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  1. She is also Sarah Brown and Pippa McWilliams .We have complete copies of her social media accounts stored for offline reading so if she thinks she can troll me and run off then she can think again . She was broadcasting from Glasgow on Youtube some weeks ago and some guy was telling her to get the fuck off Youtube and go get her kids back of who ever took them . She’s a looney and good mate of Flo .She’s been outed before by other people she annoyed. AKA Sarah Brown and Pippa McWilliams , according to herself in Youtube comments . Warwick Council said they’ve never heard of her and seemed concerned when shown what she’d been saying and doing whilst claiming to work for them , because they could get in a lot of trouble by association with her .Maybe they’re investigating her as we speak ….

    1. Sparkle is DEFINITELY NOT Sarah Brown.
      This is Sarah Brown (nee Reeves) https://m.facebook.com/sarah.anne.102977

      Sparkles name is Phillipa Ringsell (nee Mcwilliams) & her last known address was in Leighton Buzzard (where she also went to school!)

      She still has family (her sister Ashleigh) in Glasgow so she was probably just up visiting.

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