Asian sex gang victim says she was raped by THOUSANDS of men across Britain



3 thoughts on “Asian sex gang victim says she was raped by THOUSANDS of men across Britain

  1. I just have to say this.Using the word “grooming” to describe what took place, is perhaps the worst injustice of all. I groom myself in the mirror ever morning. What these girls are going thru is a hel1 of a lot worse than that. Grooming makes it sound so nice and sweet, kind, Gentle. Its no such thing. Its rape, gang rape, forced prostitution, sexual enslavement, Trafficking, torture, violence and in the US, we’d be charging for hate crimes, too (White bitch).
    as well, there is coverup on the part of police and all that oversee the police and politicians. This treason and conspiracy against the nation and its citizens. Grooming? No way in hell. A despicable word.

    As well, someone needs to get the message out to stay the hel1 away from musilms and the girl should have told her mother the second anything happened. These predators know about shame and how to exploit it. Get rid of the shame NOW, urgently. Tell someone, Tell anyone, Tell everyone. I know many will not listen but I will be her mother would have.
    It is also my opinion that these muslims are government protected and serve as suppliers to the elite of teen women. Maybe some politicians and MI5/6 agents hanging along with police . . . .etc.
    Lets call all this what it really is and not grooming. Does everyone have soft spot for these bass-tards? I hope not. Girls have got to wake up because no one is going to help them so they have to learn how to avoid the worst and stop feeling shame for being victim.

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