Charles Bronson: Britain’s Most Caring, Generous, Violent, Compassionate, Psycho?


1) Charles Bronson donates sketches to help CJD sufferer, CN, 5/6/2008 PDF


2) Auction of Bronson art for assault victim, Cambrian News, 25/3/2010 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [196kb]

3) Charles Bronson helps to pay for baby’s headstone (From Worcester News) 24/04/10


4) Charles Bronson Donates Art To Wayne Fox Attack Victims 14 Apr 2011


5) Bronson to donate art to raise funds for Ghana trip, Cambrian News, 23/8/2012 pdficon.gif icon Page 1 [226kb] 


6) Charles Bronson artwork sold at auction for Foundation for the Study of Infant Death Syndrome 22/02/13 

7) ‘Get well fast – we all love ya!’: Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson writes get-well card to Frankie Allen a 3 year-old girl with leukaemia  28/08/13

8) Prisoner’s art set to help Olivia’s tricycle appeal (From Evesham Journal) 10/10/13 


9) Charles Bronson sells his artworks to pay for mother’s holiday  18/06/14

Bronson artwork up for auction – BT 29/09/14 

Artwork by notorious prisoner Charles Bronson set to sell for thousands at auction under his name Salvador after he changed it as a tribute to his favourite artist Dali 



10) Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson sends Get Well Card to Alton Towers crash victim Leah 06/07/15 

11) Bronson Has Raised £250,000 For Charity Since Being In Prison 08/07/15

12) Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson creating new artwork to help raise  01/09/15 Bronson fundraising for Taylor Lewis Marshall who has become quadruple amputee.

13) Ellesmere Port raises £7,000 for 4 year old Olivia Phillips with liver cancer – Chester Chronicle 04/11/15

14) Britain’s most-violent prisoner Charles Bronson becomes a VERY unlikely champion for a disabled mugging victim Bradley Hannan – auctioning a painting to raise £430 for him 


15) Bronson gives away artwork… with a chilling warning | This Is England 23/02/16

16) Kind-hearted prisoner Charles Bronson donates art for boy’s treatment | Daily Star 11/06/16  Bronson donated his art work so Ben Baddeley could continue histreatment

17) Charles Bronson sends Alton Towers crash … – The Independent




























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