http://www.gcvs.org.uk/important-communication-from-the-scottish-child-abuse-inquiry/  https://archive.is/6n5BY



http://www.devereuxchambers.co.uk/barristers/profile/felicity-cullen     https://archive.is/c5gx7


 22 Oct 2015 – The Scottish Historical Child Abuse Inquiry was formally established … Felicity Cullen, Deputy Solicitor, Felicity.cullen@childabuseinquiry.scot.


Survivors earn the living wage from charity Wellbeing Scotland

18th July 2017 19.30

PAYING the living wage is an issue of equality for Wellbeing Scotland, a charity working with individuals and families whose lives have been affected by childhood abuse or other trauma.

The charity works with many survivors whose opportunities in life are limited due to the impact of their experiences. They often work in minimum-wage jobs, which also affects their self-esteem and well-being.

“The inequality they face made us fully committed to being a living wage accredited employer,” said chief executive Janine Rennie. “We employ many young people, including those with disabilities and mental health issues, who come to us through the Community Jobs Scotland scheme, with many staying with the organisation at the end of their placement.

“We value the young people we recruit and we feel it is important they are paid the living wage.”

She added: “We see the effect on the lives of the people we offer support to of not feeling valued and respected, of living on very low incomes with the impact of poverty further affecting their sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

“The inequalities in society are very destructive to well-being, and over the years we have worked with increasing numbers of people struggling to cope with surviving on a low income. We are committed to offering a living wage to ensure that we can model good practice in the hope that others will follow.”

Wellbeing Scotland was originally established as Open Secret, working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Over the years the work has expanded to offer help for those who have suffered all types of abuse. There are specialist services for people abused in care, people with mild to moderate mental health problems, and people at risk of exploitation.

The organisation actively campaigns for the rights of survivors to equality and justice and the service is delivered across Scotland offering counselling, advocacy, informal support, group work, campaigning, prevention work, art therapy, play therapy and befriending. Training and development services are offered to other organisations, and the charity organises an annual conference to raise awareness of the issues for survivors.

Wellbeing Scotland is the largest organisation in Scotland working with survivors of childhood abuse of all ages. It has been actively involved through the In Care Survivors Service Scotland to ensure that survivors of abuse in care achieve access to justice through the national inquiry and changes to the time bar law that was recently passed.

The charity has retained the specialist abuse branch, Open Secret, as a campaigning and fundraising arm for all survivors, and people using the service are actively involved in both.

Janine said: “The mascot of Open Secret is the elephant in the room to challenge the way that society does not want to look at the extent and nature of abuse. The people working for us are vital in ensuring that we achieve our vision.”

Elisha Kimani, Finance/HR Manager of the charity, added: “We are committed to developing and valuing the people who work for us as they are such a key part of the success of our service. Without our skilled and dedicated team we could not deliver the quality of services that we provide. By providing the living wage we show our team that we respect them and their contribution to the work.”



#ScotCop LIARS Trying To Silence a GRIEVING MOTHER: Shaun Ritchie’s mum appears in court over wasting police time charges

The mother of a Fraserburgh man who vanished in mysterious circumstances nearly three years ago has appeared in court accused of wasting the time of detectives searching for her missing son.

Prosecutors have alleged Shaun Ritchie’s mum, Carol Roy, sent a number of threatening messages to her own family and friends posing as someone else after his disappearance on Halloween 2014.

They also claim she lied to officers about being sexually assaulted.

Roy’s solicitor has already lodged a plea of not guilty on her behalf and yesterday the 39-year-old appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court for the first time.

At the pre-trial appearance defence agent Stuart Flowerdew repeated his client’s plea of not guilty and called for another pre-trial hearing in two weeks.

Sheriff Sukhwinder Gill granted Mr Flowerdew’s request and said: “You have pleaded not guilty and I shall grant the defence motion for a further intermediate diet in two weeks.”

Roy, whose address was given as Fraserburgh’s Dennyduff Road, is facing charges stretching back to June 2015.

Court papers state she made false accusations to two officers alleging she had been the subject of abusive letters and calls.

Seven of the charges date back to a week in mid-August last year when it is alleged Roy’s sister, brother and two friends received menacing text messages threatening violence against her.

Shaun Ritchie vanished from woodlands near Strichen after a Halloween night out with friends in 2014. Roy has always insisted “foul play” was behind his disappearance and has repeatedly called for detectives to investigate if he was murdered.

Despite one of the largest searches in the history of Police Scotland, he remains missing, presumed dead. Police say no evidence of criminality has ever emerged.

https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/north-east/fraserburgh/1290601/mother-of-missing-shaun-ritchie-appears-in-court-over-wasting-police-time-charges/        https://archive.is/xqRHl

For those who dont know,









Martyn McLaughlin: Holyrood should tread carefully over child abuse inquiry

Susan O Brien has resigned less than four months after the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry s first formal call for evidence
00:00Wednesday 06 July 2016
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The victims’ trust is easily lost and after the resignation of the chairwoman, who will come forward to testify, asks Martyn McLaughlin
Trust is a fragile thing easily lost. The trust of the neglected and the persecuted is rarer still, a commodity lent in faith more often than certainty. For the victims of child abuse, the decision to step out from shadows that span the length of a lifetime is an act of fortitude. Trust is the most precious thing they have. Sometimes, it is all they have left.

These prisoners of childhood are well acquainted with betrayal. Robbed of innocence, they have seen their torment denied and trivialised. That they can find the strength to rely on the authorities that so grievously failed them is nothing short of a miracle.

They give their trust in the hope that it is a means to an end in the long journey towards justice, accountability and redress. Squander it and they are betrayed once more.

Hemingway once said the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. What conclusion have the victims of child abuse in Scotland arrived at this week as they watch the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry spiral into disarray, less than four months after its first formal call for evidence?

Back then, its chair, Susan O’Brien QC, issued a six-page long address, the essence of which could be found in the third from last paragraph. “I am asking survivors to help us, by telling us what happened to them,” she said. Now, she is gone, just a week after her fellow panel member, Professor Michael Lamb, tendered his resignation. Who now will come forward to testify before such an anarchic set up?

The inquiry, tasked with poring over tens of millions of documents and gathering evidence from those who suffered abuse as children in residential or foster care, is at grave risk of failing before it has begun. So far, it has cost £1,113,817, a figure that is expected to be dwarfed by the final bill, likely to exceed £12m. Just one panel member remains – Glenn Houston, chief executive of Northern Ireland’s Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority – and even then, there are well-founded doubts over his future.

In May, he wrote to the education secretary, John Swinney, warning of a “significant risk of loss of public trust and confidence in the integrity of this inquiry should the chair be removed from office.” The fact Ms O’Brien chose to jump before she was pushed is unlikely to have addressed his misgivings.

Some 12 years after former first minister Jack McConnell made a “sincere and full” apology to the victims of abuse in children’s homes, and nearly a decade since the then SNP minority government announced a form of truth commission on historical abuse, the current turmoil seems scarcely believable. Getting this far has taken considerable time and political will, yet even before the inquiry has held its first public meeting, questions must surely be asked of whether its existing structure is fit for purpose.

Both Ms O’Brien and Mr Lamb have accused the Scottish Government of interfering in the inquiry’s work to the extent that its independence can no longer be guaranteed. The former claims a request to replace a government employee with an external solicitor has been blocked, while Mr Lamb said officials have questioned the inquiry’s decisions to date and meddled “in ways large and small, directly and indirectly”.

Urgent steps are being taken to seek a new chair and panel member, but the small pool of experts from which such individuals can be drawn would be excused for politely declining any approach, for fear of being unable to fulfil their role. At the present time, it is about as inviting and secure as being asked by Mark E Smith to join The Fall.

For his part, Mr Swinney yesterday indicated the friction centred around whether it was necessary for members of counsel to take all the statements from survivors at a cost of about £100 an hour. It is to be expected that a former finance secretary should advocate a shrewd approach to an inquiry that will be the costliest in Scottish history, but before digging their heels in, Mr Swinney and his civil servants ought to have considered the ultimate price of their prudence.

This is not a major capital project or a scheme that falls under the Non-Profit Distributing programme. It is a highly sensitive inquiry that has been decades in the making. Controlling expenditure is important but it is not paramount. Many victims of abuse have died waiting for answers. Others still with us have abandoned all hope. The events of the past week will regrettably add to their number.

An inquiry of this nature is entirely dependent on the integrity of its process . The acrimony of recent days has caused devastating, perhaps irreparable damage. As Helen Holland from the In Care Survivors group pointed out, the people most affected by the upheaval are the survivors themselves, the very people who should be protected.

There is still time for Mr Swinney to put things right. A concurrent inquiry in England and Wales was mired in controversy until Home Secretary Theresa May took the decision to expand its terms of reference and grant it new statutory powers. It was an imperfect solution, but one that addressed concerns the inquiry could go about its work without fear or favour.

The Scottish Government must give careful thought to its next step. Replacing Ms O’Brien and Mr Lamb will achieve little if underlying worries over the constitution of the inquiry are not tackled.

The trust of the victims must not only be restored, but vindicated. They deserve nothing less.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/opinion/martyn-mclaughlin-holyrood-should-tread-carefully-over-child-abuse-inquiry-1-4170083


===/mku/ltra QUICK RUNDOWN & INFO DUMP===

A few days ago, someone in /pol/ linked a video of h3h3 productions commenting on this shitty new kids video trend. Inspired by this, an anon who had noticed some gibberish posted in the comments of a video was autistically paranoid enough to look into decoding it and discovered that it led to a Twitter page, which led to more videos, which contained more ciphers, which led to links to documents such as a a pig pen cipher (which gave us half of a url, and we’re still looking for the other half), and a yahoo conversation by one of the same people who posted the original gibberish youtube posts on the child videos. The yahoo conversation goes into detail about an organization based in the SE United States called the Finders, who are fairly well-documented by independent sources as being under suspicion of child trafficking. Some names were listed in the yahoo conversation, who I confirmed to be registered sex offenders, primarily in Florida. We were also led to an 8chan thread with suspicious images and ciphers, which has now been taken down. All of the signs lead us to a town called Pelzer SC, where an anons nephew was almost abducted by an ostensible Finder a few years back. He investigated the masonic lodge and mill there earlier today. We also suspected lhohq of being involved but it turned out to be a larp. JB is a cipher pimp, by the way. That is the best tl;dr I can do.

==Quick Rundown on the Videos & Path to the Final Cipher==


!One anon says to google “targeted individual scatter frequency” if you are in any way affected by the videos to reverse those effects!

-Begins here, https://youtu.be/_NM_Lf4-U90, archive http://archive.is/F2pDp

-Stuart Silverstone’s comment



-The key for this substitution cipher can be found here https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1877315 or http://archive.is/ojhoU

-This leads to https://twitter.com/ZEAUX_CXT.     archive http://archive.is/alrHK

-There are a lot of cryptic messages here which lead in different directions, but for now, we’ll look at these two

http://archive.is/OuQOO &  http://archive.is/pBslN

-This code can be interpreted as binary, with ⌠ = 0 and ⌡ = 1

-Therefore, when the tweets are combined, it can be interpreted as

01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 00101110 01100010 01100101 00101111 01001001 00110001 01110101 01101000 01101010 01000010 01000100 01000010 01101001 01010000 00110100

-When translated, this binary spells https://youtu.be/I1uhjBDBiP4, the first big hint video (archive: http://archive.is/KJEaV)


-I’ll detail the contents of the video, and the deciphering of some of the less important information later, the most important

thing is found at the bottom of the description –


-This is hexadecimal code. When converted to text it reads, http://imgur.com/a/BSbmn  (archive: http://archive.is/lxwDy)

-This image shows a YouTube video URL. When pasted into YouTube you get, https://youtu.be/qpy8LGVWQ-k (archive: http://archive.is/7OGdO)

– Once again, viewer discretion is advised when viewing the video.

-The most important bit of information from the second video is once again found at the bottom of the video description, another binary sequence which converts to:

01010000 01010010 01001111 01001010 01000101 01000011 01010100 00100000 01000010 01001100 01010101 01000101 01000010 01001001 01010010 01000100 00100000 01000001 01010100 00100000 01000111 01011001 01001011 01000101 00110110 00111001

-This translates to PROJECT BLUEBIRD AT GYKE69. This leads to a second Twitter account, https://twitter.com/GyKE69 (archive: http://archive.is/x1HiM)

-Once again there is a tweet here which leads to another video,  http://archive.is/O9ulR



-The top cipher is a simple Caesar Cipher, cracked by shift 18 to read


-The second half is hexadecimal, which converts to text to read https://youtu.be/RKPSPfsYjZo,

Third video (archive: http://archive.is/uoTe3)

-The third video contains a string of digits.


-This is base64 unicode which converts to http://imgur.com/a/FUlmV (archive: http://archive.is/Mamo5)

-The title YBGTE VBIAXK HGX is Caesar Cipher, shift 19 to result in FINAL CIPHER ONE

-The body of the text can be decoded as is.gd, which is probably only a part of the URL, and we need Final Cipher (2,3,…) to find the full URL.

-How it was decoded; The Final Cipher 1 was a pig pen cipher, and each video contained parts of the keys.

-Each of the keys found in the videos: http://archive.is/yEWEp

-Anon’s notes used to decipher the pig pen: http://archive.is/nj9kp

==The “Puzzle Piece” Images==

-So far, three similar images have been found with “stick” ciphers. We believe there are probably more as all attempts to decipher the three have failed, and we are missing more pieces.

-One of the puzzle pieces can be found on each of the twitters, and the third one found was in video #1

-“Pink Piece” http://archive.is/LHJBR

-“Purple Piece” http://archive.is/dVAlV

-“Blue Piece” http://archive.is/dCRhz

-The one major headway we made was with the information found in this tweet.  http://archive.is/89uar


╜ ╦╜└└ ╡└╦╡═╟ ╢╣ ╡╚ ╚╝╡╚ ┴╜└└ ╜┬ ┴═ ┴╜┬╖

-They are both substitution ciphers, and read:



-Note that the substitution cipher for these stick characters does not work on the ones in the images.

-It was found, however, that the characters are ascii, known as  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box-drawing_character

-The ones in the images correspond to box-drawing characters at ascii ids 180 through 205

-In addition, 180 to 205 is 26 characters, same as the number of letters in the English alphabet, likely meaning that this is another substitution ciper or cipher within a cipher.

==The Finders Connection==

-The belief is that these ciphers are clues left by a possible victim or whistleblower of THE FINDERS CULT

-A rundown on the Finders Cult can be found here – http://archive.is/RBNdk

-It was a child pedo ring infiltrated/controlled by the CIA, and the government let all the members pass with a slap on the wrist

-Also, remember the name of the founder, Marion D. Pettie

-So how does this connect to the entire scheme of things?

-Let me take you back to https://twitter.com/ZEAUX_CXT, archive http://archive.is/alrHK

-This tweet: http://archive.is/KQ5kZ


-Caesar Cipher, shift 18 again, results in: WHO FINDS WHAT THE FINDERS HIDE

-This was the first clue in regards to the Finders

-Note that the source of the picture has still not been found, nor is known what it shows.

-The final tweet is the largest piece of evidence yet, http://archive.is/LHJBR


-This was decoded [need info on how] by a member of the discord on 30 May 2017. It reads ZETAASTRO A PAGE FROM DAVES DIARY

-The image has not been deciphered yet and is linked to two similar images on the other twitter account. They probably have to do with the Final Cipher and will be discussed in that section.

-Google ZETAASTRO A PAGE FROM DAVES DIARY, and you’ll find this Yahoo Group post from August 2007. –

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ZetaAstro/conversations/topics/2219 (archive: http://archive.is/D2OMD)

-Found on this page is an apparent confession of someone who met members of The Finders.

-Marion D. Pettie is mentioned multiple times, along with a list of members of the cult from 1996.


Alleman, Ronald L. “Lucky” “Merry Man”

Berns, Stanley

Grogan, Mary

Herbst, Christian (KRIS)

Knauth, Kristin

Reiss, Theodore G. (wife: Ann)

Schoen, Allen

Silverstone, Stuart Miles (aka Steve Learner)

Winn, Randolph

Usdin, Steve



Ammerman, Douglas Edward (aka Kenny Rogers, Earnest Angel, I Betterson)

Arico, Paula M. (children: Mary and John Paul Pope/married Holwell)

Beltz, Judith Friedman

Cox, John J.

Evans, Judith

Gabriel, Susan E.

Holwell, Michael James (aka Houlihan/children: See Arico)

Lawton, George

Livingstone, Patricia H. (son: Max)

Meyer, Robert M.

Roseberry, Patricia

Said, Carolyn (daughter: Bee Bee)

Sartor, Valerie

Shapiro, Jan

Sherwood, Diane E.

Sylvester, Barbara (“Bonnie”/died Jan 1982/Pettie’s girlfriend)

Terrell, Robert Gardner “Toby” (aka Ghingiz K. Plato)

Ubois, Jeff (married Ma Li, from Canton China).

Van Deusen, Thomas R.

Wagg, Terry.

-A few come up in the Florida Sex Offender Registry, where The Finders got busted in 1988.

-Much of the page still has not been combed through and we need some autists on this.

-Also notice the name STUART SILVERSTONE in the members, which is the name of the account which left the first comment.

-Mary Grogan is also the name of an account posting cryptic messages on YouTube, however they seem to have to do with the psychological aspect and I’ll probably put the details on her in the data dump.

-Finally, another connection with The Finders is in the first video.

-The channel name


-Caesar cipher, shift 18 results in THE GAMECALLER

-If you google The Gamecaller, you’ll come up with a book by Tobe Terrell.

http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23636927-the-gamecaller  (archive: http://archive.is/VNRbl)

-“The Gamecaller” was the apparent alias of Finders ringleader Marion D. Pettie

==Pelzer, South Carolina==

==Miscellaneous Cipher Dump==

https://pastebin.com/aPYDPky2    http://archive.is/a01YU 

  • A=C
  • B=Z
  • C=T
  • D=I
  • E=N
  • F=W
  • G=V
  • I=P
  • J=K
  • K=G
  • L=Y
  • M=R
  • N=X
  • O=F
  • Q=H
  • R=B
  • S=A
  • T=D
  • U=L
  • V=S
  • W=O
  • X=E
  • Y=M
  • Z=U
  • H=J or Q P= J or Q

Rhum, Cuillin & The Isle of Skye

Isle or Rhum

The Isle of Rum is an important destination for geologists due to the nature of the rock formations and the scale of the processes that occured here. 
Rum Cuillin (c) Ian Bolas
Rum can be split into three main geological regions: the Torridonian sandstones of the north and east, the western granites and the central igneous zone of the Rum Cuillin range. 60 million years ago, magma began to accumulate under the British Isles welling up through faults, many of which are familiar to us today: the Highland Boundary Fault and the Great Glen Fault, for example. 
The Camasunary Fault is an area of deep water between Rum and mainland Scotland.
On Rum, magma domed up along the Main Ring Fault, raising the earth’s surface by some 2,000 metres. After the release of the pressure of the magma the huge dome collapsed forming a massive caldera over the southern half of Rum. The magma pushed up Lewisian Gneiss as it rose from beneath the Torridonian sandstone. This gneiss is some of the oldest rock in the world at nearly 3 billion years old.  The caldera was slowly filled in by further eruptions and collapses of the surrounding walls, forming the layered structures of Hallival and Askival. When the eruptions eventually stopped the Rum volcano was subjected to erosion and repeated periods of glaciation, sculpting the island into its current shape.
Swedish researchers have revealed that Rum may once have been a supervolcano two or three kilometres high. Sixty million years of erosion by glaciers, wind and rain have reduced the mountain to what remains of Rum’s cuillin ridge today.
Fionchra and Bloodstone Hill from Canna (c) Georgina McMillan

The Geology of Skye 

The Geology of Skye, in Scotland, is highly variable and the island’s landscape reflects changes in the underlying nature of the rocks. A wide range of rock types are exposed on the island, sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous, ranging in age from the Archaean through to the Quaternary.


The North Atlantic Igneous Province

(NAIP) is a large igneous province in the North Atlantic, centered on Iceland. In the Paleogene, the province formed the Thulean Plateau, a large basaltic lava plain,[1] which extended over at least 1.3×106 km2 in area and 6.6×106 km3 in volume.[2] The plateau was broken up during the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean leaving remnants existing in Northern Ireland, bits of northwestern Scotland, the Faroe Islands, bits of northwestern Iceland, eastern Greenland and western Norway and many of the islands located in the north eastern portion of the North Atlantic Ocean.[3][4] The igneous province is the origin of the Giant’s Causeway and Fingal’s Cave. The province is also known as Brito-Arctic province (also known as the North Atlantic Tertiary Volcanic Province) and the portions of the province in the British Isles is also called the British Tertiary Volcanic Province or British Tertiary Igneous Province.


 The British Tertiary Volcanic Province (based on Emeleus & Gyopari 1992[5] and Mussett et al. 1988[6]) with UK map shown in context of the world map.



The Cuillin is a range of rocky mountains located on the Isle of Skye. The true Cuillin is also known as the Black Cuillin to distinguish it from the Red Cuilin (na Beanntan Dearga, known locally as Red Hills) across Glen Sligachan. The Red Cuilin hills are lower and, being less rocky, have fewer scrambles or climbs.

The highest point of the Cuillin, and of the Isle of Skye, is Sgùrr Alasdair in the Black Cuillin at 992 m (3,255 ft). The Cuillin is one of 40 National Scenic Areas in Scotland.[1]

Image result for CUILLINRelated imageImage result for CUILLIN


(SV360° Summit View)
Sgùrr nan Gillean  {Peak of young men} SV
Am Basteir  {The Executioner} SV
Bruach na Frìthe {Slope of the Deer Forest} SV
Sgùrr a’ Mhadaidh {Peak of the wolf} SV
Sgùrr a’ Ghreadaidh {Peak of Torment} SV
Sgùrr na Banachdaich {Smallpox peak disputed} SV
Sgùrr Dearg  {red peak}  SV
Sgùrr MhicChoinnich {MacKenzie’s Peak} SV
Sgùrr Alasdair {Alexander’s peak} SV
Sgùrr Dubh Mòr {Big Black Peak} SV
Blà Bheinn {Blue mountain} SV

Skye is about 50 miles from north to south, and around 25 miles from west to east at its widest. The coastline is very irregular and indented by sea lochs. In all it is some 400 miles long – and I can’t think of a single mile of those 400 that I would class as dull. The coast is littered with bays, sea arches, stacks, caves, massive cliffs, waterfalls, fossils, tidal islands – a lifetime’s worth of exploration and discovery.
This dramatic coastline surrounds some of the most exceptional and varied scenery to be found anywhere. The main mountain range, the Cuillin, is often said to be the home of the only true mountains in Britain. Certainly there is nowhere in the country to compare with the magnificent, dramatic and challenging peaks and ridges of the Cuillin.
Nearby, the rounded granite lumps of the Red Hills are less savage, but still offer stunning views – both of them, and off them.
In the north-east is the Trotternish Peninsula, with the world famous ridge or escarpment that forms its backbone. The ridge rises to its highest point at the summit of the Storr, above the tortured landslip topography that includes the iconic pinnacle – The Old Man of Storr. The ridge is home also to the Quiraing, another landslip area of pinnacles and gullies, this time below the summit of Meal na Suiramach.

The face of the Quiraing

The face of the Quiraing

The Sleat peninsula to the south offers an altogether different sort of scene. Lush, wooded glens are interspersed with the most idyllic crofting communities. Nowhere does the land rise above 1,000 ft. The mild climate and fertile ground give the area a look more of south-west England than north-west Scotland.
The geology of Skye is complex. It is the variety of rock types that underlies, literally and metaphorically, the very different sorts of terrain and scenery to be found on the island. The impact of successive ice sheets passing over, the last as recently as 11,500 years ago, adds to the mix.

To summarise simply, there are three main geological regions:

The south-east has some of Britain’s oldest rocks in the form of 3,000 million year old Lewisian Gneiss. These are overlaid by younger (c800million year old) sedimentary rocks, mainly Torridian Sandstone.

The Cuillin is much younger, being the heavily glaciated remains of a solidified volcanic lava reservoir some 60 million years of age. Just south of the Cuillin can be seen limestone in Strath Suardal. This gives rise to the complexes of caves in the area. It is metamorphosed limestone that forms the marble that is still extracted commercially at Torrin.

The Storr reflected in Loch Fada

The Storr reflected in Loch Fada

The north of the island is composed mainly of lava flows. These horizontal flows built up on top of each other to a depth of around 2,000 ft. The rocks have since been eroded by rivers and ice, leaving flat-capped hills and stepped plateaux in the north-west. In the north-east (Trotternish) the underlying sedimentary rocks have collapsed under the weight of the basalt, tipping everything sideways to form the distinctive landslips. The ground here is still moving, evidenced by frequent rockfalls at the Storr and by the tortured state of the road at Flodigarry. There are many fossils to be found in the Jurassic sediments exposed at low level on the east coast.

Gender Diversity lessons from 18 MONTHS OLD funded by ScotGov 

https://news.gov.scot/news/investing-in-scottish-talent.  http://archive.is/waaPk


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http://www.imaginate.org.uk/artists/projects/ http://archive.is/S3xGf http://www.imaginate.org.uk/artists/projects/gendersaurus-rex  http://archive.is/MV3pI

Headteachers ‘shun’ parents over £120m pupil fund

​13th July 2017

PARENTS are not being routinely consulted about the use of a multi million fund to tackle school inequalities against official guidance.

A poll of parent teacher councils across Scotland found some headteachers were not asking for their views on how to spend the Pupil Equity Fund (PEF).

One typical respondent to the survey said: “Our parent council have been told about it, but no consultation so far on how it’s to be spent.”

However, other parent councils said headteachers had asked for their views.

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC), which conducted the survey, has called for all schools to engage fully with families.

The £120 million PEF was launched last year to help address the poverty-related school attainment gap which leaves poorer pupils lagging behind.

Allocations are based on the number of pupils eligible for free school meals with schools receiving around £1,200 per pupil.

While the money is to be spent at the discretion of headteachers the Scottish Government issued official guidance which stipulates that parents and pupil should be involved in the planning process.

Eileen Prior, executive director of the SPTC, said that was not currently happening.

She said: “The guidance to schools and headteachers specified that the decisions on use of the fund should be made in consultation with a number of groups, including parents.

“While this has been done in some cases, we know this part of the guidance has been ignored in others, although it’s difficult to identify the scale of the problem.

“We have argued that the families and young people this fund is designed to help must be involved in reaching decisions about how the money is to be spent.”

The SPTC also warned schools faced significant challenges meeting another element of the guidance which calls for plans to be grounded in evidence of what is known to be effective.

The guidance says schools should have plans in place at the outset to evaluate the impact of the funding.

Mrs Prior said: “We are aware that plans have been laid down in some schools for periods of three to four years, but it seems evaluation is likely to be missing in these situations as schools cannot reasonably predict a positive outcome in advance of a new project starting.

“The fund guidance also specifies that money should be spent on things which are not currently in the school improvement plan which is a bit of an anomaly since any school leader worth their salt will already be focussing energy and resources on addressing the attainment gap.”

The Scottish Government said it was clear parents should always be consulted.

A spokeswoman said: “The national operational guidance makes clear our expectation for parents to be involved in the decision making on how PEF is spent.

“This guidance was discussed and agreed with headteacher representatives from School Leaders Scotland, the Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland and key local authority representatives.

“We are currently reviewing school governance to ensure decisions on learning are made as close to the child as possible.”

She added: “This approach is built on strong international evidence that shows empowered schools and engaged parents lead to better educational outcomes.”

The PEF scheme is part of a wider commitment to provide £750m during the course of the current parliament through the Scottish Attainment Challenge to tackle the attainment gap.


11 arrests made after 162 people contact football sex abuse inquiry

11 Jul 2017 


http://www.policeprofessional.com/news.aspx?id=29801    https://archive.is/KfRn2

Screenshot_20170712-185855Police investigating football’s child sex abuse scandal have identified 276 potential suspects and 741 victims.

Some 328 football clubs, spanning all tiers of the game from the Premier League down to amateur level, are involved in the inquiry, codenamed Operation Hydrant.

The latest figures from the investigation, being co-ordinated by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), mark a rise from the last update in April.

The number of victims previously stood at 560 and the number of potential suspects has risen from 252, the NPCC said.

The ages of the victims at the time of the abuse – 96% of whom are male – range from four to 20.

A hotline was set up to report abuse since the scandal broke late last year when a number of high-profile ex-footballers came forward to say they had been victims of sexual abuse as youngsters.

Police forces across the UK received an increased number of calls from victims and from people offering information.

The Football Association is carrying out an independent review into its handling of abuse allegations in the years before 2005.

While the vast majority of reports of abuse relate to football, 27 referrals involve other sports including basketball, rugby, gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, wrestling, golf, sailing, athletics, cricket and swimming.

The NPCC also published the operation’s latest figures outside the world of sport, which show that the number of alleged suspects on the Operation Hydrant database is now 4,393, comprising 3,848 males, 374 females and 171 of unknown sex.

Of these, 356 suspects are classified as persons of public prominence (PPPs), with 154 from the worlds of TV, film or radio, 93 listed as politicians, 48 from the music industry and 26 from sport.

Nearly 500 of the suspects are now dead.

There are 2,146 institutions on the Operation Hydrant database, including 828 schools, 470 children’s homes, 252 sports venues, 214 religious institutions and 95 health establishments.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey is leading Operation Hydrant (PA)

Chief Constable Simon Bailey is leading Operation Hydrant (PA)

NPCC lead for child protection Chief Constable Simon Bailey, who is heading the inquiry, said information received by police will be used to prevent more children being abused.

He said: “Allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse are complex, and often require specialist skills and knowledge, and can take time to progress. However, all allegations and information received by police forces across the country are being acted upon.

“We continue to urge anyone who may have been a victim of child sexual abuse to report it, if they are ready to do so, by dialling 101, or contacting the dedicated NSPCC helpline, regardless of how long ago the abuse may have taken place.

“We will listen and treat all reports sensitively and seriously.

“Anyone with any information regarding child sexual abuse is also urged to come forward.”



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