Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry {regularly updated}

2nd JUNE 2017


31 March 2017

Opening submissions PDF Transcript HERE or HERE





Inquiry Hearings – Phase 1 May to July 2017

Week 1: (31 May – 2 June)

Opening statements Expert witnesses:

  • • The legislative and regulatory framework governing children in care in Scotland up to 1968
  • The early development of care services in Scotland
  • Societal attitudes towards children
  • The nature and prevalence of child abuse in Scotland

Week 2: (6 – 9 June)


  • The State’s areas of responsibility for children in residential and foster care in Scotland.
  • The relationship between the Bishops Conference and the Conference of Religious and religious orders and role in the provision of residential care

Week 3: (13-16 June)

History and governance of religious institutions:

  • Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul
  • Sisters of Nazareth
  • Good Shepherd Sisters
  • De La Salle Brothers

Week 4: (20 – 23 June)

History and governance of religious institutions:

  • Christian Brothers
  • Marist Brothers
  • Benedictines
  • Church of Scotland / CrossReach Page 1 of 2 A17562325 Version 1.0

Week 5: (27 – 30 June)

History and governance of major care providers:

  • Quarriers
  • Barnardo’s
  • Aberlour Child Care Trust

Week 6: (4 – 6 July)

Establishment and work of survivor groups:

  • In Care Abuse Survivors (INCAS)
  • Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers Homes (FBGA)
  • Campaigning for the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

Week 7: (11-12 July)

Closing submissions

Download PDF


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