BRITAIN The Key To World History. EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM (appendix C)


BY  William Comyns Beaumont

Britain The Key To World-History  PDF


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2 thoughts on “BRITAIN The Key To World History. EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM (appendix C)

  1. A fascinating find! There was a French monk by the name of Paul Yves Pezron on the history of the Celtic nations and peoples. An amazing book. I have the first section in text for anyone to read and more come. Some history of Crete, too, though it needs updated. It can all be had here at my sister site: the history of the Celts is remarkable. I have done a lot of research on the flood. What I can say is that history should be questioned because, for some reason, the ancient sources carved or remaining in old Greek and Latin are often ignored, though not always, with good reason. I dig this, WC. Hit me with more.

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