Pluscarden Abbey’s Benedictine Monks

22rd APRIL 2017

For anyone who’d, prefer to read it typed out,  but can’t access the full  P & J article, It is at the bottom of the blog

18th APRIL 2017


While I don’t want to come across as being all cynical, I am probably about to! S, here i go!!

Restoration? As in Renovation? As in Refurbishment? As in out wi the old, in wi the new?

OK then. Emmmm….  why do i have a sneaky feeling this may have something to do with “HISTORIC” child sexual abuse? And the removal of any DNA evidence?  Is it because of  the fact there were ALLEGATIONS but Scot Cops wth all their wisdom randomly decided to shut down the investigation?


Is it because VERY near by is Gordonstoun School that a lot of VIP brats attend? & low & behold SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS it too had ALLEGATIONS of child sexual abuse

Whiter than white Scot Cops MYSTERIOUSLY “LOST” FILES relating to the abuse at Gordonstoun  (They were ACCIDENTALLY LOST & it was NOT AT ALL CONVIENIENT in the slightest… OK!)

Prince #BigEars attended Gordonstoun, which has been included in the Scottish CSA inquiry.

#BigEars was BESTESTEST PALS with Jimmy Savile, who we all know was a paedophile, and a satanist, and a necrophiliac and was also the VIP’s child procurer


I wonder why they are surrounded by so many??

Anyhoo i am wandering of track! As CLEARLY that has NOTHING to do with children being sexually abused in VERY CLOSE proximity to the Royal family!!

Neither does the fact both Gordonstoun & Pluscarden are VERY CLOSE to Sculptors Cave. Some strange & downright SATANIC things have occurred at Sculptor’s Cave. & it is actually within the grounds of Gordonstoun School! You can see from the first pic how close it is. The other images are screen shots of Pluscarden & surrounding area. Hmm, a bizarre square, No idea what it is. Has it been put there deliberately to hide something?? I don’t think so, but i don’t know!

mapehview on map

Pluscarden Abbey: The life of a monk   Press & Journal  22nd April 2017

Every day for the past 35 years, Brother Michael has been roused from sleep at 4.15am, before taking part in the first of eight services at Pluscarden Abbey near Elgin.

He chose to dedicate his life to the Rule of St Benedict when he was just 21 years old and fresh out of university, and has lived at the abbey ever since. He rarely leaves the tranquil grounds, and his days run to a strict timetable of prayer, reading and manual work.

Brother Michael is one of only 18 monks who live at Pluscarden.

The Mediaeval monastery dates back to 1230, when Valliscaulian monks arrived from Abbaye du Val-des-Choux in Burgundy. It is the only monastery in Britain still being used for its original purpose, and welcomes hundreds of visitors every year alongside people of all faiths who stay on increasingly popular retreats. 

The spine-tingling sound of Gregorian chanting can be heard across the fields alongside the dawn chorus, and Brother Michael believes the chanting of psalms helps to keep everyone awake for the first service of the day.

Traditional and far removed from the pressures of modern life, Pluscarden is preparing for ground-breaking changes, and the monks are tentatively stepping forward into the limelight. Although it is fundamental that their way of life is not encroached upon, people are set to know more about the order than ever before as part of a bid to complete the abbey’s restoration.

Roughly £10million is needed to embark on the work, which will see women living on site for the first time in the abbey’s history. The project will include a retreat, library, visitor centre and refectory, and the first fundraising event will see dozens of people embark on a pilgrimage from Burgundy to Pluscarden. The 1230 Pilgrimage will cover 1,230 miles and the monks are calling on people from all walks of life to take part in each 100-mile leg. Brother Michael is hopeful that the pilgrimage will enable people to experience something similar to a monk’s way of life.

Brother Michael

With a kind face and welcoming smile, he appears incredibly contented, and does not regret leaving his previous life in Surrey behind. On his own admission, very few people last the course at Pluscarden and it takes roughly five years to become a monk – the same time-frame required to gain an initial degree in medicine. It is not just a question of taking the three vows of Obedience, Stability and Conversion of life. Monks must also fit in with the community. There is also a strict criteria before monks even begin their studies at Pluscarden.

They must be Roman Catholic, free from binding obligations to family, and able to demonstrate they have lived a good moral life for a number of years, which also means being free from debt. 

For Brother Michael, his calling to Pluscarden came quite suddenly when he was still a student, although he refrained from saying which university he attended.

“It was only really during my last year of university that I developed a passion for the monastic way of life. Prior to that I don’t think it was something I considered,” said Brother Michael. I remember telling my parents that this was what I wanted to do and I think they had a few doubts, although they didn’t tell me not to go ahead. They got married when they were 23 years old and spent 65 happy years together. My life choice is very different but they’re actually buried here at the abbey. They were allowed to visit once or twice a year. They used to love to come and stay for a few weeks over the summertime. I think they trusted me to make the right decision. I wrote to the abbot and asked if I could join before I had even see Pluscarden. He told me I should come for a visit before making any decisions and it was exactly how I imagined it to be. This is a contemplative way of life, but we rarely have spare time as our days are structured and divided between prayer, private reading and manual work. I joined in 1982 and made my final vows in 1987. I started as a novice and was free to leave at any time during the first year. The majority of people leave during that time. If you’re still here after three years the chances are you will take your vows for life. Prior to that, some people find that this simply isn’t the life for them and they fade out in the first year.”

Striding round the gardens in traditional robes, Brother Michael is clearly at one with his surroundings and he will stay at Pluscarden for the rest of his life. He believes the struggles faced by monks are not so very different from those living on the outside. “We are all people and we all have the same fears and worries. Although the monastery is somewhat removed from modern life, I think it is possible to have a foot in both worlds,” he said.

There is no TV or radio (only newspapers) in the monastery, but the monks have not been able to avoid the march of technology. All bills are paid online and some members of the community own smart phones, and are aware of the rise of social media.

“People often ask us to pray for them and I believe God sometimes wants us to ask for what we want – we can’t just expect him to know,” said Brother Michael. Prayer is often a means of finding your way through an impossible situation, and we’re very much aware of what people are facing today. I’m always impressed by the students who come on retreat, they seem terribly focused on their studies whereas I can remember university days being as much about frivolous pursuits as the studying. As the years have gone by, I would say the one thing I have noticed is that people don’t seem to stick at things any more. It seems the done thing to not really know what you want to do and maybe try several different careers. I suppose that concept is strange to me because I knew this way of life was my vocation, it wasn’t a question of sampling different things.”

Although Brother Michael is steadfast in his dedication, he is the first to admit that monastery life does not come without its drawbacks. Monks forego everything, meaning they only own the clothes they stand up in.

All funding for necessary things such as dentist check-ups are paid for from a portfolio of investment, as many people either donate or leave money towards Pluscarden abbey in their will. This pot of funding also covers food and clothing.

Each monk has his own room but all meal times are taken together and in silence, while one brother reads aloud. Brother Michael believes this is a fun experience, but admitted that many people have struggled with living alongside others day in, day out.

“You can see that it drives some people mad being here all the time and it simply isn’t the life for them,” he said. We are permitted to leave for things like the dentist, of course, and I recently attended the 80th birthday party of my oldest relative. We don’t attend things such as weddings, though, because of all the nonsense that comes with them.”

The perks of technology enable the monks to order their food shopping online, although most of the fruit and vegetables is grown on site.

“We have a rota for food shopping and go into town once a week for supplies. We all eat the same unless there’s a specific dietary requirement and we don’t have our own private stash of snacks,” said Brother Michael. When you make your vows for life it’s not just a question of your own inclination and dedication – it’s whether you fit in with the community. When you’re living alongside other people you can’t be keen on personal space and nor can you avoid people because you find them annoying. There are difficult moments and inevitable conflicts, people come and go but there have been some very strong characters over the years. A major part of this life is surrendering your own agenda, you have to give yourself up.”

David Broadfoot

David Broadfoot, MBE, has given himself entirely to the abbey’s cause, although he’s not even a practising Catholic.

A former Lieutenant Colonel in the Gordon Highlander regiment, he has struck up an extraordinary friendship with Brother Michael and his fellow monks, having come up with the idea of a pilgrimage.

David spent 32 years travelling the world with his regiment before running Cawdor Castle, followed by Glamis Castle. (He was Director at Glamis!) He was then asked if he would consider running the fundraising campaign for Pluscarden, and now works seven days a week on the project.

Passionate, determined and incredibly dedicated, he has come to believe in the abbey’s cause and experienced a pilgrimage of his own.

“I was originally given a figure of around three-and-a-half million back in 2015. Pluscarden has become a very personal quest for me, The monks are fabulous people and it’s important to remember that they’ve all led other lives. There’s an engineer, an army officer and a barman from Glasgow – and over time we’ve built up a mutual trust. The pilgrimage is our flagship event, but the focus isn’t so much on raising money, it’s our way of raising awareness. I felt very strongly that we shouldn’t just sit up and beg for money, we’ve got off our backsides and we’re now preparing to do something really special. We should go out and feel some pain rather than just asking for money, and the pilgrimage is a physical and spiritual challenge. I was originally worried about this concept of fundraising for the abbey in case people felt it didn’t relate to them, when in fact the role of the abbey is more relevant than ever. People come to Pluscarden on retreats from all walks of life, whether they need a break from the rat race or they’re an alcoholic who has reached rock bottom. You’re not a patient here but Pluscarden is very much needed if you consider the pressures of modern life The monks may seem removed from society but they are incredibly intelligent people who have led a previous life and understand the world.”

The pilgrimage will start on June 5 and involves 12 legs of roughly 100 miles, and a final leg of 80 miles. Each section will be covered by a different group of pilgrims and it is hoped a new pilgrim’s route may be established. Patrons include HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

The organisation of the event has enabled David to confront his own demons.

“I think for a time after leaving the army I was very lost because the army was my entire life. I eventually sought counselling and feel like Pluscarden has become my own personal pilgrimage,” he said. I was privately educated and enjoyed a very fulfilling career and family life, and I think this is partly my way of giving back. My wife and I lost one of our children at only 18 months, which was incredibly difficult, of course, but outside of that we haven’t experienced any major difficulties. Taking on this project has kept me busy and given me a chance to mull over things in my own head. So many people experience depression and anxiety these days, both myself and my colleagues felt this void when we left the army because we were suddenly thrust into a very different world. I’ve met some extraordinary people, including Jai Lama, an ex Gurkha officer who has just flown in from Kathmandu. He’ll be helping me on the ground. There’s still a lot to do but we’ll get there. Perhaps the most important thing is that this is a pilgrimage for all faiths or no faith – it should be an extraordinary journey.”

Becoming a monk

Monks will undertake spiritual readings for at least three hours a day, and must be able to participate in Latin mass.

A trial period of a month is usually set up for novice monks, before they undertake a further six months which is known as postulancy.

This is followed by a two-year noviciate, which begins with the rite of monastic initiation during which the novice is given a new name and the tonsure.

The noviciate is a period of formation in the monastic life, with classes in the life of prayer, the Holy Rule, Monastic Tradition, the Psalms, Latin and Gregorian Chant, as well as participation in the work of the community.

During it, the novice is free to leave at any time and may also be asked to leave. After the end of the noviciate, there is a vote of the community to allow the novice to take temporary vows and receive the white habit.

These vows last for a minimum of three years during which time the junior monk receives further formation in Scripture, Catholic Theology and Liturgy.

After another vote of the community, he may proceed to Solemn Vows which then makes him a full member of the community.

[PDF] Mr David Broadfoot MBE Development Director Pluscarden Abbey South Range Project. 216 High Street. ELGIN. IV30 IAB.

His brother JOHN LEDINGHAM BROADFOOT was a teacher & headmaster.

He was a Governors at MERCHISTON CASTLE SCHOOL 1962-1967

DIRECTOR of Merchiston from 2010 – 2015

& in 2007/8 was DIRECTOR of HEADMASTERS’ & HEADMISTRESSES’ CONFERENCE Which apparently is a company??  Company Number 00101760

He was Director of ST. COLUMBA’S JUNIOR SCHOOL in Kilmalcolm 2011 until  2015

And was Director of the SCOTTISH COUNCIL OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS from April 2014 until Sept 2015

Director of K.A. (SERVICES) LIMITED Aug 1998 until  Feb 2009/10 


RECTOR KELVINSIDE ACADEMY 199 until retirement in 2008

“You never forget a good teacher” and this adage certainly applies to the four members of the teaching staff who have left Strathallan in 1998.  JOHN BROADFOOT leaves to become Rector of Kelvinside Academy and I know he will enjoy the challenge. As Director of Studies he has had a central role in many of the important changes that have taken place in recent years SOURCE (page 5)

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John L. Broadfoot


Merchiston Castle School

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Merchiston Castle School

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John Broadfoot (Governor, Merchiston Castle School) [cached]

John Broadfoot, BA, MEd
John Broadfoot was Rector at Kelvinside Academy from 1998 until his retirement in 2009. Prior to that, he taught English and held a number of positions in both the state and independent sectors. He has a longstanding connection with Kilmacolm, indeed his sister, mother, aunt and uncle (Dardenne) all attended St Columba’s. His interests include travel, mountaineering and Scottish culture. He is married to Cecilia and has three grown up children. [cached]

His stepson, Jay is a former pupil of Merchiston and his son Jack is a Prefect in Laidlaw.
John Broadfoot JL Broadfoot, BA, MEd: John was educated at Merchiston 62-67 and graduated from Leeds University in 1970 with BA in English. John has recently retired as Rector of Kelvinside Academy 98-09. He was Head of English and Drama at Strathallan School and Housemaster of Forgandenny. John is a member of the Education & Pastoral Committee. BM McCorkell, BA, MA: Barry was educated at Charterhouse and then graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge. He trained as a solicitor but later went into investment management. From 2002-06 Barry was the School’s Development Director and taught History, Politics, Classical Civilization and English. He is married to Lucy and they have three children. [cached]

John Broadfoot, Rector of Kelvinside Academy, said: “This is great news for Kelvinside Academy and the many local community groups who regularly use the school’s facilities. [cached]

John Broadfoot, BA, MEd
John Broadfoot was Rector at Kelvinside Academy from 1998 until his retirement in 2009. Prior to that, he taught English and held a number of positions in both the state and independent sectors. He has a longstanding connection with Kilmacolm, indeed his sister, mother, aunt and uncle (Dardenne) all attended St Columba’s. His interests include travel, mountaineering and Scottish culture. He is married to Cecilia and has three grown up children. [cached]

His stepson, Jay is a former pupil of Merchiston and his son Jack is a Prefect in Laidlaw.
John Broadfoot JL Broadfoot, BA, MEd: John was educated at Merchiston 62-67 and graduated from Leeds University in 1970 with BA in English. John has recently retired as Rector of Kelvinside Academy 98-09. He was Head of English and Drama at Strathallan School and Housemaster of Forgandenny. John is a member of the Education & Pastoral Committee. BM McCorkell, BA, MA: Barry was educated at Charterhouse and then graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge. He trained as a solicitor but later went into investment management. From 2002-06 Barry was the School’s Development Director and taught History, Politics, Classical Civilization and English. He is married to Lucy and they have three children. [cached]

John Broadfoot, Rector of Kelvinside Academy, said: “This is great news for Kelvinside Academy and the many local community groups who regularly use the school’s facilities.

What an accolade to Ann that the rector, John Broadfoot, decided to close the school on the day of Ann’s funeral because so many staff and pupils had wanted to be at the church to pay their last respects.
Mr Broadfoot also spoke movingly at the Mass of Ann’s unique contribution to the school. He described her involvement with every child from nursery to sixth year and her high professional standards which caused HMI to rate as “excellent” the quality of careers, work experience and enterprise education, all of which Ann oversaw. She also ran the eco-schools’ programme, and had become passionately involved with the school’s charity work with the Balcraig Foundation’s orphanage and schools projects in Kenya. One of her greatest regrets was that her illness denied her the opportunity to return to work there in the summer of 2007, as she had done the previous year. Mr Broadfoot added: “Unique and irreplaceable are apt words to describe Ann.


HIS SON??  Duncan Ledingham Broadfoot Glasgow  (age 35)  DIRECTOR of Duncan Broadfoot Films Limited George Street Perth

‘UNACCEPTABLE’ legal delays in Scotland Child Abuse Scandal Investigation

    Child protection:  Shocking facts you need to know



APRIL 23rd 2017

Although detectives have reported 27 suspects to the Crown Office, only one man has been named as part of the massive investigation into child sexual exploitation which ended more than two years ago.

Some of the victims were as young as 10 and all of them were vulnerable young girls, with many of them living in care homes in and around Glasgow.

Failed Afghan asylum seeker Javaid Akhond is the only named individual to face justice as a result of Operation Dash. He was 20 when he was sentenced to six years in prison in 2014 for the rape and sexual abuse of children as young as 12.

Following repeated requests to Police Scotland the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), this newspaper has learned there have four convictions in total.

Why did they get it so wrong? It’s unacceptable.

Sarah Champion

However, only two abusers have been given custodial sentences and the other three individuals have not been identified while the details of their crimes remain unknown.

A police investigation named Operation Cotswold was launched in 2011 to investigate child grooming gangs in Glasgow, before it was expanded and renamed Dash two years later. It eventually involved 12 council and health board areas across the west of Scotland and finally came to an end in February 2015.

Both probes centred on ethnic minority men targeting youngsters in and around Glasgow, especially in care homes in the north of the city, and identified between 100 and 140 potential victims.

Rotherham victim on moving forward after being abused

However, six years after the probe began most of the suspects are still thought to be at large in the city and many of the children involved are still awaiting justice.

An earlier attempt to prosecute “several men” over the abuse of 26 children under Operation Cotswold failed after the young victims who had absconded from children’s homes were “reluctant” to cooperate with the police.

The delay is in stark contrast with similar cases south of the Border, where grooming gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, Manchester, Oxford, Derbyshire and elsewhere have been brought to justice in as little as three years.

The shocking picture began to emerge in 2012, when the Rotherham abuse scandal revealed that sexual abuse of vulnerable white girls by Asian men in the Yorkshire town had been much more widespread than previously thought, partly due to the authorities’ fear of being seen as racist.

Similar stories followed across the UK, including in Glasgow where a report two years ago revealed that sexual abuse by grooming gangs was encountered as part of “day to day practice”.


The delay contrasts to the swift justice of the Rotheram abuse scandal
Last night, Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham who founded the Dare2Care child abuse campaign, admitted the apparent lack of action north of the Border was “odd”.

She added: “From my experience and talking to people from all over Britain, this crime is going on in every town and in every city.

“The numbers of both suspects and victims is not a surprise to me. What I’m surprised about, however, is that you haven’t had many prosecutions based on that. If they have identified these 27 people but nothing came of it, why did they get it so wrong? It’s unacceptable.”

Graeme Pearson, the former Labour MSP and ex-director general of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency, agreed that the lack of progress was disturbing.

He added: “I am surprised that a number of cases has not already been dealt with by the courts in the intervening period and disappointed that the COPFS are unable to give out a fuller account of what happened with the result of the operation.”


A Care Inspectorate report published in January states that 139 potential victims were identified over the course of Operation Dash.

Glasgow City Council also received an update from the city’s Social Work Services and Police Scotland last September.

It said: “Glasgow had 84 children and young people identified in the operation, ranging in ages, the youngest being 10 years old and the oldest being 21 years of age. The majority of children were known to services and had active social work involvement, although there were a small number of children who were not known and who were the victims of serious sexual crimes perpetrated by adult males.

“The police investigation resulted in a total of 28 reports submitted to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in relation to 27 individuals across the investigation. All of these individuals were male and overall the majority of suspects were assessed to be 16 to 25 years of age. Glasgow had 14 suspects who were known to Glasgow Social Work Services. There are still Court proceedings ongoing relative to Operation Dash.”

Detective Superintendent Elaine Galbraith, Police Scotland’s Child Protection lead, said Operation Dash was a multi-agency response to identify children and young people who may be at risk of sexual exploitation and offer protection, support and help.


Despite 27 people being investigated, only one has been named so far
She added: “Through the lifetime of the operation, there were occasions where evidence of criminality was identified resulting in a number of separate criminal investigations into a potential offender or offenders under the auspices of Operation Dash.

“Where there was sufficient evidence to arrest and charge an individual or individuals a report was submitted to Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service for consideration of prosecution. Such investigations were undertaken by the Operation Dash enquiry team until such a point that all of the original information had been subject of multi agency assessment and there were no further lines of enquiry.

“This resulted in a number of individuals being reported to COPFS throughout the duration of the investigation.”

A spokesman for COPFS said: “As a result of the operation four men were convicted in separate cases and two of those received custodial sentences.

“Tackling such abuse has always been and will continue to be a high priority for COPFS and we have specialist prosecutors and a dedicated National Sexual Crimes Unit which has helped to give more complainers the confidence to come forward.”



Alice Ruggles murder trial: Accused claims ex ended up with knife in throat accidentally

20 APR 2017


Trimaan ‘Harry’ Dhillon, who had served with the Royal Guard, denies slitting the throat of Alice Ruggles at her flat in Bensham, Gateshead

Murder accused Trimaan Dhillon told a court his ex-girlfriend ended up with a knife struck in her throat accidentally as she went for him with the weapon.

Dhillon claimed Alice Ruggles pulled a blade on him after he turned up at her home to collect some belongings after they split.

He claimed he put her in a tight headlock to restrain her and said Alice ended up losing consciousness.

The 26-year-old Lance Corporal, who has served with the Royal Guard, said when she came round he told her he was going to meet another woman and she became “infuriated” and grabbed the knife again.

He told jurors as they came together in her bathroom, Alice, 24, lost her balance and the knife went into her neck and got stuck.

Dhillon, known as Harry, said he panicked afterwards, did not ring 999 and instead fled, thinking about driving off a hill.


Murder accused Trimaan ‘Harry’ Dhillon 

Prosecutors allege he had in fact slashed Alice’s throat around six times, which he denies.

Giving evidence at his trial at Newcastle Crown Court, the soldier, wearing a dark suit, light shirt and blue striped tie, said he decided to go to Alice’s flat in Bensham, Gateshead, on October 12 last year unannounced to collect some clothes and to speak to her.

The court has heard he had already been warned to stay away from Alice after she complained about him harassing her.

He climbed over a wall into her back yard and said he could see her sitting on a sofa in her living room.

Dhillon claimed Alice came to the back door and told him she was communicating with a potential new boyfriend and asked how it made him feel.

He said he tried to hug her but she slapped him and grabbed him and threatened to dial 999.



Alice Ruggles

He then left but realised he had not got his belongings so went back and climbed over the wall again and told Alice: “Either get my stuff or I’m going to come and take it.”

He said he climbed through a bedroom window and after getting inside the flat Alice produced a knife.

“I said ‘what the **** you doing with a knife, put the knife down’,” he told jurors.

“She was moving towards me. She didn’t say anything.

“I moved forward and grabbed her right wrist with my left hand.

“I pulled her forward and got her in a headlock.”

Dhillon said he thought about putting her in the bedroom but then decided to take her to the bathroom.

He said Alice was struggling and scratched his face and grabbed at his groin area. He claimed she was trying to move the knife from her right hand to her left hand.

Police at the scene on Rawling Road in Bensham

Police at the scene on Rawling Road in Bensham

He said: “She was kicking and trying to move all over the place which I think was her attempt to try to get out of it.

“The grip round her neck was quite tight.

“My aim was to push her in the bathroom, shut the door then run straight out.”

Dhillon continued: “I tightened my grip to make her let go of the knife.

“I said ‘If you let go of the knife I will let go of your neck’.

“She did let go of the knife but not because she was uncomfortable.

“I found out later it was because she was unconscious. That’s why she let go of the knife.

“She let go of the knife, I pushed it back, I let go of her and she collapsed on the ground.”

He said he tried to move Alice and she was bleeding from her nose.

After Alice regained consciousness, Dhillon said as they sat in the bathroom she said she couldn’t believe he had just travelled down for his clothes.

“I said it was not just because of that, I was going to meet someone as well because you are seeing someone else,” he said.

“She looked back saying ‘what do you mean’. I said I was going to meet someone in Durham.

“That absolutely infuriated her and led her to pick up the knife again with her right hand.”

He claimed they started grappling as he tried to disarm her, and the “knife entered from the right side to the left side”.

He added: “I remember saying ‘Alice’. She fell on her right side.

“I moved behind her and grabbed her jumper from the back and tried to lift her up.

“I’m 100% sure the knife was stuck.”

Dhillon said he didn’t call the emergency services because he panicked, didn’t know what to do and decided to flee.

He said he contemplated stabbing himself and then driving off a hill on the way back to Scotland.

Dhillon, of Glencorse Barracks, in Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland, will continue giving evidence on Friday.

He denies murder and the trial continues.

Alice Ruggles murder trial: Accused soldier ‘was not allowed to perform duty with Royal Family’

Lance Corporal “Harry” Dhillon, who denies murdering his ex-girlfriend, was not allowed to do duty with the Royal Family after he suffered a black eye in a fight, a court heard.

The 26-year-old denies cutting Alice Ruggles’ throat from ear to ear and leaving her to bleed to death on her bathroom floor.

Giving evidence at Newcastle Crown Court, the signaller with the 2 Scots said he was stationed in Ballater, Scotland, the month before for the purposes of “the Royal Guard”.


#Highland family braced for deportation. (Oi Saint Nic, that no yer cue to come save the day?)


A heartbroken family will be removed from their Highland home, put in taxis bound for an airport and deported in a fortnight’s time.

Canadian family the Zielsdorfs, who invested £300,000 in Laggan Stores and a cafe and holiday-let business, fought a long legal battle in an effort to remain in Scotland – but have now reluctantly accepted their fate.

Father-of-five Jason Zielsdorf, whose ancestors hailed from Sutherland, yesterday spoke of his sadness, saying he felt “dehumanised” by the experience.

He has opted not to resort to even more lengthy and costly human rights legislation.

He said: “We came back to reconnect with roots, to give, to invest and to appreciate the culture – not to sponge. We put £300,000 into the place and they’re not even letting us realise that on our way out. All our assets are in this building. I’ll miss the place terribly, we’ve been well received.”

He said the authorities had confiscated their driving licences and would “put us in taxis to the airport.”

Mr Zielsdorf’s attempt to renew a business visa was rejected in 2015. He was previously on a student and then post-study work visa and believed his application, backed by 67 letters of support from locals, had a strong chance of approval. A second unsuccessful attempt followed.

He and his wife Christy later received confirmation that they had no legal recourse to stay. They agreed to leave and were granted a few months to tie up their affairs but have, so far, been unable to sell the shop, which featured in the series Monarch of the Glen.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: “All visa applications are carefully considered on their individual merits in line with immigration rules and based on evidence provided by the applicant.”

Former prime minister David Cameron had pledged to look into the case, insisting he would make sure the Home Office examined it “urgently.”

Local MP Drew Hendry, who had intervened on the family’s behalf, said: “It’s devastating that despite every possible effort, they’ve been forced from their home, their friends and a place that they have long called home. Despite complying at every turn, they’ve been treated with utter contempt by the Home Office and increasingly right wing Tory government. They will be missed dearly and I share the community’s anger that this government’s draconian immigration policy has defied logic.”

Laggan Stores became known to millions as McKechnie’s in the BBC TV series Monarch of the Glen.

Right, am sorry, but I don’t understand.. I mean, the SNP “DON’T INTERVENE IN INDIVIDUAL CASES”

So, wi that in mind… WTF YOU DOIN DREW?

Do you not know the SNP NEVER INTERVENES when it comes to INDIVIDUAL CASES

Nicola Sturgeon HERSELF said so! LOOK……

Ms Sturgeon told MSPs that it would be “entirely wrong” for politicians to intervene on individual cases  SOURCE

& when Police Scotland MURDERED Sheku Bayoh  his family BEGGED HER to intervene,   & did she??    HELL  NO    


But i must say in your defence Drew,  your confusion becomes a lot more understandable when the fact that NICOLA STURGEON IS A BARE FACED FUKIN LIAR is taken in to account.

& to prove it, here is a couple of examples of  INDIVIDUAL CASES where Fish Face DID INTERVENE

(Please note NONE of them are Scots)

1..   1st Aug 2016 – AUSTRALIAN Brain Family  “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who personally appealed to the British government on their behalf ”  SOURCE  archive

2..   10th Feb 2017 – Inverness couple’s deportation fight wins backing from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.. AMERICAN  Russell Felber said of the First Minister’s intervention: “It’s great. It’s very encouraging at this stage.”  SOURCE   archive

But it aint just Fish Face..  Her Mental Mentor was at it too! 

3..  17th Jan 2010  FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has been criticised after it emerged he lobbied for an illegal worker, wanted by police, to stay in Scotland. Mr Salmond wrote to the Home Secretary last month asking for the CHINESE man to be given indefinite leave to remain in the country, it was reported yesterday.  SOURCE  archive

So,  its looking good for the Canadian Zielsdorf family! The SNP BEND OVER BACKWARDS to help immigrants. EVEN THOSE THAT ARE ILLEGAL & HAVE A DRUG CONVICTION!! 

It’s just a shame they REFUSE POINT BLANK to help any Scots..  Aint that true Fish Face? & now am starting to think you have a problem wi Scots! 





THE VAST MAJORITY OF SURVIVORS INVOLVED IN THE CSA WHITEWASH ARE SCOTS  (oops. I meant inquiry. Predictive text is a scunner) 

But did you even bother yer fukin arse to lift one o yer scaly Fish Fingers to help ANY of them?

DID YOU DICKIE.  Although, I suppose you could say that you did in fact intervene.

Cause sweetheart, YOU DELIBERATELY HINDERED their cases didn’t you?! 





YET ANOTHER Children’s Home Abuse Probe. Park Lodge, Glasgow

Officers are investigating allegations of child sex abuse at a former children’s home in Glasgow’s south side.

Anyone who worked or lived at Park Lodge Children’s Home between 1979 and 1985 has been asked to contact Police Scotland.

The care home in Calderwood Road in Newlands has now closed.

The investigation is being carried out independently from the national inquiry into child abuse in Scotland.  More than 60 institutions are being investigated under that inquiry.

Scottish Paedophilia: Institutions, Care Homes, Schools & Paedo Rings   {updated 20/04/17}


A GLASGOW care home is at the centre of a historic child sexual abuse probe by police.

Cops have confirmed they want to speak with any residents or employees of Park Lodge Children’s Care Home on Calderwood Road between 1979 and 1985. Police want to talk to to speak to anyone employed or was a resident at Park Lodge Children’s Care Home

Glasgow City Council confirmed that the care home was run by Strathclyde Regional Council in the years in question.

Responsibility for the home passed to GCC in 1996 following local government reorganisation.

It was subsequently closed in 2008.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “It would be inappropriate to comment on an on-going inquiry.

“However, we will offer police any assistance we can should they wish to get in touch.” It’s also been revealed that the Public Protection Unit in Glasgow is involved in the probe.

And detectives have asked anybody with information to contact them.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “As part of enquiries into a historical child sexual abuse investigation, Police Scotland would like to speak to anyone, who was either employed or was a resident within the Park Lodge Children’s Care Home, Calderwood Road, Glasgow between 1979 and 1985.

Scottish Paedophilia: Institutions, Care Homes, Schools & Paedo Rings   {updated 20/04/17}

13th June 1997


Scottish Paedophilia: Institutions, Care Homes, Schools & Paedo Rings   {updated 20/04/17}



DJ who partied with #Elvis #PaulMcCartney & #CliffRichard

IF YOU were a young pop fan in the late 1960s to 1970s, chances are you grew up listening to DJ Tony Prince on Radio Luxembourg on a crackling transistor radio nestled under your bedcovers.

By KATHRYN SPENCER  published 00:01, Tue, Apr 18, 2017

DJ Tony Prince met some of the world’s biggest celebrities during his time on Radio Luxembourg
Tony, ebullient, pint-sized self-styled “Royal Ruler” of pirate station Radio Caroline and then influential European station Radio Luxembourg, hailed from humble beginnings in Oldham, Lancashire. Yet the boy “from a Coronation Street terrace” went on to work – and sometimes party – with everyone who was anyone in  from his childhood idol Elvis Presley to Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin and rock wild man Keith Moon – “a lovely man… when he was sober”. He also DJ’d for the Luxembourg royal family including Princess Marie-Astrid who was once tipped to marry Prince Charles
Tony’s brush with musical stardust started aged 15 in 1960 when he sang backed by the drumming of a pre-Beatles Ringo StarrThe self confessed “small and cheeky” 5ft 4in Tony, now 71, recalls: “I entered a talent contest at Butlin’s in North Wales. The camp’s backing group was Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and their drummer was Ringo. So I sang with Ringo before Paul McCartney and John Lennon did – and I borrowed Ringo’s cowboy boots. “I sang Be-Bop-A-Lula, the Gene Vincent song. Gene used to kick up his leg on the microphone stand. I tried that but Ringo’s boots, three sizes too big, came off and landed on a Teddy Boy’s head. Ringo couldn’t stop laughing, the audience were laughing and clapping and I guess that first turned me on to the power of an audience.” 

Tony Prince with Cliff Richard

Tony Prince with Cliff Richard


Three years later Tony, by now a successful DJ, introduced The Beatles on stage at a gig in Oldham in 1963 as their first number one, Please Please Me was announced. 

All you would hear at a Beatles concert was screaming  Tony Prince

“I was the last person to hear The Beatles live because after this, all you would hear at a Beatles concert was screaming,” recalls Tony, who has written an autobiography The Royal Ruler And The Railway DJ (alongside reminiscences from Czech DJ Jan Sestak) which has had interest from Hollywood. After leaving school, Tony briefly trained as a jockey alongside Willie Carson. But he ended up a star jockey of a different sort. Priscilla Presley discusses amicable divorce from Elvis 
He became singer with an Oldham group called The Jasons and later a solo singer & DJ. UNUSUALLY he worked in TV before he went into radio, presenting a Bristol-based pop show, Discs A Gogo, where guests included Sonny and Cher and Tom Jones. One guest was Tony Blackburn who talked about his life as a pirate DJ on Radio Caroline – which Tony soon joined and developed his on-air persona of the Royal Ruler – a nod to fellow pirate DJ Emperor RoskoTony has fond memories as a pirate of the airwaves off the Isle of Man… “I can’t tell you how exciting it was. I wish I could get in a Tardis for a few weeks and experience it again. 


All the stars came to Luxembourg but Tony’s greatest memory was meeting Elvis Presley

“It was an idyllic life for a guy who loved music, young, a bachelor – it was the 1960s, transistor radios had just come out, The Beatles were gods and all these great records, The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Kinks – and we were the boys playing them for the first time.” When pirate radio was made illegal in 1967, Tony joined “fabulous” Radio Luxembourg. Popular with youngsters in the UK and all over Europe, where “208” had a 100 million audience, the quick-witted Royal Ruler became a celebrity, with personal appearances and a column in the teenage girls’ magazine Fab 208. He even promoted a keep-fit device called the Star Disco Trimmer with Cliff Richard. At first, to protect his bachelor image, he was advised to keep quiet about his girlfriend and future wife, childhood sweetheart Christine (they’ve been married for 47 years and have two children). All the stars came to Luxembourg but Tony’s greatest memory was meeting Elvis Presley in Las Vegas in 1972 and then introducing him live on stage before his show. “It was an overwhelming thing for me as an Elvis fan and I suppose the greatest thing in my life,” says Tony. “To see Elvis clapping and walking towards me as I introduced him.” 
As president of the UK Elvis Presley fan club, he took 200 British fans on a pilgrimage to Elvis’s home town of Tupelo, Mississippi, and five days in Vegas where Presley was in residence. Tony had used his cheeky charm to inveigle a meeting with The King’s formidable manager Colonel Tom Parker and got him to agree to a rare pre-show interview with the singer. It was 1972 and Tony recalls: “My impression of Elvis? He was incredibly handsome, a beautiful human specimen and so polite, so gently spoken.” Tony met Elvis again in 1973 when the King promised him he would come to Europe to entertain fans for the first time – alas something Elvis, who died in 1977, never did. Prince also presented Elvis with a trophy. Says Tony: “When I was 15 I had Elvis’s poster on my bedroom wall. Now, today, if you go to Elvis’s home at Graceland, you’ll find a photo of me presenting him with that trophy. So my photograph is now on Elvis’s wall. How about that for a turn of events?” Family

Tony with his wife Christine and their two children Daniel and Gabrielle
TONY’S Luxembourg early- 1970s heyday coincided with the teen idol era and he compered the Osmonds’ British shows while David Cassidy – who recently revealed he has dementia – became a friend. “It is such sad news,” Tony says. “He is a lovely guy, a good mate. I feel sorry for people at that deep end of fan mania, they find themselves in a goldfish bowl. It all became a bit much for him.” Another chum is Sir Paul McCartney who asked Tony to compere a Buddy Holly-themed event he and his late wife Linda held annually for 10 years. Linda converted Tony to vegetarianism. “Every time she saw me she’d ask, ‘Are you still vegetarian, Tony?’” The young Noel Edmonds, who also worked at Luxembourg, is recalled by Tony as a lothario and, even then, a practical joker who tried to fake his own death as a prank on his unamused flatmate, fellow DJ Kid Jensen. Jensen meanwhile, apparently caught the eye of the bisexual David Bowie for a while but batted off his overtures, according to Tony. 



The legendary DJ with his good friend Paul McCartney

Tony worked at 208 until 1983 – “It had had its day” – having ended up as programme director. He left for pastures new in the UK, pioneering DJ mixtapes, founding (and selling) DJ magazine Mixmag and setting up the music organisation DMC, which runs a DJ competition. He moved into TV production and makes documentaries. He hasn’t worked on radio for years but feels the genre is in the doldrums and doesn’t cater to the older – but still pop-loving – population. “There should be a channel for the over 50s, playing music from Presley to the 1970s,” he says. “Too many radio DJs are actors and comedians. We need proper DJs who care for the industry. I think the future is the return of personality DJs like Kenny Everett who think quickly and who are really into the music.” Could the Royal Ruler one day return to the airwaves?  The Royal Ruler And The Railway DJ by Tony Prince and Jan Sestak (DMC Publishing, £20) is available at

Tony Prince at ‘The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

While reading the article above I realised how many of the names mentioned were linked to paedophilia. Hence the blog! 






Led Zeppelin  


Prince Charles

(I’d be here forever listing links! So instead i am just gonnae give you 1 which has lots of info on royal family & paedophilia)



Paul McCartney

Tom Jones


Tony Blackburn


The Rolling Stones

  1. Bill Wyman
  2. Mick Jagger (More on Jagger coming soon!)

David Bowie


The Kinks 

Kinks – Art Lover Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Sunday afternoon there’s something special
It’s just like another world
Jogging in the park is my excuse
To look at all the little girls

I’m not a flasher in a rain coat,
I’m not a dirty old man,
I’m not gonna snatch you from your mother,
I’m an art lover
Come to daddy,
Ah, come to daddy,
Come to daddy

Pretty little legs, I want to draw them,
Like a Degas ballerina
Pure white skin, like porcelain,
She’s a work of art and I should know
I’m an art lover
Come to daddy,
And I’ll give you some spangles

Little girl don’t notice me
Watching as she innocently plays
She can’t see me staring at her
Because I’m always wearing shades
She feeds the ducks, looks at the flowers
I follow her around for hours and hours
I’d take her home, but that could never be,
She’s just a substitute
For what’s been taken from me
Ah, come to daddy, come on

Noel Edmonds



Cheese Wire Killer??


The police dog handler who was first on the scene of one of Aberdeen’s most notorious unsolved murders has blamed the decisions of police chiefs at the time for the killer evading justice for 33 years.

Taxi driver George Murdoch was brutally slain on September 29, 1983 shortly after picking up his last fare of the night.

George Murdoch

George Murdoch

His murderer – dubbed the “cheese wire killer” after an implement found at the scene – has never been caught.

But former police officer Allan Hendry, now an Aberdeenshire councillor, is convinced his superiors missed a perfect chance to quickly wrap up the case.

Three decades on, he still has a “feeling in the pit of my stomach” that he was sent off on a wild goose chase while the killer lay hidden nearby watching the investigation unfold – and has good reason to believe he is right.

At around 8.30pm on the fateful night, 58-year-old cabbie Mr Murdoch radioed into his control room to say he had just picked up a customer from Queen’s Road wanting to go to Peterculter.  map

Allan Hendry with his dog

Allan Hendry with his dog

But just after 9pm, police received a call after witnesses spotted the driver being viciously assaulted outside his sky blue Ford Cortina taxi on Pitfodels Station Road – more than four miles short of his stated destination.

Mr Hendry found him lying in a puddle of blood, with severe injuries all over his head, face and neck – but still breathing.

By the time the taxi driver was lifted into an ambulance however, he was dead.

Some 17 days later, staff at the Mr Chips takeaway in Mannofield reported that a strange man, bleeding from his hands and face, had ordered a fish supper just a short while after the killing.

For many years it has been believed that this individual was likely to be Mr Murdoch’s killer.

Police seach thick undergrowth at Station Road, Pitfodels

Police seach thick undergrowth at Station Road, Pitfodels

Mr Hendry has now come forward to argue that the bleeding man in the chipper could not have been the murderer – and the real attacker got away because of the “inefficiency” of his superiors in the force at the time.

After calling for backup, he was ordered to take his search dog Nicky, a German Shepherd, all the way out to Peterculter and comb the old railway line through the pouring rain, back towards the scene of the killing.

Mr Hendry said: “I’ve just got this feeling in the pit of my stomach – the police didn’t do a good job, and I think the police could have done a lot more at the time, which they didn’t do.But he believes that had he been allowed to follow his instincts at the time, the police could have caught the killer at the scene – because the murderer was hiding just feet away in a nearby field, watching the emergency services attempt to save his victim’s life. They just went into a different direction, shall we say, and as a result of that the trail went cold and they have never managed to get this individual.”

He said: “It was poor judgement by the officer in charge that showed up that night and sent me to Peterculter.

“I thought that was a very, very poor call – he should have allowed me to do what I was trained to do, and that was to search the immediate locus of a serious crime.

“But instead, he instructed, fairly forcibly I may add, me to go to Peterculter and walk back along the old railway line – which I thought was an absolute bloody waste of time to be perfectly honest with you.

“I was absolutely convinced this guy had ran across this field down towards the line, so when I got out in the morning – the rain had stopped by that time – I cast my dog out into that field.

Police and dogs involved in the search following the murder of taxi driver George Murdoch

Police and dogs involved in the search following the murder of taxi driver George Murdoch

“Lo and behold, he indicated a patch of ground behind the embankment which is right on the edge of Pitfodels Station Road in this field where someone had obviously been lying. I still honestly believe, in my heart of hearts, that if I had been allowed to search that field, there’s every likelihood that guy would have been there.”

A police spokeswoman said that although she couldn’t comment on the specifics of the investigation, officers are still trying to find the killer.

She said: “Police Scotland is committed to investigating all unresolved homicides and these are reviewed to ascertain if there are any new evidential developments, including advances in forensic techniques, which would assist in providing a basis for criminal proceedings. “

Where did the ‘cheese wire killer’ go?


Could the brutal “cheese wire murderer” have run all the way to Mannofield along the brightly-lit North Deeside Road and into a chipper to order food immediately after committing their vicious crime?

Allan Hendry, former police dog handler and now Aberdeenshire councillor, believes that scenario is extremely unlikely.

He remains convinced the killer had instead hid himself in a field close to Pitfodels Station Road until the emergency services left the scene, before sneaking off safely with as few witnesses as possible.

Mr Hendry argues this because he had driven up from the bottom of the narrow road where the killing took place and a group of onlookers had gathered at the top – leaving any killers little choice for escape than to scramble through gardens to the nearby field.

Now, 33 years later, the former dog handler still has hope that someone with information will come forward: “It’s one of the only cases in all the time that I was with the police that’s always irked me, and hurt me, that we never caught the person responsible.

“They all did, but that one was quite a brutal attack, for a minimal amount of money, and the guy got away – and he got away because of our inefficiency.

“I don’t care if the police say, oh you shouldn’t be saying that, but I’m sorry, that’s the truth of the matter.

“We were inefficient at the time.

“I hope this highlights this again, hopefully somebody does come forward.

“Anything that helps to catch this creature, the better, as far as I’m concerned.”

British islands are child sex hub


British overseas territories are among the world’s leading hosts of websites with images of child sexual abuse, despite government efforts to lead a global campaign to tackle exploitation.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) charity has revealed that one former British colony was the fourth-largest internet domain for sexual abuse images last year.

The revelation is embarrassing for the UK, which has been spending £50m to advise other countries on tackling child abuse. The money has been targeted at 17 high-risk nations, from Brazil to the ­Philippines, under a programme created by then prime minister David Cameron.

In 2016 the IWF found 13 websites with 1,488 web pages within the .io domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory, best known for the US military base on Diego Garcia. So far this year it has identified a further 238 web pages with such images.

The IWF has also found its first case of sexual abuse images in the .sh domain for St Helena, the island in the south Atlantic where Napoleon was exiled.

Both .io and .sh are examples of “top-level” domains — the short code at the end of a web address — which also include .com and .uk. The code helps computers find the right website and is an important part of how the web is administered.

Paul Kane, president of CDNS, says he makes no profit from the .io domain

The rights to web addresses, or domains, for both British territories are sold by the Internet Computer Bureau (ICB), a firm owned by Paul Kane, 55, and Fiona Kane, 52, who live in a £1.87m home in Wiltshire. They say they make no profit from the .io domain and anyone registering a website has agreed not to use it for any illegal purpose. There is no suggestion the Kanes or ICB have done anything wrong.

The couple also sell domains for Ascension Island in the south Atlantic, which served as a forward base for British forces in the Falklands War. The IWF has not found any images of sexual abuse on the island’s .ac domain.

John Carr, a government adviser on internet safety and an executive member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, urged ministers to intervene to place Britain’s overseas territories under the same rules as the .uk regime.

“If the .io [domain] was run along the same lines as .uk,” he said, “this simply could not have happened.”


  • 1,488 – the number of web pages with child abuse images in one British outpost
  • 37% – the share of the world’s abuse web pages hosted in Holland
  • £50m – the amount the UK spends advising other nations on the child abuse fight

Anyone wanting to place a website on Nominet, the registry for the .uk domain, has to prove their identity and face checks for child abuse images.

“Registries are like cyber-taps, and here we see what happens when you leave the taps open,” Carr added. “Police forces around the world are being flooded. They cannot cope.”

In 2015 the IWF found only 18 web pages featuring child abuse on the .io domain on three websites, but last year it accounted for almost 3% of all child abuse web pages detected by IWF.

The .com domain accounted for 50% worldwide, .net 20% and .se, the domain for Sweden, for 6%. Almost all of the criminal imagery accessed through .io was held in data centres in Holland. The IWF alerts its Dutch counterpart EOKM when it finds criminal material.

Arda Gerkens, director of the Dutch watchdog, said most images on other do­mains were removed within 48 hours but the Dutch firm responsible for most of the illegal material on the .io domain had refused to act and police were involved.

ICB said it had no obligation to monitor content but took action to suspend offending websites if provided with names. It said it had not been contacted by the IWF.

The Foreign Office said: “We are urgently looking into this and will take action as needed with the relevant authorities.”

Police control room in #Inverness could close as part of “NEXT PHASE” of changes #ScotCops


The police control room in Inverness could be next to close as part of changes to call handling across Scotland.

Assistant Chief Constable John Hawkins confirmed that plans are in motion – but said any changes are yet to be signed off by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA).

A retired senior police officer yesterday suggested a combined emergency services call centre for the Highlands instead.

Aberdeen’s police call centre closed last month – with the service being moved to Dundee and the central belt.

Mr Hawkins said: “The next phase of the call handling programme plans to see calls from the Inverness area control room transition into the Police Scotland service centre. Detailed governance and scrutiny takes place in advance of any key structural change and proposals must be signed off by the independent SPA before any transition will be implemented.”

He added there would be “no change” to the service provided by officers – while inisting that call handling would be “improved”.

Matthew Reiss, a former police area commander for the Far North, has long held concerns about changes to call handling.

Mr Reiss said: “These are experienced professional people doing a very pressured stressful role and they know that in a 999 call every second potentially counts. It’s unfair to add extra pressure on them.”

He said it was his opinion that a combined control room housing all of the 999 services somewhere in the Highlands would be the answer.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said it was a matter for the SPA – but said ministers expected changes to be “underpinned by extensive assurance activity”.

A spokeswoman for the SPA said: “No decision will be taken to transfer calls from Inverness until the SPA board is satisfied that the evidence and assurance provided by the senior responsible officer, local commander, HMICS, an independent gateway review and our own C3 governance and assurance group, means the service is supported and ready for the transfer of calls to take place.”

She added: “While we are confident that a strong call handling service is being provided to the public, we are not complacent and work continues to further strengthen the programme. We will, in a careful and considered way move towards realising the full benefits of a single integrated operating model with work around the next important milestone in the summer.”

Mr Reiss, Ind, is standing in the Thurso and Northwest Caithness ward at the elections alongside Gillian Coghill, Ind; Tommy Farmer, Ind; Alexander Glasgow, LD; Donnie Mackay, Ind; Struan Mackie, Con; Sandra Owsnett, Green; Matthew Reiss, Ind; Karl Rosie, SNP; Roger Saxon, Lab.

APRIL 13th 2017


2014 NORTH EAST Police Station Public Counter Opening Hours PDF

PDF Police Scotland Public Counter Service Provision – Highland Council

2014 Police Scotland: Public Counter Opening Hours – YouTube

7 Feb 2014 Changes to Police Station opening hours – Police Scotland


Police Scotland confirms closure of dozens of public counters




PHIL GORMLEY. Scotland’s Latest TOTALLY CORRUPT Police Chief 5 Jan 2016

On Twitter  #PoliceScotland   #GormlessGormley   #ScotCops



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  19. Police Reveal 26 MAJOR CSA Operations Under Way In Scotland

Call for smacking ban to protect Scotland’s youngsters

SCOTLAND’S Children’s Commissioner has renewed calls for a ban on smacking, by scrapping the “unbelievable” law that allows a defence of justifiable assault for parents who hit their children.

Tam Baillie, whose second and final term of office ends on May 17, said the failure to see the law changed on the physical punishment of children was his greatest regret about his eight years as Scotland‘s Commissioner.

Under section 51 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 the defence of ‘justifiable assault’ is available where it is claimed that an act against a child was a physical punishment carried out while exercising a parental right.

Attempts to change this as part of the 2014 Criminal Justice bill have failed. As a result Scotland along with the rest of the UK is among only five European countries which have yet to commit to giving children equal protection from assault, Mr Baillie said, adding: “We are now absolutely in the minority of countries in Europe on this.”

Lithuania banned the physical punishment of children in February and even Zimbabwe banned the smacking of children in the home last month, he added.

Mr Baillie said: “Zimbabwe is an oppressive regime, seen by much of the Western world as a pariah state – but even children in Zimbabwe get better protection than they would in Scotland. The Scottish Government have an ambition for Scotland to be the best country in the world to bring up children. How can we claim that as long as we maintain this tradition of physical punishment?”

The argument against a smacking ban has been founded on parents’ rights to decide how to discipline their children, claims that it does no harm and that a ban risks criminalising parents, but none of this is backed by evidence, Mr Baillie argues.

“Ireland changed the law and it has not resulted in parents being criminalised or being unable to control their children. There has been some evidence of a rise in people seeking help when they are in difficulties. There are other ways of being able to parent your child.”

International evidence overwhelmingly supports a ban, he said. “The evidence couldn’t be clearer. If you introduce equal protection[against assault] there is a corresponding reduction in the physical abuse of children.”

If the law didn’t exist, nobody would seriously contemplate introducing a law allowing the assault of children, he added. “People say a smack can protect a child from danger, but if you had an older person with dementia who was putting themselves in danger, because they don’t know better, would the first thing you think of be to hit them, to get that across? Of course not. That just wouldn’t be acceptable.”

Mr Baillie said he accepted he might be characterised as an extremist for his stance but said change would come when this was no longer the case, viewing a change in the law as similar to the smoking ban – where a cultural change quickly became irreversible.

“I think we will end up with parents saying ‘why on earth did we tolerate this for so long. Many politicians privately agree with me but publicly they are reluctant to declare a position for fear of being accused of interfering in family life.”

Mr Baillie is supported in his position by children’s charities and many legal experts. Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the Institute of Health Equity and the current President of the World Medical Association for 2015-16, contributed to a joint report Mr Baillie’s office published with Barnardo’s Scotland, Children 1st and the NSPCC in 2015 calling for change.

Sir Michael said: “The international evidence could not be clearer – physical punishment has the potential to damage children and carries the risk of escalation into physical abuse. Scotland is out of step with Europe and increasingly, the world. There is an urgent need for Scotland and the rest of the UK to comply with international human rights law and to prohibit all forms of physical punishment.”

Jackie Brock, Chief Executive of Children in Scotland, said: “We share Tam’s frustrations about lack of progress on this long-standing issue. Children are still the only group not to be protected by law from being hit. Evidence is even stronger now of a link between poor emotional wellbeing over the long term and being hit as a child. Every parent should have the right to discipline their child, but there are certain circumstances and acts that can never be tolerated, and physical violence against a child is one of these. We will continue to press for a change in the law.”

The Scottish Government’s position is one of opposition to the physical punishment of children, but ministers have argued that changing the law risks seeing parents unnecessarily or unreasonably criminalised, and the best way of preventing smacking is by funding “positive parenting support”.


(I am only talking about smacking used VERY OCCASIONALLY as a method of punishment/teaching a lesson. I AM NOT talking about violent, aggressive, regular beatings of any kind.)

I have MANY MANY children!! (okay so not THAT many! I have 5!)

I don’t agree with smacking children.  I don’t smack my kids.

Although I have done twice in the past, once with my eldest.

She was about 5/6 yr old & i was babysitting my friends child, who was only a wee tot, about 18 months old & had not long started walking. I was on the phone to my daughters dad at the time & i was telling him how she had been cheeky to me!! During the call i walked halfway up the stairs to grab the washing off the radiator, she was one step behind me & the toddler was standing on the bottom step. Well, she was angry with me for grassing her up & i watched her outta pure temper storm down the 6 steps & push the baby off the bottom step!! It was right at the front door & we had a glass panel at the side of the door, She pushed him full force, he flew.. she could have killed him. & so i put her over my knee & i smacked her. 3 smacks using what i’d consider a reasonable force, hard enough she felt it & it was sore, but not so hard i actually hurt her.

I HATED MYSELF for smacking her. I think smacking her did me more damage & taught me more of a lesson than it did her. But none the less,  it did teach her a lesson. She never did anything remotely similar again. She knew she had gone too far. But she only knew that because I smacked her which i had never done before. So it gave her a big fright.

That day I promise myself i would NEVER lift my hand to her again & i never did, not to any of my kids. 

That was up until my youngest!!! I smacked him only a few years ago!!

He was about 4/5 years old & we were standing on the pavement waiting for the road to clear so we could cross.

He just ran out on to the road..

My heart both jumped into my throat & plummeted to feet at the same time. He was VERY nearly run over. He would have been had it not been for the quick reaction of the driver who slammed on the brakes & my own reaction of running after him & grabbing him by the scruff o the neck. 

I was just so scared.. He coulda been killed & i wanted him to remember the incident as a bad thing, so he didn’t do it again. So, when i got him back onto the pavement i smacked him on the hand & again, i hit him hard enough that he felt it. It worked! He never did it again!

Both times i really hated myself for smacking them, & although i wish i had found an alternative way,  if i am honest, i can’t say i think i was all that wrong & i can’t say for definite i won’t do it again. It would depend on circumstances, but it would have to be pretty bad before i smacked any of them & they are all a lot older now so its very unlikely i will ever be in a situation that i would consider smacking them.

As a general rule, I don’t think people should smack children, BUT there are circumstances that i consider understandable. That is down to individual parents.

I certainly do not think “laws” should be passed that tell us how to parent our children.


NOT ScotGov’s NOT ScotCops NOT the Children’s Commissioner’s.   OURS

It’s just more interference into family life. If they want to REALLY HELP Scotland’s children, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE RAMPANT PAEDOPHILIA

You only have to look at the treatment of Hollie Greig here or here which you can see they are still desperately covering up, here here & here. Or the treatment of CSA survivors here here & here to see how much those in a position of power value OUR kids, & that’s before i even mention the likes o Nicky Fairbairn & other VIPaedo here here & here whose REPULSIVE, EVIL CRIMES are STILL being covered up.


Just look at how they have have ALL IGNORED their plight, look at how those poor kids have been treated & the powers that be are STILL not doing the right thing by them. 









Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach & chairman Gerard King suspended from job as PRIMARY TEACHER amid Child Sex Abuse charge

14 APR 2017

Former Celtic Boys Club coach and chairman Gerard King was suspended from his job at St Martha’s Primary School after his arrest but strongly denies the allegations.

Gerald King, 65, who coached kids for more than 20 years, has been suspended from his job at St Martha’s Primary School in Glasgow.

The claims have emerged as police investigate a range of historic allegations of football-related child abuse across Scotland.

King, known as Gerry, was suspended after his arrest in February.

Yesterday, he strongly denied the allegations and said he was challenging them. He said: “It has completely destroyed me. You work 42 years and then this happens.”

King also confirmed that he is a former chairman of Celtic Boys Club, which has been rocked by historic sex abuse scandals.

King was a coach at Celtic Boys Club

But he insisted the police investigation was not related to his years there and said he not been chairman of the club for around eight years.

He insisted: “It’s got nothing to do with the boys’ club at all. It’s the school.”

King has taught a number of subjects at St Martha’s in Balornock, Glasgow. But he said the allegations against him, which date back three decades, were linked specifically to sport.

He said: “They’re 30 years ago. You’ve got things in place so it couldn’t happen and they’ve said it did. I have been advised by the lawyer not to say anything.”

He said of the police investigation: “It’s hellish, it’s terrible. They said it can take anything up to nine months away into next year.”

King was at Celtic Boys Club with Jim Torbett, who got two years’ jail in 1998 for abusing three former players, including future Scotland striker Alan Brazil, between 1967 and 1974.

Torbett was said to have been sacked from the club in 1974 when allegations surfaced against him. But this week, fresh claims were made that he abused more youngsters after returning to Celtic Boys Club for a spell in the 1980s and 90s. He denies the new allegations.

King also worked at Torbett’s company, the Trophy Centre, but denies being close to him.

King was at Celtic Boys Club at the same time as Jim Torbett

He said: “Everybody has got different teams. I worked there for about a year but only on a Saturday afternoon.”

About his time as chairman of the boys’ club, he said: “That was about eight years ago. We left that to the younger ones – we did our stint.”

King’s association with Celtic Boys Club dates back to the early 1980s. In 1982-83, he helped run the under-12 team which won an invitational event in Rotterdam, Holland.

In the summer of 1983, King joined senior players from the boys’ club on a trip to Kearney, New Jersey, USA. He wrote a Celtic View article on the visit, headlined Trip of a Lifetime.

King took charge of the under-14s the following season but returned to the under-12s in 1984-85 and helped them win the Scottish Juvenile Cup.

He coached teams at St Martha’s for decades and a number of his players went on to professional careers.

King has been suspended from his teaching job 

A source said: “A lot of people will be really shocked by this – he was very well known. A number of high-profile players that he coached over the years have been interviewed by police.”

Police confirmed: “On February 15, 2017, a 65-year-old man was charged in connection with non-recent sexual offences. A report has been sent to the Procurator fiscal.”

Glasgow City Council said: “A member of staff was placed on precautionary suspension in February pending a police investigation.”

A spokesman for Celtic Football Club said they had no comment to make about King and referred our reporter to an earlier statement they gave about historic abuse.

It said Celtic Boys’ Club was a “separate and distinct” organisation from Celtic FC, but asked anyone with concerns to contact them.

The statement added: “A large number of football clubs across Britain have been impacted by these historical issues. Celtic Football Club considers it of the utmost importance that football, other sports organisations and all areas of society ensure that the issue of safeguarding is given the attention it deserves.”

Celtic Boys’ Club were unavailable for comment last night.

St Marthas R C Primary School

85 Menzies Rd, Glasgow G21 3NG

Investigation after claims autistic boy was dragged kicking and screaming into room and locked inside at Aberdeenshire school

CLAIMS: Sharon Gardner has been home schooling Fraser since October last year following concerns over the way he was treated at Strathburn School
April 12, 2017, 12:11 pm
Investigation after claims autistic boy was dragged kicking and screaming into room and locked inside at north-east school
A Scottish council is being investigated after claims staff carried an autistic boy kicking and screaming into a room before locking him inside.
Sharon Gardner has been home schooling Fraser since October last year following concerns over the way he was treated at Strathburn School in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.
In February the eight-year-old told his mum how he would be locked in a “quiet room” at the school with no toilet – and be left kicking and screaming.
She also found out the school refused to give him a small box of toys she put together to distract him while in the room as staff believed this would be “rewarding bad behaviour”.
And on a number of occasions, Sharon said she collected Fraser from the room only to find he had urinated himself – and on one occasion defecated himself.
The Scottish Services Ombudsman (SPSO) are currently investigating Aberdeenshire Council over claims they did not handle her complaints appropriately.
And earlier this month Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney responded to a letter from Sharon and her MSP apologising for the way Fraser was treated.
Sharon said: “I took him out of school last October because he was extremely anxious there. It wasn’t until February he told me what had been happening and I complained to the council.
“We had been out for a walk when he told me. They had this room at the school, a quiet room.
“There was nothing in it and we’d get calls saying he was upset so I would go in and get him. He was never locked in when I went but he was terrified of this room.
“On many occasions he had urinated and in one instance defecated.
“I made a box full of his things which would calm him down but when I later asked if it had helped him at all I was told the headteacher at the time said he couldn’t have it because it was rewarding bad behaviour.
“He was in distress in there. He told me how he liked being home schooled as he didn’t have to go in that room. I was horrified. When we got back I phoned the police but they said there wasn’t enough evidence and Fraser might find it stressful to be a witness and relive it all.”“He told me two members of staff would pick him up and carry him in, then lock him inside. He said it didn’t happen in P1 but certainly did in P2 and P3.”
Sharon Gardner has been home schooling Fraser since October last year following concerns over the way he was treated at Strathburn School
Sharon Gardner has been home schooling Fraser since October last year following concerns over the way he was treated at Strathburn School
Sharon logged a complaint to Aberdeenshire Council but claims they mishandled her complaint.
In her SPSO complaint, she said: “At times my son has expressed suicidal thoughts due to what has happened to him at school, feeling that he is worthless and there is no point in living. I am horrified that people that I trusted with my son’s wellbeing and that had a duty of care towards thought it was ever appropriate to treat him like this and not to tell me.
“I am disgusted that the council has not acknowledged that what happened was wrong, apologised to my son, and guaranteed that no other child will be treated in the same way.
“What outcome do you want us to achieve for you? I want the council to apologise to me and to my son. I want them to tell parents what they are doing to their children.
“I want them to ensure staff are properly trained. I want them to stop locking children into isolation rooms as per the UNCRC recommendations.
“I want them to deal with complaints by actually answering the complaint rather than ignoring the questions.”
Strathburn Primary School, Inverurie
Strathburn Primary School, Inverurie
As well as being diagnosed with autism, Fraser has sensory issues and has been deemed too high functioning to attend an additional support needs school.
During his earlier years at the school he was excluded several times which Sharon said staff claimed was due to “challenging behaviour”.
In a letter from John Swinney to Gillian Martin MSP for Aberdeenshire East, he wrote: “I am sorry to hear that your constituent’s son, Fraser had these experiences in school and that he has been distressed as a result. The Scottish Government will shortly publish refreshed guidance on the management of exclusion from school ‘Included, Engaged and Involved: Part 2. A Positive Approach to Preventing and Managing School Exclusions’. As part of that guidance the issue of restraint and seclusion is addressed and placed firmly within the context of the management of relationships and behaviour and de-escalation.”
An Aberdeenshire Council spokesman said they would not be commenting while an investigation is underway. However, they contacted Sharon earlier this month to inform her that they would be arranging for an individual from outside of Aberdeenshire Council to review her concerns independently.
Aberdeenshire East MSP Gillian Martin said: “Constituents have been in touch regarding their concerns over a matter last year which I have taken forward. We must allow for any investigation to take its course before presenting any findings. It would be inappropriate to comment on the matter further until such time.”



(don’t get yer hopes up)


I am in the middle of researching something completely different & i stumbled across a lot of blazing buildings! D’ya know, the royals have nae luck when it comes to fire. 

This isn’t all of the fires connected to the royal inbreeds…. but its a start!! 

1. 1980 Alexandra Palace 

2. 1986 Hampton Court Palace which OF COURSE rose like A phoenix from the flames. Which is funny cause Royal Ballater had 2 fires & they a phoenix too!! As you can see…

3 & 4.  (Balmoral)  Talking royal phoenix.. House of Windsor – A Phoenix from the Ashes of World War One.  Ya couldn’t make it up! But royal phoenix is a whole blog in itself so will save it for another day!

5. 1992 Windsor Castle   

6. 2002 Buck Palace which was the night before her Golden Jubilee too..

7. 2007 Hollyrood Palace   

8. 2011 Queen Lizzy Rosyth carrier 

9.  2014 HMS Lizzy aircraft carrier made so much better by Lizzy naming new aircraft carrier

10. 1972 RMS Queen Elizabeth  Caught fire under mysterious circumstances, while undergoing refurbishment in Hong Kong harbour, She was capsized by the water used to fight the fire. 

11. Dersingham blaze on edge of Royal estate 2012   

12. God, even poor Lizzy’s beach hut 2003 went up in smoke!!

13. 2016 The poor man who died after setting himself on Fire outside Kensington Palace. Strangely, in 2010, a man Impaled himself on the railings outside Kensington Palace AND I also stumbled across ANOTHER man who set himself on fire outside a Royal Palace 2011 (Amsterdam)

How’s that for coincidence?!

 14. Hillsborough Castle but now i’m going back a wee bit & if i start doing that, i will be here for a week listing them all!! So i shall leave it there!   For now anyway!!

One more thing before i go back to what i was researching originally…  BEACONS

Aye, the Windsor/Saxe-Coburg/Mountbatten/Battenberg family do like a good fire 


🤣🤣 #Racism #Highlands 🤣🤣

SHOCK?? Damn right it was. I really am shocked at the the level the P & J is willing to lower itself to… 

I have FIVE children & i have FOUR nieces & nephews, PLUS my THREE siblings & myself..

EACH & EVERYONE OF US were – & some still are – in Highland schools, & between us, spanning the last 4 decades, we have been to EIGHT different schools in the Highlands. Because of which, over the years I’ve gotten to know HUNDREDS of Highland kids. So i would say i’m in a damn reasonable position to know what i’m talking about & to my knowledge,


N O T  O N C E.

” A pupil on Mull saying in front of a French student ‘French people are immigrants and should be in gas chambers’

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s a BEAUTY! Like any pupil from Mull said that!! 🤣🤣 What an UTTER heap of shite.

But i do like how they got the FAKE racism & the anti Jew Holohoax all neatly wrapped up in one sentence. Very clever, ya lying bastards

Before i say the next bit, I know MANY Polish people, I am even related to some (through marriage) My son’s best friend is Polish, I have never met a Polish person that i didn’t get on with, as a nation, they seem lovely. 


As for you Mr Ambassador…  If you want EVERYONE to speak Polish, 


You can take yer multi cultural claptrap & RAM IT UP YER ARSE


SCOTLAND is choc-a-block full o Scots speaking our own language.

Choice is yours,  SCOTTISH OR GAELIC. Either one is FINE BY ME

“For, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive”

If by chance i’m wrong about any of this (possible but realistically, highly unlikely!) Then perhaps the reason is due to there being FAR TOO MANY immigrants allowed into Scotland. Just like the rest of Europe, wonder why………

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

EVEN MORE BIN LORRY BOLLOX. Glasgow death driver gets community sentence for driving with licence revoked

As always, my opinion in PURPLE, links in BLUE, archived in ORANGE & all else quoted from source

03 Apr 2017

<B><i>Sentenced: Glasgow Sheriff Court</B></i> Sentenced: Glasgow Sheriff Court

The driver of the bin lorry that killed six people has avoided a prison term despite admitting culpable and reckless driving shortly after the tragedy.

Harry Clarke, 60, has been given a three year driving ban, a 12-month supervision order with 150 hours’ unpaid work as well as a four-month restriction of liberty order and will have to wear an electronic tag.

He admitted driving a car despite his licence being revoked for medical reasons. Clarke was not jailed because he is a first-time offender.

The offences took place nine months after six people died and another 15 were injured in December 2014 when Clarke lost control of his refuse lorry in Glasgow city centre.

He was not prosecuted over the crash after Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service said there was insufficient evidence to pursue criminal proceedings.

Jack and Lorraine Sweeney, 68 and 69, and their granddaughter Erin McQuade, 18, Stephenie Tait, 29, Jacqueline Morton, 51, and Gillian Ewing, 52, died.

A fatal accident inquiry heard Clarke had history of health issues but did not tell his employers or the DVLA about his medical background.

Senior Fiscal Deputy Martin Allan told Glasgow Sheriff Court that a neighbour spotted Clarke driving out of the car park of his home on September 22 last year and called the police.

“Both were suspicious about his ability to drive because of the media coverage and they did some research online and found that his licence had been revoked on medical grounds. They called the police at 8.04pm,” the court heard.

“While waiting for the police between 10.15pm and 10.20pm, they saw his car return again to the car park and it parked up in the usual space. He got out and went to the boot to get carrier bags.”

Officers went to Clarke’s home where he was cautioned and charged.

Ross Yuill, defending Clarke, said his client drove around 30 yards on the public road, and added “he wholly accepts that that decision was a gross error of judgment”.



OMG!  WHO IS IT?  Seriously…



22nd of September?! REALLY?  9 double 11 eh?!

The 22nd was it? Hmmm….. Just like the CRASH THAT NEVER HAPPENED on 22nd of December & the BULLSHITE inquiry on 22nd o July?

That’s ONEHELLAVALOT of Masonic 22s

He is meant to have MOWED DOWN & KILLED SIX PEOPLE but he got off wi that. In fact he was never prosecuted so didn’t really get off wi it cause HE WAS NEVER EVEN PROSECUTED!

& now ANOTHER driving incident?! AFTER he SUPPOSEDLY killed six… THIS TIME he got away wi a ban, a tag & 150hrs community?!! 

So i will ask again…


Read about the glasgow bin lorry bollox  It’s a MUST READ. Chris Spivey total annihilates the fairy tale we were supposed to believe!! GOOD STYLE!



FREEDOM UNDER ATTACK: #RobertGreen @HOLLIEGREIGJUST Portland Communications & #NicolaSturgeon


10th April 2017





HOLLIE, ROBERT GREEN, SCOTLAND’S VIPaedo & “elite” Paedo protectors


Portland Communications Ltd is a political consultancy and public relations agency set up in 2001 by Tim Allan, a former adviser to Tony Blair and Director of Communications at BSkyB. In 2012 a majority stake in Portland was purchased by Omnicom. Wikipedia

Founded: 2001





25yr old man subjected to ‘terrifying’ male rape in Dumfries.

10 APR 2017

gHunt for beast after young man subjected to ‘terrifying’ early hours sex attack in Dumfries on Sunday

The 25-year-old victim was walking down a street in Dumfries when the sick sex attacker forced him onto a grassy verge and raped him

10th April 2017,

Detective inspector Scott Young from Dumfries CID said: “A young man has been subjected to a terrifying sexual attack and extensive enquiries are underway to find whoever is responsible for this utterly despicable crime. I would like to speak to anyone who was in the area near to where Brooms Road meets Millburn Avenue between 12 and 2am on Sunday morning. Whether you saw a man matching the description of the suspect, a man following another man, or a man in a state of distress – if you saw anything out of the ordinary at all then please come forward. Anyone with information is asked to contact officers at Dumfries CID via 101. Alternatively you can call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 where details can be given in confidence.”

Man raped in terrifying sex assault in early hours of Sunday morning Daily Record

Police have appealed for information after a man was raped in Dumfries.

The attack happened at around 1am on Sunday when a 25-year-old was approached by another man as he walked on Brooms Road at its junction with Millburn Avenue.

Detectives say the victim was forced to a nearby grassy area where he was subjected to a serious sexual assault.

The attacker then fled along Brooms Road in the direction of Morrisons supermarket.

He is described as being around 6ft 1in, with a stocky build and a possible foreign accent. He was wearing dark clothing and a hooded top.

Detective Inspector Scott Young said: “A young man has been subjected to a terrifying sexual attack and extensive inquiries are under way to find whoever is responsible for this utterly despicable crime. I would like to speak to anyone who was in the area near to where Brooms Road meets Millburn Avenue between midnight and 2am on Sunday morning. Whether you saw a man matching the description of the suspect, a man following another man, or a man in a state of distress – if you saw anything out of the ordinary at all then please come forward.”


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