The strange case of Shaun Ritchie: Fraserburgh lad missing for 2 years

Shaun Ritchie disappeared two years ago.

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It’s the 2nd anniversary of Shaun’s disappearance

screenshot_20161104-120328‘Someone has murdered my son’: Father of missing Fraserburgh man Shaun Ritchie fears worst 31 OCT 2016
RITCHIE has been missing for over a year and only his clothes have been found despite a far-reaching police search.

THE father of a young man who disappeared a year ago today when a Halloween party went wrong believes his son was murdered.
Shaun Ritchie was last seen running from a farmhouse near woodland outside Strichen, Aberdeenshire.
Thousands of man-hours were spent combing the nearby area as detectives drafted in soil experts, psychological profilers, dogs, divers, ground-penetrating radar and helicopters in an effort to find the 20-year-old.
Bogs, gorse, ponds and woods made the job of looking for Shaun difficult – and one police officer even broke his leg during the hunt. But it was all in vain.

Speaking as the anniversary of his son’s disappearance approached, Shaun’s dad said he is convinced his boy met with menace on that fateful Halloween.
Charlie Reid, 41, who lives near Fraserburgh, said: “He has definitely not walked out of there. Someone has taken him out of that area and he has been murdered – that’s what I believe.
“But the police have to deal with facts and evidence – and until they get evidence, he’s classed as a missing person.”
Charlie said the last time Shaun was seen he had been with a group who had travelled in a van to a remote farmhouse for a party.
He added: “Something happened that led them to run and split up into two groups. Each group thought Shaun was with the other.
“They all got home that night and he didn’t.
“I just find it bizarre and suspicious that this group of eight young lads split up and run but there’s no evidence to say that Shaun has disappeared due to criminality.”
Charlie said there is no way his son could still be alive, given the conditions on the night of his disappearance when temperatures dipped below zero.
He added: “Some of Shaun’s clothing and belongings were discovered close to the farmhouse in a boggy area but that was the last evidence found of his movements that night.
“The police have conducted one of the largest searches in Police Scotland’s history but, one year on, we are no closer to finding Shaun or to finding out the full events of that night.
“Police have continually said they are keeping an open mind … but so far they have found no evidence of criminality.”
Charlie, who was working in Saudi Arabia when his son went missing, said as soon as he heard who Shaun had been with that night he was fearful, adding: “I knew it was bad straight away.
“I’m not going to point fingers and name people but there were people there that night that aren’t the most upstanding members of the community, shall we say.”
Charlie said: “I have told the police time and again there’s no way Shaun walked out of the area where his shoes were found. He couldn’t have.
“The police had ground-penetrating radar and they found stuff in the bogs, tiny little artefacts and loads of animal bones, but no trace of Shaun.
“From the day I arrived back – on day three of the search – I spoke to the CID guys and they said to me no one could have survived in the conditions.”
Detective Chief Inspector Matt Mackay has led the inquiry into the disappearance since June.
He admitted police have not ruled out foul play but said there was no evidence at the moment suggesting that Shaun had been attacked or murdered.
DCI Mackay added: “All I would say is that we have left absolutely no stone unturned and that I will never ignore the prospect of criminality, but I have found no evidence to date to suggest Shaun has been the victim of any crime.
“It is surprising in one respect we haven’t found Shaun, given the resources we have put into it.
“It would be difficult to see how someone could get beyond that area. But we haven’t found him, so he could have gone beyond that.
“We have no definitive evidential lines that we can follow that suggest he went somewhere completely different.
“As with any missing person, it always remains a live inquiry.”
Charlie said he accepts police had done everything they could in the search for his son.
He added: “I can’t fault them – it must have cost millions.”
But he admitted he had struggled to get on with his life since Shaun’s disappearance.
He said: “Each day of the last year has been among the hardest and most painful times that I have ever had to endure – and as each day passes that Shaun continues to be missing, things get no easier to live through.
“I fully understand we will never see or speak to Shaun ever again and we will never be able to sit and listen to music and discuss who was the better vocalist in Black Sabbath – Ozzy or Dio.
“It feels like I’ve been battered around the head by Mike Tyson.
“I just feel punch-drunk – I have done for a year. It’s a bizarre feeling.”
Charlie added: “I’ve three girls and my wife. I have to look after them as well and have a business to run and it’s hard to balance all that.
“Shaun would be 21 years old now. I only really got to know him the last few years.
“He was intelligent, funny and loved his music.
“I had spoken to people in the oil industry and set up a job for him.
“He’d been keeping his head down the last few weeks before he went missing.
“The last time we spoke was October 26 and he wanted to come round. I said I was
overseas and he was going to come over when I got home … but that never happened.
“There’s no happy ending but we just want to lay him to rest.”
● Anyone with information about Shaun’s disappearance is asked to call Police Scotland on 101.

Forensic expert believes police will quietly be treating case as a murder inquiry

A WORLD-renowned forensic expert yesterday said he believes detectives are privately treating Shaun Ritchie’s case as murder.
Professor Dave Barclay, a forensic science lecturer at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, said police efforts had surpassed those in a normal missing person’s case.
He said: “The most likely option, considering all the effort they have put in to find the body, brings me to agree with Shaun’s dad. It could be an offence of violence where someone has deliberately concealed the body.”
Barclay, who worked on the World’s End, Millie Dowler and Soham murder cases added: “The police seem to be treating it as a ‘no body murder’.
“They may have some reason to think he has come to harm – that might be the background of someone who was associated with him at the time or it might be the running from the farmhouse.
“It is quite unusual to successfully conceal a body where the likely area is known.
“If you are looking to hide a body in that area, I guess the most likely place is somewhere under water and weighted down.
“There have been cases where bodies have been found 20 to 30 years later and people have still been successfully prosecuted.” SOURCE

PETITION to reopen Shaun Ritchie’s case as MURDER INVESTIGATION

Murdered over debt: Shaun Ritchie’s dad’s theory over disappearance
The father of missing north-east man Shaun Ritchie believes he has been killed over a debt.
Charles Reid was speaking on the two-year anniversary of his son’s disappearance as the  senior officer investigating the disappearance of the north-east man has pledged the case will remain open.
The 22-year-old from Fraserburgh was last seen in the Greenburn area near Strichen after a Halloween night out with friends in 2014.
After he was reported missing, Police Scotland undertook one of the largest search operations in the history of Scottish policing. Despite this, he still remains missing, presumed dead. 
Charles Reid believes that detectives have failed to properly investigate the circumstances surrounding his son’s disappearance.
He said the police have mishandled the situation, and although have tried to find out what happened to him, they have “failed miserably”.
“It’s my opinion they have either been duped by the people involved or they have just missed something,” he said. 
Mr Reid added that his son was not a saint and that he knows Shaun owned some money.
“I think he has been murdered, plain and simple,” the 42-year-old said.
“I don’t buy the whole ‘there is no criminality’ thing.”
He added he hopes that one day they will find out the truth so they can lay their son to rest.
“Whether I am going to have to wait 10, 20 or 30 years, I don’t know but we shouldn’t have to wait that long.”  SOURCE


@Albion_Rover discusses Shaun’s case on UK column 2nd Sept 2016

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Shaun Ritchie: Police charge mother of missing teen 27 August 2016

The mother of a north-east man who has been missing for nearly two years has been charged with wasting police time.

Shaun Ritchie vanished in woodlands on Halloween 2014 after a night out with friends.

Mum Carol Roy is convinced “foul play” was involved in his disappearance.
She has repeatedly called on the police to consider the possibility her eldest son died as the result of criminal activitya theory supported by a psychic medium who visited the search site. But now – as the second anniversary of her son’s disappearance approaches – Miss Roy has herself been charged by police.
It is understood the charges relates to anonymous text messages sent to close friends and family of the missing man, suggesting he was killed.
Shaun was 20 when he vanished in the Greenburn area, between Strichen and Fraserburgh. Despite a huge search, he remains missing, presumed dead.
Medical experts believe he may have become disorientated in freezing conditions and stumbled into a bog. The search for the young man has been one of the largest missing person investigations in Scottish history.
Shaun, who would have celebrated his 22nd birthday in May, had travelled to the Greenburn area in a van with friends on the evening of Friday, October 31.
Image result for shaun ritchieTimeline & locations in the lead up to Shaun Ritchie’s disappearance
Hundreds of police officers, including specialist divers and dog handlers, helicopter crews and dozens of family members, friends and local people have been involved in the ongoing search for him.
CCTV footage released by detectives showed him visiting a grocery shop in his home town only hours before he vanished.
During the investigation Miss Roy said her “mother’s instincts” told her there was “foul play” involved in Shaun’s disappearance.
Five days after he was last seen by friends near Kersiehill Farmhouse, specialist search teams recovered items of Mr Ritchie’s clothing from the area.
It was also revealed that two phone calls were made from the area to the police on the night of the incident – one calling for help and a second cancelling the request.
But officers leading the investigation are adamant there has never been any evidence of criminality and the search for Shaun remains a missing person hunt. Press & Journal
m & d.JPG
Shaun’s Dad (Charlie Reid)  Mum (Carol Roy)

‘NO SIGN OF CRIME’ Mum who fears son was killed after going missing on night out 2yrs ago ARRESTED for wasting police time 29.08.16
His mum Carol Roy has long been convinced that foul play was involved in Shaun’s disappearance.
A massive search was launched and five days later some of his clothing was discovered in the area — but Shaun has never been found.
Two phone calls to cops were made from there on the night he vanished — one calling for help and another cancelling the request.

Police are adamant there has never been any evidence of criminality.

But Carol, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, insists her son was killed and even called in a psychic to visit the search site who now supports her theory.
It’s believed the charges relate to anonymous text messages sent to Shaun’s close friends and family suggesting that the 20-year-old had been killed. A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said last night: “A 38-year-old woman has been charged in connection with wasting police time. A report has been sent to the procurator fiscal.”   SOURCE

(The psychic, Nikki Trott, 46, was also charged!! telecommunications offence here | here | here Nov 2015.
So that means, the only two people who were adamant there was foul play, by pure coincidence, are the only two people to have been arrested?!! & both for some stupid communication/phone/text thing! Hmmmm…)

Shaun Ritchie search: Dad enlists specialist dog units in bid to find son 30 June 2015
Mr Ritchie’s father, Charlie Reid, enlisted the help of Glasgow group K9 Search and Recovery and its human remains detection dog, Barra at the weekend.
However, the springer spaniel failed to find any trace of the 21-year-old from Fraserburgh, who was last seen at a farm near Strichen on a night out with friends on October 31 last year.
Mr Ritchie’s parents have already joined police teams, family members and friends to conduct sweeps of the area where items of clothing – a belt, trainers and hooded top – were recovered in the days following his disappearance.
Last night, Mr Reid, who has also offered a £5,000 reward for any information that leads to the recovery of his son, thanked the K9 team for giving up their time to help.

“I got in contact with them and they helped as volunteers. It wasn’t in conjunction with the police, it was just something I did off my own back. We gave it a shot, but we didn’t find anything. It’s tough going up there, even the dog was exhausted going through the peat bogs and trees in the heat. It’s soul destroying, really.”

The search comes just weeks after Mr Ritchie’s mother, Carol-Ann Roy, announced she wanted a fresh team of police officers on the case. SOURCE

Father of missing 20-year-old fears his son is dead almost  18.12.14
Police launched a search for him, with a specialist diver, dog handling teams and the helicopter drafted in. Mountain rescue teams and the public also searched land near Strichen where he was last seen between the village and the A98 Fraserburgh to Banff road. His dad Charlie Reid, 40, said he had all but lost hope of finding his son alive.

 He said: “Some of that ground out there is peat bog. If you listen quietly, you can hear the water running underneath you. He may have wandered into a bog and got stuck. But divers have been through all that. There is no way you’d get very far without the clothes that were found. People with full body waterproofs and walking sticks were struggling. I even understand one of the police officers broke his leg in four places  – that’s how bad the ground is. And this is a specialist search team.” (Aww poor copper)

Search teams did find several items of Shaun’s clothing and Charlie spent more than three weeks combing the area. Source

CCTV showing some of the last moments before Shaun's disappearance

The new image, captured in Fraserburgh, shows Shaun on the afternoon of the day he was last seen. It shows him wearing dark grey skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a grey hoodie and brown trainers.

Community Policing Inspector Alan Brown says:“The image clearly shows what Shaun was wearing on the day he went missing”   SOURCE

Over 200 specially-trained officers joined mountain rescue teams from across Scotland on Tuesday. A police helicopter, divers and dog handlers with 27 search dogs searched an area close to the A98. They were accompanied by more than 40 of Mr Ritchie’s family and friends. SOURCE

Local Policing Inspector George Cordiner states…

We want to stress this is still a missing person inquiry. Items of Shaun’s clothing have been found a distance from where he was last seen and this indicates that he may have been disorientated and seeking shelter.”

(WHAT? No it doesn’t! How the hell does it indicate that? & He says clothing was found a distance away, no other report does, they all say in the area..)
“It is now a week since Shaun was last seen and as time goes by we are increasingly concerned for his welfare. We are continuing to search a large open area of land around where Shaun was last seen. Police officers will also be in the Fraserburgh area tonight and will visit licensed premises in an attempt to retrace Shaun’s last movements as well as distributing posters. Speculation around what might have happened to Shaun before he went missing is not helpful at this time and may cause unnecessary upset to his family.” SOURCE
(Does he not want people 2 talk about it? I woulda thought the exact opposite would be more helpful. If it were my kid, speculate yersel silly. ALL info could be unknowingly important…. I don’t like GeorgieCop!)

Soil scientists assist in search for Shaun Ritchie – BBC News

A forensic soil scientist and a geoscientist have been helping police in trying to find a man who went missing in October last year.  The scientists used ground-penetrating radar and electro magnetics in their examination of the area where Mr Ritchie was last seen.

They also studied soils and vegetation found on clothes and footwear worn by Mr Ritchie to try and identify places he visited.
Prof Lorna Dawson, head of forensic soil science at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, and Dr Alastair Ruffell, a forensic geoscientist in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology at Queen’s University, Belfast, carried out their investigations on 10 and 11 July.
Police Scotland’s helicopter has also been making searches.

‘Biggest ever’

Mr Ritchie was reported missing on 2 November having last been seen between Strichen and the A98 Fraserburgh to Banff road on 31 October.
Det Ch Insp Matt Mackay, who is leading the inquiry, said: “Extensive police searches have covered over 21sq km and in addition 22km of ditches have also been searched, making this one of the biggest ever search operations carried out by Police Scotland, in what has been described as significantly challenging terrain.
“We have deployed specialist resources including the Police Scotland Grampian Mountain Rescue Team and also Aberdeen, Tayside and RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue Teams, specialist police dogs, the Dive and Marine Unit and specialist search trained officers from across Scotland.”
He added: “We will always keep an open mind as to the circumstances however, there is no evidence to date which would indicate that Shaun has been a victim of any crime.”
Prof Dawson said: “Material from the natural environment can transfer to objects or people through contact. For example, soil, vegetation and water can transfer onto clothing and footwear while a person is walking in an outdoor environment.
“We have examined clothes and footwear found by Police Scotland, to help police piece together which locations Shaun Ritchie’s clothes and footwear had likely come into contact with.” SOURCE
HOLD ON A WEE MINUTE.. Soil Scientist & a Geo-thingy, ground penetration & magnetic-wotnots?!
I mean this in the best possible way.. BUT, is anyone else getting the impression that they are goin to ahellavalot o trouble just for 1 person? & STILL they have nothing.. Couple things spring to mind..
1.  Why are they goin 2 so much trouble for 1 person? HUNDREDS o people vanish & they don’t (but should) get the same attention. I wonder if they are trying SO HARD so as to give us the impression they have done everything possible 2 find him.. (Think Madeleine McCann v Ben Needham. 1 gets MILLIONS thrown in2 search. Other is ignored)
Perhaps they should try lookin a few miles east?

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  1. Police condemn rumours on social media about Shaun’s
  2. Shaun Ritchie, from Fraserburgh, was last seen on a Halloween night out with pals

Help us find Missing Person Shaun Ritchie SkyNews CrimeUK  09.11.14

In my opinion, there is something far wrong wi this case. I think it STINKS & here’s a few MORE reasons why..

  1. It was Halloween & he was in middle o a forest!
  2. No body, but shoes, hoodie & belt were found?
  3. Cops r saying “No evidence of criminality”. So where did he go without his shoes & it was October in Scotland! No hoodie on? Was he 2 hot?!
  4. Medical experts say they think he wandered off & got lost & froze 2 death. Possible. But that don’t explain y he woulda half stripped himself 1st!!!
  5. Mum & Psychos arrest. (oops I meant psychic! Sorry)
  6. 2 phone calls. 1 requesting help, 1 retraction. There goes the idea he wandered off in a confused state. If he was compos mentis enough to retract call. WHY DID HE NOT HAVE HALF HIS CLOTHES ON? Or.. call no2 wasn’t him? (poss even both calls) either way the 2 calls are WELL dodgy.
  7. Shaun’s “friends”  Were they the same age? & how did they get separated? WHY DID THEY LEAVE HIM 2 allegedly wander off, confused & half undressed? & then they musta drove off. Were they there wen the calls were made? Were they all drinking? *IF* they were all larking about & there was an accident, where is the body? blood? Why did they leave his clothes etc etc etc… But there is very little info about them, which in itself is strange.
  8. “Shaun Ritchie had been on a night out on October 31 and was reported missing on November 2nd” So, Shaun’s “friends” Either just fukked off & left him & when he didnt appear next day they didn’t tell anyone! OR, If Shaun innocently wandered off, why did they not immediately tell Cops, so he could be found? They DELIBERATELY didn’t tell either Cops or Shaun’s family. Until Mum contacted 1 o them.  Why? Shaun was reported missing 2days later by mum. So if mum/dad hadn’t, would his “friends” have ever gone to police?? That also leads me to thinkin, they MUST have discussed not going 2 the Cops. They didn’t jst all independently & unknowingly NOT report it. They decided not 2. But regardless o any o that, they KNEW FOR FACT Shaun was out there alone, dead or alive. Wi friends like that… 
  9. No 8 DOES explain why Carol was txting Shaun’s friends tho. So now i wonder why the police DONT WANT Carol txting Shaun’s friends to the extent that she was arrested… 
  10. GeorgieCop BLATANTLY LIED “clothing have been found a distance from where he was last seen” BLOODY LIAR! Take a look at the map above. As 4 the rest o the tripe he spouts. What a crock… He is more o a hinderance than a help. Nuff said!
  11. Hundreds of police officers, including specialist divers, dog handlers & 27 dogs, helicopter crews & heaps o family, friends & locals searched. NOTHING
  12. WITHOUT cops, Dad hired a cadaver dog from Glasgow group K9 Search & Recovery. NOTHING. Apparently the dog worked really hard & was shattered by end o day so they musta covered a reasonable area.
  13. So if Shaun’s body wasn’t there, where did he go? or, where was he taken? Any excavations locally?!!
  14. The reason that this tragedy caught my attention in 1st place LOCATION

Top maps are just so you can see that I am in the correct place!
The bottom map   A = Crimmongate     B = Last place seen
Approx. 8.7 miles between them & would take 15 mins by car
(Pretty sure that a local would know the wee back roads & would be quicker. No matter)

wp-1474140123473.jpgwp-1474140153431.jpgSource Docherty Transcript

Time should be set, if not, please watch from approx. 15mins 30secs. It only lasts a couple minutes  

Crimmongate, Viscount Petersham, Paedophilia & 4 Stolen Children

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The farmhouse near where Shaun Ritchie was last seen has been put up for sale for £350,000.
Tributes to the missing Fraserburgh man lie only yards from the front of the five-bedroom property where it is understood Shaun was last seen by friends.
Hundreds of police officers, mountain rescue volunteers, marine divers and members of the public descended on the Greenburn area around the Kersiehill farmhouse in November.
Items of clothing Shaun was wearing on the night of his disappearance were recovered from the scene.
But despite one of the largest coordinated missing person’s investigations in Scottish history, there have not been any major developments since New Year.

Shaun  Ritchie has still not beeen found after going missing in October

Now Kersiehill is up for sale. It is described in the property listing as: “A substantial five-bedroom dwelling with outbuildings set in peaceful rural Aberdeenshire.”
“There is a range of mainly traditional buildings located to the west of the property with ample yard space and room to expand. These outbuildings have generally been used for storage and livestock accommodation and provide a number of options for future use including equestrian or residential conversion subject to obtaining planning.”
The sale of Kersiehill includes a patch of neighbouring woodland comprised of rowan, ash and spruce trees that was heavily searched during the initial investigation. Press & Journal

Things we know about Shaun Ritchie’s disappearance
The Press and Journal retraces missing Shaun’s steps
Mother Carol-Ann said: “My son went out on the Friday. I went across the street to the shop, and I saw my bairn getting into a white van with five other boys. I shouted to Shaun, and he said ‘I’ll be home later’.”
She never heard from her son again. The then 20-year-old, who had “no patience”, left his phone at home on the night he disappeared.
“On the Sunday I had to text one of his pals. That’s when it came to light where my bairn was last – out there on a farm.”
“I phoned the police for a missing person. I didn’t want to believe it was true. But no – then he was a missing person.
“I don’t care what Police Scotland have to say about whether there’s no suspicious circumstances or foul play.
“There is. I felt that from the word go. It might be mother’s instincts, I just know. I know there’s foul play.” SOURCE

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