The Edinburgh Seven: EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM {Part 1}

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The Edinburgh Seven: Part 1 ~ EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM  

BRITAIN The Key To World History. Part 2 ~ EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM 


Edinburgh. Architecture, Monuments & Statues

Charlie, Scathach & Cu Chulainn 


Gaelic & Hebrew 

Above is the Map of the ”12 Tribes of Israel” all inside of the Borders an Boundaries of Scotland ”Judea” this Map here shows the Sections and Divisions all laid out in Different Regions of Scotland ”Judea”. The ”Hyperborean Hebrew / Atlantean Israelite Tribes” known as (”Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin”) all laid out in the ”Scottish Landscapes” within the Mountains of Scotland and the Valleys of Scotland as well. All of the ”12 Tribes of Israel” were all Located in Scotland.
In these two vids I kinda talk you through the basics of what is in this blog.

According to Beaumont,

The city that is in the ”Middle East” IS NOT the real City of Jerusalem. That city is NOT the real Holy and Sacred City of Ancient Biblical Israel. NOT the True Holy and Sacred City of the ”HEBREW SCRIPTURES” this is none other then a FAKE FABRICATED CITY created by ROME and the ROMAN EMPIRE itself an Embodiment of Lies and Deceit over the Eyes of the WHOLE WORLD.

Beaumont’s book details the map of Edinburgh /Jerusalem as it was. 

BRITAIN The Key To World History. EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM (appendix C)  https://spidercatweb.blog/key-to-world-history/

  • The citadel being Edinburgh Castle on the impregnable rock of 3 precipitous sides – more ably conforms to biblical descriptions than our current understanding of the citadel in Jerusalem in Palestine.
  • The Dung Gate corresponds with the Cowgate in Edinburgh
  • Mount of Olives was Arthurs Seat
  • Holyrood Palace was the Palace of Cedars
  • and Joppa has always been a port of Edinburgh.
  • Golgotha was Gogar
  • The Temple Mount


(For those who don’t know Edinburgh, this is a very small area, approx 1 sq mile)

ZMAP ONE                                  MAP TWO

  • HOLY~ROOD is also name o our Parliament building in Edinburgh
  • The ROYAL Mile in Edinburgh
  • PRINCES Street in Edinburgh
  • Prince Philip ~ DUKE OF EDINBURGH


  1. Calton Hill   MAP
  2. Castle Rock   MAP
  3. Arthur’s Seat   MAP
  4. Braid Hill   MAP
  5. Blackford Hill   MAP
  6. Craiglockhart Hills  MAP
  7. Corstorphine Hill  MAP

KING ARTHUR https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Arthur

ARTHUR’S SEAT Edinburgh VOLCANO  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur%27s_Seat

EDINBURGH CASTLE VOLCANO PLUG https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edinburgh_Castle#Pre-history_of_the_Castle_Rock
Matthew 5:14  New International Version (NIV)

 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” SOURCE   

Could that mean volcano?





IS KING JAMES VI of Scotland


“And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space”

“James VI and I (1566–1625), sponsor of the eponymous Bible translation, reigned as King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England and Ireland”



        LAMB  MAP 


WATCH Uri visits lamb  part one part two


Aangirfan Geller & Mossad CIA Mind Control  http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/yuri-geller-and-mossad-cia-mind-control.html?m=1



MAP ONE                                              MAP TWO

Allt Na Reigh =  JIMMY SAVILE!





Bonnie Prince Charlie's stone found in grandmother's rockery

Jacobite rising of 1745  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobite_rising_of_1745

“AN historic Scottish stone which dates back to the 18th Century and has links to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite Rebellion has been uncovered in a Hartlepool garden. The Glenfinnan Stone, an iconic Scottish relic that dates back to 1745, was discovered in a rockery in Marine Crescent, on the Headland, after disappearing 20 years ago.”

“The boulder, which measures more than 12-inches in diameter, was used by Bonnie Prince Charlie to mark the start of his uprising on August 19, 1745, that ended in the bloody battle of Culloden, near Inverness. The legend of Bonnie Prince Charlie A hole in the weather-worn rock’s centre is said have been hewn out to support a staff around 16ft-high on which Prince Charlie unfurled his white standard at Glenfinnan.”

“After 1745 the rock remained in a knoll near the famous Glenfinnan Monument on the shores of Loch Shiel until it strangely disappeared in 1989.” http://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/historic-scottish-stone-found-in-hartlepool-garden-1-1035056


The Monument was erected in 1815 by Alexander MacDonald of Glenaladale as a tribute to the loyal Jacobites who rallied behind Bonnie Prince Charlie in his attempt to regain the British crown for the Stuarts in the 1745 uprising.  James VII of Scotland and II of England had early lost the crown in the ‘Revolution of 1688’ for his insistence of the divine rights of the monarchy and religious freedom for Roman Catholics. https://www.moidart.com/history-moidart/glenfinnan-monument

Jacobite Steam Train & Glenfinnan Viaduct watch

HARRY POTTER & The Philosopher’s Stone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher%27s_Stone


WEST HIGHLAND WAY   The 154Km (96miles) Route starts at Milngavie passes through Mugdock Country Park, follows the shores of Loch Lomond, passing Ben Lomond, through Glen Falloch and Strathfillan, crossing Rannoch Moor, past Buachaille Etive Mor to the head of Glencoe, climbing the Devil’s Staircase, descending to  the Loch Leven before entering Lairigmor and Glen Nevis and finishes at Gordon Square in Fort William.

It passes VERY CLOSE to ALEXANDRIA  MAP  Nothing Egyptian there then eh?!

PONTIUS PILATE WAS A SCOT  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontius_Pilate

From out of remote Glen Lyon, the longest glen in Scotland, has come an intriguing oral tradition that Pontius Pilate was born in the hamlet of Fortingall, which lies at the entrance to this dramatic and picturesque highland glen. This ancient tradition also claims that Pontius Pilate was related to the Scots King, Metallanus, whose royal seat was located on a hill fort called Dun Geal (the White Fort) at Fortingall.
According to the ancient Scots Chronicles, Metallanus was on good terms with the government of Caesar in Rome. Local tradition records a Roman camp at Fortingall and perhaps a clue as to its presence there may be found in the Latinised name of the Scots King, Metallanus. For it is known that the mining of metal ores, such as iron, took place in this area in past times and no doubt the Romans would have been particularly interested in accessing these metals. In nearby Glen Lyon is to be found an old bridge which traditionally has been known as the Roman Bridge.
Could Pontius Pilate have eventually come to Rome as a result of this Scottish Roman connection? Later being appointed the Roman Procurator of Judea at the time of the crucifixion of Christ. Curiously, one of the oldest military regiments in the British Army is the Royal Scots, who claim to be descended from Pontius Pilate’s bodyguard, thus providing another Scoto-Roman link with the Pilate Scottish enigma.
At Caesaria in Palestine is to be found an ancient stone slab which is called the Pilate Stone due to a Latin inscription inscribed upon it which appears to read Hiberieum Pontius Pilatus”. At the time of Pilate the gaelic northerly regions of the British Isles, including Ireland, were known to the Romans as Hibernia. Does this Latin inscription reinforce the story that Pontius Pilate originally came from Scotland according to the old Glen Lyon oral tradition?
As an aside, could it be that Pontius Pilate was schooled in the Celtic Druid tradition so prevalent in Scotland at that time? The Druid motto was “Truth against the world”. Does this explain Pilate asking Jesus “What is truth?”, possibly a Druidic password given by one initiate to another? With His possible association with the Druids during His legendary visits to Britain, perhaps Jesus responded with a secret sign, hence His apparent non verbal reply as indicated in the Gospel of John
http://sacredconnections.co.uk/index.php/pontius-pilate-a-scot/  http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/usbiography/p/pontiuspilate.html
FORTINGALL, GLEN LYON,  PERTHSHIRE, SCOTLAND https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortingall  http://www.highlandperthshire.com/regions/aberfeldy/fortingall.aspx
WIKI QUOTE   “According to local legend, Pontius Pilate was born in its shade and played there as a child.[16]

BUY BEAUMOUNTS BOOKS (cheapest i have found so far!)   http://www.twelvearound1.com/cb5.html

PROPHECIES OF THE BRAHAN SEER https://spidercatweb.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/propheciesofbrah00mackuoft.pdf https://ia902708.us.archive.org/13/items/propheciesofbrah00mackuoft/propheciesofbrah00mackuoft.pdf
One of Beaumont’s books.  Britain-The-Key-To-World-History  PDF https://spidercatweb.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/2015-185295-britain-the-key-to-world-history.pdf 


BUY BEAUMOUNTS BOOKS (cheapest i have found so far!)   http://www.twelvearound1.com/cb5.html

Britain the Lost Atlantis DOWNLOAD  PDF https://spidercatweb.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/is-britain-the-lost-atlantis.pdf 11111

LOCH NELL ~ Serpent Mound  wiki

From historical records taken from ‘In the Hebrides’, by CF Gordon Cumming (1883) we know a little of the Loch Nell Serpent Mound, or Esker.
‘Loch Nell is found about two miles south-east of Oban. Nearby can be found an artificial mound shaped in a double curve like a serpent. There was a circle of stones on its ‘head’ which corresponds with the solar circles represented on the heads of mystic serpents in Egypt. There was once an altar at the centre of the circle. This serpent mound is similar to other serpent mounds found near Greenock and in Ireland. An early Celtic tribe of the Strathclyde area, the Damnonii, were known for serpent- and sun worship, and serpent worship was also common in Argyll.’  READ IN FULL http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=19474

10 thoughts on “The Edinburgh Seven: EDINBURGH v JERUSALEM {Part 1}

  1. For God’s sake people, don’t listen to this madman Beaumont, who is trying to rewrite thousands of years of well known history by saying the tribes of Israel were in Scotland. Maybe he is an Occult disinformation scammer or just a an ordinary madman trying to gain attention. The history of Israel and the tribes of Israel is well documented in the Bible, which is still the biggest selling book the world has ever known.
    False information is very damaging for survivors of SRA and CSA because it causes them great confusion in the healing journey, especially spiritual healing which is the only complete healing. Satan is known as the master of CONFUSION and Jesus Christ certainly was not murdered in Scotland

    1. I am assuming you haven’t read any of his work, because if you had you would know it’s not the bible Beaumont (nor I) is questioning!!
      It’s the subsequent manipulation of what is in the bible that is the point.
      We KNOW the powers that be have twisted history countless times before & that they have twisted SOME of what is in the bible.
      So I think its only reasonable that we question what we are told.
      I refuse to shut my mind to alternative accounts of history. As its blatantly obvious what we have been told is a heap of clap trap.
      & I do find it very strange how many “coincidences” there are.
      Beaufort offers one explaination.
      I dont know if it is true.
      *Hence me trying to work it out for myself*
      You don’t know for fact Beaumont’s wrong.
      As i don’t know for fact he is right.
      I would rather question what LIARS have told us to believe & risk being a fool. Than automatically believing the liars & risk being a narrow minded fool

      1. Hi Cat. You are saying you are basing your concerns on the fact that Beaumont claims to be writing from Bible knowledge, yet you have told me previously that you have not read the Bible. I have studied the Bible and ancient history, law etc and i know for a fact that his article you have blogged contains absolute lies and deception which does cause severe CONFUSION FOR SURVIVORS and others who are studying hard to gain true knowledge FOR THEIR PERSONAL NEEDS AND WELLBEING. If Beaumont’s insane claims were true the Zionist Jews, backed by Trump and May, the Royals etc would be Covetting Scotland as their so called hereditary nation and the Palestinians would not be getting forced off their land so the satanists can centralize the NWO around Jerusalem and the former Temple of Solomon. They are trying to complete the final Bible prophecies for themselves but they will fail miserably. Obviously you know nothing about these extremely important world issues and i hope will quickly gain personal knowledge for yourself and pull down posts with damaging deceptive false information which is designed to mislead the world people.
        Chapter 1 of Proverbs gives us strong warning about false knowledge, deception and the need for wisdom

        1. No thats not whst i am saying at all. I am basing my concerns on there bring an alarming amount of similarities between Jerusalem & Edinburgh. Enough to warrant me looking deeper.
          You say u “know for a fact” that his his article contains “absolute lies & deception”
          Fair enough. Where?
          If you can PROVE any of this wrong then of course i shall remove anything i know FOR FACT is wrong..
          & what exactly are you accusing me of doing to survivors?
          & as 4 the NWO coveting Scotland
          *THEY DO*
          Funny how they ALL own a bit o Scotland. & how 1st Masonic lodge is here & Edinburgh is masonic Capitol o the world
          & funny how Rosslyn Chapels here, stone of destiny is here, all the pyramids are here.
          Also funny how Gaelic is derived from Hebrew. Please feel free to explain how Gaelic is derived fom Hebrew!! (not just Scottish but Irish Welsh etc)
          Crowley, Cameron, Aquino – Scotland
          Thats before we start on all the supposed Scottish inventions Telephone TV Penicillin etc
          Or all the BIG authors that are Scots. Conan Doyle, Stevensone, Burns.
          The european royals are schooled here. (not just lizzys inbreeds)
          We have their god damn nukes sitting on the Clyde
          They’d be coveting Scotland?!
          The ENTIRE WORLD does on Hogmannay!!!
          Even the King James Bible…
          King James the VI of Scotland!!
          Instead of just coming here & being insulting..
          Why not prove me wrong?
          You explain how a piddly little country is ALWAYS at the fore front of everything.
          5million Scots, tiny wee country.
          So why do all the heads of state even know where Scotland is far less all visit here & own bits of it?
          While i may have only a very minimal knowledge of the bible.
          I guarantee I know Scotland better than u know the Bible.
          Who do you think you are trying to talk down to?
          I am not some “conspiracy theorist” or disinfo agent. Nor am i an idiot. So I would be grateful if you didn’t treat me as such.
          I have put my cards in the table. I blogged some stuff i think warrants looking deeper into. I am presenting what i find.
          You can put ur money where ur mouth is anytime you like.
          Show me what it is that you know “FOR A FACT” that proves me wrong.

          1. Hi Cat, for the sake of sanity and rational thinking, I suggest you read http://abob.libs.uga.edu/bobk/ccc/cc101797.html
            This link is from the link in your article post about madman Beaumont Occult theories.
            If you then still cannot discern for yourself that Beaumont was a man desperately wanting to make a name and money for himself by re-writing world history and placing many well known historical events from Europe, the Middle East, Africa etc into Scottish history, then you obviously don’t want to know the truth.
            Beaumont also converted to Catholicism which shows he must have been suffering confusion, as Catholicism was already well known to be a bastardized religion made up of a mixture of Satanism / Roman paganism with a small dose of Christianity.
            There are many truthful sites on the internet where you can find accurate history about the crazy claims made by Beaumont, such as http://humansarefree.com/2013/10/the-complete-history-of-freemasonry-and.html
            It would be easy for you to get to know the whole truth if you carefully studied the Bible but you don’t seem to want to do this, therefore confusion will remain.
            Cat, I have not called you an idiot. I have simply tried to help you find the truth so you can accurately know how to discern whether some of your blog posts are deceptive and misleading for survivors.

            1. Apologies for not publishing before now but for some reason your comment went in2 spam???
              & in reply…
              First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your very thinly veiled insults. “for the sake of sanity and rational thinking” REALLY?
              But I will leave aside your downright insulting rudeness to say this…
              IT IS NOT JUST BEAUMONT THOUGH IS IT?! What about authors Bigelo, Ritchie, Velikovsky, Peiser, Alfred de Grazia?? Do you consider them all madmen too?
              Cause they (amongst others) AGREE WITH BEAUMONT
              It was Beaumont that first realised that Shakespears works were actually written by Francis Bacon!! Which we know now THEY WERE
              In order to discredit him, apparently the “powers that be” decided to label Beaumont a “madman” & a “conspiracy theorist” (sounds oh so familiar doesnt it?!!)
              & as you can see here
              Beaumont is up there wi all the great UK “conspiracy theorists”
              Like David Icke & “Holocaust denier” David Irving!! (who did jail time in order to get the truth out to people)
              Icke & Irving were both completely ridiculed & were also called MADMEN. But it turns out, THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH
              & what about Michael Shrimpton & Nicholas Kollerstrom? Also “conspiracy theorists” that Beaumont’s catagorised alongside….
              & oh look THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH TOO
              Is there any that they catagorised him with that were actually lying?!
              You can insult Beaumont all ya like. Just cause you cant get your head around it DOES NOT MEAN HE IS WRONG
              & he was certainly no madman, he was a highly intelligent man & wrote numerous books showing EXACTLY how he came to the conclussions he did.
              He spent DECADES researching & writing, his entire life was devoted to his books.
              So it might be an idea that before you take it upon yourself to stand in judgement & before you call him a madman (which to be honest, is downright shameful)
              MAY I SUGGEST you actually READ SOME OF HIS BOOKS Here are his book titles, knock yersel out..
              The Riddle of the Earth (written under Appian Way)
              The Mysterious Comet
              The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain
              Britain, the Key to World History
              The Private Life of the Virgin Queen
              A Rebel in Fleet Street
              The Great Deception
              As for me reading the bible, Well, anyone with half a brain cell knows ALL RELIGIONS WERE CREATED AS A CONTROL TOOL
              MY BLOGS, MY BLOG SITE, MY THOUGHTS & MY OPINIONS & I would be grateful if you would stop using survivors to score cheap points against me.
              Cause last I checked, you were not elected spokesperson for all survivors. Least I credit them wi the intelligence to be able to read something & decide for themselves what they believe.
              NOBODY BUT YOU has made anything but incouraging comments. Which I think says it all.
              If you decide to return to leave a reply ~ which you are more than welcome to ~ YOU KEEP IT CIVIL & DO NOT INSULT ME AGAIN

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