Trial of Fr THOMAS SEED #FortAugustus {updated daily}

25th MAY 2017


‘I’m no monster’ Monk accused of belting schoolboys until they bled

24th MAY 2017

Two more former pupils at Fort Augustus school give evidence

23rd MAY 2017


22nd MAY 2017

Father Seed of Brora on trial denying eight charges of physical




4 thoughts on “Trial of Fr THOMAS SEED #FortAugustus {updated daily}

  1. It almost tares my heart out as it comes flooding back, thinking about the inquiries and who have been excluded. The emotions and pain of the betrayal will it ever stop?

    1. Aye. It’s all so awful.
      I have no idea how survivors cope. I’m not sure i could. The way they are treated in this country is absolutely disgusting. They are being ignored & ridiculed by ScotGov who are WITHOUT DOUBT taking the piss with the so called “Inquiry”
      Every survivor i’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to is in absolute credit to themsel & to this country
      & I consider mysel honoured to be friends with many.
      Their courage, strength & determination is inspirational. The masses would do well to take a leaf out of their book.
      It’s thanks to the survivors that people like me know the truth & can try to help fight.
      Not only for justice for them. But for all our children who are being abused now & for future generations.
      The truth about Fort Augustus has not come out.. Not fully.
      To me, the fact that Savile was a REGULAR visitor means we have to ask if his best royal pals also visited.
      & what about the satanic aspect Savile was involved in? Is that relevent to Fort Augustus?
      Either or both of the above would explain why all of a sudden they decided to disclude it from Inquiry
      But we may never know the full truth.
      Survivors may never get justice
      & the abuse will carry on while the masses stick their head in the sand.
      Well, regardless of the outcome.
      I REFUSE to take this shit lying down.
      I stand alongside survivors & will do my utmost to help anyway i can.
      Right now that means i am writing a polite but strongly worded letter to my MP demanding to know wtf he is doing about it all.
      (My MP is also the MP for Fort Augustus as i live in same constituency!!)
      It won’t make a blind bit of difference but i am damned if i aint gonnae make him squirm.
      & while i may not be able to change things, I can be onehellava thorn in the side of those who can but won’t!!
      Look after yersel & thank you for taking the time to comment.
      WildCat. xx

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