GORDON BROWN: Dunblane, Maddie, Harry Potter & P.I.E


James Gordon Brown is a British Labour politician and former UK Prime Minister.

He attended the Bilderberg group in 1991.

Brown’s Nuclear Stance

Private Eye reported in February 2006 that Gordon Brown has family connections to the nuclear industry. His younger brother Andrew Brown works for EDF Energy, the UK subsidiary of EDF, which operates nuclear power stations in France. Andrew Brown was appointed as EDF Energy’s Head of Press on 13 September 2004. Previously, he worked for the lobbying company Weber Shandwick.[1][2]
One of Brown’s key advisors is Ed Balls, whose father-in-law Tony Cooper is a long-standing nuclear lobbyist. [3] [4]
For further information on Brown’s nuclear position, see the relevant Sourcewatch page on Gordon Brown

Wielding great influence on British Jewry

In 2008, The Jewish Chronicle declared ‘the top spots’ on their second annual list of those who ‘wield the greatest influence on British Jewry’. Brown is listed at number 29[5]. The criteria for being listed is described as ‘those with a vision for Jewish life in this country and who did their utmost to bring it about using either money; persuasion; religion; culture; political or social leadership; or simply inspiring through word and deed’. In order for someone to be listed in the top 20, it was generally necessary to demonstrate influence in more than one of the spheres[6].
The article describes how…
The Prime Minister may not have Tony Blair’s natural affinity with the Jewish community, but he has built on the good relations established by his predecessor. The government has extended its financial backing of sixth-formers’ visits to Auschwitz and Mr Brown has accepted an invitation to become a JNF patron. To rapturous applause, he told a Board of Deputies dinner last year: “Israel will always have our support. We will be a friend in good times and bad and we will never compromise our friendship for political expediency.” He is an admirer of the Chief Rabbi, whom he says he consults regularly’.[5]
Others included in the list were Lord Levy (number 9), Ron Prosor (number 10), Daniel Finkelstein (number 11), John Mann (number 17), Jonathan Freedland (number 18), Julia Neuberger (number 19), Lord Janner (number 20), Trevor Chinn (number 14) & Poju Zabludowicz (number 30).
Gertrude Himmelfarb
According to Paul Richards, Brown is a longstanding admirer of Gertrude Himmelfarb:
Brown’s admiration of Himmelfarb was fostered in the 1970s, when he was an earnest undergraduate, and remained with him as a politics lecturer at Glasgow College of Technology. In 2008 he wrote: “I have long admired Gertrude Himmelfarb’s historical work, in particular her love of the history of ideas, and her work has stayed with me ever since I was a history student at Edinburgh University.”[7]  In Full Here

Gerry McCann made his speech at the Police Bravery Awards attended by Prince Charles and Gordon Brown.

July proved a difficult month for the McCanns. Three of their Tapas friends were reinterviewed in Portimão on Wednesday July 11, 2007. Gerry McCann returned to London the same day as a guest of Gordon Brown and Prince Charles at the Police Bravery Awards sponsored by the Sun Newspaper. Gerry tried to disguise this because in his blog he didn’t mention who had invited him and he entered the blog entry on Thursday July 12, 2007. The event took place on the evening of July 11 – the previous night. Gerry’s presence there was to meet with Brown and Prince Charles. Note: Many websites have repeated this error and reported Gerry’s presence in London as taking place on the Thursday.

Survivors Story

I just wanted to say, that yes, I have also been abused by Mr. Gordon Brown, long before he was prime minister (1980s/1990s).
It sounds as crazy as it does, but this is what I remember and it is not a “false memory”.
Since I have been systematically drugged (with LSD, psychiatric drugs and so forth) from a very young age on (at least since “toddler” age, I think even before that), I was explicitly used for “drug experimentation”, as one of the psychiatrists involved said.
So this lead to certain parts of my brain not functioning as much as they should, so I was often told by my parents that I am “blind”, not blind in the sense that my two eyes are not functioning, but I think you would know what I am trying to express.
Anyway, the point is, one of my parents told me, before I was given to Mr. Brown, something along the lines of: “Don’t worry boy, he (Mr. Brown) is a ‘gentle’ guy, he won’t hurt you as much” and also “and he is also partially blind, just like you”, so as to artificially comfort me.
So Mr. Brown is partially blind, not like me though, but with one of his two eyes.
I remember lying on my back on a bed somewhere in England as a young boy, and Mr. Brown over me, handing me a pill and I remember seeing him (he showed me the profile of his face, trying not to look at me directly at that point) in the corridor of that house where I was in, before I was taken to the room where the abuse took place.
As “crazy” or surreal as this may sound, these are real memories and like I said, this is in the 1980s or early 1990s.
Also, I am afraid another “high up” guy abused me, who was close to Mr. Brown. But I wanted to say what I wrote now, because this is what I can say so far.
I am not sure I can post this “publicly”, maybe I can?
Additionally I wonder, are these kind of people “touchable” at all?
This is not made up stuff, but how to go about this? Should I look for a lawyer?
I don’t expect you to have all the answers, I am just trying to find a way forward I guess.
Full story here http://whistleblowerkids.uk/other-cases/abuse-survivors/i-was-abused-by-gordon-brown/







REVEALED:  British Premier Gordon Brown  Is A Paedophile

By Mike James in Germany   28 Feb 2010


In the early months of 2003, just prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq, and working in conjunction with a London-based freelance journalist who had thoroughly double-checked exposures published by the Scottish ‘Sunday Herald’ newspaper, I publicised details of a child-sex ring linked to senior ministers within the Blair government.

I initially published my findings, stemming from discreet leaks from a secret list provided by the American FBI to the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper, and concomitantly discovered that Tony Blair had issued a gagging order to suppress all further discussion of a scandal that would most certainly have brought a swift end to his administration and made Britain’s collusion in the destruction of Iraq impossible.

The articles I wrote concerning the “Operation Ore” cover-up and the 100-year blackout order imposed upon the report concerning the Dunblane massacre of children used and abused by senior Scottish Labour government ministers can still be found here:

Cremation of Care: The New World Order and the Dunblane Shootings

[2003] Dunblane Secret Documents Contain Letters by Tory and Labour Ministers
[2003] Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Paedophile Ring By Mike James

[2003 Jan] Alleged Pedophiles Helm Blair’s War Room by MIKE JAMES

[Media March 2003] Dunblane secret documents contain letters by Tory and Labour ministers

These stories, which also implicated the Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith, former NATO Boss Lord Robertson, and the Svengali of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s rise to power, the flamboyant homosexual Peter Mandelson (now Lord Mandelson), were widely publicised on the Internet, excited debate within numerous online forums, and inspired Robert Kilroy-Silk’s former Veritas Party to undertake a detailed examination of the extent to which senior and junior ministers close to Gordon Brown were given free licence to engage in paedophiliac activities under the protection of the British intelligence services.

The Sunday Herald’s incendiary story (“Child Porn Arrests Too Slow”, 19 January 2003), written by its Home Affair’s correspondent Neil Mackay, disappeared rapidly from the Internet within weeks of my exposure. Mackay’s editor, at first cooperative, subsequently refused to answer any further enquiries put to him by myself and the freelance journalist Bob Kearley.

Each and every letter I sent to the British Home Office, Scotland Yard and the Sunday Times solicited not one single reply.

Lord Robertson, a self-confessed Freemasonic member of Edinburgh’s sinister “Speculative Society” lodge, who enjoyed a peculiarly close personal relationship with Thomas Hamilton, the mass murderer of abused children in Dunblane, failed to sue the Sunday Herald for libel and promptly disappeared from public life. Police records revealed that Robertson had helped expedite the process by which the Manchurian Candidate, Hamilton, already a convicted child molester with known affiliations to the British elite, was able to obtain gun licenses.

Roberston worked in collusion with Michael Forsyth (Secretary of State for Scotland), a fellow “Speculative Freemason” and Robert Bell, an associate of Malcolm Rifkind (British Foreign Secretary). Robertson, at the behest of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, had a vested interest in ‘wasting’ children who were beginning to talk.
Full Story Here   http://www.whale.to/b/james9.html

Gordon Brown & The Sex Offenders Register




Gordon Brown (former PM of the UK)
Brown is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He is known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70’s, when he and 2 others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter. They all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to court to get custody of her little brother because of her mother’s abuse, and drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever since. The records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what happened, and who did it.
Taken frm here 




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