Spot The Paedo Child Killers & Myra Hindley is ALIVE?


The child murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had powerful friends.

  • and by Lord Longford, a former cabinet minister who took a great interest in pornography.
  • Astor and Longford plotted to get Hindley released from prison.
  • Some people believe that Hindley has secretly been released from prison, although the official story is that she is dead.
  • Michael Horgan organised and filmed “satanic-themed orgies” at which children were raped.
  • Horgan organised satanic torture and child abuse orgies on Saddleworth Moor, where child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had buried their victims.
  • Horgan’s step-son Michael Roberts says he was only six when he was sexually abused by 29-stone Sir Cyril Smith.
  • Sir Cyril Smith was a close friend of Sir Jimmy Savile, friend of the Royal Family, the military and Israel.
  • ‘Moors Murderer’ Ian Brady worked as an ‘enforcer’ for top Glasgow crime boss Arthur Thompson.
  • He worked for MI5.
  • “They then told him he could pretty much start the drugs trade in Glasgow.”
  • Arthur Thompson was an associate of the Kray twins.
  • The Kray twins reportedly ran a pedophile ring for top people.
  • Brady and Hindley’s child killings took place in the North of England, near Manchester.
  • But, Ian Brady “implies he may have … buried bodies at the Campsie Fells near Glasgow.
  • In his letters, Ian Brady “drops in the names of the Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, who terrorised London’s east end in the 1950s and 60s.”
  • In the 1970s, Lord Longford, friend of Hindley, compiled a self-funded report into pornography. Amazing eh?
  • The Longford Report, in 1972, was a best-seller. It contained a long account of sex and sadism in a boys’ boarding school: ‘Sometimes the prefects did a lot of the whipping; at other times they made the third-year boys do it as well, or the second-year boys whip the first years and the first years whip each other.’
  • No family members attended her ‘hasty’ cremation service.
  • At the inquest there were no protesters, friends or relatives.
  • Her medical records were filed under a false name: Christine Charlton.
  • Her death certificate has never been published. Surprise surprise.
  • “A primary school nurse was driving through a country lane about six weeks after Myra Hindley was supposedly pronounced dead. It was night time and the nurse’s car was suddenly hit in the back by another vehicle.
    “The woman driver who hit her got out of her car and came to talk to the nurse. The nurse said ‘You are Myra Hindley!!!’
    “The woman burst into tears and replied ‘you can’t say that, you can’t say that’ and drove off hurriedly.
    “The nurse however, noted the registration number of the car and upon returning home called the police. She recounted what had happened, telling them that it was ‘Myra Hindley’ at the wheel of the other car.
    “The police visited the nurse the following day but rather than assist her with noting an accident, they scared and intimidated her.
    “They asked her to withdraw the accident claim and report, and suggested instead that the incident had ‘never happened’.
    “The primary school nurse was just a normal, law-abiding person and by now she was very scared although still certain of her facts – that even though Myra Hindley was believed by the world to be dead – it had been her driving the car that had hit her.
    “Regardless of her story, the police continued to intimidate the nurse and she was frightened into taking any further action.
    “However, unknown to the police, the nurse had reported the incident to a friend of the family who had in turn passed it on to a school friend who was a local journalist.
    “The journalist took the story to a major tabloid paper who was at first very interested but the following day told his fellow journalist that the story of Hindley being alive ‘had to be buried’.
    “Within a day or so, orders from ‘the top’ were given to publish a story on how the ‘ashes of Myra Hindley had been found.’
    “That story made all the papers in February 2003 and threw many off the scent. Now, to all intent and purposes, Hindley was proven to be dead because her ashes had been found on the very Moors where children had been killed.
    “What is interesting is that the car incident happened six miles away from the residence of the chuckle bros that converted Myra Hindley to Catholicism and who later committed burial rites on her.
    “What is further interesting is the location of a convent very close by. Is Myra Hindley in that convent living a clandestine life away from society?
    “Not satisfied with the tale of ashes being discovered and believing the story of the nurse, the journalist called Lord Longford’s son and informed him that the ashes of Myra Hindley had been found. The journalist taped the conversation. The words from Longford’s son echoed in the journalists ears:” ‘If you believe that you believe anything’ “
  • According to Myra Hindley’s diary, she and Ian Brady were regular visitors to the New Elizabethan Ballroom, in Manchester.
    They attended at least one of the many sessions hosted by the resident DJ, Jimmy Savile.
  • “On Boxing Day, 1964, Brady and Hindley made an audio recording as they bound, gagged and photographed Lesley Ann Downey before they killed her.”
  • Ian Brady became Jimmy Savile’s friend. What a surprise.


Oh, What A Tangled Paedo Web….

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