UPDATED – Abuse Probe at ANOTHER Top Scottish School – St Aloysius, Glasgow


  SUNDAY 17th MARCH 2019


  SUNDAY 10th MARCH 2019


  Further claims of historic abuse at St Aloysius’ in Glasgow

  St Aloysius’ College crisis deepens as top Glasgow private school faces five   new abuse claims

  SUNDAY 3rd MARCH 2019


  Claims of historic sex abuse at top Glasgow Catholic college

  Ex-St Aloysius’ pupil ‘forced to perform sex act on teacher’

  JANUARY 23rd 2019

  Michelle Mone‘s daughter Bethany attended the £11,000 a year St Aloysius 



1 thought on “UPDATED – Abuse Probe at ANOTHER Top Scottish School – St Aloysius, Glasgow

  1. Excuse my speakong out of topic , but with regard to the “ONA” (order of the nine angles ) . It appears that this was not invented by Loyalist Terrorists in the 1960s , oh no , this existed in the 12th century . In Houghton le Spring ,NE England there is proof of this , just google Houghton le Spring +nine angles +st michaels , and see what you come up with.

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