River Phoenix, Michael Stipes, Johnny Depp & Freemasonry


One thought on “River Phoenix, Michael Stipes, Johnny Depp & Freemasonry

  1. Well,l I had to be selective with so much variety. I knew nothing about Mike Stipe, the person so I tried that, the Midnight one on the soul camera and the whites of the eyes communicating.. that was good. The other stuff looking interesting too.

    But it was the comparison made between the Illuminati and God, as to where our minds are at. What if all the computer stuff was to determine only between who was and who was not, either property of the Illuminati or property of God. Either still responsive to people and compassion, or not. I say that because Bible prophecy speaks of both the servants of God and those of the devil, having an identification mark on their foreheads and hand, like slaves did in Rome in the day. with so much surveillance and such detail, there is little chance of error of identification as to who and what we really are. It has the appearance of both the Illuminati and the allied intelligence networks to determine who is who?

    What is to become of these files? The Bible forecast is a great separation of the sheep and the goats, the wheat and the tares/weeds. both sides clearly distinguished. I have always believed Intelligence agencies worship Satan. Maybe even more than i think. Well, time will tell. We got a war coming for sure. War helps separate/distinguish people, too.

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