5 YEARS JAIL for ALAN GRAY, the 19yr old who fantasised about raping babies & bragged of ‘killing 25 newborns a NIGHT’

13th JUNE 2017


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4599226/Paedophile-19-fantasised-raping-babies-jailed.html     https://archive.is/MWlit


  1. ‘I’d rape 10 babies a day. No Mercy’ Teenage paedo fantasised  12.6.17
  2. Teenage infant sex fantasist who wanted to rape and murder babies 9.6.17
  3. Caught in the act: Man who turned parents’ Paisley home into drugs  6.6.17
  4. I’d kill 25 newborns, rape 10 kids, teen paedophile boasts  18.5.17
  5. Paedophile’s case was so bad a judge sent him to the high court 16.5.17
  6. Greenock teen stored 20000 child abuse images  7.4.17

3 thoughts on “5 YEARS JAIL for ALAN GRAY, the 19yr old who fantasised about raping babies & bragged of ‘killing 25 newborns a NIGHT’

  1. Ordinarily, I don ‘t agree with thought crimes or prosecution of thought crimes. Governments love to get into our heads. However, to go around openly bragging and advocating raping babies and the like, really breaches the law, by effectively trying to promote the breaking of the law. It would be the same as advocating revolution and overthrow as leftists in the USA do. they ought to be in FEMA camps.

    But on the other hand, I am one who advocates for teens to be able to marry and work and breed as any other sexual adult does. I do not like teens continuing programming in grades 9-12 and on into college. Get this! You go to college to get job training, right? WRONG! You have to take mandatory courses that have nothing to do with the job or skill you might be learning. So why is this so? Because they want indoctrinate the 18-20 somethings in Gender studies, social equality and lots other lies. You had to take a language when I was a senior and high school taking this all in. And what is more, they are programming, indoctrinating you, and you are forced to pay them to brain wash you. If I am the one paying the money, that I will damn well decide what it is I will buy or not.

    So getting back to teens, we need to stop brain washing kids by getting them out of school after 8 years. Personally, I believe you should be allowed to home school without any monitoring or accountability. But now the problem here is that I am advocating the rights of post pubescent teens to marry, work, and even contract with others. The right to contract is important, although in the US, we have largely allowed Judges courts to throw out contracts because the government does not like us circumventing their laws with individual agreements with others.

    So there is always the danger that thoughts could targeted, from repealing gov laws or resisting bad standards or the like. I think parents deserve far less monitoring and far more protection and rights over their children. Government currently lays claim and rights over and above the parents. I vehemently oppose this. I also oppose laws that severely criminalize trivial things like complementing a child or any sort of supposed vice that they twist into the same punishment as rape. They do with “Abuse” definitions to steal children from parents, too. A bruise or a scratch becomes a “horrific injury” so they can steal your kids. Or take them because you are teaching dangerous ideas to them.

    Its very hard to balance an idiot advocating child and baby rape with the many other abuses going on that should be going on. It is a very desperate situation we face as it stands.

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