Terror Aattack! #Aangirfan

Last night, as part of my now usual Sunday routine, I sat mysel down & with my music on, quietly in the background and a glass of white in hand, I settled comfortably into  the couch, delighted at having some peace & quiet as the kids were finally in bed & were nicely settled, although obviously they were not asleep as i’m not a miracle worker!  

I was sipping at my wine as i typed A into my search bar, and as always, there she was, top of the suggestion list. I only ever have to type A and every time she is right there waiting for me in her usual, comfortingly reliable place…  

YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE the pure horror when i clicked on her name only to DISCOVER THIS 

As this outrageous & horrifying drama was unfolding, I became vaguely aware I could hear a shrill, half strangled, screechy, panicked voice screaming    

“WHAT THE F*CK?!”  in a voice that was loud enough to wake the dead!  


Which may explain why I promptly spat wine all over myself and my laptop!  

So, I quickly jumped up.., not, as you would expect, to grab a cloth & dry off my keyboard.. OH NO! Apparently it was so I could watch my laptop as I allowed it to slide down my legs & on to the floor. 

Meanwhile, alerted by the fact I had screamed like a banshee, my 14 year old son came hurtling down the stairs & threw open the door with a worried..  

“Are you okay Mum?”  

In my now wet, confused & terrified state, it was hardly surprising that all i could manage to stutter – in a loud & irate voice – was  “Aa..aa.aaa..Aangirfan” 

My son, who by this point was sporting a curiously bewildered look, looked me up & down & said… 

“Are you alright?”   

But before i could even attempt to respond, he went on to say… 

“By that I mean… Are you alright in the head?” 

Clearly I was still far too traumatised to be able to string a sentence together, so all I could manage, was to bark “BED” at him. 

Several deep breaths later,  with my son still standing in the doorway,  only now he has a   – my mum is a fruit loop – look on his face,  I stumbled towards the kitchen to get a towel & I finally managed to speak, but only so far as to blurted out …

I’m fine, just go to bed” 

To which he snapped back… 


“Yeah, shoulda guessed that’s all the thanks I’d get for caring in this house” 


So, let that be a warning to whatever wee nyaff removed Aangirfan’s blog & If I were them, I would step careful… 

Cause even I have no idea how I might react next time!!  


Our Masterful Overlords are still generous “allowing” us scum access to angirfans old blog. And Henry Makow wrote a lovely blog called Aangirfan has Been Suppressed   




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