TIMELINE: (Satanic) Paedo's and Cover-Ups Everywhere #pizzagate #pgww

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This list is created to show the magnitude and presence of (un)related (satanistic) child abuse cases and their possible cover up’s around the world. I will update this list, please revise and contribute.
One of the most important excisting lists of these things is provided by Lori Handrahan https://responsiblebusiness.co/daniel-rosen-s-arrest-1f7befb1762c#.g1wgmh8yr . This article offers an extensive insight in political elites involved and/or convicted of child abuse. I might include all of these examples, but not now :-p

The format

  • Period – Timeframe of case
  • Name / Case
  • Location – World, Continent, Country, City
  • Title of MSM article MSM (Main Stream Media) for obvious reason that people trust these
  • ARCHV – Archive of MSM article
  • VID – video, either documentary or news article
  • ALT – alternative – well sourced non-MSM article
  • VOAT – Link to VOAT thread about case which provides further info and show links to PG



STOLEN: FOUR SCOTTISH CHILDREN. Docherty Interviews & Transcript

  1. WORLDWIDE #Satanism #Pedophilia & #ChildTrafficking: #Clinton #Royals & #VIPaedo {Part 1}
  2. WORLDWIDE #Pedophilia & #ChildTrafficking: #UK #US #Govt #EU #Royals & #VIPaedo {Part 2}
  3. The REAL story #pizzagate {Part 3} #UK #Satanism #ChildTrafficking #VIPaedo
  5. TIMELINE: (Satanic) Paedo’s and Cover-Ups Everywhere 
  6. #Pizzagate for Dummies
  7. #pizzagate: The Magestic Apes, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus & George Michael? #pgww
  8. Cannibalism, Baby Eaters, Blood Drinking, Satanic Rituals & The Genome Project
  9. LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN! #pizzagate #WhistleblowerKids
  10. *PLEASE WATCH* #pizzagate & the #UK connection. #WhistleblowerKids
  11. #Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: #UK is run by #Satanists #pizzagate
  14. Joining The Dots

Findhorn Foundation & Scotland

  2. FINDHORN FOUNDATION  Survivor Speaks Out {part 5}
  3. Raddery for “emotionally disturbed” children, Findhorn, Orkney, Savile, Military & Kitezh #pizzagate
  4. Argyle & Bute: Oban, Lunga & Erraid
  5. Findhorn Foundation UNITAR & CIFAL
  6. Findhorn: Moray Paedophiles #pizzagate
  7. What is Scotland’s Problem?
  8. Aquino, Paedophila, Satanism, PsyOps, Nukes & Scotland
  9. Satanic Scotland
  10. Sculptor’s Cave near Gordonstoun. Evidence of VERY RECENT satanic ritual. {17.10.16}

Survivor Speaks Out Series

  1. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 1}
  2. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 2}
  3. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 3}
  4. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 4} Disney, Hollywood & Music
  5. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 5} Holographic Disclosure
  6. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 6}
  7. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 7} Simple Truth of #Psychiatry by P.Breggin MD
  8. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 8} 
  9. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 9} #VIPaedo. UK MP’s, Pop Stars, Royals etc
  10. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 10} Esoteric Agenda  
  11. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {part 11} #ChildrenOfGod Cult aka #TheFamily aka #GreatWhiteBrotherhood
  12. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {part 12} SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE #pizzagate
  13. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 13} The 9th Circle
  14. Perhaps You Should Watch These? {Part 14} Bill Cooper’s Mystery Babylon


6 thoughts on “TIMELINE: (Satanic) Paedo's and Cover-Ups Everywhere #pizzagate #pgww

  1. I’m saving this to disk. My thinking as I hear about the abuse of boys in UK football and Penn State USA Jerry Sandusky, is that as an auditor for LL Bean, world class mail order company, I learned all about random sampling and how you needed to check/audit at least 5% to get figures that represent a number of errors likely to be present in the other 95% of packaged that go out the door. I see this 2 ways in sexual abuse of children.
    The amount of examples we have to the so called historic (far in the past) reports, of which there are many if we count individuals and not just a singular place or event.
    How many more can be assumed, based on what is already exposed from the past!
    Add to this difficulty is that there is so much support for coverup, within governments and intelligence agencies, as well as the media, orphanages. If all these sources all work together, how does that effect the grand totals?
    And then I have a 3rd category, if not a 4th one, too.
    I will call these persistent rumors, signs and symbols that represent the biggest contributors to coverups, secrecy, and sinister operations such as secret societies, intelligence agencies, cults and religions, As an example to compare, if police in a particular city in Maine USA find what they term as drug paraphernalia, such as paper for rolling joints, or a pipe or bong, or small plastic bags and the like, then they are fined with a summons. So if we find things that indicate associations with keen interest in children that has any suggestion of sex or violence, potentially, this could be considered as good cause for a serious investigation. How much do we see of this stuff. Actually, when we consider the vast field of entertainment, including possible song lyrics and/or videos, etc. Most of the industry would belong in prison.
    AS best as I can tell, there is a level now, all things combines, to suggest this is at extreme epidemic proportions.
    And then we have vast numbers of children gathered up from big cities like NYC in the 19th century and shipped to rural places to work on farms. These were called Orphan Trains linked to the right>> http://truth1.org/sat-a-g-1.htm#Some%20History
    I believe it is perfectly reasonable that if these children were obtained primarily for labor and with little to no concern for emotions and tender affection so other wise absent in these poor abandoned kids, as is documented often, that we can easily assume that sexual abuse was also included often, Out in rural America, what could stop them?
    We have learned enough to know how good-old-boy networks work. We know about corporate politics and cliques and alliances. If we add all things up, the sum scale of likelihood goes thru the roof and into the stratosphere. Its the worst crisis in world history. As well, as I gather info from some bible history regarding the pagan practices of Canaan, there is clear evidence of all sorts of veil practices that include those against children. God was extremely harsh in punishment of anyone carrying out the pagan atrocities. It seems the world has always been plagued with these..
    Just as Empire have gown ever bigger and more ominous, so has the problem of extreme child sex abuse, labor, violent abuse. Even in this post, I have not quantified anything but still can show how bad it must be.
    What I can say is that most people are not worthy of being able to reproduce; adequately and reasonably as well as optimally.

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