Simon Cowell (Part 4)

#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper – Prince Andrew the sex offender linked to paedophiles Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jimmy Savile, Paul Kidd, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell & Muammar Gaddafi

Music mogul Simon Cowell comforted by high-flying Braziian socialite

A BRAZILIAN socialite is putting the smile back on Simon Cowell’s face following his week from hell.

A BRAZILIAN socialite is putting the smile back on Simon Cowell’s face following his week from hell.

Latin beauty Anna Paula Pzevedo was his mystery, late-night dinner date on Wednesday as he addressed the fallout from Tom Bower’s controversial biography.

In the book, Bower reveals the couple first grew close in Barbados in January at the end of a “high-spirited night” at the island’s yacht club.

And they were seen enjoying an “intimate embrace”.

Bower’s book, which was released yesterday, reveals Cowell, 52, invited a group of Brazilian girls, including Anna, on to his ­Slipstream yacht after dinner.

It says: “By 5am, he was ­intimately embraced with Anna Paula – a well-known ­international socialite.”

The pair were also seen kissing aboard a £30million yacht the next day.

Bower adds: “At teatime, she had flown back to Sao Paulo on a private jet and had texted her intentions.”

“She’s coming to London soon,” the music mogul later announced at dinner. “That should be fun.”

The couple kept in touch and were spotted earlier this week at Mr Chow’s restaurant, in Knightsbridge, along with Cowell’s former girlfriend Jackie St Clair, 48, and her husband.

Earlier he had taken her to a concert by his classical group Il Divo at the Royal Albert Hall.

Friends say they been on at least ”three dates” since January but insist she didn’t stay overnight at his London mansion on Wednesday.

A friend said: “Simon is a single guy and Anna is just a friend.”

The 41-year-old was once married to sports tycoon Johan Eliasch – the former Tory Party treasurer who quit to become an environmental adviser to Gordon Brown and was also friends with Prince Andrew.

Cowell’s ex-girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy was not with him during his winter break in Barbados.

It later emerged the pair had split up although his team were determined to keep the news under wraps.

Cowell had started dating ­Hollywood make-up artist Mezhgan in 2009 after splitting from Terri Seymour, with whom he lived in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, Cowell took his mind off his troubles by buying himself a £50,000 three-wheeled Carver 1 car.

He posted a picture of it on Twitter, saying: “I decided to buy myself a sensible car for once”.

Bower’s book, Sweet Revenge, has sparked a backlash.

Cowell upset friends and former colleagues by admitting sleeping with Dannii Minogue, right, branding Cheryl Cole a “toy” and describing Gary Barlow as “too scripted”.

But ITV tried to pacify Cowell after ­suggestions he may take X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent away from the channel.

A spokesman said: “We’re continuing to work closely with Simon and the production teams to ensure the shows are the very best they can be.”


English, Lambeth-born, Simon Phillip Cowell aka Simon Cowell, his father Eric Selig Phillip Cowell Senior of Jewish decent and his mother, Julie Brett (née Josie Dalglish), a former ballet dancer and socialite, of Christian decent, Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi, Christianity is a Jewish offshoot. Cowell is a Christian, he has had close links to convicted paedophile British publicist Max Clifford, they were friends as well as work colleagues, Clifford was Cowell’s spokesman.

Cowell put up £50,000 of convicted paedophile Jonathan King’s £150,000 bail money after he was first arrested. Shakespeare (2004) reports “According to King, when Cowell found out he had been arrested, he was the first person to offer to help. King says that he later called Cowell to see if he’d put up part of the bail money and the X Factor star replied that he “didn’t need to ask”“. “The money kept King out of prison during the lead-up to his Old Bailey trial in 2001, when he was jailed for seven years for offences against boys aged 14 and 15 in the 1980s“. Jonathan King said in a 1968 Music Maker magazine article that the “the seamy side” of the pop world “is considered natural behaviour by a large portion of British youth. Pop performers“, he continued, “take sex wherever they find it, and there are very many outsiders willing to provide those facilities” (Chalmers, 2012).

Cowell had connections to paedophile Michael Jackson, he made it a priority to persuade Jackson to appear on an X-Factor live show during a 2009 series, he then celebrated the deceased paedophile on the X-Factor in 2011 (Telegraph, 2009). As well as a mountain of other rapes on little boys, Jackson molested a 10-year-old boy 100 times over four years during the 1980s until he hit puberty (Walker, 2014).

He is connected with Freemasons which is a Jewish organization, photographed multiple times on a Jet Ski displaying masonic symbolism. The masons are deeply involved in child abuse and ritual child murder according to victim testimony. Cowell has met the Royal family, there is pictures of him with the Queen, members of the Royal family also having links to child murderers and paedophiles.

Cowell was mentioned by an alleged former MI6 victim of child abuse who was allegedly made to participate in “electroshock, paedophilia, drugging, group rape“. The alleged victim also said “The person who did it to me was Thomas Hurd (MI6) and this was at Douglas Hurd’s cottage . Also met John Scarlett and Eliza Manningham-Buller, and Stella Rimington. Blair, Mandelson, Kinnock, Saatchi, Cameron, Osborne and others (Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan) all attended. It makes perfect sense if you are worshipping Satan” (Makow, 2012).

Cowell has connections to Saviles protege & Lord Mountbattens nephew Prince Charles, another Royal with obvious paedophile tendencies as well as his brother Prince Andrew who is friends with Jewish paedophiles Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell as well as the Royal paedophile butler Paul Kidd, Jimmy Savile, Tom Cruise and Muammar Gaddafi to give examples.

According to a friend of Cowells in 2012 “Simon is a single guy and Anna is just a friend“, Anna being Brazilian socialite Anna Paula Pzevedo a environmental adviser to paedophile Gordon Brown and was also friends with paedophile Prince Andrew (Bryant, 2012; Daily Mail, 2008).

It is common gossip in Britain that Simon Cowell is a paedophile, just like it was Savile in the news rooms in the 1980s. Bill Maloney and others in the radio and documentary business openly call Simon Cowell out as a paedophile.

Although not currently known how close Cowell & Jennings were, talent scout Sean Jennings aka Sean Jeffrey who worked with X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent acts has been exposed as a convicted paedophile. Jennings was jailed in 2003 after police discovered 10,000+ indecent images of young boys at his Bristol home. Jennings has submitted acts to two of Simon Cowell’s talent programmes (Bloom & Smith, 2014).

In the image below you will see Cowell using Masonic symbolism representing the left eye of Set or Saturn. The female in the center of the image is using a Masonic hand gesture with her right hand above the letter W, when the image is turned upside down it represents an M for Masons while the stars turn into pentagrams. With her right hand she is pointing towards Cowell doing Masonic symbolism representing the left eye of Set or Saturn. The black gentleman has his hand over his left breast, another Freemasonic gesture. You also have the phrase “Idol Worship”, it is whats known as subliminal programming, the targeting of your subconscious mind, techniques used include but are not restricted to Hypnosis (Studies have shown roughly 30% of people tested have resistance to being hypnotized, although with effort hypnosis is usually achieved eventually), Psychological Warfare, Propaganda and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP);

SimonCowelReported Jewish paedophile Simon Cowell religious symbolism and/or Subliminal Stimuli left eye, the left eye of Set or Saturn


Katie Holmes, Reported bisexual paedophile and former rent boy Scientologist Tom Cruise with paedophile Prince Andrew

(English & Groves, 2011)

Now read about Jimmy Savile and others who Prince Andrew had links to;


Learn more about Freemason paedophile rings

Learn more about the paedophile ring thats been operating inside the British and American intelligence agencies

SOURCE Judaic Paedophilia


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    Pop mogul and record producer Jonathan King was today charged with 18 historical sex offences against nine alleged victims. King was famed for songs including Everyone’s Gone to the Moon and Hooked on a Feeling and discovered the band Genesis as a music producer. He appeared many times on television on both sides of the Atlantic including on shows like Top of the Pops and Entertainment USA.


  2. No problem, always happy to drop info etc. I’m just glad to find another who appreciates what’s going on! It drives me mad, but people just don’t want to know! They just want to stay in denial and keep watching these filthy people and their shows – it’s almost like a type of “Stockholm Syndrome” type of deal with the worshipping masses! Anyway, I’ve quit blogging for the time being – I’m just too “jaded” by it all for the moment. I’m a bit of a spent force, conspiracy fatigue – that sort of thing. I’ve been pulling apart “masonic media” since 2001 – ever since 9/11. I never bought into it from the day it happened, I knew it was bullshit etc. i’ve been driving people crazy with my stuff for years, especially those around me etc. Have a good one, and I’ll see if there’s anything else I can add via comments to some of your posts. Really great stuff you’re doing here. 🙂

    1. Aww… Aye, i know its not easy & ive not been at it anywhere near as long as you.

      Im so sorry everything is taking its toll & isnt a wee bit easier for you.

      You will be sorely missed. But your health & happiness is so much more important.

      Look after yersel eh? xx

  3. Wildcat you total legend. 🙂

    Exceptional digging on this topic. I’ve discovered a link to (Lolita) Stanley “Nazi-Jew/Illuminati” Kubrick and Cowell. You might know of the story, but Cowell acted as a “runner” on the set of The (monarch) Shining, after leaving school. His job was to “polish axes” aka “polishing choppers” – this is clearly a barely veiled euphemism for “sucking cock” – which was obviously his ROLE on that film. Perhaps he serviced/polished Jack Nicholson’s “chopper” (wink, wink). It’s alleged that Cowell had exceptional “polishing skills”. The Shining is the film that opens with Jack (Nicholson) reading a Playgirl (gay) magazine – one with an “incest” story on the front cover (titled) – “Why do parents sleep with their children?” The Shining is all about the rape/abuse of a infant boy (but done subliminally), it even has a reference to “twins and monarch” (likely in respect of the programme etc). Nicholson (himself) is alleged to have been a product of an incestuous relationship. It’s likely that the Nazi’s were heavily involved in developing the monarch programme.

    Paedo King was a Jew and also linked to Nazism (nazi regalia adorned his Bayswater place). (Likely paedo) Kubrick was a Jew and also (heavily) linked to Nazism, he married into the Harlan family – a family who were the 3rd Reich’s top propagandists. There’s a painting with the word “sex” barely concealed over the bed of the child in Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”, the film with “gay” Tom Cruise. They’re seemingly ALL SODOMITE paedophiles – that’s what is apparent.

    My latest (Twin ‘incest” Peaks) post covers some of this, have a read.

    1. You are too kind. I love you popping by. you ALWAYS tell me heaps i don’t know!

      Cowell is a paedo FACT & i dont care what any1 says. Sinitta was 14. He was 23. *THAT’S PAEDO*

      Mind you, Sinitta is related 2 lizzy.. Thats just begging for trouble.

      Did you know SiCows hubby paul mckenna has A LOT to do wi wiping survivors memories? I canny mind the details off the top o my head. & i canny find details the now as my wifi is playin up badly so i am struggling to get online.
      Total pain in the arse

      When i am finally back online, your blog will be 1st thing i will be reading. Canny wait! Nice 1!!

      Thank you for all your support.
      I truly appreciate it.
      You make me smile! & there is NEVER enough smiles in the world.

      So dont be a stranger eh?!

      Take care & thanks again

      C. xx

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