*PLEASE WATCH* #pizzagate & the #UK connection. #Hampstead

above, two screenshots I got took from the video


PIZZA GATE:  The UK connection  via   TheTempleOfSolomon







6 thoughts on “*PLEASE WATCH* #pizzagate & the #UK connection. #Hampstead

  1. Pedophilia is the dark secret behind centralized power. Cast your eyes in a wider net than Pizzagate. Clinton and Podesta are an anthill next to the mountain range of the global pedophilia network that corrupts our government, its agencies, intelligence services and military. Connect the dots: Sandusky, Catholic priest child abuse, the Franklin scandal, Jimmy Saville, Ted Heath, the murder of Senator Nancy Schaefer following her investigation CPS child abuse. See the pattern beyond Pizzagate.

    1. Oh yes.. i know. I have been aware of it for years & i am trying. I jumped on the pizzagate thing just 2 use it as a platform 2 shout from.

      I know what they are doin. I’ve over 840 blogs on it. All different aspects. I hate this world & i wi ALWAYS fight them.. Not easy by mysel.
      But no way i’ll give up.
      My soul will always remain unsold! & i will fight for our children.
      & i will NEVER accept vile paedo murdering child pimpin scum as the norm

      NOT EVER

    2. Some fools get confused because some sandals vary from others in some features. But one consistent pattern is intelligence agencies and that Elites and upper class are always the ones involved. And kids, of course. The abuse is world wide and involves law enforcement as part of the cover up., CPS involved as well. most do not want to admit it goes all the way around the world and is covered and protected by the very agencies like police that we depend on for protection. Schaefer is dead because she wanted to eliminate CPS. Intelligence agencies took her out. PizzaGate has all important people involved. Entertainment on both sides of the Atlantic harbors pedos. Look to the top, always!

  2. I don’t doubt for 1 minute that #pizzagate isn’t real news. But now that it is out I’ve noticed names of people being jailed for just speaking about it. Nothing is ever by accident with that lot, so do you reckon that they are gonna allow us to tweet, speak out about it, to trap us so that they can then lock us the fuck up by calling us all crazies for outing these peadophilic monsters? All im hearing/seeing now is folk saying ‘ its dangerous’ and not wanting to go near the subject.
    Well I think we need to stop and think about those who are already in danger I.e the children. At least if they do jail everyone then the information can reach further, as the jails are full and not every criminal is in for evil stuff, some are in due to survival or simply stealing to feed their kids. No matter what happens or where they plan to cart us off to we have to keep it current otherwise its gonna be swept under the carpet cos that is what they want to happen.

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