Email from Wilfred Wong to Robert Green. #SRA

From: Wilfred Wong 
Sent: 19 January 2018 13:39
To: Robert Green
Subject: Campaign for Investigation into VIP CSA & SRA


Protect the Children!

Call for a Full and Transparent investigation into the numerous allegations of Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse against UK VIPs.  


Letter Writing Actions

For the sake of the children we urgently need to FLOOD the offices of the Prime Minister & the Home Secretary with numerous letters of concern.  

Write to: The Home Secretary, The Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP, at: The Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF and to: The Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP, at: 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.


I very much welcome the report of Operation Conifer and Wiltshire Police’s investigation into allegations of Child Sexual Abuse and of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) made against the former British Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath.

I highly commend the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, Michael Veale, for his outstanding courage in ensuring that an investigation was conducted into the allegations against Edward Heath despite the huge pressure placed on him to drop that investigation, instigated by certain Parliamentarians and certain journalists in the UK media.

Such attacks against Operation Conifer and Chief Constable Veale can be interpreted as an indication of the huge vested interests involved in protecting so-called VIP child abusers from being brought to justice. In practice the UK authorities have been placing the protection of such VIP abusers far above the welfare of vulnerable children in our society.

Whatever happened to the Rule of Law, where all are supposed to be equal before the Law, regardless of their status in society?

Why are VIPs in effect given a license by the UK authorities to abuse children?

And why isn’t much more being done by the UK authorities to tackle the problem of Satanist Ritual Abuse?  

In view of the disturbing revelations made about Sir Edward Heath by the Operation Conifer investigation and taking into account the coverup that enabled Heath to conceal his crimes against children for so many years, I call on you to ensure that there is a very full, thorough, transparent, public and independent Police investigation into the  allegations of Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse that have been made against so-called VIPs in the UK and that those responsible for such crimes are swiftly brought to justice regardless of their high position and status.

I also urge that the UK Government very publicly recognise and support the findings of Operation Conifer and the courageous efforts of Chief Constable Michael Veale and his team, and at the very least confer upon Chief Constable Veale a Knighthood for his devotion to doing his duty without fear or favour.

Publicly recognising Chief Constable Veale’s admirable work will also serve to encourage other Police officers to act without fear or favour to protect our nation’s children.        

I look forward to your reply.   

Yours sincerely,

CC (Name of your Constituency MP)


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