#NonceWatch ~ PAUL POTELLE #Dundee #Sunderland




  • Age: 46
  • Location: DUNDEE

Paul potelle has been arrested for the online communications between himself and 3 of our decoys, these chats were very sexually orientated even though our decoys stated their age (14,12,11)

Paul first made contact with our 14 year old back in April but due to the police seizing our phone for an ongoing case meant we could submit the evidence on him, thankfully he since made contact with our 12 and 11 year old decoy.

He used a fake profile picture, fake age and fake location.

When our team started tracing him everything still pointed to Sunderland (how wrong were we)

Yesterday 22/08/17 our team set off to Sunderland to confront Paul and have him arrested.

When we got to the address we were met by his ex wife that gave us some background info on him and basically Paul got married, went on a hunnymoon came back and told her he has cheated and its over running away with 8k which belonged to his wife.

We then tried his mums address in County Durham and his mum and dad were fantastic and helped us with his address and gave us some more info on him.

His mum and dad are both disgusted with him and he up and left and didn’t make contact for 6 weeks all they knew was he went fishing with mates for the weekend up in Scotland.

Paul and his new girlfriend are not allowed to have their child anymore as they have neglected him, Paddy was left saddened with this news as the little boy was there and was so adorable and so innocent.

We were given an address for Paul up in Dundee which was correct and due to the laws being different we asked for help with the knowledge from Silent Justice thankfully we did otherwise we would of been arrested ourselves.

Dundee police were fantastic with us and thanked us for our hard work and determination on finding Paul.

We ended up being out the house 24 hours and racking up 763 miles…

But we are so proud that we have finally caught our man and it was worth every penny in the end.

This is now a clear message to all paedophiles in the UK

We at Keeping Kids Safe will NEVER give up, you may give us the run around, you may even be on the run for months at a time.

But believe us when we say,




#GrindItOut #4TheKids



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