The Haven Survivor Speaks Out  {part 3}

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Harbin Hot Springs -> Ecstatic Living -> The Haven -> International Holistic Centers Gathering -> Findhorn Foundation -> GEN/GAIA -> Ark.

****The Haven****

Another location where Ecstatic Living teaches is called The Haven. According to their website, “The Haven is a centre for transformative learning, located on beautiful Gabriola Island… Founded in 1983, by psychiatrist Bennet Wong, and Jock McKeen, a western physician trained in Chinese medicine, The Haven continues to educate participants from all over the world through transformative programs based upon the central ideas, themes and models originally developed by Ben and Jock, embodied and taught by our renowned faculty…

In 2004, ownership of The Haven was transferred to a charitable organization, Haven Foundation. The Foundation’s principle focus is the raising and allocation of funds in order to enhance the quality of our programs and facilities and to provide financial assistance to participants who might otherwise be unable to attend. Our educational programs and daily operation of The Haven is the responsibility of our management team, led by Rachel Davey, Executive Director” (Haven.1,2). Haven’s programs “address life issues including axiety, anger, depression, sexuality, and addictions” (Haven.3).

Their website offers programs that promise to help individuals fulfill themselves. Of their many programs, one “extremely popular program” offers, for $875.00, to help children “learn about themselves and each other while working together on a creative musical production” or, more precisely, “Denise Goldbeck, with a team of youth interns, leads a multi-age group of children through a creative process that culminates in a special show. Participants of the program leave with: a better sense of self by seeing where they fit into the developmental spectrum; a mind well exercised after having explored their creativity and learning to cooperate; and strong connections to other participants and leaders of the program” (Haven.4). Kids in the Spotlight (formerly called Dances and Games) began due to “a love of children”; Children stay at The Haven with a parent or guardian who has scheduled time outside of programs to be with their children.

Personal anecdote after watching

In a video posted to Youtube which, at the time of this writing currently has 108 views as well as the comments disabled, titled “KITS 25th Anniversary”, we see a montage of program pictures throughout the years interspersed with interviews of former KITS attendees. You don’t really get much more info about the program, aside from the play, as all of the dialogue is poorly edited to catch only pieces of the interviewees’ responses. Two girls, beginning at [1:42] in the video, are seen trying to hold back snickers as they describe their experiences at the camp. One of the girl attended 4 or 5 programs in total, and describes how she got to “make a wagon” as her friend cracks a smile and mutters “with a bridge on top” as both girls laugh and the first calls it “the highlight of her young life” while smiling. The second girl is talking again at [3:17] describing the lessons she learned from the program. She says looking back she learned a lot but doesn’t remember there being specific lessons. She says, “When I was a participant it wasn’t like ‘Oh I’m learning my boundaries right now'” as both girls break out in laughter. She continues “it wasn’t like that… like I don’t remember ‘learning’ anything but, um, boundaries definitely stuck most” as both girls giggle again. Immediately following is a group of children, seemingly not ammused, dancing in unison. The video continues with more experiences and testimony followed by, at [5:37], another woman who says “One of the really neat things about it was a, uh, activity that I did with, uh, my brothers” and the video quickly cuts to the same woman speaking later saying “and it’s just fun to have those memories and to see them, with their little rolls” with another cut to “so that’s really special to have that kind of activity that we did as a family. It’s rare – that’s rare” and her smile immediately retreats as she looks up past the camera. Later on, a montage of children smiling and making goofy faces includes an image of a child wearing a hat with a swastika on it (Haven.8 –

So what exactly is Kitezh? “Since 1993 Kitezh has functioned as a non-government, non-profit home and school for orphaned Russian children in a community of foster families who live together on a large piece of land in a rural area 300km south of Moscow in Kaluga region near Baryatino… There are 20 permanent resident adults, who care for 30 children as foster parents and teachers. Their goal is to provide for 50 families with 200 children with the long-term intention to create 50 Kitezh villages elsewhere in Russia” (Haven.12). Liza Hollingshead, founder of Ecologia Youth Trust, first met Morosov in 1992, just a year after he founded Kitezh. In 2012 on, Hollingshead writes “Over the past 20 years, through the vehicle of Ecologia Youth Trust, I became more and more involved in supporting this extraordinary experiment. In 1996 we took a group of our Youth Project teenagers to Kitezh where they camped in a field and learned to eat buckwheat and dill! The following year Dmitry brought a small group of children, all orphans, to Findhorn and they visited other parts of Scotland as well” (CG.3). 

The Haven [Haven] {

Located in Gabriola Island

1. Website –

2. History –

3. Canada Helps page:

4. Kids in the Spotlight :


Local Copy Downloaded.

6. Programs:

7. 10th Anniversary Booklet:

8. Nazi Kid:

9. Sryian Refugees:

10. Kitezh orphanage/children’s community –

11. Kitezh –

12. Kitezh –

Since 1993 Kitezh has functioned as a non-government, non-profit home and school for orphaned Russian children in a community of foster families who live together on a large piece of land in a rural area 300km south of Moscow in Kaluga region near Baryatino.

KITEZH is a revolutionary eco-village community, providing a unique form of family-based care for homeless and orphaned children in Russia. Here they find a positive experience of family life which enables them to recover from the trauma of earlier years to become open, loving, valuable and contributing members of society. With the right kind of support, Kitezh is becoming a real and inspiring alternative model to the present state-run child-care institutions.

13. Gaia listed as a source in article above:

Wayback Machine history:

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15. GEN –

16. Gaia Education:

17. Gaia Trust –

Kitezh Children’s Community –

Ross Jackson: – Imagining an “Ideal world”

Ross Jackson connected to Maria Gomori:

Maria Gomori worked at Haven:

9217 – “Existentialist” is what these people call themselves according to Kay Griggs  (interview on youtube) – so where we might use the term Illuminati or w/e they would use the term Existentialist.

Maria follows on from this Satir woman – how?

Satir worked at haven and described herself as a magician –

Maria’s website – lists as a resource

Maria’s life is a testimony to the principles addressed by *existential philosophies**: freedom, authenticity, responsibility, and moral agency. With balance and courage, she also accepts the inevitable challenges of angst, loneliness, and paralysing uncertainties. Her mind is alive with ideas, concepts, and novel perspectives on human beings.

Kitezh Community {

Findhorn involvement in Kitezh Community –

Orovoz connected to Findhorn?

Orozov says: “However unusual conditions in Russia, and especially in Kitezh, may be, we have been able to develop methods and procedures for working with difficult children that can help not only professionals working in children’s institutions or foster parents, but also parents of ‘normal’, non-dysfunctional families. This book deals with how a child’s consciousness is formed and how we, as parents, can love our children in the right way: by preparing them for life in the real world.”

‘Kitezh, A Community Approach to Raising Children in Russia’ can be purchased through Ecologia (, t. 690995) or at the Phoenix Shop.



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  1. also you should probably change the title, before I read it I assumed it was someone who had actually been there. You are not a Haven survivor, nor do you seem to know anything about the place. I know quite a bit, obviously… Ignorant criticism is sometimes more harmful than helpful–it suggests that no real criticism exists. Why are you outraged? How do you even know about the place?

    1. W O W

      The fact that I do so much better than you REALLY pisses you off eh? Shame that.

      But, to your credit, you are doing a fantastic job of showing the world what an ugly trait jealousy is. Well done!

      You know NOTHING about me. So you can make all the assumptions you like! Carry on wi yer snide wee remarks. Like I give a flyin toot!

      & please I BEG OF YOU.. PLEASE come back & leave some more of your ridiculously uninformed comments! Cause my 3,341 followers are finding them hysterical!

      D’ya know, your head is SO FAR up yer own arse, I bet you do come back & comment! You wont be able to stop yersel!

      YES! NICE ONE! See ya tomorrow!

      1. it all 1 in the same.. They all linked. It’s global. it CIA run UN funded, mind control, eugenic, new world order sustainable bullshite. I hate what they are doing & i have my reasons why i am concentrating on Findhorn.. I may, if I ever get a 2nd spare.. Attempt 2 delve in 2 Haven properly but 2 honest. I don’t know if I can. my kids have practically 4gotten what I look like. Am really trying my hardest. I have put in 16hrs a day EVERY DAY 4 over 3 yrs. I haven’t even slept since night b4 last cause I pulled an all nighter again. I am now TRYING 2 get my kids to school. Then I will be bak at it till they get home at 4.. I don’t know wot else I am meant 2 do? I have given up EVERYTHING in an obviously shifty attempt 2 help… More fool me eh?? Cause all I get is grief.

  2. You might be interested in my blog I was interested to finally see criticism although I fear I don’t see much information here or any sort of intelligent analysis. Funny yours comes up before mine on Google…

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