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MOUNTBATTEN: THE WAR HERO WHO PRAYED ON BOYS. by Ian Dougall in Melbourne, 8 Sept 1987

EXTRACT  “Nield, 65, claims the admiral, who his close staff referred to as L.L., paid him five pounds a week to reward his silence and discretion. A princely sum for a humble rating then on pay of 3s 6d – 36 cents a day.

Lord Mountbatten used brandy and lemonade to help seduce his young victims, Nield claims.
“On several occasions I had to take it to him in his room at the house when he was with a boy,” he said.

He also claims he saw Lord Mountbatten in bed with a prostitute and two teenage girls who tried unsuccessfully to seduce him for more than an hour.
“L.L. at first went into his bedroom with the two young girls. They were 17 and 18,” Nield said.”

EXTRACT “Barbara Harris always brought some clothing like that for a baby girl but outsize – large enough, in fact, for one of these boys to wear,” Nield said.

“Obviously it had been specially made and she would hand it to L.L. with the boy. In the beginning I didn’t see what went on in the room but didn’t have to be a genius to guess what was going on.”

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FBI FILES: LORD MOUNTBATTEN WAS A PAEDOPHILE. Prince Charles’ mentor Lord Mountbatten was ‘a homosexual with a perversion for young boys’, FBI files claim https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9745399/lord-mountbatten-fbi-dossier-prince-charles/

VICEROY’S HOUSE UNVEILED Bed-hopping royals, a French mistress, torrid affairs and a shocking love triangle with India’s first PM… we reveal real story of Viceroy’s house. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/2998118/bed-hopping-royals-a-french-mistress-torrid-affairs-viceroys-house/

Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later. Warden of Kincora Joseph Mains trafficked the boys to Mountbatten´s Classiebawn Castle in Ireland. Mains provided 2 boys that were sexually abused by Mountbatten. A third Kincora boy, Stephen Waring, died in November 1977 of a reported suicided a couple of months after he had been molested 4 times by Mountbatten at age 16. Richard Kerr was sent on 2 trips to England with Steven Waring. Kerr has talked about what had happened to Waring.

Mountbatten’s chauffeur Ron Perks often drove him to the Red House gay brothel used by “senior naval officers” near Rabat in Malta. One senior Garda officer told Village that he had heard disturbing rumours about Mountbatten’s sexual activities. Another Garda intelligence source says that when he was living in India, Mountbatten had a 14-year-old boy to satisfy his sexual pleasures. https://villagemagazine.ie/index.php/2019/08/a-kincora-boy-abused-by-mountbatten-committed-suicide-a-few-months-late/


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