Valentine’s Day Is Satanic!


St Valentines Day

  • The meaning of the word valentine comes from the Latin Valentinus, meaning to be strong, powerful and mighty – like Nimrod is depicted in the Bible.
  • Lupercus, the Roman god for ‘Nimrod’, was a heathen hero, their strong man, their valentine.
  • St Valentines day was set aside by Roman pagans to worship him.
  • So, Nimrod/Lupercus, a heathen god known for being strong and powerful with his bow and arrow, a disciple of Satan, was the original St Valentine.
  • The Babylonian’s name for Nimrod is Tammuz, the illegitimate son of Queen Semiramis.
  • She claimed that Tammuz was Nimrod, reborn.
  • Queen Semiramis the goddess of immortality, lusted after her son, in an incestuous relationship.  
  • This is further confirmed by the incestuous relationship between Venus and Cupid, the Greek counterpart to Semiramis and Tammuz. Their twisted sexuality is the object of Valentines Day.
  • Semiramis became the Queen of heaven and her relationship with Tammuz, her son, became the basis for the fertility cults throughout the world.

  • She was worshipped as the goddess  “Ishtar”,  during the feast of Easter in Saxon times.

  • During these festivals, immorality ran rampant. Women and men sent cards to those of whom they desired to have a sexual encounter, thus the origin of Valentine Cards; bringing men and women together for sexual purposes

  • Nudity was a common sight during these festivals and folk ran through the streets virtually naked.



Really any need for SO MANY naked children??





And if that isn’t enough to put you off Valentines day, how bout this…

The reason I personally dislike Valentines day,  ££  MONEY  ££

We have been lied to & convinced that valentine’s day is about showing that special someone how much you love them.. SO WHY DOES THAT COST MONEY?

To me, money and love DO NOT go together. Ever.

We should show our partner/spouse (whatever) how much we love them on a daily basis, by doin wee things, like making them a cuppa before they get outta bed, or by giving them an expected cuddle, kiss or slap on the ass!! Or just by being generally considerate.

None of which costs money & all will be remembered long after the £50 roses have wilted and died!!

What is the craic wi flowers by the way? Its like…  Here you go sweetheart, to show how much i love you, I paid WAY over the odds for some flowers that you can now sit and watch die!! WTF??  That’s NOT ENJOYABLE!

Perhaps its about time we all stopped making the rich richer and started appreciating our partners??

                  HAPPY  VALENTINE’S  DAY FOLKS!!                                                                                     W I L D C A T


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