Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Publicity Campaign & Funding

Child abuse inquiry to launch publicity campaign Scottish Legal News-13 Jan 2017
Attempts to increase public awareness of Scotland’s child abuse inquiry are to be boosted with the launch of a publicity campaign.
Lady Smith, chair of the inquiry, is expected to make a statement on efforts to promote public awareness at a preliminary hearing this month.
She will also reveal details of the money spent on the inquiry so far.
Alan Draper, spokesman for In-care Abuse Survivors (Incas), said that since an event last March at which the previous chair, Susan O’Brien QC, had called on survivors to come forward, things had “gone quiet”.
He said: “It’s something we’ve been pushing every time we’ve had a meeting with them. People that are interested in the inquiry are aware of what’s going on but the average person isn’t necessarily clued in to the same extent.
“A lot of survivors are reluctant to come forward and apart from a one-off session held by Susan O’Brien last year, it’s gone quiet.”
He added: “What we’ve argued is that there should be regular information updates on the work of the inquiry.
“We’re in touch with 400 or 500 survivors, but we feel there are a lot more out there – we know there are. They need to be encouraged to come forward and told what support will be in place if they do because it’s very traumatic.”
He added that he hoped Lady Smith would raise the issue of financial redress for survivors.
The inquiry was established in October 2015 and is due to last for four years. Last June, figures showed it had spent £2 million so far. http://www.scottishlegal.com/2017/01/13/child-abuse-inquiry-to-launch-publicity-campaign/

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