THE KING RAT: The Godfather, The Krays, Massey, Domenyk & Paedophiles


Paul ‘King Rat’ Ferris (an “author” according to wiki!! That’s a beauty!! I near fell off my seat laughing!) Anyhoo,  Ferris worked as an enforcer & was right hand man to the Glasgow Godfather ARTHUR THOMPSON


Thompson was a “WORK MATE” of  THE KRAY TWINS

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The Kray Twins were child procurers for the “elite” 

Behind the Legend: The Krays Cover Up Involving Elite Paedophile Ring Jimmy Savile, Tories, Haut de la Garenne & more   24th Sept 2015

The following is quoted from Aangirfan

‘Moors Murderer’ Ian Brady worked as an ‘enforcer’ for top Glasgow crime boss Arthur Thompson.  (Moors Murderer Ian Brady brags of Scottish gangland links)

‘Glasgow godfather’ Thompson reportedly was selling guns to the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force).

He worked for MI5.

“They then told him he could pretty much start the drugs trade in Glasgow.”(Donal MacIntyre – erutufonnofuture)

Arthur Thompson was an associate of the Kray twins. The Kray twins reportedly ran a pedophile ring for top people.


Brady and Hindley’s child killings took place in the North of England, near Manchester. But, Ian Brady “implies he may have … buried bodies at the Campsie Fells near Glasgow.”

In his letters, Ian Brady “drops in the names of the Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, who terrorised London’s east end in the 1950s and 60s.”

Moors Murderer Ian Brady brags of Scottish gangland links “



Ferris attended the funeral of long time friend, Salford gangster PAUL MASSEY who had been shot dead by masked gunman

Image result for PAUL MASSEY

And they were VERY close.  According to the following quote from the Telegraph So close Ferris “mingled with Massey’s grandchildren” while at the funeral service

“Hundreds of mourners flocked to Salford today to attend the funeral of Paul Massey, a notorious gangster turned security businessman dubbed ‘Mr Big’ by local authorities.

Gangland criminals like Glaswegian gun-runner Paul Ferris mingled with Massey’s grandchildren at the service”

Massey was on twitter!! But as you can see @paulmassey19601 was a wee bit of a twitter loner,  he only has 27 followers  (28.04.17 @  5.31pm)

LOW & BEHOLD,  (you cannot even begin to imagine my surprise)  1 discovered 1 of the 27 is PAUL FERRIS aka @PaulFerris_Gla Not a surprise, as they were pals! They tweeted each other

one  two  three  times at the very least. Ferris’s RIP tweet 

Ferris was infact the VERY FIRST person Massey followed!  They were bestestest pals..  Aww aint that so lovely?!



SHOCK UPON SHOCK I then discovered Massey also followed none other than DOMINIC NOONAN! aka @DLattlayFottfoy


But I’m struggling to understand why Massey followed Noonan, cause he was very impolite to him on twitter!!  here  here  here 

I think perhaps they were what my daughter would call “frienemies”

Enemies, but secretly friends!!

Noonan’s facebook  

The Gangster’s Bible  @domenyk.lattlay.fottfoy I found the pics below & took screen shots.  I’m confused.. I d’no what to make o this at all.

The Ferris pics & the wee man film pics are all right beside the Kray pics..   I don’t “get it”

Is there a link between the Krays & Ferris? (other than Thompson. which to me, isnt a particularly strong link) 

The 2 pics on right, the search bar, it says  Wee Man G…….

I would LOVE to know what the word beginning wi G is!  It is likely to be Gary as that is the name of Charlie Kray’s boy  according to the telegraph,

What has that got to do wuith wee man ? & Ferris? Could the G stand for Glasgow? or Gangster? 

cuppa tea pic     wee boy pic

When you search for Paul Ferris & go to google images. Look at the 1st line. The Krays! I’d have expected them to be there somewhere but the 5th pic? Really? It is linked to this sun article dated 4th Dec 2016 archived

Anyhoo, back to Dominic Noonan wiki, For those who don’t know, he is openly gay

According to my Mancunian source, Noonan is a child rapist. The writer of the following QUOTE also agrees

“from what ppl who live in the area that i know have told me when dessie noonan wanted to hurt someone bad they would beat the crap out of them and then dominic would rape them. I have heard that the guy who killed dessie was the brother of one of the lads who had been raped.”

“Noonan was one of the leaders of the prison revolt at Strangeways in the early nineties. A member of ‘Prisoners Liberation Army,” here

WATCH A VERY BRITISH GANGSTER Documentary about one of Britain’s most dangerous crime families and introduces us to its magnetic, larger-than-life leader, Dominic Noonan

  1. Gangster Domenyk Noonan cleared of raping 15-year-old boy  21 Oct 2013
  2. Domenyk Noonan arrested on suspicion of raping a man 21 May 2014
  3. Trial told Domenyk Noonan intimidated ‘vulnerable’ man into sex act 6 Jul 2015
  4. Domenyk Noonan is jailed for 11 years – and friends fear he may  6 Feb 2016
  5. Jailed gangster Domenyk Noonan says ‘I’ll clear my name 11 Mar 2016
  6. Jailed gangster Domenyk Noonan vows to sue former right-hand 22 Jun 2016
  7. Domenyk Noonan’s ‘hopeless’ appeal gets him extra month in jail 16 Feb 2017

FUNNILY ENOUGH, in March (2017) Nonnan was up in court AGAIN.  This time..  




Domenyk Lattlay-Fottfoy, also known as Dominic Noonan, is to go on trial later this year accused of historic sex offences against boys as young as nine.

The 53-year-old from Moston appeared at Manchester Crown Court where he denied nine sex charges relating to three male victims.

He denies nine charges relating to three male victims 

The offences span a 30-year period, with the earliest complainant alleging he was nine or 10 when he was indecently assaulted. The most recent complainant says he was a teenage boy when he was molested. The age of the second complainant, who says he was indecently assaulted in the nineties, was not revealed in court.

Mr Lattlay-Fottfoy appeared at court on videolink and answered all of the charges with the reply ‘not guilty’ when they were put to him by the clerk.

While he goes by the name of Domenyk Lattlay-Fottfoy, he will be tried as ‘aka Dominic Noonan’. The trial is expected to last ten days and is scheduled to begin in the autumn.

Mr Lattlay-Fottfoy denies four charges of indecent assault, two charges of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, two sexual assaults, and a single charge of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Judge David Hernandez told Mr Lattlay-Fottfoy that his trial would go ahead in his absence if he failed to show up.

Then there is this… NONCE JAILED: HARRY YOUNG Ex-Enforcer for Glasgow gangster PAUL ‘The Rat’ FERRIS gets 2years for abusing girls

There’s ONEHELLEVALOT OF CHILD RAPISTS surrounding Ferris. Add to that the whole FETESGATE story & the Rats involvement…. 


READ MORE   ~   KING RAT  via Daily Record


PLEASE do yersel a favour, DON’T WATCH IT. Here’s a very brief summary. It goes like this…

Growing up, Ferris was a good boy, He was bullied so he HAD to learn to fight back

He was a protector of women & did so endangering his own life.

He fell into the wrong crowd & he just wanted to be with his girlfriend, but bad men, they wouldnt let him.

He was wrongfully arrested time after time, the police hated him for nothing, they clearly had a vendetta. He was wrongfully jailed (bein in the jail is barely mentioned)

He was a good man, a good friend & tried his best to be a good dad

But the world conspired against him.


That just so happened to ALWAYS be accidentally, unbeknown to him, in wrong place at wrong time. But he NEVER EVER wanted or tried to hurt anyone…

He broke away from the bad men & now he is free to be the great man he always wanted & tried to be


                                THE END

(I’m not even kidding. That is an accurate review of the film!)



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