Gruinard Island aka Anthrax Island


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Gruinard Island is a small, oval-shaped Scottish island approximately 2 kilometres long by 1 kilometre wide, located in Gruinard Bay, about halfway between Gairloch & Ullapool

At its closest point to the mainland it is just over 1.1 kilometres (0.68 mi) offshore. The island was made dangerous for all mammals by experiments with the anthrax bacterium until it was decontaminated in the late 20th century. Gruinard was the site of a biological warfare test by British military scientists from Porton Down in 1942, during the Second World War.[9]At that time there was an investigation by the British government into the feasibility of an attack using anthrax.[10] Given the nature of the weapon which was being developed, it was recognised that tests would cause widespread and long-lasting contamination of the immediate area by anthrax spores. To limit contamination, a remote and uninhabited island was required. Gruinard was surveyed, deemed suitable and requisitioned from its owners by the British Government

Cleaned up with formaldehydeIsn’t that just FANTASTIC NEWS?! see here here



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“Scientists testing the soil as recently as 1979 found Anthrax still thriving” 

“In the early 1990’s the island was cleaned up, sterilised with hundreds of tons of formaldehyde”


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