The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit & Deception in the Death of Jfk


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3 thoughts on “JFK’s DEATH A HOAX?

    1. I know lots do, but a lot more don’t…
      I don’t know “who did it” not for fact, but if you do & have evidence, please feel free to share. i’m sure 99% of USA would be very grateful.

      thank you for your comment,
      much appreciated.

  1. I started watching these. I got to come back later. A great score! The JFK conspiracy is one of the best events to teach and train people on how to suspect everything and trust nothing and learn lessons. it is the granddaddy of post WWII conspiracies. 1963 was still a calm world of the past, trust in tact. 1964 would touch off the Music revolution and then all the others to follow. I personally would call 1964 the beginning of the new world. 1963 was still the old world. I became 5 in 1964 and that was old enough to remember enough to be useful later. I recall the Funeral procession of JFK. the scene of the horsed pulling the cart, in particular. That time stood out. I remember the old TV in the corner of the living room. We got a new one not long after that. My brother could not yet talk. I think it was mid 64 when he began to talk a little.

    If I were to pick the most important psyop of the 21st century, I would say 911 with Sandy Hook being a very close 2nd. These can teach us what to look for when investigating things that look suspicious.

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