SIR Terry Wogan KNEW about Savile, but never said a word.. Wanker


Terry Wogan pulls out of Children In Need last minute ANOTHER PAEDO?? reblog from BDT NEWS

At the very last minute the long term presenter of Children In Need Terry Wogan has pulled out, but why? Has he been told to stay away? It’s looks just like that! Looks like Wogan is the next to  be arrested..
Savile on BBC’s Children In Need
Wogan 77, has been familiar face on the charity fundraiser since it made its debut on 1980.
Wogan recently revealed he would love to keep going for another decade.
He said: “I’m used to long days. I do seven hours on my feet of live TV for Children in Need every year, so the day I can’t stand up is when I will stop doing it.
“I’d love to keep going another 10 years, I’ll cling to the wreckage as long as I can. I’m supposed to be retiring, but I’m not.
“I have no plans to retire – they’ll have to carry me off stage.”
The star is also known for the BBC chat show Wogan, the game show Blankety Blank and Come Dancing.
He was the BBC’s commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest from 1971 to 2008 before being replaced by Graham Norton.
He currently presents a two-hour Sunday morning show, Weekend Wogan, on BBC Radio 2.

Either he will be arrested or be another paedo celeb who “died” before arrest.

The mysterious death of Terry Wogan

Rantzen and Wogan

BBC presenter Terry Wogan has apparently died of cancer.

How strange.

Less than three months ago he appeared in tip-top health and vowed to the world he would:

continue working for another 10 years


His death comes hot on the heels of another famous BBC DJ, Ed Stewart.

Ed Stewart

Quite coincidentally , one of the first people to come out and praise Terry Wogan was none other than decrepit hag, Esther Rantzen.

What a charmerEsther Rantzen Jimmy Savile

esther savile

Rantzen is a key player in the BBC paedophile ring and claims to have known nothing about Jimmy Savile raping thousands of children.

What a fucking liar.

Rantzen loves to hold child-abuse parties at her Blood Oaks Farm property in Hampshire and should be arrested as a matter of urgency.

Blood Oaks Farm

She knew damn well about Savile, make no mistake about that.

And so did Terry Wogan.

Savile and friends

read in full here


Sir Terry Wogan speaks of his hatred of Jimmy Savile and says his crimes were open secret at BBC

Terry Wogan

“Savile has poisoned everything”: Terry Wogan

Veteran TV and radio legend Sir Terry Wogan has spoken of his hatred of Jimmy Savile and how his crimes were an open secret at the BBC.

The 75-year-old broadcaster has told of how he despised Savile and how his horrific legacy of child abuse has “poisoned” the BBC.

He said: “He always struck me as creepy. I’ve talked to people and not one of them has said: ‘I really liked him.’”

The Children in Need host recalled a celebrity lunch with journalists revealing that it was common knowledge in the industry what Savile was up to.

“I was sitting at a table having lunch and Savile was sitting one up from me, and also up from me was Jean Rook (the legendary columnist)

“And Jimmy Savile got up to go to the loo, and she looked across at me and said: ‘When are they going to expose him?’

And I said ‘that’s your job.’ And nobody ever did, even though everyone had heard the rumours.

“This whole Savile thing has poisoned everything.”

The Radio Two DJ says he worked with Savile on Children in Need and Jim’ll Fix it adding: “He had no talent, except for bombast and self-promotion.

“You kind of admired him for doing as well as he’d done, without any talent whatsoever.”

But Sir Terry is more defensive of Stuart Hall who was jailed in the summer for a series of indecent assaults on children describing him as “a good-humoured fella, very ebullient.

“Jolly, hearty, a good broadcaster, a funny man. I’m not trying to excuse him.

“But it will be interesting to see what will happen when all these cases come to court, how many are proved.”

And he is critical of the way he believes the police have conducted the inquiries into high-profile suspects saying: “The police have obviously decided they must ring the press, knock on people’s doors and arrest them in full view.”

Sir Terry, who has worked for the BBC for all his illustrious career, believes the Corporation has become “too big’ but says it is still “the greatest broadcaster in the world.”

But he has little sympathy for older women in broadcasting who have recently protested the BBC is no longer interested in employing them.

“I think a number of people who have been protesting originally got the jobs because of their glamour. It is a visual medium.”

And he adds that the current crop of attractive women presenters like Holly Willoughby and Tess Daly will be “replaced to the next generation of attractive female presenters.”


Birdie’s Terry Wogan Pudsey tribute cartoon showing grieving bear ‘captures mood of the country perfectly’


A touching cartoon of Pudsey bear paying tribute to the late Terry Wogan has gone viral.

The sketch, by racing artist Darren ‘Birdie’ Bird, shows the iconic Children in Need bear with a single tear and a black band across one eye.

Darren is using the moving image on his Twitter profile and it has already been liked and shared hundreds of times.

The artist himself posted a message on @DarrenBirdie to his 7,200 followers in tribute when the sad news broke this morning.

He wrote: “Such sad news to hear of the loss of #TerryWogan – A broadcasting legend who helped lighten many peoples lives! #RIP”



Esther Rantzen: My shock over my MP lover’s links to Elm House paedophile ring

  • Esther Rantzen had affair with politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in the 1960s
  • Suggestions he may have visited guest house where children were allegedly assaulted by high-profile visitors
  • Ms Rantzen speaks of her revulsion over his links to child abuse scandal
  • She distances herself from the late Conservative MP who died at 61 in 1995

1408740973012_Image_galleryImage_Sir_NICHOLAS_FAIRBAIRN_QCimages (3)



watch here







2 thoughts on “SIR Terry Wogan KNEW about Savile, but never said a word.. Wanker

  1. I agree with a lot of what you have said, but up until now, i haven’t given my personal opinion, so i was not condemning anyone.
    I also agree it was made near impossible for people to speak out.
    SIR Terry KNOWINGLY CHOSE to remain working for the BBC.
    He took the money & then he had the nerve to front CHILDREN IN NEED!!
    Absolute piss take.


    How much did he gain by keeping his mouth shut about the BRUTAL RAPE of HUNDREDS of small children?

    What is the going rate for keeping quiet about the rape of a child?

    He must have known an awful lot to reach the dizzy heights of knighthood.
    alongside the likes of..
    SIR Kitty Cliff, SIR Jimmy Savile, SIR Leon Britten, SIR Rolf Harris, SIR Peter Hayman, SIR Ted Heath, SIR Peter Morrison, LADY Thatcher..etc etc etc.

    I wouldn’t touch a stinking penny that had been anywhere near Terry’s precious ‘Auntie Beeb’


  2. Please remember that many people knew about Saville and all that is related to that enquiry, but were gagged. It wasn’t always simply a case of looking after No1, worrying about their own careers etc. It was arrest and prosecution under the official secrets act, and even if they had spoken to journalists there were injunctions in place to prevent publication of anything related to the Saville et al. There was even an injunction to prevent the press saying that there was an injunction! I have no idea what Terry Wogan knew, if anything, but don’t condemn him for not not speaking out, for all we know he tried. Some of us have tried so hard for so long and got nothing but trouble and threats for our efforts.

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