4 thoughts on “UK orphans sold to paedophiles as sex slaves by traffickers snatching children in care (2016)

  1. Investigate! John O’Farrell was on BBC5live this past Thursday. A few minutes into his interview he said something really short and sinister about Tony Blair and Jimmy Savile the presenters jumped on him and cut him up but having the kettle on I missed it .. he was pushing his book as a funny read etc .. Anyone registered with the BBC can get it from here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09423rk

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  2. French lords used to invite guests and it was expected that should one of their male guests fancy a maid, he would be welcomed by the Hosting lord to make use of the maid, willing or not. They would make it clear to their staff of maids that such services were expected of them. I am sure the Lord himself kept maids around for his own use as well. Napoleon referred to the Happsburgs as being like a maid that was rapes a few times too many and did not bother to resist anymore.

    It has always been the prerogative of the elite to do as the please with the common people. There are no legal protections for the weak and powerless. You try to stay out of their way. Its a brutal world.

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