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Published  Apr 23, 2016 last update Aug 13th 2017

Former top cop John Mauger cleared of shoplifting charges

A FORMER top Scots policeman has spoken of his relief after being cleared of shoplifting charges.

Ex-Police Scotland assistant chief constable John Mauger had been accused of taking three steaks worth £56.83 from a Tesco store in Colchester.

But the case has been thrown out just weeks after The Sunday Post revealed the toll that a five-year whistleblowing battle with Police Scotland had taken on Mr Mauger.

He had always maintained his innocence and has now been cleared after the Crown Prosecution Service and Mr Mauger’s defence team completed separate psychiatric reports.


Prosecutors said it was not in the public interest to proceed with this case and Judge David Goodin returned a formal not guilty verdict. Mr Mauger said: “When I went shopping in March 2016, it was just another day on gardening leave that has existed for me in one form or another for over the previous six years.

“People might think that is nice but the reality of being shunned by former work colleagues and your employer for being a whistleblower is rather different.

“I went shopping for some steak and found myself being arrested for shoplifting a variety of items which in fact had been in my pockets when I left home.

“The shop CCTV system failed to capture me stealing anything else but did record my strange behaviour which has subsequently been confirmed as symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with stress created by my gardening leave issues.

“Both my family and I have been affected by this saga and I feel sorry for many of my erstwhile colleagues who have to grin and bear similar treatment when they challenge the system in Scotland.”

Speaking to The Sunday Post last month, Mr Mauger – who was at the third-highest level in the force hierarchy before retiring earlier this year – condemned the decision to allow the Old Firm game to go ahead on Hogmanay as “absolute madness”.   https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/former-top-cop-cleared-of-shoplifting-charges/    https://archive.is/AUwM0


PHIL GORMLEY. Scotland’s TOTALLY CORRUPT Police Chief. https://spidercatweb.blog/2016/01/05/meet-scotlands-newest-chief-of-police-phil-gormless-gormley/ 

14 June 2016   RECLAIMING MOTION BY JOHN STEWART MAUGER AGAINST THE CHIEF CONSTABLE OF POLICE SCOTLAND AND THE SCOTTISH POLICE AUTHORITY  https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/search-judgments/judgment?id=4cb916a7-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7  https://archive.is/diZsQ  


22 APR 2016

Former police officer John Mauger charged with stealing batteries and football stickers from Tesco in Highwoods

Police chief who spent three years on paid leave suspended after being accused of shoplifting 

JOHN Mauger was cleared of misconduct after a three-year probe but has been suspended amid new allegations he stole football cards and batteries from a Tesco.

A TOP cop has been suspended after he was detained on suspicion of shoplifting and giving police a false name and address. Assistant chief constable John Mauger was arrested after security guards in a Tesco store accused him of attempting to steal batteries and football cards. The 54-year-old is on gardening leave from Police Scotland following a legal battle with bosses.

READ MORE: Top Scots cop put on gardening leave as probe launched into his behaviour

Mauger was taken to a police station in Colchester, Essex, following the alleged incident last month and interviewed by officers. It’s understood he was confronted by a security guard, who claimed he found the items in his pocket. The Scottish Police Authority suspended Mauger when they were informed of the allegations.

The Record broke the news of Mauger’s misconduct in 2010

Mauger lost a legal challenge over his security status earlier this year, which he was stripped of after he borrowed £250,000 three years ago from convicted criminal Brian Rix. The Court of Session was told Mauger tried to “minimise” the extent of their relationship and claimed the money was for home improvements.

He was cleared of misconduct in May 2014 and returned to work at the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan, Fife, after more than three years on paid leave.

READ MORE: Police chief branded ‘confrontational and disruptive’ back at work following £1m inquiry into his conduct

Mauger lost a civil action against the police over the downgrading of his security status but has appealed the ruling and will learn the outcome next month.

A spokesperson for the SPA said: “We have taken the decision to place a senior officer on suspension.” Found here DailyRecord

Police Professional :: News :: Suspended chief officer   28 Apr 2016

<b><i>John Mauger is charged with shopliftingJohn Mauger is charged with shoplifting

A suspended assistant chief constable has been charged with shoplifting after he allegedly stole batteries and football stickers from a local supermarket.

John Mauger, 54, was caught by security staff in Tesco Highwoods on March 15 having failed to pay for a number of items.

Details of the investigation were passed to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), following which he was immediately suspended from Police Scotland.

Mr Mauger was charged on Friday, April 22, and will appear before Colchester Magistrates’ Court next month.

Mr Mauger previously served with both the Metropolitan Police Service and Essex Police, where he worked as a superintendent.

He lost a legal challenge over his security status in January, which he was stripped of after borrowing £250,000 from convicted criminal Brian Rix in 2013.

He was cleared of misconduct and returned to work in May 2014 after spending more than three years on paid leave due to allegations of insubordination and inefficiency.

He later claimed he had not known of Rix’s criminal record at the time, which involved firearms offences, fraud and assault.

Mr Mauger has appealed against the court’s decision to restrict his access to confidential documents, and the outcome is due to be revealed early next month.

An SPA spokesperson said: “Following the receipt of information, the SPA has taken the decision to place a senior Police Scotland officer on suspension.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

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Police station ban for senior Scottish officer  28/09/2014

A top cop has been banned from every police station in Scotland after warning of a “climate of fear” in the force.

Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) John Mauger said he had been victimised after turning whistleblower with allegations of corruption against colleagues at Police Scotland.

The £115,000-a-year senior cop also publicly criticised the controversial move to allow hundreds of officers to carry firearms on routine duties.

In one extraordinary attack, he described Chief Constable Sir Stephen House’s attempt to justify the policy by citing the Dunblane massacre as “simply awful”. Now force chiefs have moved to remove his security clearance and told him not to attend any Police Scotland premises or access the force’s computers.

 Read in full SOURCE

Superintendent who refuses to wear shoes in office faces internal investigation 05.02.15

THE CASE of the shoeless superintendent is being probed in an internal Police Scotland investigation. The officer, who has not been identified, is also thought to be facing more serious allegations, the Herald reports today. One allegation is that he does not wear shoes in his office.

The case highlights concerns of over-zealous culture and procedures at Scotland’s national force.

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents revealed the case as it voiced concerns over “proportionality” of counter-corruption and professional standards investigations.

It follows the cause of a senior officer, John Mauger, an assistant chief constable who had been with Central Scotland Police, who was on gardening leave for two years in a £2 million probe over various allegations.

He was cleared of a series of allegations but found to have not been wearing his hat while on duty.  Read in full


Top officer ‘chaperoned to toilet’ at Police HQ

John Mauger was placed on leave in 2010 but returned to work at the Scottish Police College, Tulliallan, in 2013. Picture: TSPL

A SENIOR officer who is taking legal action against Police Scotland claims officers were tasked with following him to the toilet at the force’s headquarters.

John Mauger is using the courts to challenge a decision to refuse him management vetting clearance, which would allow him access to confidential police information.

Police Scotland has admitted assigning officers to accompany Mauger on a visit to its Stirling HQ in May, but denies they were acting as “chaperones”.

Mauger, 53, used a freedom of information request to obtain costs of the policing operation, which he claims involved officers following him and his legal counsel to the toilets.

The former assistant chief constable of Central Scotland Police was placed on leave in August 2010 while allegations understood to have included insubordination and inefficiency were investigated. He has since returned to work and is based at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan in Clackmannanshire. Read in full TheScotsman

Scots police with criminal convictions revealed

MORE than 1,700 Police Scotland officers and backroom staff – around one in 14 – have a criminal record, shock new figures have revealed.  Sun, Mar 1, 2015
The statistics came to light following a Freedom of Information request (FOI here) by embattled police chief John Mauger, who claims the force is unfairly trying to sack him.
It is understood the data will form part of the Assistant Chief Constable’s defence in his ongoing battle to keep his job. Police bosses believe his friendship with Kent music promoter Brian Rix, who has historic weapons, assault and dishonesty convictions, could be used to “discredit” the force. But Mr Mauger, 51, who informed colleagues in Scotland as soon as he learned of Rix’s criminal record, claims he is being punished for following protocol.
A source close to the alienated officer said: “John is making the point that he followed procedure and reported his friendship with this associate, while he was regularly rubbing shoulders with 1,700 other convicted criminals, without even knowing about it.”

According to the Police Scotland response, 1,737 serving officers and police staff have a conviction or a case against them pendingThat includes 14 officers suspended over allegations ranging from rape, assault and abduction to perverting the course of justice, fire-raising and racismIt is understood the “vast majority”, however, relate to minor crimes, such as speeding and other traffic offences. However, the figure still represents around seven per cent of the 23,547-strong force, which is made up of 17,477 officers and 6,070 staff. In addition, six officers were dismissed last year over serious offences.

 Mr Mauger served with the now defunct Central Scotland force and was cleared of misconduct last May after spending three years on £115,000-a-year gardening leave.

He had faced accusations of failing to wear his hat while on duty, failing to fill in vetting forms properly, badmouthing fellow officers and filing project plans late. After finally returning to work last May, he declared his friendship with millionaire Rix, who was sentenced to community service for possessing a stun gun in May 2000 and in 1993 was given 28 days in jail for having a loaded shotgun in public. He also has convictions for assault, dishonesty and handling stolen goods dating back to the Seventies. Following his admission, Mr Mauger had his security clearance revoked and is currently off work on annual leave. The Scottish Police Authority, which oversees the single force, insists Mr Mauger should be dismissed under Police Scotland rules. However, he is adamant that the regulations differ to those in place when he was initially hired by Central Scotland Police. He claims he is the victim of a “witch hunt” and is contesting the case, vowing to take it to the highest court.Read in full Express

Top cop whistle-blower John Mauger is desperate to get his old job back 07/12/2014

A top cop who has been on an enforced holiday since September has begged the Justice Secretary to help him get back to work.

Assistant Chief Constable John Mauger is picking up nearly £10,000 a month for doing nothing after being banned from every police station in Scotland for speaking out against the controversial move to allow hundreds of officers to carry firearms on routine duties. ACC Mauger has not been suspended, but is “on leave”.

The whistle-blower has now written to Justice Secretary Michael Matheson and Holyrood’s Justice Committee to beg them to start a probe into why he’s been blocked from working if he has no disciplinary action against him. The officer only returned to work last year after a lengthy gardening leave, which began in June 2010, and an internal investigation which cleared him of any wrongdoing in relation to misconduct allegations concerning another matter which was levied against him.

Former senior police officer and Labour’s Justice spokesman Graeme Pearson said: “It is a situation which must be without precedent, but seems to be getting worse. Somebody has to get a grip of this. The new Justice Secretary doesn’t have to interfere with any decision-making process, but he can make sure something is done.”

Mauger was Assistant Chief Constable of now-defunct Central Scotland Police when he was put on gardening leave in 2010 amid allegations of insubordination and inefficiency. He was off work for three years while that investigation was carried out. The senior cop eventually returned to work in the new single force in July after being cleared of any wrongdoing. Taxpayers have paid well in excess of £1 million for his leave and legal fees. A newly-released SPA report shows the allegations were thrown out because they felt there was not enough evidence to back up the complaint.  Read in full SundayPost

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