3 thoughts on “The Fall Of Berlin: THEY RAPED EVERY GERMAN FEMALE from 8 to 80

  1. This is passed off as no big deal. that is the thing with the left. they are, by far the most ruthless and void morality of any nation, group, or race. this was one of the worst atrocities on record. Raped women, often also impregnated, were largely plagued by PTSD in a big way and the kids suffered for it. The pain of mothers became the pain of children too, who lacked love due to a mother being robbed of feeling or hope. I fear we could see something like this again. WW3 is on the way. God only knows how that will turn out.

    Its odd how easily humans lose their humanity when external forces that kept them in check, then disappear or grant “permission” to “do what thou wilt!” We are a species that does not like the high road. We are just animals at heart.

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