The Betrayed Girls #Rochdale

The Betrayed Girls is a one-off documentary that will explain more about the true life story which saw nine men guilty of grooming, raping and sex trafficking teenage girls. 

In a revealing interview with former Labour MP Ann Cryer, she reveals that she was aware of the grooming issue and tried to take action.

The former MP for Keighley says on the documentary: “I had hoped I would get on board comrades in the Labour party and many were genuinely sympathetic to what I was talking about and sympathetic and supported me in every way.

“But there was a small number who were very openly or perhaps [whispering] things that perhaps I was something of a racist and that was very upsetting.

When I read the prosecutor’s advice to the officers in the early investigations, things like, ‘She has made a choice about her life’ and ‘She has agreed to be in effect a prosititute for these men’, everything about it shocked me to be blunt. 

“I was absolutely certain in my mind that the decision was wrong – not just unreasonable, but wrong. If it wrong to maintain public confidence, I had to reverse that decision and so I did,” Afzal continued. 

The Betrayed Girls will air on Monday July 3 at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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4 thoughts on “The Betrayed Girls #Rochdale

  1. WildCat, maybe you can help me here. I am confused about what is actually meant in the UK, when someone says a girl was groomed. Here in the US, a male adult is said to be grooming a girl or teen by being nice to her, complimenting her, maybe doing something nice for her, buying her something, perhaps with the hope of getting somewhere with her, either in the near future (year or less) or several years till when she is possibly “old enough.” The problem here is that a one time compliment might be all it takes to accuse someone. back in the 90s and its no better now, they started promoting “stronger danger.” All stranger were evil and to be avoided at all costs. It was the opposite of what small towns were like where everyone knew everyone and everyone was on speaking terms, including children, too.

    Big city people came in from Massachusetts and brought their paranoia and big city attitudes with them. And Portland Maine lost a lot of its warmth.

    But I am not getting that sense grooming from what I hear from the UK. To lure someone in and them keep them captive and prostitute them is far more than grooming as I see it. That’s abduction, kidnapping, forced prostitution. What can ya tell me?

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