Rik Mayall: One By One & 9/11

One by One (2014)


One by One:  wiki

Rik Mayall’s Last British Feature, One by One

Rik was sent the script on a Friday afternoon and by the Monday he’d said yes. He wanted to play the part because of the story, the script and lines like

“If a picture says a thousand words, then our eyes can see a thousand lies. See it, to believe it…”

ministry of british comedy

The mysterious death of Rik Mayall


First video I found here   RIK MAYALL & 9/11 Connection

One By One Trailer 2012

One By One Trailer 2013

One by One Promo Teaser Trailer

One By One – Rik Mayall’s legacy to Humanity

 Rik Mayall’s last English film –

One By One (2016) writer/producer Diane Jessie Martin

           One in a million: Rik Mayall in One By One

One in a million: Rik Mayall in One By One
Rik Mayall as Ernest in One By One  Irish News



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