{God damn that man is good!!}  The right orrible Terry May

Not gonna change my original blog, because hell, I’m still right!! Spivey is just better at being righter than me!! Although i may add at a later date anyhoo my original blog….

I have always questioned Theresa May’s gender (SHE IS A MAN!)

But i’ve just read a crackin piece by Chris Spivey called Agenda Bender which spurred me on to do this blog. So, open yer mind and fasten yer seat belt!!

We know how the powers that be love nothing better than a good giggle at our stupidity. Hence the whole “hidden in plain sight!” They LOVE shoving it right in our face, whilst we are blindly ignorant.

Have you ever noticed anything about Theresa May’s name?

If I change only 1 letter & alter the spacing, look what you get..

T H E R E S A   M A Y         T H E R E S   A   M A N

Just thought i’d point that out!!

Walks Like A Man. The Express 

I don’t think I need to say anything!


Apparently Terry is 1.68m which is over 5ft 6inch.

3 inches above the national average for a woman.

Which, on its own proves nothin, cause i’m 5ft 6 inches & I remember giving birth 2 every single one o my kids!!



The Ceremonial Funeral Of Former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher article-2511105-198E077400000578-820_634x940article-2347720-1A7D20C5000005DC-637_306x514imageuntitled


Check this pair o tits.. What is wrong wi them? Any of them!!


I’m not the only person questioning who Terry really is


SERIOUSLY…  WTF IS WRONG WI HER TITS??? The tit pics are from Chris Spiveys blog.. I agree wi him. The person we know as Terry May isn’t…

Check the width of her shoulders!!

Is she taller than ALL our police & armed forces?? At 5ft 6??

Emm, why are our cops & Military all midgits? Or is she EXTRA TALL? Summat aint right anyway.

But then I suddenly had a EUREAKA moment!

It occurred to me who Terry reminds me of, so I ran it through face comparison..


Not convinced??  Ok..


Still not convinced? What about this one?


OK!! I’ll put you outta ur misery…



But where I do disagree wi Spivey is Judy Finnegan resemblance.

Terry looks MUCH more like..





7 thoughts on “TERRY MAY… OR MAY NOT!

  1. I’m pretty sure Theresa May isn’t a man, but even if she were why would her gender even matter? Feminists have fought long and hard to prove that a woman can do a job just as well (or just as badly) as a man – so shouldn’t we really be moving towards a world where a job candidate is judged for how good (or bad) they are at their job instead of being subject to a bizarre array of irrational pre-conceived assumptions based on how well one conforms to sexist traditional artificially-constructed gender roles.

    Moreover, even if May were assigned male gender at birth, yet identified and presented as male; culminating in choosing medical intervention to further her gender reassignment and permanent transition to female then she would actually be a trans woman, not a man. I doubt that May is transsexual. If she were, for one thing, I’d hope that the current Tory government’s inertia on transgender rights and poor transgender healthcare systems would be one of the issues that she, as its head, would attempt to remedy. Unfortunately, to date she hasn’t, though. Furthermore, I’ve yet to meet a transgender Tory – although I have heard of a few who exist. Maybe it’s the circles I hang round in, but all of my friends who are transgender lean towards liberalism and the left – all the trans people I’ve met so far have been either Labour or Democrat voters politically, and all the Brit ones have been dead against Brexit, for instance.

    Lastly, it’s entirely up to you of course whom you decide to believe and make friends with on the Internet, but I’d just like to make you aware that Chris Spivey (whom you’ve mentioned above) is a conspiracy theorist whom, I believe, it far-right wing orientated. His blog, and many of the regulars who post on there, have very homophobic, transphobic and sexist views. Sadly, his blog also contains holocaust revisionism of the sort that people like David Irving would produce. He has been up in court a few times, attracting the attention of the national press who have described him as an ‘obnoxious troll’.

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    1. To be honest i personally don’t care about other peoples gender whether male, female, transexual. Not my business. Im a live & let live type of person.
      But *IF* she is, i object to the fact she is running our country & yet is lying about who she is..
      In which case who did we elect?? (Oops we didnt elect her!)

      If she can lie about that, what else is lying about? What else is she concealing from the very people that pay her WELL OVER-INFLATED wages?

      My issue is not wi her gender.
      My issue is wi lying politicians.

      As for David Irving, He is a world renowned historian. THE ONLY ONE to get even remotely close to the German point of view.
      & I KNOW for FACT he is a lot closer to the truth than all other historians as i have a certain (very limited) knowledge that not many people do. I have FIRST HAND witness statement from some one that played a major part in WW2 & that statement backs up what Irving says.

      If he was just a man wi an bullshite opinion. Why jail him? Why not ignore him & put him down as bein a madman?
      If he was raving loony then he was not a threat.

      If on the otherhand he’s far to close to the truth THEN he was a threat. Hence the reason they jailed him!!
      The man did jail time he DID NOT deserve & came back out & carried on speakin out. Why would he do that if it was all made up?

      HE WOULDN’T.

      Spivey, well each to their own. I’ve never seen anything untoward on his blogs & his court appearances are an absolute joke. Yet another they are tryin to silence just like they tried wi Irvine.
      Obviously i cannot speak for Spivey, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be delighted the MSM consider him an “obnoxious troll” think he would be concerned if they liked him!
      But if you have a problem with Spivey i suggest you speak to him about it instead of slagging him of behind his back.

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      1. Well, even if one pretends that David Irving isn’t a holocaust denier (which he is), he is still a neo-Nazi and a racist. Back in the early ’60s as a student he lent his support to notorious fascist Oswald Mosley’s campaign against immigrants and Irving has also described black people as “apes” in a poem. As for telling the German side of WW2; I’ve spoken to a very conservative German from an old Prussian military background who was actually around during WW2 (even in Dresden when it was getting bombed) and that person confirmed that Hitler – by anyone’s standards – was utterly “mad”.

        I did try telling Spivey what I thought of him and his ‘ideas’, but he was too scared to debate with me and banned me from his site. Simply put: none of their theories stand up to rational debate or criticism and therefore they’ll always run away from anyone who isn’t a sycophant to their insanity.

        To each their own, I guess, but if I were you I’d be careful of Spivey and certain people on his site – especially Dogman who is a particularly creepy guy. I’ve had several threatening messages from him on my web blog – actually had another one yesterday which I published on beckytranssexual. He really is a very sick man whose nefarious activities definitely need to be monitored. One hopes that his misogynistic violent sexual fantasies towards women will remain within the boundaries of his disturbed mind.

        He always shoots, yet never scores;
        Just grunts and squeals upon all fours;
        That’s Dogman.

        With two left feet and cloven toes;
        It’s Goy of the schmoevers, I suppose;
        Or Dogman.

        He used to have a daytime job;
        Sucking off sailors with his big fat gob;
        Yet no sooner was he hired than fired’
        For Dogman was the knob it soon transpired;
        Poor Dogman.

        So oftentimes we’ve heard it told;
        How Spivey’s crew be big and bold;
        When really they’re just stale and old;
        Like Dogman.

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        1. I have published ur comment even though i actually didn’t want to.

          I did so, for several reasons.

          1. I dont like 2 censor
          2. I think I’m actually in shock
          3. I am truly DISGUSTED that ANYONE would say things like that to a total stranger.
          4. If this Dogman dude was ever 2 visit my site then he could see it.
          5. Because it shows other people wot kinda person u REALLY are.

          Not only do u not know me, but i dont even know who you are on about!!!
          This Dogman person has absolutely nothin 2do wi me or my blogs.

          So I have no idea why you would come here & say repulsive things to me about some1 i dont even know?!

          It kinda makes u sound like you are just being a complete & utter bitch.

          U have ur own blog, so away and bitch there!
          Cause if i wanted to hear/read VILE language & uncorroborated accusations, then thats exactly where i would go.

          I would be very grateful, if in future, you would refrain from leavin any comments on my site.
          If 4 some bizarre reason you do feel the need to. I WILL NOT PUBLISH.


          Thank you & goodnight

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