Why are there SO MANY sex offenders living in EH11? Sighthill, Gorgie & Dalry.


Residents are demanding answers over the high numbers of sex offenders in their community.

Statistics reveal almost a tenth of sex offenders monitored by police in Edinburgh and Lothians live in one postcode area, EH11, which covers Sighthill, Gorgie and Dalry.

A shocking 53 offenders, out of 612 in the region, are based in that area.

Their crimes include rape, incest, sodomy and lewd behaviour in “contact” offences, as well as voyeurism, flashing and child porn.

Councillor Catherine Fullerton said: “This is absolutely shocking. I want to find out if there’s something in the housing policy to explain why the area is attracting more sex offenders than other parts of the city. We have so much social housing in Sighthill and I will be asking questions.”

An Edinburgh Council spokesperson responded saying they have ‘robust’ policies in place to house registered sex offenders

John Aitken, chair of North Sighthill Residents’ Association, said: “If there’s large numbers of serious sex offenders being rehoused in our area, with schools here, I’m very concerned about that.”

An Edinburgh Council spokeswoman said: “We do have a robust procedure in place to deal with the housing of registered sex offenders. Included in this is a risk assessment, which is completed by council staff together with the police before an individual is housed.”

http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/sex-beast-ghetto-edinburgh-residents-10477918  https://archive.is/AhVgN


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