Top Gear host #ChrisEvans faces sex assault police probe (He ADMITTED being a flasher in 2005!)

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Top Gear host Chris Evans faces police probe over sexual assault  2nd July 2016, (extracts from source)

TOP Gear presenter Chris Evans is to become the most high-profile BBC star to be quizzed by police over historical sex assault allegations.

Met officers will speak to the multi-millionaire BBC star, 50, in the coming days after a complaint from a former work colleague, website Heat Street report.

The cop quiz comes after a woman  who worked with Evans in the 1990s told The Sun on Sunday earlier this year  how the  star flashed at her  almost every day for two years.

She said he exposed himself to people who did not do what he wanted. She added:

“He might have thought what he was doing was amusing, but like a lot of bullies he cloaked it in a joke. Bullies make out that you’re not being fun if you’re not being part of that joke. I have no idea if he was getting some gratification out of this, but he used to get his penis out every time I saw him. He’d either just get it out, or he’d walk into a room naked. Sometimes it was erect, sometimes it wasn’t. I know other people experience the same thing at work but this was quite extreme because of the relentlessness of it, almost every day for two years.”

She claimed her complaints were ignored and the ordeal left her traumatised and on anti- depressants. She insisted she was speaking out to protect others at risk of being harassed by him.

Evans’s stint has also been dogged by complaints about his alleged bullying by ex-colleagues. They included the husband of Top Gear executive Lisa Clark who quit after five months  amid claims Evans was a control freak.

Dan McGrath, who worked on the star’s BBC radio show, took to Facebook to blast his “sh***y” behaviour
Evans has  admitted in the past that he would expose himself to staff, calling it “the funniest thing in the world”.

BBC stars  found guilty of  sex assault claims in the wake of Jimmy Savile include Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Chris Denning.SOURCE

Evans: “I flashed in office” source

The Mirror. 7th March 2005

CHRIS Evans has been warned he risked indecent exposure charges after confessing he flashed his penis at staff.

The 38-year-old star admitted he dropped his trousers and exposed himself – sometimes while aroused – claiming everyone found it funny.

Media mogul Evans told the Sunday Times magazine:

“If you get your willy out, it is the funniest thing. Everybody laughs. Girls love it.”

But producer Fiona Cotter-Craig said she found being flashed at by the troubled former DJ “very unpleasant”.

She added: “It was at eye-level and inches from my face.”

And lawyers said Evans has left himself open to harassment lawsuits and a possible three month jail term if he was convicted of indecent exposure. SOURCE


CHRIS Evans, TV whizzkid and media mogul had, he explained in an interview at the weekend, a novel way of entertaining his staff. He was the office flasher.

“What’s all that about?” he’d announce during meetings at his company Ginger Group Media, after dropping his trousers to reveal an erection.


“I haven’t done it for a while,” he says. “But I will do it again.”

“If you get your willy out,” he went on, “it’s the funniest thing in the world.”

“Bet you haven’t seen one of those for a while,”

he told producer Fiona Cotter-Craig, who recalls the experience of seeing his bits as

“very unpleasant, it was at eye-level and inches from my face”.

Shame she didn’t bring the matter of his strange little peccadillo to the police – indecent exposure with intent to insult a female could have seen him banged up for three months.  READ IN FULL


Chris Evans ‘to be quizzed by police over sexual assault allegations  03/07/16

Chris Evans’ Top Gear crisis talks 02/07/16

Chris Evans is accused of ‘grabbing colleague’s breasts and flashing her almost every day for two years’  8 May 2016 
  • Former colleague said he ‘bullied her after she rejected his advances’
  • She claimed he would ‘expose himself or walk into a room naked’
  • But Evans says he is victim of ‘witch hunt’ and denied all allegations
  • He added the claims have had a ‘devastating’ effect on his family 

New Top Gear presenter Chris Evans has been accused of grabbing a colleagues breasts and ‘flashing her almost every day for two years’.

The woman said she worked with Evans in the 1990s and she was ‘bullied’ by him after rejecting his advances, with her complaints falling on deaf ears.

But Evans, 52, has hit out at what he has called a ‘witch hunt’ around him that has had a ‘devastating’ effect on his family.

Speaking out anonymously, the woman said she was ‘sent to Coventry’ after spurning the Radio 2 DJ’s advances and that he ‘told colleagues not to talk to her’.

A former colleague of Chris Evans, pictured, has accused the presenter of ‘groping’ and ‘exposing himself’ for almost two years 

Evans, pictured with wife Natasha and sons Eli, left, and Noah, right, said the ‘ridiculous’ accusations had ‘devastated’ his family 

She told website Heat Street: ‘He often said I was crap at my job and would sometimes grab my breasts. I became totally desensitised to his behaviour.’

She added: ‘I have no idea if he was getting some gratification out of this, but he used to get his penis out every time I saw him. He’d either just get it out, or he’d walk into a room naked.

‘It was pretty much every single day. It was relentless.’

The former colleague said she is speaking out now to prevent others being at risk of his ‘bullying behaviour’. 

She said she sought legal advice over her claims several years ago, particularly around the ‘flashing’, which she said was a tactic to ‘punish those who didn’t do what he wanted’.

It comes after several of the presenter’s former colleagues took to social media last week also accusing him of bullying. Read In Full dailymail

Top Gear’s Chris Evans blasted by colleagues for bullying claims and ‘wiggling’ penis on set 1 May 2016

The Top Gear host’s been accused of being a control freak and having an early morning ritual of getting his penis out at work.

Chris Evans has found himself at the centre of new claims that he is a bully in the workplace, who couldn’t help flashing his penis.

The new Top Gear host, who the BBC defended this week from claims that he is more ‘volatile than Jeremy Clarkson’ , has been the centre of discussion on a Facebook page, according to and The Sun.

It’s been reported that the husband of a former Top Gear executive, who walked away from the job after five months, blasted Evans.

Producer Lisa Clark left the show amid claims that the 50-year-old was a “control freak”.

Clark’s husband Dan McGrath, who also reportedly worked with Evans on his BBC radio programme, blasted Evans’ alleged behaviour on Facebook.

“It’s so sad nothing has changed over the past 15 years (Leopards & spots) Does he still believe, even at 50 its worth being properly sh***y to people to get the results he wants? Given our recent experience I guess so,”

McGrath reportedly wrote on an open Facebook group last week.

A former colleague, Steven D Wright, replied: “Dan, once a c*** always a c***!”

Evans’ former colleague Nicola Waddell, who also worked with the entertainer between 1992 and 1993, added:

“You’ll know better than most for sure. A bully is someone who’s usually been bullied but that’s 100 per cent and absolutely no excuse.”

Among the discussion, the group claimed that Evans would often expose his penis and even get fully naked while working on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast in the 1990s. One dubbed it an ‘early morning ritual’,

while Waddell said: “It was as regular as clockwork… with lots of wiggling”.

Evans has previously spoken about getting his penis out in front of his work colleagues, admitting he thought it was.. “the funniest thing in the world”.

While Rowan Somerville said:  “I remember those naked days. An emanation of orange, like autumn come early as if there was a russet coloured burst of light from a not very dangerous firework.”  Read In Full


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