PETITION to reopen Shaun Ritchie’s case as MURDER INVESTIGATION

Reopen Shaun Ritchie’s case as the murder investigation we all know it should have been



Shaun is still missing with no answers yet been given.

We all know something strange happened that night, but what happened after was even stranger …. seems their have been strange activities being carried out by certain people in authority and out…. both during and after Shaun’s dissapearence….. these activities should have straight away been flagged as suspicous, but was instead ignored ?Even though this information can be found by a simple search on google, but yet it didnt merit a look?


Also their were routes that no one has searched yet…. the area that was searched was relatively small,due to the size of the area and circumstances of the disaapearence the search should have been expanded to the whole area instead of just one part ??? No one has even questioned this? 

Everyone knows their was foul play involved …. although still ….after everything the authorities are claiming no foul play…. REALLY. 

All we would be asking is the case is reopened and the routes and suspicous characters/witnesses genuinely investigated…. instead of being brushed under the carpet by those in power and/or authority who “believe” their was no foul play.

Imagine it was your child. I am sure you would like to  know that you could trust all authorities,  to carry out their investigations truthfully by following the facts and obvious holes in the case , until your child was found.

Instead the search for missing Shaun Ritchie has stopped completely and anyone who asks any questions seems to be getting charged.

An independant family search was even cancelled. It was arranged  by the family …  and would have included volounteer divers from all over the country ….. but it was cancelled, why? Their are far too many whys, we all know of this. 

Please help get justice for Shaun …. help reopen the case as the murder investigation we all know it should be.



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The strange case of Shaun Ritchie: Fraserburgh lad STILL MISSING two years later


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