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Brother of BARON (heir apparent) GIDEON OLIVER OSBORNE  aka The Right Honourable, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer aka  #GideonWhiplash aka  #JunkieGeorge

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Dr Osborne LinkedIn Profile

Dr Osborne is a member of the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatry.
He is an Approved Clinician under section 12 of the Mental Health Act (1983) and is therefore recognised as a medically qualified doctor who has specific expertise in mental disorder and has additionally received training in the application of the Act.
Dr Osborne’s combined training in medical psychiatry as well as psychological and psychotherapeutic therapies, enables him to use a uniquely holistic and person centred approach in his assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients.
Dr Osborne is currently working as part of a multi-disciplinary Primary Care Mental Health Team in one of London’s busiest boroughs. His job places him at the challenging interface between primary care and secondary care psychiatric services and involves the assessment, diagnosis and management of a wide array of psychiatric disorders in one of the most diverse patient environments in NHS psychiatric services in the UK.
During his NHS core psychiatry training, Dr Osborne has gained considerable experience in dealing with a wide range of mental health conditions including mood disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders. He has worked with patients from all ages and backgrounds in the following sub-speciality areas of psychiatric practice: general adult, primary care liasion, crisis, early intervention, rehabilitation, old age, child/adolescent and forensic psychiatry. He has also undertaken further training in transactional analysis, psychosynthesis psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, mentalisation based therapy, meditation and relaxation techniques.
Dr Osborne has a special interest in adult ADHD, personality disorders, integrative assessment and management of depression and anxiety disorders.
He is also involved in a research project looking at Adult ADHD in the forensic population as part of a masters degree in forensic psychiatry.


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Dr Osborne prescribed drugs to his girlfriend and a family member
A doctor who falsified a prescription for a cocaine-addicted escort girl has been found guilty of serious misconduct by the General Medical Council (GMC).
Adam Osborne, 33, brother of shadow chancellor George Osborne, admitted “inappropriate” behaviour.

He also obtained the contraceptive pill for his girlfriend and an anti-smoking drug for a family member while training at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester.
The GMC will decide whether Dr Osborne will be struck off.
The failings constitute misconduct that impairs his fitness to practise, the panel ruled.
Reading out the verdict, chair of the panel Alyson Leslie said Dr Osborne told them that he wrote the prescriptions while he was under “considerable pressure in his professional and public life”.
Mrs Leslie said that he engaged in a relationship with “Miss B, who you described as an escort girl” during a time when his long-term partner was working away.
Mrs Leslie said that aspects of the misconduct are “remediable.”
It was also noted that many of the charges against Dr Osborne came up as a result of his own admissions.
The misconduct ruling relates to incidents between June 2006 and May 2008.
On 12 May 2008, Miss B met Dr Osborne in the hospital car park after she earlier discharged herself from another hospital and was suffering from hallucinations as the result of heavy cocaine use.
Dr Osborne wrote out a prescription for anti-psychotic drugs haloperidol and lorazepam and falsified parts of the form because he only knew her first name.
‘Positive steps’
He was denied the drugs when hospital staff could not match the patient’s name to anyone registered at the hospital.
Dr Osborne drove to a nearby pharmacy where he handed over a second prescription without a name or address and obtained the drugs.
Earlier this week the GMC panel ruled that he had displayed dishonest and misleading behaviour in falsifying the name of Miss B.
He had earlier admitted acting inappropriately in relation to the private prescription and one for his then-girlfriend and a family member.
The GMC says doctors can only prescribe for family and friends in emergencies.
In all three cases, he failed to record the prescriptions in the personal records of the individuals and failed to inform their GPs.
In the time since being dismissed by the hospital, Dr Osborne had taken “positive steps to address both your conduct and your commitment to the medical profession,” the GMC heard.

Psychiatrist Adam Osborne – serious professional misconduct
Feb 23, 2010 London Evening Standard

George Osborne’s brother guilty of giving drugs to cocaine-addicted escort girl
Sophie Goodchild, Health Editor

The doctor brother of shadow chancellor was today found guilty of serious professional misconduct after prescribing drugs to a cocaine-addicted escort girl.
Dr Adam Osborne, 33, is facing career ruin after admitting he gave anti-psychotic drugs to the prostitute.
He told the General Medical Council he started a relationship with the woman – known as “Miss B” – because his long-term partner and now wife Rahala Noor was working away from home.
The hearing was told that Dr Noor’s absence left him feeling “isolated”.
The panel ruled that his fitness to practise was impaired by reason of misconduct and that he lacked insight into the seriousness of his behaviour in prescribing drugs without recording the prescriptions.
It will decide either tomorrow or later this week whether to strike him off or suspend him from practising as a doctor.
Dr Osborne, heir to the Osborne & Little wallpaper empire, wrote a prescription for the £150-an-hour prostitute – known as Miss B – using a false name.
When the psychiatrist, then a house officer, failed to obtain the drugs at the hospital pharmacy he took the “acutely psychotic” patient to another chemist where getting the medication was less difficult.
Dr Osborne said he met the woman in a “social setting” but he refused to tell the General Medical Council how many times he saw her between December 2007 and May 2008. In the space of a month he prescribed drugs to her without telling her GP or his employers at the Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester.
On the last occasion she was so ill she was seeing “spiders climb the wall”, the hearing was told. Later the same day he was expelled from trust premises after admitting his actions were “highly inappropriate”. The following month he admitted giving the Pill to his then girlfriend and an antismoking drug to a family member without recording the prescriptions.
The relationship with Miss B – then 21 – began with a phone call to a Manchester escort agency more than three years ago.
The ”girl” from the agency received instructions to visit Dr Osborne at the home he continues to share with Dr Noor in the Chorltonville area.
Dr Osborne, based at Wythenshawe Hospital while his wife worked at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire, then ”booked” the girl almost every week between October and December.
It is then claimed that they began to see each other privately, off the agency’s books, usually at her flat – allegedly paid for by Dr Osborne.
On Dr Osborne’s recommendation, Miss B also began working at Sandy’s Superstars, a well-known Manchester brothel in all but name, which boasts a choice of ”over ten ladies every day, curvy or slim, tall or petite”, aged between their early twenties and early forties, offering a ”full spectrum of specialties”.
One of its two ”branches” is situated behind permanently closed black shutters in a parade of shops in Northenden, a little over a mile from Wythenshawe Hospital.




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In the wake of the hearing, Dr Osborne’s personal website was taken down. His Linkedin page states that he has a special interest in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorders, depression and anxiety.

Dr Osborne currently runs Devonport Psychiatry, which is based in Marylebone, Central London, but is officially registered to his home address in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, which he shares with his wife Rahala Noor, a plastic surgeon.

On Friday, blinds were drawn at the £1.5 million terraced house, and although Dr Osborne was seen going in, he refused to answer the door. His Mercedes – with personalised number plates – was parked outside.
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TO THE MANOR OSBORNE; As slasher Chancellor Osborne makes life a misery for ordinary people, his unemployed and disgraced doctor brother buys pounds 1m house with help from dad.


CHANCELLOR George Osborne‘s disgraced brother has bought a pounds 1million townhouse – even though he doesn’t have a job.

Dr Adam Osborne, 34, was barred by the General Medical Council from working as a doctor for six months after he prescribed drugs to four people – two family members, a friend and a cocaine-addicted prostitute he had an affair with.

The financial support of baronet father Sir Peter enabled him to buy the four-storey house in West London.

But while big brother George is making swingeing public service cuts and declaring “we’re all in this together”, his family really are in a class of their own.

Despite not working and having two outstanding mortgages on his pounds 450,000 home in Chorlton, Manchester, Adam is settling into the four-bedroom terraced house, complete with an attic conversion, which cost around 13 times a doctor’s average salary.

Land Registry documents show the property was bought in July for pounds 1,025,000 with the help of his father Sir Peter Osborne who has a multi-million pound fortune as head of the upmarket Osborne & Little pounds 90-a-roll wallpaper firm, which fired 12 per cent of its staff last year. Sir Peter is named on the deeds along with Adam and his Muslim wife Rahala, a plastic surgeon for whom he converted to Islam in order to marry last year.

 It is not known how much each party paid for the property, but it is mortgaged with Barclays and the bank is likely to have required a cash deposit of at least 20 per cent or pounds 205,000. The Osbornes would also have been liable for stamp duty of pounds 41,000 – and they have not sold their current home.

Although Dr Osborne is not working – he would normally earn around pounds 80,000 a year – the couple could still get a mortgage of about pounds 400,000.

So it appears likely that Sir Peter’s millions – which are kept in a tax-effective family trust – have been used to either put down a deposit of pounds 500,000-plus, or to guarantee mortgage payments.

Dr Osborne resigned as a trainee psychiatrist at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester in May 2008 after he was accused of prescribing drugs to the prostitute and trying to use a false name.

He was later dismissed for gross misconduct. He was banned from practice but went on to work at the John Howard Centre in Hackney, East London, under strict supervision.

He was brought before the GMC in February and admitted prescribing drugs to a girlfriend, two family members and a friend.

He admitted an affair with the prostitute and falsifying information on her prescriptions. He blamed his behaviour on “considerable pressure on his public and personal life” and was found guilty of serious misconduct. He was accused of being “misleading” and “dishonest”.

Dr Osborne married Bangladeshi-born Rahala Noor, 31, in November.

The couple are thought to spend much of their time apart – Dr Osborne lives in London while his wife is based at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire.

DR Osborne had his work ban lifted on Friday after telling the GMC he had been on a “personal journey” since the scandal. A GMC panel said: “Over the last two years you have grown up a lot and taken responsibility for your actions.” They felt he was unlikely to repeat the behaviour.


THE family’s wealth comes from an upmarket wallpaper firm set up Sir Peter Osborne in 1967. Osborne & Little – which sells paper for up to pounds 90 a roll – is today worth around pounds 20million. According to the Parliamentary register of interests, George benefits from a trust fund with a 15 per cent stake in the firm, worth around pounds 3million. It is not known what Adam‘s situation is. Sir Peter is the 17th baronet of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon in Ireland. As eldest son, George will inherit the title.


George Osborne’s brother Adam has admitted having sex with vulnerable patient

Dr Adam Osborne has admitted he had an ‘irresponsible’ emotional and sexual relationship with the woman

The psychiatrist brother of Chancellor George Osborne is facing charges of misconduct after he admitted having sex with a vulnerable patient in his care.

Dr Adam Osborne appeared before the General Medical Council’s (GMC) disciplinary panel on Monday after he admitted engaging in an “inappropriate” emotional and sexual relationship with the woman between February 2011 and late 2014.

The woman, referred to as Patient A, had a history of mental ill health.

Dr Osborne admitted that he knew, or ought to have known, that the woman was a vulnerable patient because of her mental health history.

He admitted to sending inappropriate emails to Patient A between February 2014 and 2015 asking her to withdraw her complaint to the GMC against him.

He also admitted making threats to her and her family if she did not withdraw the complaint and accusing her of seducing him. 

This is not the first time Dr Osborne, who is currently suspended from practicing medicine, has been in trouble with the GMC since he qualified in 2004.

He was suspended for six months in 2010 after he was found to be writing false prescriptions for a girlfriend, a family member and an escort while working as a psychiatry trainee at a hospital in Manchester.

The GMC found that he had “behaved dishonestly” after attempting to acquire anti-psychotic medication for a cocaine addict who he had been seeing while his partner was away.

He was also disciplined for prescribing contraceptive pills to his then girlfriend now wife Rahala Noor and an anti-smoking drug to an unnamed family member.

The tribunal ruled his behaviour, which related to incidents between June 2006 and May 2008, impaired his fitness to practise.

The current hearing is due to last 10 days.

George Osborne’s psychiatrist brother begged his patient mistress not to report him just days after she tried to kill herself because it would ‘destroy me and my family’     9 Feb 2016

  • George Osborne‘s psychiatrist brother, Adam, begged his lover’s silence 
  • Dr Osborne, who was married, had a two-year affair with his patient
  • He had been treating her for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue
  • When he ended relationship, ‘threatened’ her to retract complaint to GMC
  • Said it ‘will destroy me and my family’ and viewed himself as the ‘victim’
  • The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) Fitness to Practise hearing is due to last 10 days 
Adam Osborne (pictured), who was married at the time of the 'inappropriate' emotional and sexual relationship, embarked on the two year-affair with his patient, who he had been treating for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigueAdam Osborne, who was married at the time of the ‘inappropriate’ emotional and sexual relationship, embarked on the two year-affair with his patient, who he had been treating for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue

George Osborne‘s psychiatrist brother begged his vulnerable patient mistress not to report him days after she tried to kill herself because it would ‘destroy’ his family, a disciplinary panel has heard.Dr Adam Osborne, who was married at the time, embarked on a two-year affair with his patient, who he had been treating for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue at a private practice in London.But after he broke off the relationship in February last year, he began making threats towards the woman if she did not retract the complaint she had made to the General Medical Council (GMC).Dr Osborne, who is five years younger than his Chancellor brother, did not attend the hearing as he has been on sick leave.The panel was told he had ‘blamed’ his patient and viewed himself as the ‘victim’. The tribunal is to make a decision on the allegation that the doctor’s fitness to practise is impaired by reason of misconduct.The tribunal heard how the woman, who was referred to as Patient A, also had problems with substance abuse and self-harm.She had been under Dr Osborne’s care at a private practice in central London between February 2011 and late 2014 and had been in a relationship with Dr Osborne for two years.

On February 6 2015, Dr Osborne ended the relationship

George Osborne’s psychiatrist brother had an inappropriate

Emails between the former lovers were read to the tribunal.

In one, Dr Osborne said: ‘We don’t seem to be able to live with one another and it’s destroying both of us and destroying any relationship that we once had.’

Patient A responded saying she was ‘confused’, adding ‘it seems to me like you are breaking it off’.She added: ‘Just please tell me the truth the way it is. I’m very much balancing on the edge and it’s so easy for me to tip over just now.’

Dr Osborne, who admits he knew, or ought reasonably to have known, the woman was a vulnerable patient because of her history of poor mental health, replied: ‘Yes I need to break from this relationship’.

George Osborne's (pictured) brother cannot practise as a doctor until the investigation is concluded

Two days later, on February 8, Patient A was admitted to hospital after taking an overdose.Hours earlier, she had disclosed details of the relationship to treating psychiatrist Dr Neil Boast, who had been Dr Osborne’s supervisor for a period.Representative for the GMC, Bernadette Baxter said: ‘Dr Osborne wanted to end the relationship with Patient A, the significance of this date is it was two days before she made a very serious attempt on her own life by taking alcohol and prescription drugs.’Ms Baxter said the woman had been a ‘high risk’ patient and the two triggers for the overdose had been the ‘stress’ of the relationship and an ongoing custody dispute with her partner over the custody of their two children.

Chancellor George Osborne's psychiatrist brother begged a vulnerable patient not to report him to a medical watchdog after he ended their affair

Chancellor George Osborne’s psychiatrist brother begged a vulnerable patient not to report him to a medical watchdog after he ended their affair

Following complaints to the GMC by Dr Boast and Patient A, Dr Osborne sent a ‘number of inappropriate emails’ to his former lover between 14 February and 24 February, urging her to withdraw the complaint.

One email said: ‘Please don’t do this to me, it will destroy me and my family in public.’

Representing the GMC, Bernadette Baxter said: ‘Patient A said on a number of occasions she wanted him to stop contacting her.’The emails ‘became more imploring’ and Dr Osborne was ‘highly manipulative’ in preying on the woman’s vulnerabilities.‘He sees himself very much as a victim. He is blaming the patient,’ she said.

The tribunal was told that there had also been contact between Patient A – who no longer lives in the UK – and Dr Osborne’s wife, Rahala Noor, a plastic surgeon who he married in 2009.

The pair met as undergraduates at St Andrews University, Fife, before going on to study medicine together at Manchester University. 

Counsel for Mr Osborne, Julian Woodbridge, said his client had been on sick leave.Reading a letter to the tribunal, he said: ‘Dr Osborne accepts that he did engage in an inappropriate relationship with the patient, Patient A, and he apologises for his conduct in this respect.’Dr Osborne also accepts that after he tried to end the relationship he did subsequently send a number of inappropriate emails in a moment of panic. Again he apologises and much regrets any further distress.’Dr Osborne had his licence suspended by the GMC last year after the accusation was made by the patient, who is married with two children.It meant he could not practise again until the case was resolved.The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) Fitness to Practise hearing is due to last 10 days.This is not the first time Dr Osborne, who qualified as a doctor in 2004, has been embroiled in scandal for medical failings.In 2010 he was suspended from practising medicine for six months after writing fraudulent prescriptions for a girlfriend, a family member and an escort girl whilst a psychiatry trainee at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.It was found Dr Osborne had ‘behaved dishonestly’ after attempting to obtain anti-psychotic medication for a cocaine-addicted woman he had been seeing while his partner was away.As a result, the tribunal at the time said the misconduct – which related to incidents between June 2006 and May 2008, impaired his fitness to practise.Dr Osborne is the youngest brother of the Chancellor and one of four sons born to Sir Peter Osborne – who co-founded the wallpaper company Osborne & Little – and artist’s daughter Felicity Loxton-Peacock.

Dr Adam (Mohammed) Osborne -Sex Drugs and Rock-n-Roll


Friday, 12 Feb 2016



Dr Adam Osborne (above) is the brother of George Osborne, the UK’s finance minister, who hopes to be the next UK prime minister.The Osbornes are part of the old Anglo-Irish aristocracyIn 2008, it was reported by the media that Adam Osborne had given drugs to his lover – a 21-year-old cocaine-addicted prostitute.

Doctors are forbidden from prescribing drugs to friends.The prostitute revealed that Adam Osborne had met her at a Manchester brothel called ‘Sandy’s Superstars’.

Google no longer able to show certain pages about Adam Osborne converting to Islam

In 2009, Adam Osborne became a Moslem, and renamed himself Mohammed, in order to marry Rahala Noor, who was born in Bangladesh.

George Osborne’s brother becomes a Muslim.

Adam Osborne, a psychiatric doctor, has been a specialist in psychiatric care at the John Howard Centre – a mental health unit in Hackney, East London. Adam Osborne was educated at the spooky St Andrews University and at Manchester University. Adam met Rahala at St Andrews University. dailymail

Adam Osborne’s brother George Osborne, the UK finance minister, has been photographed with a vice madam.

In 2011, Adam Osborne took one of his patients as a lover.

In February 2016, Dr Adam Osborne was banned from being a doctor.


A few years ago, Adam Osborne set up his own company, Elitemed Ltd, and began to see patients privately. dailymail

George Osborne with Natalie Rowe, a vice madam, in 1994   mirror.co.uk/ 

In the photo above we see UK cabinet minister George Osborne and prostitute Natalie Rowe.Natalie, a former teenage runaway, ran the Black Beauties escort agency and used the name ‘Miss Whiplash’ and ‘Mistress Pain’.
Reportedly, among her clients were four top members of the Conservative party, a bank chief executive and a ‘world famous’ television host mirror.co.uk/

George Osborne, aka Gideon Osborne, is a top man in the UK government and in Bilderberg.

George Osborne has been linked to Nat Rothschild, oligarch Oleg Deripaska and financial shenanigans.

 George Osborne was allegedly a regular guest at parties dominatrix Natalie Rowe organised at her flat in the early 1990s.

Natalie Rowe has written an autobiography soon to be published. On 2 October 2013, police officers armed with a battering ram burst into Natalie’s London flat.

 The police claimed they were looking for drugs. No drugs were found in the two-hour search. Natalie Rowe says the police questioned her about her  forthcoming autobiography. The book is expected to make ­embarrassing new claims about George Osborne mirror.co.uk/ 

In 1994, a photo emerged which showed George Osborne and Natalie alongside what is alleged to be a line of cocaine.

The photo above was taken “at a party to celebrate her getting ­pregnant by her aristocratic boyfriend William Sinclair.”


Natalie met George Osborne through William Sinclair, a descendent of one of Britain’s biggest landowners.

Sinclair and Osborne were both members of Oxford University’s notorious Bullingdon Club.

Natalie Rowe’s path from teenage – Telegraph

The Bullingdon Club, whose members have included David Cameron, Nat Rothschild and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Natalie Rowe states: “It was definitely cocaine on the table. 

“I said to George jokingly, ‘When you are Prime Minister one day, I will have all the dirty goods on you’ – and he laughed.”

Natalie Rowe states that Osborne and Sinclair “found the paddles and the whips, the chains and the handcuffs.

“But they found it quite amusing.”

George Osborne, Andy Coulson

The police raid on Natalie’s flat happened two days after it was first reported she was planning to publish and serialise her book.

Natalie reports: “I was dressed only in my knickers and a top! They went through all my drawers…”

 They also examined documents relating to Natalie’s book.  Mirror



Vulnerable patient of Adam Osborne describes ‘trauma’ of relationship that led to him being struck off

Patient A says the psychiatrist played on her feelings of being ‘unloved’

Sun 14 Feb 2016

The vulnerable patient with whom George Osborne’s psychiatrist brother had a sexual relationship has described the extent of trauma she suffered.

Adam Osborne has been banned from practising as a doctor by the General Medical Council following a relationship with a patient described as emotionally vulnerable and chronically depressed.

Known only as Patient A, she has outlined the level of dependency she placed on him, which she says contributed to her own marriage breakdown.

She told the MailOnline: “I have long had a feeling of being unloved and he played on that to make me feel I was only loved by him.

“It was the first time in my life that I felt this, which was stupid because my partner and my parents loved me much more, but he said the right things and I became more and more dependent on him.”

Dr. Adam Osborne, brother of Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, arrives at Liberty House for his grilling by the GMC in 2010

The relationship aroused the suspicions of her husband, who moved out of the family home and began a custody battle for their children.

Mr Osborne wanted her to live with him in a polygamous arrangement with his wife, according to the MailOnline.

“If I was speaking in therapy and something was annoying me about my partner, even though they were the normal things that happen between couples, he would make comments like ‘I don’t understand why you are still together'”, she said.

Osborne also acted as a witness in the divorce proceedings proving Patient A was capable of looking after them – before eventually “ending” the relationship and prompting her to attempt suicide.

“I did not want to live any more and the only way I could not feel the pain any more was not to exist. I decided to kill myself,” she told the MailOnline.

On Thursday, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) ruled that his fitness to practise was impaired due to misconduct and found that his behaviour was “profoundly unacceptable” .

The doctor, who is five years younger than the Chancellor, was not present at the four-day misconduct hearing in Manchester but did admit he knew – or ought to have known – the woman was a “vulnerable patient” because of her history.

The tribunal heard how he had been treating the woman – referred to as Patient A – at a private clinic in London for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue before he embarked on the affair. She also had a history of substance abuse and self-harm.

They were in an emotional and sexual relationship between 2013 and February 2015 before he broke it off.

Chairman of the tribunal Dr Nigel Callaghan said: “The tribunal does not consider that Dr Osborne’s actions are easily remediable. This was not a fleeting relationship but sustained over a period of two years.

“Dr Osborne attempted to persuade Patient A to withdraw the complaint by sending inappropriate emails to her over a 10-day period when he knew she had taken an overdose, and was therefore in a particularly vulnerable and fragile state.

“The tribunal regards Dr Osborne’s behaviour as profoundly unacceptable and undermines the public’s confidence in the medical profession.”




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