Child sex dolls are linked to child abuse as they ‘become proxy for paedophiles’ says expert

Child sex dolls are linked to child abuse as they ‘become proxy for paedophiles’ says expert  21 Jun 2016   Kirstie McCrum

Academic Dr Kathleen Richardson has rubbished claims the dolls help deter offenders from targeting real children

Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles
Child sex dolls are not a part of any therapeutic process, says Richardson


Child sex dolls are part of a system which is exploiting vulnerable children and have no therapeutic merit, says a leading campaigner.

Kathleen Richardson from the Campaign Against Sex Robots was speaking about the incidence of anatomically-correct child sex dolls being sold online to customers across the world.

It was revealed this week that child sex dolls the size of girls aged THREE are available to buy in the UK and they’re completely legal.

But Dr Richardson says that the dolls being used for sex gratification merely show that it’s acceptable to indulge in these actions and the doll is a proxy for a real child .

“I don’t believe for one second that producing child sex dolls will do anything to stop paedophilia, and I know this because there’s already evidence for it.

“There are already so many child abuse images and they don’t stop, because it’s a perpetual desire to have control,” she told Elizabeth McKeown from Women’s Liberation Radio News last week.

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Dr Richardson, a Senior Research Fellow in the Ethics of Robotics, at De Montfort University issued a similar statement in January.

Regarding the campaign against anatomically-correct child sex dolls made by Japanese company Trottla, she “implored the Japanese government to take action and prohibit the sales of these disturbing and abusive artifacts”.

Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles
Trottla creates childlike sex dolls for those with paedophile tendencies


Company founder Shin Takagi had previously said they are a tool for those who, like him, struggle with an ongoing sexual attraction towards children: “We should accept that there is no way to change someone’s fetishes.

“I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically. It’s not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire,” he had added.

But Dr Richardson’s campaign said, on the contrary: “there is no therapeutic programme offered with the sale of the objects, no authorised therapeutic programme.”

Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles
Child sex abuse is not being deterred by these dolls, warns the expertIt added that the company was “making money from the misery of children”


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In light of the dolls being sold on AliExpress which resemble small girls, Dr Richardson says she still believes this to be the case.

“Children are vulnerable and they have less power.

“These people are saying this is a viable alternative to this abhorrent practice, and to think that it could actually have some positive effect… It’s just living in la-la land.

“What the exploitation of children is all about is people with more power using their power to get their needs met. We need to have a political discussion thinking about who has power and who uses it inappropriately.”

These sex dolls will be leading people to believe that others exist purely for their gratification, says Dr Richardson, but “the object is not a sex being”.

Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles
Dolls are being designed for sex which look like young girls


Dr Richardson has been studying robots for 15 years, but over the last year says sex robots have risen to prominence.

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She cites prostitution and pornography as important factors in the promotion of these sex aids, which offer an alternative ‘relationship’ for people who have trouble relating to other living beings.

The doctor also argues paedophilia is helping to drive the sex robot culture.

Disturbing video shows child sex doll products marketed as ‘INNOCENT GIRLS’:

She also states that it’s unclear if the dolls actually help paedophiles to avoid offending because the research has focused only on people who had already offended.

In the campaign’s response to the dolls, it added: “Children can never consent to sex with adults. The child is turned into a thing and the abuser can project their own distorted fantasies onto the real living child.

“The child sex doll is a proxy [where] the paedophile is encouraged to legitimately accept their feelings.” Source The Mirror


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