Glasgow Gangster Paul Ferris, Steve Purcell, Ruth Black, LGBT & Drugs

EXCLUSIVE: GANGSTER Paul Ferris has been sensationally linked to a drop-in centre at the heart of the Steven Purcell drugs and corruption probe.

3 JUL 2010 updated 27 NOV 2012

GANGSTER Paul Ferris has been sensationally linked to a drop-in centre at the heart of the Steven Purcell drugs and corruption probe.

Ferris has been a regular visitor to The Castro gay and lesbian centre.

Police and council chiefs are investigating claims that cocaine shame city leader Purcell helped a politician pal get £50,000 of public cash to run The Castro venue in Glasgow.

Ferris was there twice in recent weeks, speaking to his pal Jeanie McDougall and her girlfriend councillor Ruth Black, the boss of the centre – which is now the focus of a probe into alleged financial irregularities.

Black and McDougall, both 45, were good friends with Purcell and socialised with him in the months before he stood down citing stress.

The former Labour high-flier later admitted he had taken cocaine.

It also emerged he was the target of an underworld drugs blackmail plot.

Today, we can reveal the astonishing gangland links of Paisley-born McDougall, who is known to police and has spent several spells on remand.

As well as being a friend of convicted gun-runner Ferris, McDougall is the step-sister of Glasgow drug baron Stewart “Specky” Boyd, who was killed in a car crash in Spain seven years ago.

Black and McDougall, who live together, are being probed as part of a wide-ranging police investigation into Purcell, 37.

Black has already been quizzed by cops over claims that she sold “speed” – amphetamine – at Glasgow City Chambers but strenuously denies the allegations. It is not known if McDougall has been questioned.

Both police and the council – who are carrying out parallel inquiries – have been alerted to Ferris visiting The Castro, in the Merchant City area of Glasgow.

A source said: “To say there are concerns about Ferris wandering in and out of a publicly-funded organisation is an understatement.”

An insider at The Castro said: “Ferris passed me on the stairs one day wearing a hat and I thought to myself he looked right dodgy.

“The last time I saw him he came in and then Jeanie and Ruth disappeared with him into the office.”

Yesterday, Black insisted Ferris was at The Castro to speak to McDougall about setting up a charity scheme.

She said: “Jeanie has been discussing setting up a project with Paul to prevent reoffending. It’s something they both have a passion for.

“They go back a long way – about 20 years. His visits have been to do with an organisation down south called Unlock, who Paul Ferris has spoken to.”

McDougall did not return calls from the Record yesterday but Black, speaking on her behalf, confirmed her links with Boyd’s family.

She said: “He’s her step-brother. Jeanie’s dad moved in with Stewart’s mum after her parents spl it up. They are not blood relations. End of. And Stewart’s dead now.”

The police probe into Purcell is looking into allegations about both drugs and cronyism.

These include claims that Purcell used undue influence to help Black win the right to run The Castro over a rival bidder.

A council spokesman warned that, despite only opening in spring, the centre could be closed within days because of a series of “financial irregularities” flagged up by whistleblowers.

Yesterday, Black said: “I think it will take a week but I am confident I am completely in the clear.”

Ferris, now an author who claims his criminal days are behind him, was not available for comment.

Strathclyde Police said their inquiry was ongoing.

Ferris: I am not Purcell plotter

EX-gangster Paul Ferris has denied leading a bid to blackmail former council chief Steven Purcell.

Shamed Purcell, 37, quit weeks after the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency warned him of the cocaine-use plot.

And convicted gun-runner Ferris spoke out after being linked at the weekend to a another politician caught up with former Glasgow City Council leader Purcell in an alleged corruption probe.

Ferris said: “I was not involved in a plot to blackmail Steven Purcell over his drug taking. Once again the gossips have put two and two together — and come up with five.

“I do not know Steven Purcell. I have never even met Steven Purcell — I have no links whatsoever to this man.”

Ferris, 46, from Ayrshire, was caught up in the storm after visiting old pal Jeanie McDougall at the Castro gay and lesbian centre in Glasgow.

McDougall is the step-sister of drug baron Stewart “Specky” Boyd, who was killed in a car smash in Spain in 2003. She is also the partner of councillor Ruth Black.

Purcell is being investigated over claims he used undue influence to help Black win the right to run the Castro.

Black has also been quizzed over claims she sold amphetamine at Glasgow City Chambers, which she denies.

Ferris added: “I have known Jeanie for years and decided to pay her a visit. Her partner, Ruth, happens to have links with Purcell.”

A CORRUPTION-probe councillor pal of shamed former civic leader Stephen Purcell last night accused a colleague of sexually assaulting her.

Ruth Black, 45 — also at the centre of drugs allegations — said a Labour comrade put his hands between her legs in Glasgow City Chambers.

But she denied her decision to report the alleged grope to police TWO YEARS after it happened was “revenge” against the party for suspending her over claims of serious financial irregularities at a gay and lesbian centre she runs.

Recalling the incident with the other councillor in July 2008, the lesbian politician said: “He was always very suggestive, saying things like ‘You’re gay because you’ve not had a real man’.

“One day I was standing in the corridor when he said, ‘You look like you need a cuddle.’ I turned my back and he came at me and touched me sexually. He put his hand between my legs.

“I said to him, ‘If you ever do that again, I’ll rip your face off.’

“He replied ‘Don’t be stupid. I only patted your a*** — most women would be flattered’. Two councillors overheard that.” She said Purcell was “supporting” her in her complaint — and added: “This may come across as sour grapes but it’s not like that.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed they had received a complaint and were probing “an alleged indecency”.

A council spokeswoman said: “This is a police matter.”

Earlier this year Ms Black faced allegations that former Glasgow Council chief Purcell helped her win a £50,000 contract to run the Castro Centre in the city. It now faces closure.

She has also been quizzed by cops over drug claims — which she again denies.

MP’s, Lawyers, Councillors, Ex-Councillors, Land Developers, Charities, Gangsters and the Labour Party – An Abuse of the Scottish Electorate – Part 1 Steven Purcell

Council chiefs have handed police a dossier about a gay drop-in centre run by two pals of Steven Purcell

Glasgow council makes controversial appointment for LGBT centre

“Gay rights groups in Glasgow have spoken out against the controversial decision to hand over the running of the Glasgow LGBT centre to one of its senior councillors.

Councillor Ruth Black who heads up ‘Castro’, will be responsible for running the recently bankrupt Glasgow LGBT Centre, a one-stop shop for the city’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”

“The now-defunct Glasgow LGBT Centre had an Ian Dunn Memorial Room, where gay rights campaigners met. As the ‘Castro Centre’, it was headed by then Labour councillor Ruth Black, who was also involved with Pride Scotia.

The centre later became embroiled in a row over alleged mismanagement of public funds, although Miss Black was cleared of wrongdoing.”  SOURCE

ScotGov PDF Glasgow LGBT Centre – Castro Ltd

AUG 2010 Glasgow gay and lesbian centre: eviction begins · PinkNews

SEPT 2011 Suspended councillor in legal move over ban

The Castro Centre

The old Centre included a cafe/bar, four offices which were rented to LGBT-friendly businesses, and two meeting rooms called the Jackie Forster Memorial Room and the Ian Dunn Memorial Room. It was regularly used by many LGBT community groups for meetings and events.

In 2008, the Centre took the controversial step of banning ScotsGay magazine from its premises on the grounds that its adult content is incompatible with the Centre’s status as a family-friendly venue.

(That is the second time that i have found Glasgow LGBT trying to distance themselves from John Hein’s “business”. Good for them. That’s exactly what they should have done. Can read more via scribd link at bottom of page)

In 2008, the Centre moved to new premises in Bell Street, Glasgow.

The Castro Centre / Glasgow LGBT Centre  84 Bell Street, G1 1LQ. Is now Unison

CRIME CAPITAL: Paul Ferris fixed it for the gay burglar who raided police HQ; FETTESGATE

Donaldson was a conman and gay – a bad combination since his crimes got him into jail where he was confronted with would-be gay-bashers.
In Shotts Prison, he was getting a hell of a time before fellow inmate Paul Ferris, former lieutenant of Glasgow Godfather Arthur Thompson, stepped in to stop the bullies.
Now, out of the blue in 1992, Donaldson contacted Ferris. He needed advice about some files.
He told Ferris: ‘I just brought some of the stuff, Paul. I think I’m in big trouble.’
Ferris scanned the material file by file. There were intimate details about a range of judges who sat in courts in and around Edinburgh.
It seemed some of these judges were gay and had been followed by cops when they went to gay parties.



P.I.E member no 194 – JOHN HEIN – Scotia Pride, ScotsGay, Ian Campbell Dunn, LGBT Youth, Magic Circle, Child Abuse & Money Laundering



#SpyCops conference. #SDS

CommonSpace reports from today’s [23 June] SpyCops conference, where a victim pushing for Scotland inquiry says ‘sinister, state sponsored method acting’ was one piece of a disturbing puzzle designed to crush dissent

“IF YOU can imagine a really good method actor, someone like Christian Bale, who can change the way he looks, or Robert DeNiro, and they become someone else and they live it, I think it’s a little bit like that. A really sinister, state sponsored version of method acting.”

Andrea (pseudonym) was what she describes as an “accidental activist” when she was introduced to Carlo Neri by a friend at an anti-war protest in London in 2002. She was not a “serious activist” but she was well-placed enough within different groups of campaigners that she held a position of trust.

This, she believes is why Neri (whose real name has not been revealed) targeted her to strike up a relationship in the course of his duties as an undercover police officer. Quickly, things between the pair became serious. As Andrea recalls, they were “in love”, they moved in together within months, and Neri proposed.

Well-liked within the activist and trade union community, nobody suspected that Carlo Neri and his elaborate back-story were entirely fictional. Andrea explains how Neri presented a believable story of why she was never able to meet his family, and played on her sympathies for the trauma he claimed to have experienced.

“He arrived with a story of difficulties in the family, and he had talked about a difficult relationship with his father. He said his mother was dead and his father was still alive but there had been domestic abuse in the family life,” she says.

READ MORE: ‘If someone seems too good to be true, they probably are’: Environmental activist speaks out on how undercover police shook her community

Only ten years later, after the relationship had ended, did the truth hit Andrea when she was presented with documentation which proved Neri was a police officer – not, as he had claimed, a locksmith – and that he was married with children. Neri is believed to have been a part of the Special Demonstration Squad, due to his focus on socialist and anti-fascist groups.

(added by me – Scotland’s Ex Chief of Police, Phil Gormley was SDS!!)

“Later, when things started to change and fragment, he dropped the bombshell that, when his father died, he just found out that his sister had been sexually abused,” Andrea recalls.

“It was so believable, but that story, it was like there was a preparation for it – it had been building up. And this was the bombshell: sexual abuse. I mean it’s huge, it’s a traumatic thing.”

This revelation served as the precursor for the end of the relationship, as Neri began to grow distant and emotionally volatile, claiming to have suicidal thoughts. Ultimately, he moved on to live with high profile trade union activists, something Andrea now believes to have been part of the plan.

And yet, at the time, the transition seemed entirely natural. “Bearing in mind I spent my life working in mental health, I believed all of it. He became tearful, he lost a lot of weight, he physically changed, his eyes changed, he looked different.”

This is why Andrea now considers Neri to be a skilled method actor, a talent she says was strategically honed by the police. Now actively involved in the Police Spies Out of Lives campaign, and the inquiry into undercover policing in England and Wales, Andrea has learned that her experience eerily mirrors that of other victims.

READ MORE: Scots #SpyCops victims set to cast light on ‘long-shadow’ of undercover policing at conference

“When you look at all the stories, they all had the same tactics – they all showed signs of breaking down, they all started to change, some more dramatically physically than others,” she explains.



‘HE’S A BEAST’ Gordon Japp, convicted Shotts sex offender

AN ARMY of cops were forced to swarm into a Lanarkshire town to calm raging locals protesting against a paedophile who dodged jail.

Footage captured in Shotts shows furious residents screaming “put him down” and “he’s a beast” as armed officers arrived on the scene.

Gordon Japp, 32, avoided jail in February after cops found indecent images of children on his mobile phone.

Just months previously, he had been placed on the sex offenders register for an unknown offence.

Glasgow School of Art restoration contractor branded ‘criminal’ over £17m Dumfries leisure centre project

Officers stood with arms folded as crowds booed their arrival, “disgusted” at the level of manpower “for a beast”.

The crowd was understood to be around 100 strong at the time.

People could be seen gathering in the street while a heavy police presence stood watch.

Vans, squad cars and scores of officers can be seen in the footage.

It’s understood Japp was moved from his current address by cops following the protest.

A resident added: “Shotts community were peaceful and happy that something was getting done about this beast.”

And Police Scotland confirmed that there were no arrests as a result of the large gathering.

A spokesperson said: “Officers attended and the incident was resolved.”

JAN 2018  Convicted Shotts sex offender back in court on child porn charges

FEB 2018 Shotts pervert escapes jail term despite being caught with child porn on phone

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The Beast

The Beast

The days of mass hysteria
were the frenzied days of hate
they plotted and they schemed
despising while they lay in wait
Enjoying the cameraderie
The unity from spite
Piercing the backs of the enemy
Preparing for the fight
Not a day of reflection
Not a single day of morality found
No-one stood up for what was right
While the perpetrators were around
No questioning courage in the herd
Shocked at what they read
No changing the direction
While the beast was fed
Taken over by evil
Disguised as righteous indignation
The real intent was hidden
Behind a meaningful invasion
Every challenge rejected
As a defeat to what was right
While the victims of this travesty
Stood firmly through their plight
The victims hearts were hidden
Ignored and disregarded
The victims were dehumanised
When the urge to depose was started
Selfishness and poison
Was behind the collective creed
Never to relinquish
Until they meet their vicious needs
There are no winners or losers
Just wasters and users
The nature of the beast……..

Janine Rennie 

(10th Aug 2014)


Read More from Janine  The Children Rise Again

P.I.E member number 194, Scotia Pride, ScotsGay, Magic Circle & Money Laundering

Click to enlarge any pics that are to small to read

On the 28th May 2018, David was caught in a sting by Wolf Pack Hunters UK & during this he said he had worked for LGBT YOUTH (at just over 1.30 min mark)  watch full sting

Whilst working within LGBT, David is rumoured to have worked alongside members of the paedophile ring caught during Operation Algebra

LGBT Youth Scotland charity No: SC024047 Company No: SC244805 

David also regularly writes for ScotsGay magazine



ScotsGay Magazine’s PO Box is 666
ScotsGay Magazine’s phone number is 0131 539 0666

Magazine’s Postcode is EH7 5YW




Lots of pictures of Hein in google images






Worryingly that is not the first time Salmond has openly praised a paedophile in public. As can be seen here

I also find the Prison service sponsoring an Ex PIE member rather bizarre to say the least. Why would they do that? I mean, i understand why the police might but what is the SPS’s reason?

Added to the fact I have already discovered that BOTH Martin Henry & Father Gowans have access to young prisoners at via Polmount youth offenders. (Gowans via his work & Henry as manager of Stop It Now)



HEIN & MCMEEKIN LIVE AT 78 MONTGOMERY STREET. Which is right beside ScotsGay agazine which could possibly even be run from the same address 

If you search for ScotsGay magazine on Google maps  You can clearly see how close it is to Hein’s house (0.2 miles)


But Street View takes you HERE  (top) & this is 78 Montgomery street HERE   (bottom)



Confusing…. Anyhoo, back to Hein, 

HEIN WAS PALS WITH IAN CAMPBELL DUNN WHO WAS CO FOUNDER OF PIE. Dunn was also caught him on tape bragging about molesting a fourteen-year-old boy. 



Hein has written about Ian Campbell Dunn more than once! Very interesting too.. 

Lots more ScotsGay articles that mention Ian Dunn.. HERE

More on Dunn


Unfortunately the link to the original page where i took the screen shot from has morphed into a fashion site.. & as far as i can see, it has all totally gone from the internet, apart from my screenshot lol!!


Then I clicked.. Broughton Street

Hein is still using the same address as Dunn..  58 Broughton Street. PROVING that ScotCops know.

They have always known.. FOR DECADES

JULY 2012 Police chief allows officers to march in uniform at gay pride parades

HEIN RUNS PRIDE EDINBURGH, WHICH IS RUN FROM THE LGBT CENTRE AT 58a Broughton Street. EH1 3SA  Tel: 0131 556 9471  Mobile: 07532309186

AND PRIDE SCOTIA – Pride Edinburgh and Pride Scotia are trading names of CAPITAL PRIDE which is Registered in Scotland as a company Limited by Guarantee.
Company Number: SC553508 and as a Scottish Charity SCO47374

According to wiki Pride Scotia is Scotland‘s national LGBT pride festival. Since 1995, volunteers have organised a Pride March and a community-based festival in June, alternating between the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Between 1995 and 2002, the pride marches were organised by Pride Scotland, until it went bankrupt in December 2002 with debts of around £60,000. A new organisation, Pride Scotia, was founded in 2003 to continue the tradition of the annual march and festival. This organisation changed its name to Pride Scotia (Edinburgh) in 2004 and a separate organisation Pride Scotia (Glasgow) was created with the two organisations organising Pride Scotia in their respective cities in alternate years thereafter. Pride Scotia Edinburgh is a company limited by guarantee whilst Pride Glasgow is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. In 2008, the Glasgow arm of the organisation announced it was splitting completely, and has since used the name Pride Glasgow.



ON TWITTER – John Hein @dunedinbear    @PrideEdinburgh 

Among other things, Hein & Mcmeekin are a pair of BIG FAT MONEY LAUNDERERS    Article dated Jan 8th 2018HER

The money laundering has been known about for YEARS & nobody has done anything about it clearly…  Article dated 24th June 2015 

So there goes the – it’s not me, I didn’t know – excusemol



HEIN has fingers in ALL the LGBT pies (oooh lol sorry!! )



JOHN HEIN LIMITED  Company Reg No.: SC346209

Edinburgh LGBT Centre
58a/60 Broughton Street, EH1 3SA.  0131 556 9471

Owned and managed by Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Community Project Limited, which is registered as a Scottish Charity and as a Scottish Company. Bought in 1974 by the Scottish Minorities Group, it is the only LGBT-owned LGBT Centre in the UK and is also the oldest LGBT Centre outwith the USA

LGBT EQUALITY NETWORK  – 30 Bernard St, Edinburgh EH6 6PR   Map 

Which is VERY close to LGBT YOUTH at 40 Commercial St, Edinburgh EH6 6JD  Map 



Timothy Martin HOPKINS 

Scottish LGBTI campaigner honoured    02 Jul 2015   Dr Tim Hopkins, Director of the Equality Network, Scotland’s national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights charity, today received an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh.

Hopkins is on the board of EQUALITY NETWORK LIMITED (SC220213) Hopkins is on the board of  LESBIAN, GAY & BISEXUAL COMMUNITY PROJECT LIMITED Company number SC163596  

Alongside HEIN!

CAPITAL PRIDE   Capital Pride runs out of the Edinburgh LGBT Centre  at 58a Broughton Street, EH1 3SA. & is very much active. Registered in Scotland as a company Limited by Guarantee. Company Number: SC553508 and as a Scot Charity SCO47374 

officers (the top 5 all being Hein / McMeekin)


  • CORSEC  LTD secretary (Hein’s company)
  • CORSEC  LTD director  (Hein’s company)
  • HEIN director
  • McMEEKIN director  (Hein’s boyfriend)

In fact, it appears that the vast majority of companies that Hein is involved in consist of Hein, McMeekin, Codir & Cosec or a combination of.

Codir & Cosec both belonging to Hein & McMeekin!! As can be seen below.

Which I assume is totally legal, but it’s still VERY odd.

Add to that the fact Codir has / has had dealings with 553 different companies

CODIR LIMITED  Company No SC134449

COSEC LIMITED Company number SC134450       MORE COSEC


& that’s before we even start on JAMES STUART MCMEEKIN & his 2322 DIFFERENT COMPANIES?!!

Funnily enough, I did not go through checking them all, but a quick scan, they all appear to be registered to Hein’s house. at  78 Montgomery Street, EH7 5JA


Mr McMeekin thinks he is smart. But i wasn’t fooled by him going all Gaelic on me!! Mr Seumas Stiubhard MACMHICEAN

COSUN SERVICES LIMITED SC281353 Is one of the very few that are still active & has only Hein & McMeekin left on the board

To be honest, all the companies are so intermingled, that for someone who knows very little about this kind of thing, it’s near impossible to untwist them all.

It made my head spin!!


(Yeah I know! Researching this bit was not an enjoyable couple of hours!)



According to his bio thingy, Hein says he is Published AND Editor and as you will see further on, McMeekin claims to be the magazinr designer. so betweem them they pretty much have the entire magazine covered. 


Above mentions Heins hatred of BT & also his love of old telephones


Keeping in mind his fascination wi old telephones



EXTRACT –“One such hostel (at the time) was the Murrayfield Hotel in Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh; another was in Balerno. Both were run by ”D & S Properties,” a partnership between Donaldson and Grant Gordon Sutherland, a heterosexual businessman who was jailed soon afterwards for a different fraud involving meat packing companies. Other such DHSS landlords — and members of the gay ”black magic circle” — were Norman Lilburn and journalist John Hein.

In November, 1986, Donaldson was sentenced by the High Court to six-and-a-half years’ imprisonment for mortgage and insurance frauds and for sexual offences against young men and a young woman. After his sentence was reduced on appeal to five years, he was released from Shotts prison in July, 1989. He was quickly back in fraudulent activities. He teamed with two other former DHSS landlords, Gordon Gosnell and John Hein, the one-time editor of the magazine Gay Scotland. From premises in Hope Street, Glasgow, the three started operating 0898 premium rate telephone services, which they used for major frauds against British Telecom. Advertisements for Donaldson’s services, ”Crossed Lines,” started appearing nightly in the Edinburgh Evening News.

Hein was a telephone expert, and the brains behind the fraud. During 1989 he devised and perfected a special method of making fraudulent phone calls from public phone boxes to the 0898 numbers run by himself and Donaldson. Every time such a fraudulent call was made BT was obliged to pay the operators of the 0898 service — Hein or Donaldson — up to £200.

In November, 1989, Donaldson recruited an unemployed gay man to travel round Edinburgh late at night, making the special calls. Soon Donaldson was earning £5000 a week from BT. He rented a new car, luxurious West End flat in Learmonth Terrace, and boasted to cronies that he was ”living like a lord.'”


So Hein used to be in the property game as a DHSS landlord..

Is he still? Could that explain the strange address for ScotGays magazine?



ALL ABOUT SEUMAS aka Seumas Macmhicean aka Stiubhard aka Stoo aka Akki ! x aka EdinBear aka ScotBrCub


McMeekin’s email, is very similar to


McMeekin UTTERLY DETESTS  “Little boys of all ages”

Which rings MASSIVE alarm bells. And I would say, what it REALLY means is that he “likes” little boys of all ages.

Funny how Hein says very similar, but he dislikes “children of all ages and none”

The ladies doth protest too much me thinks! 

That’s an awful lot of RINGS! & far too many bears for my liking too. 

I clicked on the BEAR RING LINK at the bottom of McMeekin’s page & got this…(screenshot below)    Yeah….  I’M NOT GOING ANY FURTHER

Hein on youtube 

“COINCIDENTALLY” I happened to stumble upon this article published on 8th June 2018  Irvine rapist jailed after HE reported victim to police for sending him abusive messages Which states….

James McMeekin has been caged for eight years.”  An Irvine rapist who was snared after he reported one of his victims to the police for sending him abusive texts was jailed for eight years. James McMeekin, 43, was convicted of raping the woman while she slept at a house in Rutherglen in July 2009. He was also found guilty of raping a 43-year-old woman at a house in Girvan, Ayrshire, on July 11, 2015.

Article was published on 8th June, a mere 11 days after David got caught in the sting.

So a sexually deviant male, approximately the same age with same name.. Well, that in itself isn’t too bizarre & whilst James McMeekin isn’t a common name, its not unheard of..   But what DOES make it totally bizarre is his address…    

MONTGOMERY STREET?!!  Just like Hein & McMeekin!!

Jackson, Hein etc is clearly linked to the LGBT “scene” & also clearly all linked to paedophilia. So it should come as no surprise that it is also linked to the football paedo through James Rennie & Neil Strachan & you can read more about that below

Talking James Rennie,

SHOCK OF SHOCKS I found YET ANOTHER ScotGov funded LGBT “charity” that is linked to Rennie. Which i found at Companies House – LGBT HEALTHY LIVING CENTRE 

I missed it before, cause like an eejit! I was looking for JAMES Rennie, not JAMIE Rennie. .  Silly me! 

(I havent looked into Gay Men’s Health LTD) 


As you can see, Rennie is Director or Secretary of FOUR of the companies, THREE of which are YOUTH charities/companies, the earliest being May 2001.

Rennie was born in Jan 1971. Making him THIRTY YEARS OLD when he first started!

A 30 year old single man, with no children, who was VERY actively involved in THREE children’s charities / companies? 

Alarm bells should have been ringing all over the place…

And there is NO WAY the “powers that be” didn’t know.

Because FOUR of the charities he worked for WERE FUNDED BY SCOT GOV


You can see from LGBT YOUTH’s own partnership page that it is clearly linked to both Youthlink Scotland  AND  Youth Scotland

Partner Organisations Respectme

Even the likes of Visit Scotland are promoting Scotia Pride, Edinburgh Pride & Glasgow Pride..

Why on earth are they promoting an organisation that is headed by an ex member of P.I.E? They must know surely? I struggle to believe they don’t do some sort of background checks…



PART 1 Martin Henry – The head of the footie inquiry, The church & the paedophile ring.
PART 2 Rennie, Torbett, Fairbridge, Youthlink, Mr Watson & head of the footie inquiry!
PART 3 McCafferty, Torbett, Fairbridge & Footie
PART 4 Jack, John, Julian & the Footie Paedo Ring
PART 5 Scottish Footie Paedo ~ List & Links
PART 6 Celtic #Pizzagate
PART 7 EVEN MORE on the Operation Algebra paedo ring – Scotland


WAVERLEY CARE  Scottish Charity No. SC036500

SX SCOT  SX Hub. 3 Mansfield Place  EH3 6NB





Richard Kerr, who was sexually abused by top people in the UK.
Eric Witchell is currently living in London aged 70, safe in the knowledge that a succession of senior MI5 figures have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover-up what he and his associates did in Belfast, London, Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere…” 

Eric Witchell

“The UK security service MI5 benefited from the existence of a child abuse network of which Eric Witchell was a key member. 

“In Northern Ireland, MI5 exploited the network to gain leverage over influential politicians.”

Sir Michael Hanley, the former head of MI5. Hanley was reportedly picked by Lord Victor Rothschild to be the head of MI5.  SIR MICHAEL HANLEY, ROTHSCHILD, SEX

Sir Michael Hanley was Director-General of MI5 from 1972-1978.

Ian Cameron ran MI5 operations on the ground in Northern Ireland for Hanley.


UK Column – ROBERT GREEN & #FreshStartFoundation


UK Column 21st June 2018

UK Column 15th June 2018

UK Column 12th June 2018

The Big One :Fresh Start Aberdeen with Nobel Prize Nominee Robert Green!



Previous Roadshow – Inverclyde Info Video

Author Miranda Doyle “INUNDATED” with support from ex pupils who were also sexually abused at Gordonstoun

Sun 10th JUNE 2018




An author who made shocking claims of abuse at Gordonstoun school has been inundated with support from other former pupils who say they suffered similar harrowing ordeals.

Miranda Doyle, 50, spoke last week to the Sunday Mail after giving evidence to the Scottish Abuse Inquiry about serious sexual assaults at Prince Charles’s former boarding school.

Miranda, who attended the school in the 1980s, said she was attacked by a staff member when she was just 14.

She said she also witnessed girls being ordered to strip naked and thrown into cold baths by a male teacher.

The Edinburgh-born writer, who detailed the abuse in her memoir A Book of Untruths, kept the painful memories secret for almost 40 years.

But since speaking out she has been contacted by a number of former pupils from the school in Elgin, who have told her they too were abused.

Miranda, who lives in Cambridge, said: “I’ve had a number of ex-pupils get in touch to say they have similar memories of what happened to me also happening to them.

“One pupil who contacted me has also spoken with the Scottish Abuse Inquiry and, like me, they were very impressed by the way their testimony was handled. Another said it had taken them time to realise that what had happened at the school was unacceptable.

“The reaction I’ve received is the opposite of what I expected. Telling the truth is not easy. I felt frightened and even ashamed. But, to my shock, everyone has been incredibly supportive.”

Miranda said she shared the Sunday Mail article revealing her abuse allegations with a Gordonstoun group on social media.

The allegations included her claim that she was just 14 when, after complaining of stomach pains, a member of staff carried out an intimate examination.

She also claimed a male teacher ordered girls not to bring bathing costumes to a swimming lesson but instead to swim naked.

Miranda added: “Someone who was at school with me messaged first. They said, ‘Good on you telling your story – very brave – and here’s hoping it makes the world a safer place for kids. More messages of support followed. I know I’m not alone. I hope others, whether they were at Gordonstoun or in any other cared-for environment, feel safe to come forward.”


3rd JUNE 2018



Football Coach Coaxed Boys To Bedroom. #Lossiemouth

9th JUNE 2018

A football coach was charged with child abuse after contacting one of his victims offering to act as a soccer scout for his two sons.

Robert Russell lured young boys into his hostel bedroom and indecently assaulted them more than three decades ago.

But it was not until the 67-year-old got in touch with one of his victims, who has since grown up, that police became involved.

Inverness Sheriff Court was told that the father was “furious” when he received a letter from Russell, recalling the abuse he suffered at his hands. He then reported him to the police.

Russell, of Cooper Street, Elgin, yesterday admitted a sexual assault on one teenager and indecently assaulting three others.

The victims were aged between 15 and 18 at the time of the offences which took place between August 1977 and August 1984.

Fiscal depute Alison McKenzie told Sheriff Margaret Neilson that Russell was a registered coach with the Scottish Youth Football Association and a swimming instructor.

She said he was working with Highland League side Lossiemouth and its association with Lossiemouth High School in February 2017 when police arrested him.

At the time of the offences, Russell was teaching swimming at Dingwall Sports Centre, as well as being a community education officer with Highland Council.

The court heard he had stayed in a hostel flat in Dingwall where three of his victims were assaulted.

One boy was staying at the hostel when Russell fondled and carried out a sex act on him as he got ready for bed.

Two other boys who lived outside Dingwall were invited to stay in his hostel flat where he groped their buttocks or genitals or tried to grope them.

The other offence took place in the swimming pool area where he molested the same boy “so frequently he could not remember the number of occasions” said Mrs McKenzie.

Russell, who has no previous convictions, had his sentence deferred for a background report until July 5 and had his bail continued.

He was placed on the sex offenders register.



The Highlands & Islands & The Gender Agenda

with thanks to  @Albion_Rover 

Fri June 8th 2018

Heres a another prime example of the gender agenda at work in the Highlands.. They are teaching our kids weird crap, & all with council and tax-exempt foundation backing

MisstahCook (left) is running reading for children in Highland

he is pushing the diversity “gender agenda”

meaning lesbian and gay and three partner and other divergent lifestyles


view tweet

Misstahcook wins awards (From Stonewall)

MisstahCook’s personal  reading material: gay fantasy-romance with demonic themes?!

“Set in modern day Inverness, Elected: The Book of Daniel is a fantasy novel with a biblical twist. It introduces the smart and feisty Leo Alexander; a twenty six year old, fresh faced teacher with a secret talent for spell casting. When the enigmatic and impossibly gorgeous Lucas breaks into his flat and delivers news of an apocalyptic threat, Leo is plunged head first into a vicious war between the angels of heaven and the demons of hell. The reason? It just so happens that Daniel, Leo’s favourite student, carries the divine power of creation in his soul and Baal, the son of Satan, wants it. With the demons closing in, Leo must accept that he’s one of God’s Elect and master his magical gifts so he can protect an innocent child from a fate worse than death. Because if he doesn’t, Daniel will die and all hell will be unleashed.”



MisstahCook provides the resources for teachers

Oddly, it’s exactly the same pattern in Aberdeen

& when @Albion_Rover asked MisstahCook if he had parents had consented to LBGT teaching for their kids. He was told it was none of the parents business and he, as an educator would ignore their views (he deleted the tweet, both @Albion_Rover & I have been looking for a copy, but as it was back on the 25th March we have had no luck)

But it turns out MisstahCook teaches teachers how to teach LBGT in, you’ve guessed it, Aberdeen


view tweet 


view tweet……

He is a one-man gay missionary movement, and he, not parents, will decide what is taught.

I wonder if there are more. Is the threat of bullying being used as a wedge issue to make young children’s education such that roles and identities are confused?

Remember how they sold eugenics, cash prises

to the tune of one million dollars…

Fri 1st June 2018



The Children Rise Again

The Children Rise Again 


I watched you crawling in the gutter

As the rest saw you suited into respectability

Smug and emotionless

Hid a sea of bile and poison

While your victims hid in the daylight

You came out in the darkness

I stared at you across a room of people

Saw into your lack of soul

Through emotionless eyes

Narcissistic intensity

Holding court

“What a fabulous orator”

We heard your victims voices

Through the barriers you built through fear

Before again they ran to safety

We know you and we see you

We will always see you

Those who can be bought to hide your crimes

Will one day hang their heads in shame

The warriors of justice

Will never be corrupted

Or compromised by threats

The abusers of the powerless

Will sink

As the children rise again


10th Feb 2017


Scottish Government to fund research into barriers to children being heard in the family justice system

The Scottish Government is to fund two research projects to improve understanding of barriers to children’s views being heard in family law cases.

The first project, ‘Children’s Participation in Family Actions’, will look at the implications for children’s rights when the child’s voice is not heard.

Led by Dr Fiona Morrison of the University of Stirling, the researchers will be guided by a group of young people with first-hand experience and will also consider how the approaches of other countries could be translated into a Scottish context.

The second project, ‘Domestic Abuse and Child Contact’, will focus on legal professionals’ understanding of domestic abuse and its implications in child contact cases, as well as the interaction between the criminal and civil justice systems.

It will be led by Professor Jane Mair from the University of Glasgow.

Interim findings from both research projects will be included in consideration

of next steps following the Scottish Government’s consultation on potential changes to the Children (Scotland) Act 1995. They will also feed into development of the Scottish Government’s family justice modernisation strategy.

Legal Affairs Minister Annabelle Ewing said: “We want to improve people’s experience of the family justice system and these research projects will help us to understand the changes needed to ensure it is fit for the 21st century.

“It is important that we address the barriers to children’s involvement in family law cases and build a greater understanding of the impact of domestic abuse proceedings on the handling of child contact cases.

“Findings from this research will also inform next steps following our consultation on a review of family law in Scotland.”

Fiona Morrison said: “The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 has played a vital role in advancing children’s rights in Scotland but despite this, it is recognised that practice around children’s rights to participate in family actions could be improved.

“Our study comes at an exciting time. The act is under review, and our work will provide evidence on how law and practice might change so that children are better able to take part in the legal decisions that affect their lives.”

Jane Mair said: “In Scottish legal policy, reform and practice, we talk a lot about justice, and in particular end-to-end justice, thinking about pathways through the justice system for those who have experienced abuse. But what about side-to-side justice?

“In this project we will explore the extent to which learning gained in the context of criminal justice is being transferred sideways to family justice.

Black magic ruin Boleskine House placed on a list of historic buildings under threat

It never ceases to amaze me how many ‘historic” buildings suddenly burst into flames & become ruins & the majority of the time the cause is completely unknown.

Particularly old schools, hospitals, doctors surgeries & mental asylums… 

Funnily enough, they are usually sites which have evidence of multiple “historic” abuse cases. Strange that eh?!

We never did get told the cause of Boleskine fire. The firemen were unsure what caused it to burn to the ground over winter solstice. Although, they were sure enough to state there were “NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES”

Read more about Boleskine  HERE  HERE

Boleskine since the fire pics & vids HERE

A REMOTE ruin once owned by a notorious occultist dubbed “the wickedest man in the world” has been placed on a list of historic buildings under threat.

Boleskine House, which sits on the south-east shore of Loch Ness, was reduced to a burnt-out shell when a fierce blaze ripped through the property in 2015.

It was previously the home of infamous “black magician” Aleister Crowley, who scandalised British society in the early 20th century through his experiments with sex, drugs and the occult.

The C-listed manor was later bought by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who said: “Strange things have happened in that house which have nothing to do with Crowley. The bad vibes were already there.”

Historic Environment Scotland confirmed Boleskine House had now been placed on the Buildings at Risk Register, a comprehensive database of architecturally or historically important structures considered under threat.

A spokesman said: “Boleskin House was added to the Buildings at Risk Register as it is now at high risk following fire damage and exposure.

“Inclusion on the Register highlights that this is an interesting and unique structure that we are at risk of losing altogether.”

Born into a wealthy English family in 1875, Aleister Crowley become one of the most notorious figures of his day, deliberately flouting social norms and claiming to be an expert in black magic.

He founded the religion of Thelema – best known for its central philosophy “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” – and even proclaimed himself a prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into a new aeon.

His “Abbey of Thelema” on Sicily became the focus of lurid tales of black magic ceremonies during which participants were made to drink the blood of a sacrificed cat.

After the death of one young follower – which was variously blamed on drinking cat’s blood or contaminated water – Crowley was expelled from Italy.

He bought Boleskine House in 1899, believing it to be the perfect location for dark rituals aimed at summoning demons.

Hailing the success of these ceremonies, he would later write: “The demons and evil forces had congregated round me so thickly that they were shutting off the light. It was a comforting situation.”

Crowley owned the manor until 1913, and was said to revel in the notoriety he enjoyed among locals.

He died in 1947, penniless and addicted to heroin – but his writings and life have continued to fascinate and appal.

Boleskine was later snapped up by Crowley obsessive Jimmy Page, who would feature the property in the Led Zeppelin documentary The Song Remains the Same.

In a 1975 interview, the rock star spoke of the property’s “bad vibes”, and claimed: “The estate was owned by Aleister Crowley but there were two or three owners before Crowley moved into it.

“On the site of the house there was also once a church that burned to the ground with the congregation inside.”

The 18th century manor was engulfed in a mysterious blaze in 2015, causing widespread damage. Investigators ruled the fire was not deliberate but said they were unable to find its cause.

Since then, Boleskine’s burnt-out shell has suffered from vandalism, with Historic Environment Scotland investigators finding it largely roofless when they visited earlier this year.


I noticed a while ago that there were an awful lot of deaths & or bodies found in quarries in Scotland, so I finally got around to having a wee dig. It is not just Scotland! As can be seen with a mere glance here

But the following are all Scottish & found in the last 20 years (approx)  The latest of which was only a few days ago.

This is not all of them, it’s only what I have found so far.. 























FOUR ALL IN SAME QUARRY Preston Hill Quarry, Inverkeithing, Fife








In May 1973, Kevin’s brother Robert fell to his death at the quarry, aged 12. 





PRE 1990 










‘LET KIDS CHANGE SEX WITHOUT PARENTS’ CONSENT’ says Scots Children’s Commissioner

I tweeted Mr Adamson about this. HE IGNORED ME! Which is down right rude, not to mention Ignorant & cowardly. 

Think i might try him again later!




Tam Paton & The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. #NazarethHouse #Lasswade.




  1. 80 Articles & Blogs on Tam Paton, The Rollers, Walton Hop, King, Denning etc..
  2. ‘Magic circle’ judge asked to resign for allowing homosexual activities to be conducted in public way
  3. McRae, Gallogley, Paton, Ibrox, Celtic’s Jock Stein & Kevin Kelly, The Catholic Church & Savile all over the damn place!
  4. TAM PATON & The Edinburgh “Scene”
  5. Circles & Rings: Major, Minor & Magic
  6. Bay City Rollers, Paton, Denning, Drugs, Paedophilia, Music & the missing £1.5 MILLION


On Twitter, check out the hashtag  #TamPaedoPaton


Operation Janitress & the Wonderland Club

Jan 18, 2001

COPS SMASH SICK CHILD PORN GROUP; Scot is among men questioned.

Byline: BOB DOW
POLICE were last night questioning a suspected Scots paedophile as part of Britain’s biggest-ever Internet child porn operation.
The man’s home was one of 24 raided in dawn swoops by forces across Britain.
Officers from Grampian Police seized a computer when they searched the house in Aberdeen.
Twenty-six other computers and a huge haul of photos, videos and magazines, were taken away in the raids, involving more than 100 officers from 13 police forces.
Most of the material is understood to feature sick scenes of children being raped and sexually abused.
Two teachers were among those being questioned last night.
The paedophile unit of the Metropolitan Police co-ordinated the swoops – codenamed Operation Janitress – on houses in Aberdeen, Derby, Liverpool, Hull, Hertfordshire, Reading, Leeds, Preston, Brighton and London.
Met sources say they have smashed a huge child porn ring after two years of work and more arrests will follow.
DCI Bob McLachlan, the head of the paedophile unit, said: “Those responsible believe that the Internet affords anonymity, but technology is increasingly sophisticated.
“These are real innocent children having horrible and heartbreaking things done to them to gratify the sick minds of some people.”
Last night, IT specialists were downloading and cataloguing thousands of pieces of material stored on disk.
A trial last week revealed the extent of paedophile use of the Internet when seven British men admitted conspiracy to distribute child pornography at Kingston Crown Court in Surrey.
The fee to join their organisation, known as the Wonderland Club, was 10,000 new child porn images.
Police discovered the club’s members had access to almost a million child porn images and could even watch children in America being abused by perverts live via Webcam.
The seven will be sentenced next month.

Massive paedophile operation leads to arrests

Thirteen suspected paedophiles were arrested and 27 computers seized in police dawn raids Wednesday in the UK’s largest ever police operation against child pornography on the Internet.
Videos, CD-ROMs and thousands of paedophile pictures — which included images of children being sexually abused — were also seized in raids in both England and Scotland. Those arrested reportedly included the housemaster of a Leicestershire public school.
Forces in Grampian, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Humberside, Hertfordshire, West Yorkshire, Somerset, Bedfordshire, Lancashire, Devon, Cornwall, Sussex and London took part in the raids, codenamed Operation Janitress. Police had worked with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to track down some of those arrested.
Operation Janitress was the result of a two-year investigation, which began after a Gloucestershire man was arrested for the suspected abuse of his children. Police learned he was in contact with a London man who was allegedly running an online child pornography swap club.
DCI Bob McLachlan, head of the Met’s Paedophile Unit, explained that Wednesday’s arrests were the result of an intelligence-led operation targeted at stemming the distribution of child pornography via the Net.
McLachlan claimed that those who possessed such material were themselves guilty of child abuse. “Images like these are evidence of the sexual assault and rape of children — and anyone who buys or downloads them perpetuates the cycle of abuse,” he said.
He explained that while the use of the Web to disseminate paedophilic images was increasing, the police were developing new methods to combat the problem.
“We know that the Internet is increasingly used as a conduit for the exchange of pornographic pictures of children. Those responsible believe that the Internet affords anonymity, but police technology in this area is increasingly sophisticated,” McLachlan warned.
Last week, seven men pleaded guilty to their participation in what was then the world’s biggest Internet pornography ring to be uncovered. Those arrests came as part of Operation Cathedral, a massive international police operation involving 12 countries.

Tuesday, 13 February, 2001,

“This week sentences are expected to be handed down on seven men arrested almost three years ago as part of Operation Cathedral – a swoop against paedophiles that spanned 12 countries.
The seven men were part of 107 people arrested by police across the globe. Those arrested were part of the “Wonderland Club”, an online forum set up to swap and share indecent images of children.
Since Operation Cathedral more raids have taken place on both local and national levels against those trading child pornography on the net.
In early December 1999 20 police forces made arrests in 27 different locations as part of Operation Queensland.
The raids followed an investigation by Greater Manchester Police’s obscene publications unit.
Last month police forces in 12 regions took part in Operation Janitress which resulted in the arrest of 13 paedophiles as well as the seizure of computers, videos and images.
The raids were the end result of a two-year investigation that began with the arrest of Gloucestershire man who was suspected of abusing his children that led police, via one of his contacts, to an online forum where child pornography was swapped.”

EVEN MORE on the Operation Algebra paedo ring – Scotland

JAMES RENNIE, 38, from Edinburgh, chief executive of LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) Youth Scotland. The self-confessed “sex addict” was a trained teacher and youth worker. He held a senior administrative role in which he no longer had contact with teenagers at the advice centre. He had a boyfriend but trawled the internet for gay sex dates, picked up rent boys and advertised a porn collection on toilet walls. The court heard Rennie had links with paedophiles in America & Europe.  

Sentenced to 13 years  reduced  by 4 and half years

JOHN MURPHY  Had been a teacher at Claremont in East Kilbride & Special needs school in Ayrshire. sauna receptionist worked as a receptionist at a gay sauna and DJ in a gay bar as well as working part-time as a journalist. Police investigating the case found 117 paedophile images when they raided his flat.  

sentenced to a pathetic 2 years


NEIL STRACHAN, 41, from Edinburgh, service engineer with a paint firm. The convicted sex offender was jailed for three years in 1997 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for abusing a boy aged between five and seven during his time as secretary of an Edinburgh-based boys’ football club. Started affair with teenager Colin Slaven on his release 

17 years reduced by 8 years  (despite at least TWO prior conviction


ROSS WEBBER,  from North Berwick, bank teller. The counter supervisor in Gullane, East Lothian had stored 188 indecent images between August 2006 and January 2008. 

8 yrs 9 months  reduced  by 13 months 

COLIN SLAVEN, Edinburgh, IT worker. Lived with Neil Strachan in the Dalry area, after beginning on-off affair with him as a teenager. After turning up to court so drunk he could hardly stand, he was found guilty of contempt by Lord Bannatyne. His bail was revoked and he was locked up for the rest of the trial.

sentenced to 3 years

CRAIG BOATH, 24, from Dundee, insurance clerk. An insurance claims worker who wanted to be a police officer. Investigators found a shocking video of a six-year-old girl, and thousands of photographs.

Sentenced to 9 years and 9 months

NEIL CAMPBELL, Well-respected member of  Jordanhill Parish Church, Access to sunday school kids – & Jordanhill Out of School club. Despite being married, he had a gay partner. Police discovered he used his wife’s e-mail identity online to persuade boys to perform sex acts. 

Sentenced to 3 years 4 months  



JOHN MILLIGAN, 40, from Govan, Glasgow, civil servant. Milligan had no life outside his Job Centre office and every night spent hours in front of his home PC. He had hardcore child pornography among the 125,000 images found by police experts who examined the gang’s computers. The court heard of his fantasies about missing Madeleine McCann. sentenced to 

sentenced to 17 years reduced by 3 years




HE IS  THIS BASTARD HERE  & he also got a pathetic 2 year sentence  



(Rennie was qualified but to my knowledge, never worked as a teacher)

Well, it seems as if Operation Algebra was quite a fitting name!!

Ooooh, one last thing……










First British Spanish Flu pandemic victims were children at Scottish orphanage

Well, we knew this was happening.
Although I didn’t see the Scots being used as lab rats coming…
Which is ridiculously stupid of me!
OF COURSE Scots were first to test their shite out on…
Using the kids in orphanages.

MAY 6th 2018

Spanish Flu was one of the deadliest disasters in human history, claiming up to 50 million lives around the world and killing more people in a single year than the Black Death of the 14th century.
At least 228,000 people died in the UK alone, and historians agree the first civilian outbreak of the virus occurred in Glasgow in May 1918. This is based on newspaper reports and medical evidence from the time, including an article in The Lancet by Dr A MacLean, the city’s assistant medical officer of health.
Headed ‘Outbreak of an acute febrile disease in three factories and an industrial school in Glasgow’, it revealed that all 436 victims recovered within a few days. However, it also reported a second outbreak a week later in Lanarkshire “attacking some 280 persons” and resulting in eight deaths in two “industrial schools” in the county.
Dr MacLean wrote: “It has been ascertained that a boy resident in the infected industrial home stayed at the Lanarkshire Orphanage from May 10th to 15th, the first case occurring there in the person of the boy who slept in the same dormitory.”
He went on to describe the symptoms of the disease, including death “frequently within 24 hours” and the terrifying hallmark of cyanosis which saw the worst affected victims turn blue.

There is no doubt that Spanish Flu ravaged many families but for it to happen to that particular group of boys at that time is yet another sad chapter in the history of Smyllum

Alan Draper

Now, to mark the centenary of the Spanish Flu pandemic, the names of those eight young victims can be revealed for the first time.

All of them were inmates at the Smyllum Park orphanage in Lanark, run by the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul until it shut in 1981.

The child abuse inquiry in Edinburgh has heard weeks of harrowing evidence from former residents, with one describing a “culture of evil” at the home.

According to our research, the first person in Britain to fall victim to the virus was 15-year-old David Clabby. The son of Patrick, a general labourer, and Rose, he died at 9am on May 18, 1918, with a nun called Sister Angela signing the death register.

His death was initially put down to “acute enteritis” but later amended by Dr ATA Gourlay, medical officer at Lanark’s Lockhart Hospital, and John T Wilson, medical officer for the County of Lanark.

The first victims of Spanish Flu were at Smyllum

The first UK victims of Spanish Flu were at Smyllum Park orphanage where they were buried

Their report, submitted to the procurator fiscal in Lanark on July 4, 1918, states that David’s cause of death was “influenza (epidemic) 12 hours”.

The next boy to die was 11-year-old Daniel Daisley, whose coal miner father William was dead and whose mother Margaret Mulgrew could presumably no longer cope with looking after him.

His death at 6.30pm on May 18, just one-and-a-half hours after he first displayed symptoms, was also ascribed to enteritis before Gourlay and Wilson amended the register.

The third victim was 13-year-old James McBrien, the son of shipyard labourer William (deceased) and Bridget. His death at 11.30am on May 19 was again put down to acute enteritis – a sudden bowel inflammation – before being corrected by the two medical officers.

Patrick Gaffney, 13, the son of deceased quarry miner James and Mary, was the next to succumb at 4.30am on May 20. The correction by Gourlay and Wilson reveals that Patrick fought the influenza virus for three days.

By now, the nuns must have realised something was terribly wrong and the next two victims were taken to the old County Fever Hospital in Motherwell. Thirteen-year-old Robert Woods – whose parents were registered as “unknown” – passed away at 7pm on May 22.

Although the cause was correctly identified as influenza, Gourlay and Wilson later amended the register to show him as the fifth victim of the epidemic. Three days later, at 4pm on May 25, 12-year-old Smyllum inmate John Donaghy also died from influenza at the fever hospital. Once again, the medical authorities registered his parents as “unknown”.

Meanwhile, the disease continued to rage back at the orphanage and, at 4.45am on May 26, nine-year-old Francis McLuskie became the youngest victim of the epidemic.

His father, Edward, was a coal miner and his mother Bridget was dead, with the cause again being attributed to enteritis before being corrected by Gourlay as “supposed influenza”. The last victim of the outbreak was Malcolm Dow, also aged nine, who died at Smyllum at 8.30pm on May 28.

His father, Malcolm, was in a workhouse and his mother, Williamina, was dead. Gourlay correctly identified the cause as influenza. The appalling conditions at the orphanage are illustrated by the fact that another child died during the 10 days of the epidemic – Nicholas Quinn, eight, from tuberculosis on May 24.

In a final tragic twist, the eight influenza victims – along with young Nicholas – would most likely have been buried in the common ground at St Mary’s cemetery. Although the existence of this ‘mass grave’ has been known about for many years, it emerged last year that at least 400 youngsters from Smyllum had been interred there between 1864 and 1981.

Spanish Flu wiped out 50 million lives

Spanish Flu wiped out 50 million lives

Alan Draper, from the In Care Abuse Survivors group, said: “There is no doubt that Spanish Flu ravaged many families but for it to happen to that particular group of boys at that time is yet another sad chapter in the history of Smyllum.

“We will never know what conditions these children and young men had to endure but the fact they were able to go out to work suggests they were reasonably fit and healthy.

“They were maybe starting to look forward to the future and think about leaving the orphanage, maybe creating lives for themselves after a difficult childhood, and suddenly they were struck down by this deadly disease.

“Smyllum has been brought to people’s attention because of the abuse that took place there and the mass burial plot in the cemetery, and now it seems that it was also the first place in Scotland to suffer as a result of Spanish Flu.”

Smyllum Park was where Spanish Flu hit the UK

Smyllum Park was where Spanish Flu first hit the UK

Meanwhile, one of Scotland’s leading authors and historians has backed the creation of a memorial to those who died in the Spanish Flu pandemic.

Trevor Royle, who has written more than 30 books on war and empire, is also a member of the Scottish Commemorations Panel set up to mark the centenary of the First World War.

He said: “Spanish Flu first came to the UK in May 1918 and the first cases were recorded in Glasgow. General medical opinion is that conditions of warfare in Europe where large concentrations of young people were in place helped to spread the epidemic very quickly.

“The death toll in Britain was less than a third of the 750,000 who died in the war but, even so, what is absolutely shocking about the epidemic is that it came at the tail end of the war.

“People at home had been horrified by seeing large casualties on the battlefield and suddenly they had to face up to many thousands more being killed on the civilian front, including many people who had survived the actual fighting.”

Mr Royle said Britain was “no stranger” to deadly epidemics, with a number of cholera outbreaks throughout the 19th century, but this was on a different scale.

The medical authorities did not know how to respond, with citizens even being urged to smoke more cigarettes to kill the germs in their lungs. Other advice, such as wearing face masks or washing tenement closes with disinfectant, would have been more effective.

Mr Royle added: “The Scottish health authorities thought the flu could be kept at bay by a daily dose of porridge.”

He said the panel had no direct funding and could not erect memorials but said he would be “very surprised” if the centenary of Spanish Flu wasn’t discussed at a conference in St Andrews in June. He added: “If there was a local initiative to do something in Lanark, we’d certainly support something like that.”

The source of the 1918 flu pandemic is shrouded in mystery, although some experts now believe the virus developed in the filthy and overcrowded British military camp at Étaples in France.

Others say it originated in the Far East and was spread to Europe by American soldiers when the USA entered the war in 1917, with some of the earliest confirmed cases recorded at army bases in Kansas.

Returning soldiers brought Spanish Flu to the UK

Returning soldiers brought Spanish Flu to the UK

The initial reports of this deadly new danger were quashed by both sides but newspapers were free to report on the illness ravaging neutral Spain, leading to the misleading nickname Spanish Flu.

Servicemen returning from the Western Front brought the flu home to Britain, with the first cases recorded in Glasgow then other ports, including Liverpool, Southampton and Portsmouth.

The first wave was comparatively mild and in June 1918 The Times reported that the “man in the street” had read about the epidemic in Spain and “cheerfully anticipated its arrival here”.

But the number of deaths continued to rise throughout the summer and a second wave in the autumn recorded far higher fatality rates, with the epidemic reaching its fearsome peak in October 1918. Schools, cinemas, theatres and any public buildings where large numbers might congregate were closed down, while church attendances fell as people tried to avoid infection.

Across Britain, children who had grown up in the shadow of a distant but devastating war on the continent began to sing a new skipping song:

I had a little bird, / Its name was Enza, / I opened the window. / And in-flu-enza.

OK, so the MSM aren’t complete bollox…

Below, I copied word for word from an old Daily Record article dated 25th Feb 1997. It really struck a chord wi me, not the content so much, as it’s “old news” but, it made me think about a couple of things.. Firstly, concerning child abuse,

What has changed since 1997?  

Very little in my opinion, the vast majority of people did nothing about it in 1997 & they are doing nothing about it now.

Over 20 years & the only thing to have changed is that there are more abusers & they are getting lighter sentences. it has got worse NOT better! 

& the second thing is the MSM. The Daily Record in particular. Over the years they have run several campaigns of a similar nature to this one, in a vain attempt to get the masses to wake up & actually DO SOMETHING.

I think we all slag off the MSM for peddling bullshit propaganda. Myself included!! & rightly so, when they print TOTAL BOLLOX!

But when it comes to the CSA epidemic we are now struggling to control.. They have been telling us for DECADES! & I have THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of article clippings & screenshots & links to prove it!



Over 90% of the information that I have in my blogs & videos comes DIRECTLY from the main steam media. Without the MSM, we wouldn’t know EVEN A QUARTER of the info we do about CSA.. & that is an absolute FACT!!

But the more that people slag them off for spreading UTTER SHITE (which they absolutely do sometimes!) then the less likely it is that people will take what they say about child abuse seriously.. & WE NEED THEM to keep reporting about all the CSA in Scotland. Cause otherwise…  we’re kinda screwed!

So, wi that in mind, I am gonnae UNBLOCK the Daily Record!

But the Sun can get tae f*** cause it really is just an utter shite rag!!


GALLERY OF SHAME; Record Campaign – Charter for our Children.

This is Scotland’s gallery of shame. The perverts and paedophiles here range from teenagers to pensioners, church elders to teachers.  But they only represent a tiny fraction of the depraved and deviant who file through the country’s courts every year. And, chillingly, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Experts believe only one in every 20 child abusers is convicted. The Record believes action must be taken NOW to confront the plague of abuse that wrecks young lives and disgusts all right- minded Scots. 


EVIL Herriot, 38, abused vulnerable men with Down’s Syndrome at a home in East Lothian. He was jailed for seven years at the High Court in Edinburgh in January, but his victims’ families blasted the sentence as “far too lenient”. Herriot, of Edinburgh, could be free within three and a half years. 


DEAF MUTE Eaglesham, 66, carried out a series of sex attacks on a 10-year-old girl.  People in Bo’ness, West Lothian, where Eaglesham lived with his wife before starting a two- year jail term earlier this month are determined he will never return. An action group are collecting signatures throughout the town. 


PEOPLE power drove sick child molester Christie, 50, out of Stirling. The storm began in December, when he was put in a hostel after serving half a one-year sentence. Just days before his move Christie was arrested in Stenhousemuir over claims he frightened a girl of 17. He was later freed. 


TWISTED Alves, 28, was forced into hiding after it emerged she’d harassed two boys for sex. She was found lying naked on an 11-year-old boy. She failed to have sex with him only because he wasn’t fully developed. Residents forced Alves, who was jailed for six months, to leave her parents’ home in Stirling. 


BEARDED pervert Beaton, 35, hoarded a sickening stash of child porn. The researcher, from Broughty Ferry, was fined pounds 3000 at Dundee Sheriff Court in January. Sheriff Richard Davidson described Beaton’s porn, including magazines and blue movies, as “two bagfuls of filth.” 


PERVERT Smith, 58, was jailed in 1995 for sexually assaulting a girl several times in a Perth officewhen she was aged nine and 10. He was also convicted of sexually attacking a 17-year-old girl. On his release only months later he returned to live in his home just yards from a primary school in the town. 


DEPRAVED paedophile Harley was jailed for 15 years in April for abusing youngsters in his care. He preyed on terrified children as young as six while he was in charge of Merkland Children’s Home in Moffat, Dumfriesshire.  Harley, 50, pretended to be a fatherly figure but instead he molested them over five years. 


FLYNN was jailed for seven years in 1995 for plying an 11-year- old boy with drink, then raping him. The High Court in Glasgow heard Flynn, 27, was living with a friend when the boy called at the house in Auchinleck, Ayrshire. Flynn made him perform indecent acts before having sex with him. 


SEXUAL predator Kevin Drumgoole was jailed for 18 months in December, 1995, for molesting dozens of teenage tourists.  The Edinburgh bachelor lured them to his apartment and plied the kids, aged between 14 and 17, with booze then filmed himself performing sick sex acts. 


FOUR young lives were wrecked by Wood in a reign of terror which lasted 17 years. When he was finally confronted with his crimes he tried to commit suicide. Wood, 52, of Bo’ness, West Lothian, was jailed for 10 years in 1995. Lord Ross, the Lord Justice Clerk, said it was one of the worst cases he had come across. 


HOWARD was hounded out of a Drumchapel housing scheme because of his sick background. Evil Howard, 51, from Cookston, Northern Ireland, moved to Scotland after being convicted of a sex attack on a schoolgirl. In 1965 he was caged for attempting sex with a girl of six. He also has convictions for rape. 


SHAMED Scout leader Atkins was caged for 18 months in November 1995 for molesting four teenage boys in his troop. Atkins, 27, of Dalkeith, Midlothian, attacked the lads as they slept. Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard his crimes have left two of his victims with deep mental scars. 


SEX BEAST Taylor, 58, preyed on two girls as they slept, subjecting them to years of abuse between the ages of 10 and 13.  The victims wept as Taylor, of Grangemouth, Stirlingshire got two years in May, 1995.  Sheriff John McGowan said: “The damage you have done to them really cannot be measured.” 


BLACK carried out appalling crimes against young boys.  Unemployed Black, 49, of Aberdeen, admitted nine charges at the High Court in Edinburgh. His catalogue of abuse began 17 years ago and continued right up until his arrest in March 1995. He was jailed for 10 years at the High Court in Edinburgh. 


CHURCH elder Maitland carried out sick sex attacks on a 12- year- old girl. And the victim’s parents were furious when the 72-year-old was sentenced to just 12 months.  Maitland of Parkhead, Glasgow, abused the girl for a year, and was only caught after she told a friend, who alerted a teacher. 


MILLIGAN and her husband Andrew sexually abused a young girl for seven years.  They were jailed for a total of 13 years in 1995 for the sickening catalogue of abuse which began when the girl was just FIVE. They admitted abusing the girl at their homes in Methil, Fife, and Grangemouth, Stirlingshire. 


CHURCH elder Wallace tied up a girl and filmed himself in a kinky sex act with her.  He told the crying youngster: “The quicker you do as you are told, the quicker you’re finished.” Wallace preyed on the girl between the ages of 13 and 15.  Wallace, 41, of Hurlford, Ayrshire, was caged for two years in 1995. 


FORMER Boys’ Brigade officer Porter set up his own club, then took photos of boys in the nude. He was jailed for three months at Paisley Sheriff Court in February, 1995.  The salesman, 39, admitted conducting himself in an indecent manner in Argyll and Renfrew-shire between 1985 and 1993. 


EVIL minister Robb committed a string of sex offences against young boys. Robb, 54, packed manses in Pollokshields, Glasgow, and Tarbert with model planes, ships and train sets to lure his prey. Once snared, the boys suffered horrific abuse. He was jailed for seven years in 1994 at the High Court in Glasgow. 


SHAMED cop Freeburn committed a string of sickening offences against young girls. The 40-year-old got just a year for fondling five girls in their beds at a house in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire. Even his sister, Cathy, 38, blasted the Falkirk Sheriff Court sentence. She said: “It’s bloody ridiculous. It’s not enough.” 


FOSTER dad McNally abused four young girls – one in his care while he was a social worker. He was exposed when a 22-year-old woman told police she was abused 10 years earlier when he babysat. McNally and his wife , from Oban, cared for 27 children at their home. He was jailed for three years in 1994. 


TWISTED weirdo McDonald stole shoes and clothes from little girls while working in 28 Scots schools as a locksmith. He had three previous convictions for similar offences. The 37-year-old, from East Lothian, stole confidential files on female pupils from more than 25 schools in the area. 


SEX beast McKirdy raped a 12-year-old girl but was only jailed for four years. He told the High Court in Edinburgh that he couldn’t remember raping the girl because he had taken drugs. Sick McKirdy, from Paisley, smirked and made obscene gestures as he was driven away to begin his sentence. 


BABYSITTER MacPherson tried to rape a four-year-old girl but got only four years jail. The child’s mum ran weeping from the High Court in Edinburgh when the sentence was passed. The 19-year-old pervert had tried to rape the girl at her Aviemore home after telling her he would make her bad dream go away. 


BACHELOR Parfitt used his position as a school artist to attack pupils – during lessons.  Parfitt, 31, of Cove, Dunbartonshire, worked as a school volunteer for 10 years before his sick attacks on boys and girls came to light. One victim was a seven-year-old boy. He was jailed for five years. 


DEVIANT Allan, 49, tried to rape a nurse after being released from jail for a sex attack on a youth. He was jailed for life in 1982 after forcing his way into the 27-year- old sister’s home. In 1978, he got four years after attacking a youth in Jersey. He is a prisoner in Edinburgh but is expected to be released soon. 


PERVERT teacher Hutcheson decided on a new career route after being convicted of molesting an 11-year-old girl – writing children’s books. Hutcheson, 58, of Edinburgh, walked free from court in 1994 with 200 hours community service. Parents had complained about him for 15 years. 


REILLY’s sordid abuse of three 12-year-old girls left them devasted and one tried suicide several times. The offences only came to light when one of the girls told a teacher, Reilly, of Hamiltonhill, Glasgow, admitted the offences over three years. he was jailed for eight years at the High Court in Edinburgh. 


SICK mum-of-two Mills committed sex acts with two boys. She was jailed for two months in 1992 at Hamilton Sheriff Court. Then 38, she assaulted the boys at her home in East Kilbride where she was looking after one of them. Sheriff George Crozier said Mills was guilty of “extremely serious offences”. 


PERVERT Cunningham, 53, preyed on little girls in St Andrews.  He was jailed for eight years last month for a reign of terror that lasted more than 20 years. Some of his victims – all aged between three and 13 – have been mentally scarred for life. Flasher Cunningham also interfered with some of the 10 girls. 


DEAF Duff posed as a priest as he prowled the streets and preyed on young girls.  Linlithgow Sheriff Court was told that he refused counselling.  Duff, 22, of Livingston, West Lothian, admitted three charges of lewd and libidinous behaviour.  He was locked up in a mental hospital in 1995. 


FORMER Rangers footballer Watson was jailed in 1992 for five years after abusing three girls. He admitted interfering with them between 1980 and 1990. The judge at the High Court in Edinburgh slammed Watson, 40. He is NOT the Kenny Watson who signed for Rangers in 1975 from Montrose. 


DEAF youth leader McMillan sexually abused two teenage boys in his home after meeting them through his work with kids. The Aberdeen man, 28, was put on probation for three years at the High Court in Edinburgh when he appeared for sentence in 1994.  He was also ordered to complete 240 hours’ community service. 


CARE worker Hogarth, 64, abused six young girls in children’s homes for seven years. 
The father of seven from Danderhall, Midlothian, was jailed for three years at the High Court in Edinburgh in 1992. And the judge demanded to know why social workers ignored the complaints of his victims. 


YOUNG stalker Sowersby could not control his sexual urges. He attacked a girl of 12 in his home town of Livingston, West Lothian. And just four days later, he dragged another 12-year-old into woods and tried to throttle her. He was jailed for seven years after the High Court in Edinburgh heard he could strike again. 


WEIRDO Sean Regan was dubbed The Beast by worried kids in Dundee. 
He was jailed for 30 days in 1993 for exposing himself to an eight-year- old girl in a city store. 
But when 25-year-old Regan was later rehoused, his new home was just yards away from a nursery school. 


GYM coach Allan Young , 54, from Glasgow, was given two years’ probation and 240 hours community service for touching a 10-year-old’s breasts and kissing her in the gym at Rutherglen, near Glasgow.  He told her he loved her.  He was cleared of abusing three other girls. 


TWISTED Dickson, 85, of East Kilbride, became the oldest convict in Scotland when he was jailed last year in Glasgow.  He got eight years for raping two young sisters, starting when one was only nine.  He was caught after he asked one sister to his diamond wedding, reminding her of her ordeal.