Fife child killings

A BBC documentary which promises to unveil new evidence about three shocking child murders in Fife broadcasts this week.

Fife’s Child Killings: The Untold Story, an investigation by BBC Scotland, concentrates on three tragic tots whose deaths shocked the nation:

Liam Fee

Mikaeel Kular and

Madison Horn

Madison Horn was killed by her mother’s boyfriend in Kelty.

All three children died in 2014 and reporter, Lisa Summers, asks whether more could have been done to protect them.

The programme hears from key witnesses who have never spoken before, as well as department insiders.

The documentary also claims to reveal serious concerns about whether people were told the whole truth.

Following a widespread search after his disappearance in Edinburgh, Mikaeel Kular’s body was discovered in a suitcase buried in a wood in Kirkcaldy in January, 2014. It later emerged the three-year-old was killed by his mother, Rosdeep Adekoya.

Just two months later in March, two-year-old Liam Fee suffered horrific injuries at the hands of his mother and her civil partner at his home near Glenrothes.

Rachel and Nyomi Fee are now serving life sentences.

A third case, just a month later in Kelty, involved the death of two-year-old Madison Horn, who was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend.

All three cases prompted significant case reviews but, despite social work’s involvement with the Kulaar and Fee families, each investigation concluded that the deaths could not have been anticipated.

Fife’s Child Killings: The Untold Story airs on BBC One Scotland on Wednesday at 9pm.





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