required investigation was blocked by a ministerial colleague of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, Elish Angiolini.

I have been critical of the Daily Mail and its editor, Paul Dacre. If Mr Dacre feels that I have been unfair in my criticisms, he is at liberty to say so. Unlike the Daily Mail, I believe in fair play and in respect and support for victims of horrific sexual abuse.

Robert Green

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