The Honourable Mr Tara Browne: The Beatles, Ireland, Lord Snowdon, LILY, half a dozen car crashes & an awful lot of coincidences!

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What is it wi the bloody word/name Tara? It’s EVERYWHERE! Today {16.05.16} I stumbled across this..

 The Pyramids Of Scotland  


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Hmmm..  Ireland

Tara Browne.jpg

Tara Browne

Born    4 March 1945   London

Died     18 December 1966 (aged 21)

The Honourable Tara Browne was a young London socialite and heir to the Guinness fortune. According to some sources, he was the inspiration for the Beatles songA Day in the Life“.[1][2]
Browne was the son of Dominick Browne, 4th Baron Oranmore and Browne, a member of the House of Lords since 1927 who later became famous for having served in that house longer than any other peer, finally being evicted during government reforms in 1999; and Oonagh Guinness, heiress to the Guinness fortune [1] and the youngest of the three “Golden Guinness Girls”. One of his older brothers was the Hon. Garech Browne, of Luggala, County Wicklow in Ireland, an enthusiast of traditional Irish music and a founding member of The Chieftains, Ireland’s leading group of traditional musicians.[2]
In 1927 he succeeded his father, who died in a car accident in Southborough, Kent, and took his seat in the House of Lords as Baron Mereworth, a UK peerage (the older barony of Oranmore and Browne, in the Irish peerage, did not entitle its bearer to a seat in the Lords), although he primarily used his Irish title. He had the rare distinction of sitting in the House of Lords for 72 years, the longest by any peer, and during that time was one of the few peers to have never spoken in the House.Tara Browne was a member of Swinging London‘s counterculture of the 1960s.[1] Tara was seen with a string of girlfriends one of which was Amanda Lear, who was rumoured to have been born a man. Tara was with Amanda Lear in Paris when he introduced her to the artist Salvador Dali and she would go on to be his muse for the rest of his life
On 18 December 1966, Browne was driving with his girlfriend, model Suki Potier, in his Lotus Elan through South Kensington at high speed (some reports suggesting in excess of 106 mph/170 km/h).[2] It is not known whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He failed to see a traffic light and proceeded through the junction of Redcliffe Square and Redcliffe Gardens, colliding with a parked lorry. He died of his injuries the following day. Potier claimed Browne swerved the car to absorb the impact of the crash to save her life.
Browne was survived by his wife Noreen /  Nicky MacSherry who has since died aged 70  [1] and their two sons, Dorian and Julian Browne. (Nicky died in 2012 & her cremater remains were interred next to Tara’s grave.)

Tara & Nicky in 1966

Nicky Browne and Tara in 1966

Nicky Browne was not with Tara the night he died, and indeed by then was separated from her husband; Browne’s companion was an 18-year-old fashion model, Suki Potier, with whom he had reportedly taken up. She escaped without injury.
Nicky had previously launched a very public and painful legal battle for custody of her two young children, her adversaries being not only her husband but also his mother, Lady Oranmore and Browne, the formidable matriarch of the powerful brewing family. The case became something of a cause célèbre.
When a judge ruled that the boys should live with their grandmother, Nicky Browne suffered an emotional collapse.
In the following years, she was further distraught that her young sons were shuttled from one school to another (some 20 in all, she recalled), and that she was allowed to see them only in the holidays.
Close friends noted that both mother & sons suffered as a result.
Although Oonagh Guinness made her daughter-in-law a small financial allowance, the settlement was dwarfed by the Guinness family fortune. Tara Browne had stood to inherit £1 million on his 25th birthday, and even at the age of 21 his estate exceeded £56,000, a sum which would have made him a millionaire today.
Nowhere was the gilded Guinness lifestyle more in evidence than at Luggala, the Gothic family seat in the Wicklow Mountains. There, in the spring before Tara died, Nicky Browne had been at her husband’s side at his lavish, acid-laced 21st birthday party ‘allegedly’
Two private jets flew the 200 or so guests to Ireland, including John Paul Getty, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, his then girlfriend Anita Pallenberg, and Paul McCartney.
At the inquest into his death, Browne was described as a man of “independent means”, but his widow was not a beneficiary in his will. When John Lennon chanced to read a newspaper account of the coroner’s proceedings, he immortalised Browne as “a lucky man who made the grade” in A Day In The Life, the closing track of the Beatles’ album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

Nicky was born Noreen Anne MacSherry in the autumn of 1941 near Yeovil, Somerset. The eldest of three children, Noreen ran away to London as a teenager in search of a more exciting life. After being sacked from her first job, at the Bank of England, when she got in a muddle over exchange rates, she worked as an artist’s assistant, making canvases and keeping the studio clean.
In late 1962, when she was 19, mutual friends introduced her to Tara Browne at Battersea funfair. It was a coup de foudre. He was one of the most eligible bachelors in London, and they married at Islington register office the following summer. Later Nicky Browne told reporters that her mother-in-law took against her from the first, suggesting that Tara had married beneath his station. Furthermore, Oonagh Guinness believed that the free-spirited farmer’s daughter had deliberately stopped taking the newly-available Pill in order to get pregnant and ensnare her son Tara, who at 17 was himself a ward of court following the break-up of Oonagh’s second marriage.
Nicky blamed pressure from her mother-in-law for the eventual breakdown of her marriage; matters deteriorated still further when Oonagh Guinness began her custody battle for the children. When Nicky lost the case a few weeks after Tara’s death, she moved to southern Spain, deciding it would be cheaper to settle there than to remain, comparatively impoverished, in London.
Before he died, Tara Browne and Nicky had bought a 400-year old whitewashed house in Marbella, and had been among the first to spot its potential as a fashionable resort. In Spain Nicky planned to convert the house into an exclusive, expensive boutique, but decided instead to pursue a brief career as an actress. In 1970 she appeared in a revival of the musical Hair in Tel-Aviv, directed by Oliver Tobias, with whom she claimed she had a relationship.
Latterly she lived in a farmhouse in the small mountain village of Benahavis, near Marbella. Her partner of 26 years, Robbie Oliver, died last year. Her two sons survive her.
Nicky Browne, born 1941, died June 11 2012

Paul McCartney told interviewers that he took LSD for the first time with Tara Browne, and Marianne Faithfull has asserted that Browne “was on acid” the night he died — though the coroner found no traces of drink or drugs in his bloodstream. Nicky herself seemed to be no more than a casual smoker of pot.

The Beatles drugs
Tara included Nicky in some of his business deals, dabbling in some of the fashionable boutiques then appearing in Carnaby Street and the King’s Road. He was one of the financial backers for Sibylla’s, (Sibylla=Prophetess/Oracle) advertised as London’s first classic discotheque, the most technologically advanced in Britain, which opened on June 22nd 1966. At the launch party, the glittering guest list that included all four Beatles, three of the Stones, David Bailey, Michael Caine and Mary Quant, was headed by “Hon. Tara Browne and Nicky”.


Tara is often quoted as being one of the directors of Sibylla’s – alongside Kevin MacDonald, Terry Howard, Bruce Higham, Sir William Piggot-Brown, Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman and George Harrison – however, there’s little evidence of this.
Tara’s involvement, or not, is the least interesting aspect in Sybilla’s short life. Digging a bit deeper we find some very strange individuals with very familiar names!

The venture turned out to be jinxed. The club’s co-owner, Kevin MacDonald, threw himself off a roof just weeks before Tara Browne’s own death.

On 17 January 1967 John Lennon, a friend of Browne’s, was composing music at his piano whilst idly reading London’s Daily Mail and happened upon the news of the coroner’s verdict into Browne’s death. He worked the story into the song “A Day in the Life“, later released on the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The second verse features the following lines:

He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
They’d seen his face before
Nobody was really sure
If he was from the House of Lords

According to Lennon, in his 1980 interview with Playboy magazine, “I was reading the paper one day and I noticed two stories. One was the Guinness heir who killed himself in a car. That was the main headline story. He died in London in a car crash.”
However the song’s other lyricist-composer, Paul McCartney, had a very different inspiration. He is quoted as saying: “The verse about the politician blowing his mind out in a car we wrote together. It has been attributed to Tara Browne, the Guinness heir, which I don’t believe is the case, certainly as we were writing it, I was not attributing it to Tara in my head. In John’s head it might have been. In my head I was imagining a politician bombed out on drugs who’d stopped at some traffic lights and didn’t notice that the lights had changed. The ‘blew his mind’ was purely a drugs reference, nothing to do with a car crash.”[3]


“A Day In The Life”

I read the news today oh boy
About a lucky man who made the grade
And though the news was rather sad
Well I just had to laugh
I saw the photograph
He blew his mind out in a car
He didn’t notice that the lights had changed
A crowd of people stood and stared
They’d seen his face before
Nobody was really sure
If he was from the House of Lords
I saw a film today oh boy
The English Army had just won the war
A crowd of people turned away
But I just had to look
Having read the book
I’d love to turn you on
Woke up, fell out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cupbeatles 5.jpg
And looking up I noticed I was late
Found my coat and grabbed my hat
Made the bus in seconds flat
Found my way upstairs and had a smoke
And somebody spoke and I went into a dream
I read the news today oh boy
Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall
I’d love to turn you on

Please insure your Tin Foil Hat is firmly in place before continuing….
The legend goes that Paul McCartney died in a car accident on the 9th November 1966
09 . 11 . 1966
YET AGAIN wi the numbers!!

  • 3 x 1    2 x 6    2 x 9  
  • 1st 3 digits     9/11
  • flip last 9       666

Whatever may, or may not, have happened on 9th November 1966 we know for certain that Paul McCartney’s friend and John Lennon’s one time muse, Tara Browne (the real Percy Thrillington aka Guinness child, Rothschild) died on December 18, 1966 in an automobile accident that had a REMARKABLE resemblance to the fictional one that purportedly killed our Paul.
The day that Tara Browne died 18th Dec 1966 also happened to be Keith Richards 23rd birthday.

The Lotus Elan, was crushed into a cube and recycled and repainted by Yoko Ono and then displayed at the Robert Fraser Gallery (69 Duke Stunder the amusing title 


Tara sitting in his car (AC cobra) of many colours at Robert Fraser gallery. The car was painted by Binder, Edwards & Vaughan (Vaughan being the father of SadieFrost!)
Paul’s Magick piano has the same BEV design for the past 50 yrs

(I am sure the piano is a tribute to the wonderous design and nothing to do with Magik or dead dudes…)

“I wrote Getting Better on my magik Binder Edwards & Vaughan piano,” said McCartney recently. “Of course the way in which it was painted added to the fun of it all.”

BEV with Tara (back middle) 1966                        Edwards painting Paul’s piano 1967

BEV also decorated interiors for  Lord Snowdon

 (L) Help premier on 30.07.65 with Snowdon & Mags. (R) Snowden & Mags 18.04.67n.JPGMASONIC HANDSHAKE & WHAT APPEARS TO BE THE STAR OF DAVID ~ NOWT TO SEE HERE THEN EH?

Tara also co-owned Dandie Fashions  (161 King’s Road) which opened in October 1966. After his death his share was bought by the Australian, John Crittle, who would transform it with the Beatles into Apple tailoring, Indeed, on the night of his death Tara was on his way to discuss designs for the shop front with graphic artist David Vaughan of Binder, Edwards and Vaughan (father of Sadie Frost!)

Tara’s Temple Luggala map here 
A shrine located at Luggala, his brother’s country pile in the wilds of Ireland, where it sits as one of three situated on the shore of Lough Tay, next to a structure known as the Temple.

Garech, Tara's brother, has decided to give a blessing to a book which celebrates the memories of wealth and eccentricity associated with Luggala (pictured), the house where they grew up

Luggala (pictured), the house where they grew up

The Browne family home is Luggala, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. In 1937, Ernest Guinness bought Luggala and gave it as a wedding gift to his daughter, Oonagh, on her marriage to Lord Oranmore and Browne. Oonagh was famous for her ‘raffish weekend’ parties at Luggala. Guests were driven around at breakneck speed in the Rolls Royce, one guest saying it was like ‘being driven from Sodom to Gomorrah’! It became a haven for the intelligentsia of Dublin as well as artists and musicians from around the world.

  Tara Browne’s Rosicrucian Headstone
As mentioned previously, Tara came from a distinguished family and his father served in the House of Lords. The gravestones of both Tara and his father are extremely interesting for the symbolism displayed. Both feature the family crest – a double headed eagle – whilst his father’s features a griffin above the eagle. The double headed eagle is the emblem of the thirty second and thirty-third (and highest) degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Definition: Double-headed Eagle: A Masonic seal and initiation symbol. The eagle is a universal symbol representing the sun, power, authority, victory, the sky gods and the royal head of a nation. 
Alternatively, according to Manley P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason, what is being depicted in this symbol is actually a double headed phoenix, not an eagle, he says:
“Among the ancients a fabulous bird called the Phoenix is described by early writers … in size and shape it resembles the eagle, but with certain differences. The body of the Phoenix is one covered with glossy purple feathers, and the plumes in its tail are alternately blue and red. The head of the bird is light in colour, and about its neck is a circlet of golden plumage. At the back of its back the Phoenix has a crest of feathers of brilliant colour. The Phoenix, it is said, lives for 500 years, and at its death its body opens and the new born Phoenix emerges. Because of this symbolism, the Phoenix is generally regarded as representing immortality and resurrection … The Phoenix is one sign of the secret orders of the ancient world and of the initiate of those orders, for it was common to refer to one who had been accepted into the temples as a man twice-born, or reborn. Wisdom confers a new life, and those who become wise are born again.”
A phoenix is a mythical bird and has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal.


Paul McCartney leaves a single red rose at Tara’s Temple every year and has carved the initials L.I.L.Y. onto the headstone. 


Interestingly, I found this pic on Tara’s flower/message page on find a grave
Its a rotating, five pointed star with a pentagonal hole in it! As you can see, it was left there by somebody called LILY

LILY also means rose. Could this be a reference to the Rosy Cross? Which would fit in with his Rosicrucian Headstone

About this flower a rich and abundant symbolism has gathered. The faces of the righteous are as the lily, and exist only for redemption as the lily for perfume; so that the later cabalists employ the flower as a symbol of the resurrection (Gamaliel di Monselice on Pirḳe Shirah, ed. Mantua, p. 96a). Yet most of all the lily typifies Israel. As it withers in the sunlight, but blooms beneath the dew, so Israel withers away except God becomes as dew for her (Hos. xiv. 5), and she is renowned among the nations as the lily among the flowers. The lily among thorns is likened to Rebekah, who remained pure amid evil surroundings (Bacher, “Ag. Pal. Amor.” ii. 243), and to the sons of Korah (Ps. xlv. 1 [A. V., heading]). SOURCE

Hebrew name: Sosn

Meaning: Type of flower in the family Liliaceae numbering about 80 species. In Israel is common only one species – the white lily. The Hebrew name “lily” is derived from the word “six” because six leaves cover.
Gematria Value: 656   Numerological value: 8   SOURCE

Tara’s car was a LOTUS Elan.
There are several definitions for LOTUS, but here’s the one most relevant to us:
“Nymphaea lotus, the Tiger Lotus or Egyptian White WaterLILY, is a flowering plant of the family Nymphaeaceae that grows in various parts of East Africa and Southeast Asia. It is known to flower at night and close in the morning and remains of the flower have been found in the burial tomb of Ramesses II.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus flower gave them strength and power.”
Tara Buddhist often seen holding a lotus flower {pictured}

As we know,  story goes that little Lord Fauntleroy was travelling with his occasional ‘girlfriend’ Suki Potier that night, according to the Beatles Bible, he had swerved to avoid an oncoming Volkswagen – I hope it was a Beetle – and in so doing smashed into a van. Tara died of his injuries, however, Suki escaped without a scratch. Indeed, given her lack of injuries and the indecent speed with which she then jumped into Brian Jones’ bed, one may well question if she was present at all that night?  
In a randomly bizarre coincidence, Potier later died in a car crash in Portugal in 1981 when she was 33 years old!   Perhaps it was a Ford Karma!!

Add to this the unverifiable rumour from Marianne Faithfull that Tara was off his nut on acid the night he died, and the equally unverifiable rumour that Paul McCartney first sampled LSD with his Irish dandy Tara, then a little frisson of conspiracist excitement should rise to the fore.

Paul was in a unrelated motorcycle incident that involved a totally unrelated Tara Browne that just so happened to be December 26th 1965. 1 week & 1 day short of 1 year before.

Last mid-December, Paul injured his lip and chipped his tooth in the moped accident. He honestly thought no one would notice the chip, for it is so small. I told him three times he should do something about it. It is in a place where there are no nerve ends, so there is no pain. Paul assured me that he would have the tooth capped, but – unfortunately – he has not done so. Could he be afraid of the dentist? It is my opinion that he will just let it be. Brian Epstein

I had an accident when I came off a moped in Wirral, near Liverpool. I had a very good friend who lived in London called Tara Browne, a Guinness heir – a nice Irish guy, very sensitive bloke. I’d see him from time to time, and enjoyed being around him. He came up to visit me in Liverpool once when I was there seeing my dad and brother. I had a couple of mopeds on hire, so we hit upon the bright idea of going to my cousin Bett’s house.
We were riding along on the mopeds. I was showing Tara the scenery. He was behind me, and it was an incredible full moon; it really was huge. I said something about the moon and he said ‘yeah’, and I suddenly had a freeze-frame image of myself at that angle to the ground when it’s too late to pull back up again: I was still looking at the moon and then I looked at the ground, and it seemed to take a few minutes to think, ‘Ah, too bad – I’m going to smack that pavement with my face!’ Bang!
There I was, chipped tooth and all. it came through my lip and split it. But I got up and we went along to my cousin’s house. When I said, ‘Don’t worry, Bett, but I’ve had a bit of an accident,’ she thought I was joking. She creased up laughing at first, but then she went ‘Holy…!’ I’d really given my face a good old smack; it looked like I’d been in the ring with Tyson for a few rounds. So she rang a friend of hers who was a doctor.
He came round on the spot, took a needle out and, after great difficulty threading it, put it in the first half of the wound. He was shaking a bit, but got it all the way through, and then he said, ”Oh, the thread’s just come out – I’ll have to do it again!’ No anaesthetic. I was standing there while he rethreaded it and pulled it through again.
In fact that was why I started to grow a moustache. It was pretty embarrassing, because around that time you knew your pictures would get winged off to teeny-boppery magazines like 16, and it was pretty difficult to have a new picture taken with a big fat lip. So I started to grow a moustache – a sort of Sancho Panza – mainly to cover where my lip had been sewn.
It caught on with the guys in the group: if one of us did something like growing his hair long and we liked the idea, we’d all tend to do it. And then it became seen as a kind of revolutionary idea, that young men of our age definitely ought to grow a moustache! And it all fell in with the Sgt Pepper thing, because he had a droopy moustache.   – Paul McCartney…  Anthology

McCartney’s chipped tooth and scar can be seen in the promotional videos for  Paperback Writer and Rain, which were filmed in London in May 1966


Tara’s car crash… real or faked?

Everyone who follows PID knows the ‘official story’ of Tara Browne, Guinness heir and friend of The Beatles, being killed in a tragic car crash that, we are told, partially formed the inspiration for lyrics in A Day In The Life on the Sgt. Pepper album. Here are the basics in the
Aside from John Huston calling Tara’s mother a witch (we won’t go there, although it is quite tempting), some of the so-called ‘facts’ in the case seem odd.

John Lennon begins writing A Day In The Life

Let’s look at some troubling statements from these articles, as well as the famous ‘crash’ photo.
The Daily Mail calls their report ‘the true story,’ so they are pretty sure of themselves, but maybe they are perpetuating old lies. Right, so Tara slams his Lotus into the side of a parked van at 120 mph, does he?
lotus elan
Does that look like a car that has slammed into anything at 120 mph? Here’s a crash test at 120 mph…

Now granted, the Ford Focus was made from different materials than a sixties Lotus, but does Tara’s car look like it hit a parked van at 120 mph?
Looks more like the Lotus was parked behind the old car you can see parked in front of it and someone gave the Lotus repeated blows with a sledgehammer. A swinging sledgehammer could have bashed the top back to rest on the rear of the car, mangled the driver’s side dash and knocked in the steering column, and the head of the sledgehammer could have made the odd gashes we see on the driver’s side of the Lotus. Whatever made the gashes and holes in the car’s body, it’s plain to see that the body was made of fiberglass, not steel. A steel body would dent, not show gashes and holes like that. Would a fiberglass car body hold up better than the body of a Ford Focus crashing at 120 mph? No, it would have splintered into bits and been crushed like the Ford Focus in the video crash test. No front seat survivors possible. Lots of blood.
Interestingly in the Beatles Bible articles, just by pure coincidence, Tara was swerving to avoid an oncoming Volkswagen. A Beetle, right? Why not? There’s one parked directly in front of Tara’s car and can be clearly seen in the pic below. There was also 1 on the cover of Abbey Road and we see the mystical Beetle in Stanley Kubrick films and Apple promos and films. Didn’t want to hit that Beetle/Beatle?
Would anyone have been angry at Tara at the time? His estranged wife, Nicki, for one. Her father, for another! I’m not imagining Nicki herself wielding a sledgehammer, but I’ve heard that thugs were and are available for hire in London, not to mention MI6.
Assuming Tara wasn’t killed in the so-called car crash, what happened to him and how did he disappear? Did the cops and newspapers and coroner fake the story? If so, then we will mention MI6.
Kensington and Chelsea are in densely populated central London. Could anyone drive 120 mph through it, even if insane enough to try? Why would a traffic light make any difference, if you’re flying through streets at 120 mph? You couldn’t stop quickly at that speed anyway, so what’s the nonsense about the traffic light Tara, according to John’s lyrics, didn’t notice?
The Daily Mail have Tara driving Suki home after dinner at a restaurant. The Beatles Bible article, Tara Dies, reports that they left a friend’s house just before 1:00 a.m. and they were “in search of food.” At 120 mph, they were looking for a restaurant open late? Really?
When Tara and Nicki separated, she moved to Spain. To me, it’s mildly interesting that Nicki and John Lennon were both in Spain in 1966, for very different reasons, we suppose. Nicki moved to Spain to get away from Tara. John and Dick Lester and crew moved down there to shoot a movie. Just lots of folks moving to Spain temporarily in 1966.
Tara died of his injuries the following day. Suki was ‘unharmed’ (again, see video of 120 mph crash test). Wait, what’s not right? The Beatles Bible says Tara died of his injuries the following day. The third paragraph of the Daily Mail story says he was ‘killed instantly.’ If Suki had not been in the car at all during the beating it took, then it would make sense that she was unharmed that night. There isn’t a drop of blood to be seen in the photo the Daily Mail calls ‘horrific wreckage,’ so we’re to believe Tara was ‘killed instantly,’ but didn’t bleed.
Seriously, I don’t think anyone died in the bloodless car in that photo. It was parked and no one was in it when the damage occurred. If it wasn’t mauled by a sledgehammer, maybe something big and heavy was dropped from above on it, but I think a sledgehammer made the gashes (and probably all the other damage).
Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel…
“You’d better call the sledgehammer put your mind at rest I’m going to be-the sledgehammer this can be my testimony I’m your sledgehammer let there be no doubt about it”
The Beatles Bible articles quote Lennon in Anthology recalling the two Daily Mail articles he saw that inspired him to write A Day In The Life. One was Tara’s crash and the other was about the holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. This is an odd quote, ‘One was about the Guinness heir who killed himself in a car.’ Tara was supposed to be a close friend of both Paul and John, so why doesn’t John say ‘our friend’ instead of distancing himself by saying ‘the Guinness heir’? Why does he say Tara ‘killed himself in a car,’ which sounds like suicide?
In the dubious Barry Miles bio of McCartney, ‘Paul’ says it was a politician who ‘blew his mind out in a car.’ A politician? Sir Paul says it was nothing to do with a crash, but it may have been to John, but they wrote the song together. What?
As in so many tales of Beatles lore and legend, the Tara Browne crash story is full of holes, just like Blackburn, Lancashire. The Albert Hall, coincidentally, is not far away from the so-called Tara Browne crash scene in South Kensington, which was most likely nothing but a faked, psyop event.

Evening Standard 18 December 1966
The death happened at the Junction of Redcliffe Gds and Redcliffe Sq. Suki Poitier says Tara was ‘forced to swerve to miss a white Volvo (or Beetle??) so that he caught the main force of the impact rather than her.’ – no car is mentioned coming out from a side road, although that could be the white Volvo. The car ‘swerved suddenly,’ in order to rescue Ms Poitier.
Mail 19th December
The car leaves Earl’s Court shortly before 1 am and seven minutes later crashed into ‘a stationary van.’ Ms Potier ‘told her father that Mr. Browne swerved so that the impact would come on his side of the car,’ because ‘a Volkswagen pulled out of a side-street but did not stop.’ Now its looking as if that VW (a ‘Beetle’ maybe?) caused him to swerve right across the road and impact the parked van on the other side of the road.
The police take away a diary from the car, and court papers. A huge court case is going on, due to be heard on that day the 18th, with family having arrived from Dublin the night before, over Tara’s wife Noreen’s claim that her children had been taken from her. She had been searching in Ireland for them in vain. So after the car-crash his diary is obtained giving their whereabouts, i.e she can now get her kids back. Motive …

The Guardian 5 January 1967

At the Inquest, Ms Poitier told how they had been driving ‘not very fast’ when ‘a large low car had come quickly across the road’. It has now changed from a VW to a ‘large low car,’ and it caused him to ‘hit something.’ This is incredibly vague. If he had hit the ‘large, low, car’ which suddenly emerged we would understand – but no, that is not impacted, and it vanishes from the scene.
The pathologist said Mr Browne had died from ‘head injuries.’ That seems unusual for a car-crash. The Irish Timeshad a bit more on the Inquest – A Mr James Murray was there, and testified: ‘When I reached the car I was surprised to find anyone in it, but I saw Tara Browne, lying in the driver’s seat severely injured’ – which doesn’t sound as if Ms Potier was present.
Fictional Wikipedia Story
The Wiki story differs from these news reports in 3 respects:
1. It claims he ‘failed to see traffic lights’ – no hint of this in papers.
2. He hit a ‘parked lorry’ – never mentioned.
3. He was travelling ‘up to 170 km/h’ – whereas Ms Potier testified that they were going ‘not very fast.’
Wiki cites ‘Daily Mail’ for reference but gives no date!  SOURCE

Horrific: This is the wreckage of the car belonging to Tara Browne
The bonnet is in FANTASTIC condition… As are both wheels…. And the boot. Infact, there is VERY LITTLE damage to the Glass Fibre car, considering it hit another vehicle at 120mph

Tara Browne, 21-year-old heir to a Guinness fortune, is dead. He was killed, probably, in an attempt to save his girl passenger. His 110-mile-an-hour Lotus Elan sports car crashed into the back of a parked van early on Sunday (18-12-66). Tara is believed to have swerved the car in the last seconds before the impact to protect 19-year-old model Suki Potier. She escaped uninjured. Two hours later, in St. Stephen’s Hospital, Fulham, the battle to save Tara was finally lost. He died with everything to live for…days after talking of his hopes of a reconciliation with his wife Nicky. Suki, too shocked to talk of the crash, was given drugs on Sunday at her home in Knightsbridge. Her father, Mr. Gilbert Potier, said: “He saved my daughter’s life, I am convinced of that. It appears he swung the car in an attempt to save Suki from the full force of the crash. It was a very gallant act. It’s tragic it should have cost him his life.” Tara, mop-haired, controversial, a friend of top pop singers, was due to inherit £1,000,000 when he was twenty-five. He crashed the glass-fibre bodied car in South Kensington while driving Suki home from a dinner party. Mr Charles Corneille, manager of the Phoenix Theatre, heard the crash as he lay reading in bed in his flat. I saw the driver pinned like a doll in the wrecked car,” he said. “There was not much we could do for him.” A neighbour, Mr. Frederick Moysey, said: “I saw the girl passenger running about in the road, waving her arms. The car virtually disintegrated. The steering wheel was bent like a flower stem.”

A Day in the Life: Tragic true story behind one of the Beatles’ most famous hits revealed in new book

Tragic: At the height of the Swinging Sixties, Tara Browne, pictured, a 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune, was killed instantly when he slammed his Lotus sports car into the side of a parked van at 120mph on a Chelsea streetTragic: At the height of the Swinging Sixties, Tara Browne, pictured, a 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune, was killed instantly when he slammed his Lotus sports car into the side of a parked van at 120mph on a Chelsea street

‘He blew his mind out in a car. He didn’t notice that the lights had changed’.
Everyone knows the words to one of the Beatles most famous hits ‘A Day in the Life.’ But how many are familiar with the tragic true story behind it?
At the height of the Swinging Sixties,  Tara Browne, 21 year old heir to the Guinness fortune, was killed instantly when he slammed his Lotus sports car into the side of a parked van at 120mph on a Chelsea street.
Swinging London was stunned. With his angelic blond looks, Tara was a leading figure on the hedonistic scene, close to many of the most iconic personalities of the age including David Hemmings, Terence Stamp, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger Marianne Faithfulland The Fab Four.
Now, however, he has decided to give his blessing to a book, Luggala Days, which celebrates the extraordinary memories of fabulous wealth and eccentricity associated with the house near Dublin where he and Tara grew up. Called Luggala, pronounced Lugalore, the place is spectacular. A touch of Gothic, a smidgeon of Oriental, with fairytale battlements and a virginal white façade it is  set in an idyllic  sylvan landscape that could have been conceived by Walt Disney. And yet it has hosted some utterly outrageous behaviour.
It all started with Garech and Tara’s mother Oonagh, a legendary beauty who was given the house by her doting father Ernest, brother of Lord Iveagh.

Garech, Tara’s brother, has decided to give a blessing to a book which celebrates the memories of wealth and eccentricity associated with Luggala, the house where they grew upErnest’s three daughters, the so-called Golden Guiness Girls, The eldest Maureen, the prettiest Oonagh & youngest sister Aileen;.

Since Tara's tragic accident, his older brother Garech, pictured, now a pony-tailed 73 and founder of the Irish folk band The Chieftains, has been rather silent about the excesses of his family
Since Tara’s tragic accident, his older brother Garech, {left} now a pony-tailed 73 and founder of the Irish folk band The Chieftains, has been rather silent about the excesses of his family. 

Noel Coward, Cecil Beaton, Beaverbrook, the Duchess of Windsor, the Aga Khan, American film stars, Prime Ministers, the visitors books of their houses were crammed full of so many famous names that it was like reading Who’s Who.

‘You didn’t dare think about going to bed until 4am.’
Fortified by ‘Pink Specials’ the explosive Bloody Marys delivered to guest bedrooms by their 22 butlers and maids, they spurred everyone into more action by noon. Their privileged lifestyle is long gone and many of the grand houses   frequented  by their set have been turned into hotels  –but Luggala remains.

Many are the stories of the great film director John Huston’s sojourns there with his daughter Anjelica. He recognised that the  Guinness sisters were such a handful that he  used to call them witches ‘lovely ones to be sure, but witches nonetheless.’

The spirited Oonagh’s first marriage was to amateur rider Gay Kindersley who left her for one of her bridesmaids. Undaunted she tied the knot with Garech and Tara’s father, Lord Oranmore and Browne. He kept pigs in the living room, but shared his wife’s passion for chaotic house parties where the rich and famous rubbed shoulders with poets and revolutionaries.
Many thought the couple were the reincarnation of the 18th century pleasure-seekers who had built Luggala in the first place. ‘The only trouble is when you tell people about the party afterwards no one can believe you,’ remembers one guest.
‘An IRA chief might be there with Brendan Behan bellowing toasts of ‘Up the Rebels’ alongside a bank bigwig. Oonagh loved free spirits, so if you were one you were welcome. Cyril Connolly, Lucien Freud, everyone was there. You could say anything you liked as long as it was witty.’
But soon it was Tara who was  the centre of attraction.   By the time he was in his teens, the impossibly precocious boy, who had already hobnobbed with the likes of Cocteau, Dali and Beckett , was clearly a chip off the old block and even Oonagh was despairing of her younger son and his intemperate habits. ‘He used up too much money for a small boy. Too much money and too much emotion,’ she wailed.

Tara's life was the inspiration behind the Beatles song 'A Day in the Life'A manuscript of John Lennon's lyrics for the son which was the final track on the band's Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album

Tara’s life was the inspiration behind the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’

A manuscript of John Lennons lyrics for the son which was the final track on the band’s Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album

Tara drifted from Eton to Chelsea and the burgeoning fashion world of mini-skirted models and hallucinogenic drugs. He was only 16 – and still a ward of court as a result of his parents’ bitter broken marriage – when at a party in Battersea fairground he met the waiflike  21 year old Irish  farmer’s daughter Noreen MacSherry.
In one of the great scandals of the Sixties the couple married in secret in France. Within two years they were the parents of two boys Dorian and Julian — now 50 and 48 respectively.
At Dorian’s christening at St Patricks cathedral in Dublin, Nicki, as Noreen was soon calling herself,  was a picture of Sixties chic in black Cossack boots, brown suede jacket with fur collar and white mohair cap. Parental responsibilities failed to slow the gilded couple down. The two soon became emblems of Swinging London where aristocrats and pop stars partied together living  high on the hog.
With his huge fortune Tara had a stake in all the era’s trendy concerns, including a clothes line called Dandie Fashions and the notorious discotheque Sybilla’s frequented by David Bailey, Michael Caine, Mary Quant, the Beatles and the Stones.
Tara’s 21st birthday party in March 1966 at Luggala is still remembered for its monumental excess – particularly for the amount of acid dropped. Tara brought the group du jour – the Loving Spoonful – over from America, paying them £1,000 to serenade him.

The song was listed in a poll by Q magazine that said it was the best British song of all time

The song was listed in a poll by Q magazine that said it was the best British song of all time. Two private jets flew in the 200 guests, including oil heir John Paul Getty Jr. and his soon to be wife, the exquisite Talitha Pol who would be dead of a heroin overdose by the age of 30. In London the partying went on, soon taking its toll on the young couple’s marriage. When they separated later that year,  Nicki moved to Spain, and Tara, who was about to inherit £1million, took up residence in the Ritz hotel on Piccadilly.

Meanwhile his formidable mother Oonagh took their baby boys back to Ireland, leading to a bitter custody case  that is still talked about. The super-rich Guinnesses won. Ominously however Tara, whose new ambition was to become a racing driver, invested his inheritance in a garage and drove a hand-painted Lotus sports car.
In the run up to Christmas 1966 he was about to return to Luggala to spend the weekend with his brother Garech, when he changed his mind and stayed in London to spend the day with his friend the musician  Brian JonesThat evening he took the 19 year old model Suki Poitier, one of the Bond girls in Casino Royale, out to dinner, then drove her home in his new pale blue Lotus Elan. When the car hit a white van at speed  Suki  survived – only to be killed in another car crash 13 years later – but   Tara  had no chance and met his fate.

Famous: Tara Browne was a leading figure on the hedonistic scene and close to many iconic personalities including Mick Jagger

Famous: Tara Browne was a leading figure on the hedonistic scene and close to many iconic personalities including Mick Jagger

Christopher Gibbs the antiques dealer who was part of that exotic set in the Sixties, remembers the dreadful shock of his death. He was ‘an incredibly beautiful golden youth.
Rather spoilt but very sympathetic and with a sweetness of character. At that age we didn’t know about death unless it was granny. Here was a golden sparkler removed from our midst.’
In the midst of tragedy the beat went on. The memorial service in Knightsbridge was more like a fashion show than a wake. Le tout Swinging London was there with a full complement of titled sons and daughters decked out in Carnaby Street’s finest.

Wild: Luggala Days celebrates the extraordinary memories of fabulous wealth and eccentricity associated with Luggala, a house near Dublin where Tara grew up

Wild: Luggala Days celebrates the extraordinary memories of fabulous wealth and eccentricity associated with Luggala, a house near Dublin where Tara grew up

Tara’s body  was finally returned to Luggala to be buried by the lake and Nicki, who always complained she was not even given enough to live on, continued to live in  reduced circumstances in Spain.
She saw her sons rarely and  used to say they were forever being shuttled from one school to another – 20 in all.  Poignantly she  remained loyal to the memory of her husband and even managed to convince Marianne Faithful to remove a reference to which she objected when the old songstress wrote a book about those days in Luggala.
But if Nicki  expected to be embraced by the family when her longtime adversary her mother-in-law Oonagh died in 1995, she was mistaken. When she turned up unexpectedly to the Chelsea funeral, she talked to no one, not even her now grown sons.
This summer  Nicki died in Spain aged 70 and  her ashes were finally returned to Luggala, which her sons will presumably inherit eventually– Garech who was given it by his mother in 1970 has no children.  The wheel has  come full circle.
For Luggala remains a shrine to Tara. Every year on the anniversary of his brother’s death Garech holds a little ceremony beside the black loch which he has surrounded with white sand, the more to look like a glass of the family Guinness.
Sometimes old friends such as Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Seamus Heaney join him to plant trees in his dead sibling’s memory.
‘I went to the mortuary and kissed his frozen face. I brought the body back to Ireland on the aeroplane. Nothing has made up for Tara’s death,’ he recalls.
Another casualty of the Sixties.


http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/house-prices/guinness-family-puts-grand-gothic-estate-michael-jackson-stayed/   https://archive.is/dbOlZ

It’s VERY hard to believe that Tara’s girlfriend (Suki Potier) was in the car at the time of the accident, but was not injured. & it’s VERY odd that Suki ended up dating Brian Jones (who vaguely resembled Tara Browne), eventually moved in with him, and was present at Jones’s death scene as well.  It’s really strange that Brian Jones, who was often described as a musical genius, who it was said could play any instrument put in front of him, suddenly found himself virtually unable to play even guitar, and was forced out of the band (Rolling Stones) that he founded.
Now, I’m not 100% certain how all of this all fits together, but we have three different public figures (JPM, Tara Browne, and Brian Jones), who all knew each other, and who all either died, or were replaced, or both, within a pretty short span of time (Sep, 66 – July, 69).
1. *Something* happened to JPM earlier in 1966 — maybe even a car crash on 9/11. He wasn’t killed, but was disfigured in some way, requiring a replacement for the Beatles.
2. A few months later, Brian Jones is murdered in Tara Browne’s car, but it is set up to make it appear as if Tara Browne died in a car “accident”. Suki was NOT in the car during the crash, but she is placed at the scene AFTER the fact in order to identify the body to the Police, who only see a shattered young man with shaggy blond hair.
3. Tara Browne replaces Brian Jones, but in appearance only. Musically, he is replaced by the disfigured JPM, who despite his physical appearance, is still a genius multi-instrumentalist, who, like Brian Jones, can play just about any instrument you hand to him.
4. Suki begins dating Brian Jones, and eventually moves in with him. This makes a lot of sense now, as Brian is really Tara, who she was seeing when he “died”.
5. At some point in 1969, it’s determined that there’s no longer a need for a Brian Jones character at all, so he is either literally murdered, or his death/murder is faked in order to make him disappear.
Why am I proposing that all of this murder and switching has taken place?
Again, I don’t know all of the whys and the hows, but I think my scenario makes as much sense as the “real” story.
Oh, and here’s a comparison of a 1967 (post Tara crash) Brian Jones with Tara Browne.
Brian Jones with Keef Richard(s):
#Sixties | Brian Jones, Nicki Browne, Bill Willis, Talitha Getty, John Paul Getty II and Anita Pallenberg near Luggala, a Gothic castle in the Wicklow mountains belonging to Tara Browne.: Brian Jones, Nicki Browne, Bill Willis, Talitha Getty, John Paul Getty II and Anita Pallenberg near Luggala, a Gothic castle in the Wicklow mountains belonging to Tara Browne.
Tara was involved with Britains first transsexual scandal April Ashley and the other transsexual Amanda Lear who was with Dali. Anita Pallenberg, John Paul Getty the second and Talita .. the effete elite, you name it. Anyway, it is an interesting thread of magic, and spawned the story about Paul McCartney and a body double..
All of which brings us to another interesting conspiracy theory, and here I shall quote from another website….Amanda Lear is one of Europe’s leading gay icons. She has regularly performed at Gay Pride festivals held in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Greece. The life of Amanda Lear is confusing and there is a lack of photographic evidence from her youth. Her Wikipedia page indicates that Amanda was born in either 1939 or 1946 or 1950! Amanda Lear was part of the Swinging London lifestyle of the 1960s. She was friends with The Beatles, Twiggy, The Rolling Stones, Bowie and a large collection of rock stars. Lear became a “stalwart of London’s demimonde” and an exotic name on the nightclub circuit. She was romantically linked with Bowie, Brian Jones and Tara Browne. Amanda Lear is the basis for a large collection of gay rumours surrounding famous people, including Lennon, McCartney, Bowie, Jones, Tara Browne and Salvador Dali.

Above… L.I.L.Y      (Tara on the right)
(Above) Tara’s 21st birthday. Brian Jones, Amanda Lear & Tara? Paul?
Similar droopy eyes, similar chin, same scar/crinkle on corner of upper lip


The four pics below are ALL meant to be Tara!!  But the 3rd & 4th look nothing like Tara?! He has a fat nose!!! & his chin is rounder, infact he looks twice the size & width of Tara?!??
eccentrics tara browneTara_Brownetarabrowne2
Tara & Nicki (left) Brian Jones & Anita (right) only 1month before Tara died

SIR Paul & Tara’s parents

James Paul McCartney & SIR Paul
I’m sorry, but NO WAY they are the same person! SIR paul has the crinkle bit on corner of lip… Just like Tara.. James Paul DOESN’T
Below we have Sir Paul’s children, James, Stella & Mary alongside Tara Browne’s family

Was Amanda Lear Born Male?

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  1. Hi Wildcat! I remember when Brian Jones was found dead. It was said he had supposedly drowned in the swimming pool. I was just reading an article In the Daily Mail, from 11/28/2008, “Has the Riddle of Rolling Stone Brian Jones’s Death Been Solved Yet?”, that asks the question “Could an acquaintance who was present have killed Brian?”. You bring up many valid points. As truthfully, many people were drugged totally out of their minds back then, anything is possible. What has been called an accident could very well have been murder. The car that Tara was in definitely does not have enough damage for supposedly having been going that fast.

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