Dunblane: 20 years later & we are STILL not getting the truth.

The 13th ofย  March 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Dunblane Massacre.

15 primary 1 children & their teacher were murdered

From the second the first bullet left the gun, the cover up was on & is still on 20 years later.

The “establishment” decided that the majority of the information would be hidden from the public for 100 YEARS.

Who are they protecting?

Cause it sure as hell wasn’t the children.




Victoria Elizabeth Clydesdale

Victoria Clydesdale


Emma Elizabeth Crozier

Emma Cozer

Melissa Helen Currie

Melissa Currie


Charlotte Louise Dunn

Charlotte Dunn

Kevin Allan Hassell

Kevin Hassell

Ross William Irvine

Ross Irvine




David Charles Kerr

David Kerr

Mhairi Isabel MacBeath

Mhairi MacBeath






Brett McKinnon

Brett McKinnon



Abigail Joanne McLennan

Abigail McLennan





Gwen Mayor

Gwen Mayor





Emily Morton

Emily Morton



Sophie Jane Lockwood North

sophie North




John Petrie

John Petrie




Joanna Caroline Ross

Joanna Ross





Hannah Louise Scott

Hannah Scott




Megan Turner

Megan Turner




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