London 7/7 Bombing the Ripple Effect: UK Jury Sides With Whistleblower. 9/11, Tavistock & Psychiatrists

‘To know who rules over you,  find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize.’  Voltaire

Why Fake A Plane Crash ? – Tavistock Mindbenders  Black Elk

Your Evil Shepherd from Hell Brigadier General Dr. John Rawlings Rees. One of the most sinister men in history brought to your door by the banking crime syndicate. He and his heirs have delivered the world we now inhabit via terror, shock and awe.

The ghostly fingerprints of  Rawlings are all over the 2000 paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” produced by the Project for the New American Century, which noted that only a “new Pearl Harbor” would enable the military and defense policy transformations the group desired to rapidly take place.

Each and every one of you are all victims of trauma based psychological warfare CNN, FOX, BBC the controlled newspapers etc all played an essential role in your programming.

JohnRawlingsRees Tavistock

John Rawlings Rees was the first president of the World Federation for Mental Health.

Unesco and the World Health Organization were the two Specialized Agencies which pressed originally for the formation of the WFMH…”

The Battle For The Mind

Tavistock’s methods were outlined by Dr. William Sargant in his 1950s book, The Battle for the Mind: A physiology of conversion and brainwashing. A pioneer in the study of “shell shock”, Sargant also emphasised the work of Soviet psychologist Pavlov in the 1920s and 1930s. In particular an incident in which a rising flood trapped some of Pavlov’s dogs in their cages. The water rose to their heads, before receding. Pavlov found that the intense fear the dogs experienced had “wiped clean” the tricks they had been taught.

Following this event he found they could be “reprogrammed”. Further experiments by the Special Air Services/Secret Intelligence Services [SAS/SIS] during the 1950s, including in Malaya and Kenya, showed Tavistock that such stresses, with resultant “reprogramming” could be applied to entire societies.

A Call For "Psychiatric Shock Troops"!

At the war’s end, in a speech to US Army psychiatrists in 1945, General Rees called for the creation of “psychiatric shock troops”, who would move out of the military and psychiatric institutions, in order to shape society as a whole: “If we propose to come out into the open and to attack the social and national problems of our day, then we must have shock troops and these can not be provided by psychiatry based wholly in institutions. We must have mobile teams of psychiatrists who are free to move around and make contact with the local situation in their particular area … in every country, groups of psychiatrists linked to each other …[should] move into the political and governmental field” . (Given Brigadier General John Rawlings Rees position in the Psychological Warfare Directorate command of 300, mostly Tavistock trained psychiatrists, and the virtual Psychological Warfare Wing of the United Kingdom Secret Intelligence Service [UKSIS], what Rees proposed here resembles a structure for infiltrating politics and governments with agents of the UKSIS ).

The “mission” Rees outlined, was to create a situation“where it is possible for people of every social group to have treatment when they need it, even if they do not wish it, without the necessity to invoke the law”. (emphasis added)


The founder for theTavistock Institute for Human Relations,John Rawlings Reese, was to perfect a system that would subvert and then control the thinking of human beings so that they could be channeled in any direction so desired by the Committee of 300, also known as the Olympians. It must be said that to do this, one must introduce an automated mentality into the bulk of the targeted population. This is an objective with very far-reaching implications nationally and internationally.

The end result of Reese’s objectives were and remain, control of all human life; its destruction when deemed desirable, whether it be through mass genocide or mass slavery. We are witnessing both today. One is the Global 2000 genocidal plan, which calls for the deaths of more of 500 million people by the year 2010; the other is slavery by an economic means. Both systems are fully operational and working side-by-side.

Reese began his Tavistock experiments in 1921; it soon became clear to him that his system could be applied both domestically and militarily. Reese said that the solution to the problems he foresaw needed a ruthless approach, without concern for religious or moral values. He later added another area to his list that of nationalism.

Behind every war is a financial objective, profit for bankers and their friends. War on the mind is included.

Tavistock 'Shock Troops' of Psychiatrists

Bank of England chief, Montagu Norman, in 1944, suddenly quit his banking post in order to start a Tavistock spin-off called the National Association for Mental Health (NAMH). Norman’s philanthropy calls to mind George Soros, another financier involved in “turbulence, aka “philanthropic” activities, such as narcotics legalisation promotions. Norman at the apex of the international financial oligarchy supervised the banking arrangements which put Adolf Hitler in power. One of Norman’s proteges was HC “Nugget” Coombs, longtime head of the Australian Reserve Bank. Coombs speaking of Norman, called him “the head of a secret international freemasonry of central hankers”. (Of interest here is that nobody in their right minds would call Coombs a “Conspiracy theorist” ) .

A Financiers' Project

Norman appointed his Bank of England assistant, Sir Otto Niemeyer, to be the National Association for Mental Health [NAMH] treasurer, and Niemeyer’s niece Mary Appleby, to be general secretary of the association. Neimeyer is well known to Australians: He headed the infamous ” Niemeyer Mission” to Depression-wracked Australia in 1930, to tell Australia to savagely cut its health and welfare spending, in order to pay the British bondholders. (It was the economic and financial impositions of this establishment which caused the depression in the first place. There are good grounds to accept that this bad management was deliberate. The demands for these repayments are also seen as a deliberate strategy to keep the Australian ‘colony’ in debt bondage.)

The World Federation of Mental Health

The NAMH soon gave birth to the World Federation of Mental Health [WFMHl, one of the first innumerable anti-nation-state “non-governmental organisations” spawned by Tavistock. Affiliated with the United Nations, the WFMH was “one-worldist” from the outset. To head the new organisation, Norman chose Brig. General John Rawlings Rees, the head of Tavistock in the 1930s, and the chief of Britain’s World War II Psychological Warfare Directorate.

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WATCH  7/7: An Historical Analysis – Tom Secker on GRTV –

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London Bombings 

Galaxian » May 19 2011
Britain’s Largest Terror Attack Likely “Mossad/MI-5″ Operation
Anthony John Hill, “Maud dib” Found Not Guilty for Exposing 7/7 “Inside Job”
“The story has been censored from the American media. Few Americans know of or remember the “British 9/11.” Fewer still are aware that a powerful legal case has been made showing full government complicity in the planning and execution of the attack and the extent the British government has gone to in order to suppress information about one of the worst kept secrets in history.
“Ripple Effect” (below) considered a threat to British “security” led to one of the most incomprehensible criminal cases in recent years.
On July 7, 2005, Britain suffered its largest terror attack, what they call “7/7,” their “9/11.” However, a wealth of evidence, much incontrovertible, has shown these terror attacks to have been something else, “false flag” terror meant to support the Blair government’s policy of continuing and even expand its participation in the “Global War on Terror.”
The 4 Muslim “suicide bombers” once believed responsible for the incident are now believed to have been recruited as part of a well documented mock terror drill scheduled for that day that included 1000 participants, some of them paid actors hired to carry dummy explosives.
After 151 days in dismal Wandsworth Prison, much of it in solitary confinement, John Anthony Hill is finally free. The crime he was accused of was the mailing of a “7/7 truther” DVD from Ireland to the United Kingdom. Yes, you are hearing me right, he was extradited from Ireland for sending a copy of the film, “Ripple Effect,” which outlines complicity by the Blair government in terror attacks that killed 56 back in 2005, including 4 “suicide bombers” now believed by many to have been murdered in a bizarre plot.
More frightening still is the idea that mailing a DVD, available worldwide on Youtube to anyone, could be considered “perverting the course of justice.”
Hill was found not guilty, not because his actions were considered legal but rather because his testimony made a powerful case against the British government. The jury was pressed to convict Hill but refused. The 10 members who sided with Hill and refused the instructions of the Crown did so, out of utter shock at the powerful case Hill made demonstrating that, not only 7/7 was an “inside job” but 9/11 as well. Hill took on both attacks and 10 of 12 jury members sided with what has been often called “conspiracy theory.” found here

Original Word Document available here


Read in full here   Friends of Muad’Dib


7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT Download>>  77 Ripple Effect.avi (694.9 MB)


Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation – 3rd Edition available on Available for purchase on Amazon

Now in an updated edition with a critique of the official 7/7 Inquest of Winter 2010-2011, Terror on the Tube remains the only book with the glaring evidence that all four Muslim scapegoats were innocent. 7/7 is Bliar’s Big Lie and Reichstag Fire, False Flag Terror as pretext for war and an Orwellian, neo-fascist British police state. If 9/11 was the great pretext for war and fascism in the USA, London’s 7/7 bombings brought Britain quickly closer to an Orwellian police state. Is there a basis to the “war on terror” – or is the state itself terrorizing the British populace? The answer is in this compelling investigation. In its indictment of the prime suspects – the UK, US and Israeli secret services. In its demolition of the fabricated evidence they brought into play. In its posthumous exoneration of four innocent young men, sacrificed and framed to shore up the rule of a crime cabal over our planet. In this appeal against the fascist propaganda trick of false-flag terror. Author Nick Kollerstrom has assembled the evidence and solved the mystery of the 7/7 bombings: something Britain’s billion-budget security apparatus will never do

Jury Rejects State Charges against 7/7 Ripple Effect’s Muad’Dib

Southwark Crown Court




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  1. Wildcat, great post. You must have known this article would have drawn out the government paid propaganda posters. Their job is to harass.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks very much! Greatly appreciated.
      Yeah, The insults, its water off a ducks back. I’ve been called A LOT worse!!!
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      A wise woman once said,

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    2. If youre talking about my criticism, in terms of the headline, please show me where a court has found that 7/7 was a false flag operation or that 7/7 was carried out by Secret Services. Im confident it was a false flag but I wouldnt share a story with a headline that simply isnt true. Thats as bad as The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail and other shit stirring tabloids. Stick to the facts and youll be okay. Otherwise you just make people sharing it look like uneducated well herded furry animals.

      1. Hiya,
        It was not what you said that was talking about, my apologies for not making that clear.
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        You’re right!

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  2. You put effort into making this page but create a bullshit headline that suggests some court has found the establishment guilty of creating a false flag terror attack. When in reality, it’s a simple story about him being found not guilty of perverting the course of justice. That’s the story. You should have focuses on that instead.

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