The Nominated Perjuror. #GiveBackTheDochertyKids

The Nominated Perjuror

Polranny, Achill, County Mayo, Ireland

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

25 Chambers Street,



Dear Procurator Fiscal,

Re: SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT: Detective Sergeant Martin MacDougall witness testimony perjury

The following is a complaint about the witness testimony of DS MacDougall given on Monday the 2ndFebruary at Castlebar District Court, County Mayo, Ireland.

This complaint is made as DS Martin MacDougall lied under oath giving a witness testimony in an agenda driven attempt to attack the Docherty family by attacking the credibility and mental health of Mr Brian Docherty and Mrs Janice Docherty. This witness testimony, and the visit by DS MacDougall to Ireland, must have been sanctioned by senior officers at Police Scotland.

Lie Number 1: We had removed our furniture

DS MacDougall lied to the court that there was “no furniture” at our previous address at East Lodge. This was a lie. Within the house of East Lodge on the estate of Viscount Petersham, we had, among other things: sofas, bedding, tables and chairs, chests of drawers and white goods – normal household furniture. In the garage there were plenty of books, children’s toys and private correspondence. There were a number of mountain bikes, a larder fridge and many other possessions too numerous to mention.

I have an email from Viscount Petersham’s PA that can verify much of this. Though, interestingly she only remarked on property in the garage. DS MacDougall said this to substantiate his claim that we had “fled”. The fact that we had paid rent for the month of September in full (£750 rent) to Viscount Petersham – leaving for an Irish holiday on the 5th September and had booked only one week in a holiday home made no difference to ‘Detective’ MacDougall’s agenda driven tripe.

Lie/misleading Number 2: We were reported missing

DS MacDougall informed the court that we were “reported missing” in September 2014. He did not say who reported us missing. I was in email correspondence with police Scotland officers during the month of September. DS MacDougall was trying to do his worst with the wholly inaccurate suggestion that we were fleeing from justice and the authorities and yet at the same time criminally insane and obsessed with paedophilia was the other strand of his sad nonsense.

DS MacDougall went on at great length to discuss the Viscount, the Viscount’s estate and other matters about the Viscount. He said that a neighbour had thought that there was a baby on the premises of East Lodge.

Could this be the same neighbour, Alan Low, (my only nearby neighbour) who offered me £25,000 for access to my son? Could this also be the same neighbour who had an unhealthy interest in the due date of our unborn child? Could this be the same neighbour described by Sgt Buchan as a phantom prowler? Could this be the 7 fingered builder Alan Low, a 47 year old who lived with two teenage boys and vandalised our property with intent to cause harm to our children? The same Alan Low who tampered with the greenhouse and the glass fell on my daughter? The same Alan Low (aptly named) who entered our house illegally and tampered with the bunkbeds removing screws for the top bunk to fall on the lower bunk?

Could this be the same neighbour whose criminal acts have been overlooked by the police force who have not only failed to investigate his crimes, and failed to investigate my report of police corruption, but are so fixated by my family they have held various meetings both in Scotland and in Ireland to discuss my family who have not been accused of any crime but seem to merit avid attention bordering, one could say, on obsession.

DS MacDougall failed to elaborate on the identity of this mystery neighbour. Quel surprise!

Lie number 3 we had “fled” as vehicles are gone

DS MacDougall triumphantly informed the court that both our neighbours (our only neighbours were the Viscount and seven fingered Alan Low – unusual BFF’s given the difference in class and background) and the police knew we had “fled” as our vehicles had gone. Again DS MacDougall was trying to reinforce the Hollywood notion that we were fugitives from justice. I suppose it did not matter that I had received an email in September from a colleague of DS MacDougall’s informing me (as if I did not know) that we had notcommitted a crime.

Or that I was in constant contact with both police and social services by email and significantly the British Government to report the same police and social services officers for corruption in this matter.

Perhaps, also, ‘Detective’ Sergeant MacDougall did not read a statement in which I reported our vehicles had been vandalised after rejecting Alan Low’s offer of cash for my child. Or perhaps, like other matters, this had not been reported as it was not investigated in the slightest. Or perhaps he did not like to mention that the Viscount had told us to move these vehicles from our driveway (he did not like someone having the same number of cars as him) and they were normally kept in storage anyway. The facts seemed to be irrelevant; as were truth, decency, justice and integrity.

Lie number 4 MacDougall gave his ‘expert’ psychiatric evaluation

DS MacDougall then went on to give his ‘expert’ psychiatric opinion. Though he lacked charm and was clearly ethically and intellectually challenged, he made up for this by his expert psychiatric opinion of me: i.e. that I was “delusional” and in need of psychiatric help. This seemed to be based entirely on the fact I had reported a paedophile to the police. Was his opinion that I was delusional based on my believing in the existence of paedophiles or on the fact I expected the police to investigate this matter? He did not elaborate. DS MacDougall’s skills in Psychiatry were all the more remarkable in that he had never even met me. He was too modest to disclose his psychiatric qualifications. He also displayed a sense of ESP in that another ‘psychiatric expert’, Scottish social worker Lesley Taylor testified to the court that I had mental health issues too. As with DS MacDougall, neither I nor any member of my family, had not met this woman before.

It is very interesting that both a detective and a social worker thought I had mental health issues for reporting a paedophile to the police and reporting crime! I am sure DS MacDougall’s professional opinion was not influenced at all by the fact that this middle aged paedophile who lived with two teenage boys was also Best Friends Forever with Viscount Petersham – who has taken a personal interest in this matter – before my reporting it to the police, during my actual report that evening and clearly ever since. One could say he is revealing obsessive tendencies and is in need of psychiatric help.

I have also developed a sense of ESP and although I do not know the Viscount I can sense his presence in many matters of my life currently. I am not sure that the Viscount and I will ever be Best Friends Forever.

Not only is DS MacDougall not qualified to give such an in depth medical assessment (akin to ‘I think he’s pure mental by the way – I just do’), not only had we not met in a professional or, alas, a social capacity, but significantly I did not report Viscount Petersham as a paedophile to the Police. Yet DS MacDougall spoke ad nauseum about Viscount Petersham – not doubt due to the formers ability to brown nose and the latters ego.

Viscount Petersham did threaten me and my wife that should we report this man, Alan Low, to the police that he would get social services onto our family. This of course duly happened – which is why DS MacDougall was testifying against me in court. I reported his friend after greenhouse glass fell on my daughter as Mr Low had booby trapped the greenhouse. We actually alerted the Viscount to Alan Low’s proclivities because his children were home from school for the holidays. We had no idea of his friendship with Alan Low and could not have anticipated his reaction.

Misleading statement

DS MacDougall informed the court that there was no-one reported missing from Fraserburgh during this time and that there was “no evidence” to substantiate Mr Docherty’s claims.

These are bold claims but there is a central problem with these claims: as I never reported anyone missing to the police, why would DS MacDougal bring this up in court and given that there was no investigation conducted and no follow up (Though Sgt Buchan and PC Lamont did go ‘missing’ after I reported this paedophile) then it is perhaps unsurprising that there is “no evidence” according to DS MacDougall. I am not a detective but one can only find evidence if one investigates.

I am reporting these matters to the Crown Office as DS MacDougall’s witness testimony was grossly corrupt and given with the sole intent to undermine me, attack my credibility and destroy my family.

HMIC’s reluctance to investigate my initial police complaint about the two officers who referred my family to social services speaks volumes – and not in a positive way for 21st Century policing. The old interests and groups are clearly at play.

As for DS MacDougall, extremely little of what he said in his witness testimony was true. I must thank him however, for revealing certain information I did not know, such as: how my documents ended up in Police Scotland’s hands, for example, and that the organisation I first contacted about Alan Low, had been used to trace my family later in the year.

His lack of honesty and integrity in lying to a court under oath, however, when children’s welfare and happiness were at stake, was utterly despicable.

In wilfully committing perjury to try to destroy me and my wife for reporting a paedophile against a powerful man’s express wish and threat, DS MacDougall was also targeting innocent children by campaigning for them to be removed from their parents. Disgraceful.

This is shameful and wicked.

Although I lived in East Lodge I am not a member of the lodge. But DS MacDougal clearly is. I am sure DS MacDougall; or should I call him Detective Inspector MacDougall; will be well rewarded for his lies. I wish him the very best in his forthcoming promotion.

The Crown Office can choose to either investigate this or ignore this serious complaint, as HMIC have so far chosen to do with the complaint submitted about Sgt Buchan and PC Lamont which they claimed to not have received. Much like recent reports of lost police stop and search records. I look forward to your lack of response. I have no delusions anymore the nature of Scottish justice.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Brian Docherty.

CC: The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP; The Prime Minister David Cameron MP

BCC: The Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald TD; The Justice Secretary Michael Matheson MSP; UK Ambasssor to Ireland Chilcott; Victims Minister Mike Penning MP.

Professional Standards Department, Police Headquarters Scotland, PO Box 21184, Alloa, FK10 9DE. SOURCE endakennyswatergate


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