🚔#ScotCops🚔 Shiel Bridge Shenanigans 🔫🔪🔫 



“in possession of several weapons and was a danger to the public and himself.”

Where was he? the corner shop? With weapons? & he was physically holding THREE? How does that that work? Did he have 3 in 1 hand? Or, 2 in 1 hand & 1 in other? Or was it a gun in each hand & the knife between his teeth? & he had them displayed for all to see?

“initially negotiated with the man to throw down two guns and a knife”

Well they obviously got him to drop them all anyway.

“man then attempted to retrieve the weapons”

So he was UNARMED?!

“discharged his taser & temporarily incapacitated the man. He then began struggling violently with the officers”

“They were forced to taser him again before being handcuffed”

Why did they not cuff him 1st time? What were the officers doing while he was on the floor? Were they on their tea break?

Surely the whole point of the taser, is that it knocks the suspect to the ground & temporarily makes them unable to move, therefore giving officers time to cuff them safely, no?

This officer seems to think so…

“The TASER works as intended close to 100% of the time, and incapacitates the suspect only as long as to takes to get them under control and in handcuffs. It can be used from as far as 20 feet away, so it can even be used to end foot pursuits. Once the current it turned off and the barbs are removed, the suspect is able to get up and move”   SOURCE 

As does wikiIt also states that tasers have a maximum range of 35 ft.

So at ABSOLUTE MOST the coppers could only have been 35 ft away.

So why, after they negotiated the weapons from him, didn’t one of them pick them up? They were certainly close enough.. 


“This was a Life threatening situation”

It was? Really? Okay…. I’m thinking Commissioner Katy is a wee bit o a drama queen!!

For the benefit of those who’ve never been,


& the shopping precinct HERE  The nearest cop shop is Kyle, which is 30+ mins drive away map

I started this blog because i was gonna tear a shred offa Scot Cops. Tasering someone in the Highlands? TWICE. But now i have had a good look, I have only one thing to say




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