Email to John Swinney #no2np

It would appear that Mr Swinney has some sort of objection to answering the questions that we {the great unwashed} put to him. 

It was Sept 17th that I emailed him {see below} As of yet, other than the standard acknowledgement email, I have received no reply. I aint the only peasant he is ignoring either…..


The following was written in response to John Swinney who told a Holyrood Committee {full vid below} that his ‘public consultation’ on Named Persons would NOT involve speaking to NO2NP, but only with those who support Named Persons.

Your chance to demand that John Swinney listens to parents #no2np

If you would like to write to Mr Swinney his email address is…


Sept 17th 2016

Dear Mr Swinney,

Concerning named person public consultation.

My family & I live in the Highlands, where, as you know, the Named Person Scheme has been in place for many years. Whilst I have never liked this scheme, I would have been a lot happier had I ever been informed or been “allowed” any say in the matter. I have children, so your scheme directly affects me.

Up until now, you have POINT BLANK REFUSED to listen to both the people of Scotland & the Supreme Court. It is absolutely inconceivable that ALL Scots will not get the chance to discuss this openly with you, regardless of whether they agree with your ridiculously flawed “scheme” or not. The way the SNP are handling this whole situation only confirms what the Supreme Court have said. Under the SNP, Scotland is becoming a totalitarian state.

But you see, that doesn’t work for me, nor does it work for many, many other Scots.

You don’t decide who can & who cannot have a say! & you certainly do not decide how we bring up OUR children.

My children are just that, MY children. They are not the SNP’s nor the Scottish Government’s. Their father & I have a right to state our legitimate concerns & have our questions answered. As a parent, a Scot & a human being, I demand my right to have my voice heard.

“Three-month period of intense engagement”

Really? Then I will hold you to your word, I expect you to open up your public consultation to ALL, so each & every one of us has the opportunity to have a say in OUR children’s upbringing.

You seem to have forgotten that your job is to REPRESENT the Scottish people. Is it not about time you started listening to the very people who pay you to represent them?

Yours most insistently,

“For so long as there shall but one hundred of us remain alive we will never give consent”

Standard issue reply received 19.09.16


Education and Skills Committee – Scottish Parliament: 14th Sept 2016  

(2hrs 43 mins) via Scottish Parliament on YouTube